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Apr 21, 2012 10:15pm EDT
question about china, how would you label china? after the imf has its forecast in the next few years, thank you very much. >> one question, please, from now on. >> washington moment, yes. the dynamic that was created in the course of this meeting. we will hear more feedback because it is the spur of the moment, you tend to be quite upbeat about what has been achieved, and then you have to let it sit the bed and wait for membership feedback. we want to understand whether there were satisfied and whether they think collectively, we have achieved what we could achieve at best. i feel that washington moment was clearly in the the room. in the course of the meetings. on the issue of the conditionality, it was never expressed as a conditionality. it was a key determination on the part of -- maybe more so from some of the emerging market economies. there was a definite commitments to participate. this is not completed yet. it is a matter that is under review. our team, both at research -- the various teams working on this initiative, that will come out later. we have not completed the work
Apr 22, 2012 9:35pm EDT
soviet union. and china. he was aware of the consequences more than anybody else, more than kissinger, and he was genuinely alarmed and told me we had to do something to stop -- we had to do something. to get mitchell to try to see the papers and get a restraining order in court, which failed, and told me to do whatever it took to stop it, and that really led to the creation -- it was really the trigger for what later became the undoing of the nixon presidency, the guys running off with reckless abandon. but i never had a moment's doubt that nixon was genuinely concerned and that there were two areas and we would have to fight this on. one was legally and one was public opinion, and that would be my side of it, which is why i was looking for anything i could find that was derogatory about ellsbury. >> you bring hunt into this cast of characters. >> yes. at the time nixon wanted to bring in a group of people who would do security. i never knew about the houston plant. the houston plant was before i was sitting in the inner area. if it was discussed, it was never discussed in my presenc
Apr 22, 2012 1:45am EDT
us do it with the security council. if it is not possible because of the position of russia and china, we do in much of the security council. the international divinity has an obligation. the last question -- can you give some information on the last incident with the german ship that is trying to deliver arms to syria? it is directly breeching the arms embargo. this is more important than always putting your hammer down when we are talking serious problems as the crisis in this area. thank you. >> if i may, i believe that laws and regulations are to be abided by. it is up to you how to organize your speech. you have three minutes to speak. i will pass the floor for two minutes. >> dear representative vice president of the commission, the situation in syria is terrible. it is unacceptable. most important is to keep up the pressure to offer observers helicopters and airplanes, and to support the operation. so far, we do not see the results needed. we need to support the opposition politically and logistically. we cannot leave it to others to support them selectively. i think it is a ri
Apr 22, 2012 6:30pm EDT
them to one topic we did not get to his potential bilateral trade agreements with china. is that in the offing? >> he has spoken about it before but we have not heard much beyond that. the partnership is being negotiated now which asian countries and does not involve china. he has reason i spoke about a bilateral trade agreement but nobody else has done that yet. >> governor romney has been a real hardliner on this issue so the chamber might be conflicted as to which candidates policies they will push them to do you foresee mitt romney meeting with the u.s. chamber in the next couple of months? >> i think it would make a lot of sense because he seems to have a real alliance with the business community. some people might see it as preaching to the choir. some people are firmly behind him. it might be expected. >> this might be seen as overly political toward the national scene. >> gentlemen, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> when i was in bed in afghanis
Apr 14, 2012 4:05pm EDT
out the kind of germany would like to see going for. there were illusory romances with china and india, with a group of 20, practically anybody who would come along. accept the europeans. he is focus because of the danger and i am sure for other reasons as well. it is important to note is the danger of his own reelection. he has sent tim geithner repeatedly to europe. he has been a force for good in europe on this issue. much more active than before. you can see this in his open favor of sarkozy's reelection. it is a foundation of contacts that he will be built. i hope this does not come across as [unintelligible] i am a historic optimist because of my background. i hope that perhaps europe today faces -- is in a crucible. and out of that crucible will come the needed changes needed reforms in the european, political, and economic superstructure. i think that is the primary lesson that comes out of the crisis for the europeans, what they have today does not work. >> thank you so much. as a former u.s. managing editor of the financial times, and now at reuters, you are interviewin
Feb 12, 2012 2:00am EST
, south america, europe, and china. the republican slogan last year was drill here, drill now, pay less. now we are letting canada drilled there, she appeared, and reexport there. also that we in the united states will have to pay more both in money at the gas pump and cost to the environment. my amendment insurers that of this pipeline is legislated, the oil and any fuels' made using it will stay here to benefit americansh. ere. -- here. my amendment allows the president to waive this requirement only to be shown if the export of the will and fuels will not increase our dependents on foreign oil. >> the gentleman's time has expired. >> who seeks recognition? the gentleman from illinois. >> i like my map better. just because it shows all of the pipelines that we have correctly in this country. i have said numerous times in the committee the keystone pipeline ends right outside of my district. my refinery did a $2 billion expansion during the lowest economic times, why? so they could ship it down south? no, to refine it. there is a better return on that assessment for refined produc
Apr 15, 2012 3:25am EDT
matter. the matter in russia, china. >> moret tonight at 8:00 on c- span's q&a. >> it has been nearly 10 years since the release of the third volume of the years of lyndon johnson. in a few weeks the fourth volume will be published. here he is on q&a in 2008 with an update on how volume for was taking shape. >> this is not just about lyndon johnson but about the kennedys and their personalities, particularly robert. it is a very complicated story. i do not think people know. and robert kennedy, i had to go into that and explain it. it is part of the story all the way through the end of johnson's presidency. chronologically, at the moment johnson is passing the 1965 voting rights act, that is where we are from now. >> watch this and other appearances on nine of the c- span video library and watch for our upcoming interview on sunday, may 6. now discussion on the state of u.s.-iraq relations. an assistant secretary of state and an ambassador to the un offers their perspectives on the role the u.s. may play in the future and the influence of syria and iran and the dynamics of iraq
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)