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leave to china, mexico, ireland, and other foreign countries. some of our communities have never recovered. because when these plants and companies move overseas, the local businesses, housing values and local tax revenue disappear with them. i've watched as 17 key texas companies have relocated their headquarters to england, canada, bermuda, ierpd, the cayman islands, switzerland and the netherlands. americans are being hurt because we're sad eled with one of the unfair tax systems on the plan. he. according to nonpartisan tax department when it comes to competitive tax codes america's ranked nearly last among our global com pet. hetors, 31 of 35. the good news is, we're edging out greece. the bad news is, nearly everyone else is eating our lunch along with our jobs, manufacturing plant and research facilities. the urgency for bold, permanent pro-growth tax reform has never been greater. we gathered today because with our current tax field the playing field for american workers is not level, not even close. over three decades have passed since the last time we reformed america's
americans what other countries make particularly china. america, 5% of the world's population, 12% of the world's economy, the united states is the world's largest economy, 70%, we consume much more than we make. china is 20% of the world's population, 9% of the world's economy. america's largest goods trading partner is china. last year we sold to china $115 billion worth of goods and they sold to us $462 billion. we had a good trade deficit with china last year of $347 billion. the border adjustment tax will hit china mostly which i would be okay with but we know that the border adjustment tax will result in higher consumer prices and heard american retailers. there is lots of tough talk in washington about challenging china's ambitions to become the world's economic leader but that tough talk lacks backbone. washington wines while china's currency manipulation, china's poor quality of air and water and land, how poorly they treat their own people. you know what china just did, china announced a $1 trillion investment to open up china, to connect to 47 other asian countries, sell th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)