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Nov 18, 2017 5:00am PST
-day nation's trip to asia. i want to zero in on china. i think the relationship between the united states and china is very, very important. and president trump seems to have a love/hate relationship with president xi jinping in china. he he has very warm rapport when it comes to can xi. they rolled out the red carpet. with china, they're trade abusers, they have stolen our wealth, stolen our jobs, our intellectual property. even more knew answered than that we saw him on the trip saying one thing. then he got to china and they did this great forbidden city tour, a great welcome and he backed off a little bit and said china is not to blame. it is past administrations. got bad reviews over that. a >> annie, swallows the china trip. what is it? >> in my mind you go back to north carolina and his base. they did a focus group in north carolina where it turned out only one in ten were willing to defend donald trump. you never see any sort of cracking. >> what do you put it down to? >> embarrassment. so many people said they were embarrassed by this president. these are republicans. the
Jul 29, 2017 5:00am PDT
diplomacy and attempt to get china to get this under control, unlikely, or, hugh, we're going to have to live with it and create a very impressive deterrent regime that would make it impossible in kim jong-un's mind that he would actually use that weapon against the united states. i think we're going to end up on number three. >> this interview, i want to talk about china. but the people's republican of china is becoming a blue water navy. what would their reaction be, admiral, if we came to a shooting conflict with north korea given the array of weaponry that the fleet has dispatched there? >> they would be deeply concerned about two things, the flow of refugees out of north korea which would impose enormous economic burdens on their region which abuts north korea, and secondly they would be deeply concerned about the possibility of the reunification of that peninsula. that's what they want to avoid because they fear the creation of a mega state much as east germany and west germany came together to create this juggernaut in europe. their game, china's, is to avoid a shooting war becaus
Aug 5, 2017 5:00am PDT
quote things came out of the president's very successful summit with president xi of china that were different, that were different from past efforts to work with china, which has always been the desire, right, to work with china on the north korean problem. the three things that came out of that are, first of all, that north korea, kim jong-un, armed with nuclear weapons, is a threat not only to the united states, not only to our great allies, japan and south korea, but also to china. so that's a big acknowledgment. the second thing was that the goal, the goal of working together with them cannot be the freeze for freeze, where we freeze our training and then they freeze their program. they're at a threshold capability now. freeze for freeze doesn't work anymore. it's intolerable. the goal is denuclearization of the peninsula. that's the second big thing. the third big thing that came out of it is china acknowledged they have tremendous coercive economic influence here. they may not have a great political relationship with kim jong-un, who does these days? they recognize that they d
Jul 22, 2017 5:00am PDT
. last year, he said he was going to dig a hole to china. at&t is working with farmers to improve irrigation techniques. remote moisture sensors use a reliable network to tell them when and where to water. so that farmers like ray can compete in big ways. china. oh ... he got there. that's the power of and. >>> welcome back. i'm hugh hewitt. white house press secretary sean spicer is on the way out and obamacare is still the law of the land. spicer disagreed over the hiring of anthony scar much chi. now senator collins of main, mike, announced they would block the opening of debate on the alternative to obama, one that was backed by 47 of the senate's 52 republicans. these four republican senators with assists from republican dean heller of nevada and ron johnson unraveled it. what's left is, well, obamacare. absent some sort of legislative lazarus obamacare remains the law of the land. spicer's departure caused a lot of talk, but the senate appeals of republican power from 2010 forward is overturned. with it republican credibility as a governing party. joining me for autopsy and
Jan 6, 2018 5:00am PST
book. it is about chain's efforts to build up these artificial islands in the south china sea. they are creating forward-based military platforms, potential places for them to put large weapons, air strips. it put them in range of u.s. military allies and u.s. military themselves should there be some sort of large peer-to-peer, china versus the united states or china versus an ally. he started working on it before we have been paying attention to north korea and china. >> "crash back" sounds fascinating. a thin line has to be washed. will civilians will be able to absorb what he's writing and talking about? >> it is less about the military and more about the foreign policy piece of it. crash back refers to when a ship has to stop dead in the water to avoid collision. but that is sort of the only real military piece, that and talking about the chinese military assets. mike is a really good writer who knows how to talk to a general audience from his years of covering the military. >> that is a terrific recommendation. "crashback" definitely goes on my list. thanks to my wonderful pane
Sep 16, 2017 5:00am PDT
, before china built militaryized islands, before north korea had tested intercontinental ballistic missiles. before syria had become the epic civil war radiating throughout the middle east. they had $100 billion in free cash. we should not allow hands to be tied by what was passed in 2011. we should settle our budget based on the threats we have today and strategy needed to counteract. >> that brings me to where i want to end. >> like me, the president was a civilian. you're a warrior. you've been in contact. you have been in the heart of baghdad where people are shooting at you. do you have confidence in the president as commander in chief? >> i do. he has handled himself pretty well so far. north korea is not a problem president trump is making. it is one of president clinton in 1994 he signed a deal with north korea that is probably just as bad as the iran deal that president on 'bama signed. we kukked the can down the road with president bush and owe mow bottom ma's obama's tenure. it is the best option we have right now while secretary mattis and generdunford work on keepin pr
Nov 11, 2017 5:00am PST
unreported win for the president. he moved from south korea to china to vietnam. what do you think of this trip? >> the meetings in and of themselves are of course newsy and significant. but the way that his rhetoric has changed, he's talking more about potentially actually negotiating. there hasn't been a test. north korea hasn't tested in 54 days now. think about the last nine months what we have been seeing out of them. >> i want to show a clip of with what i did with leader mcconnell last week. here's what he said about senators who cannot win, candidates. >> this particular element you're referring to specializes in losing elections. look, this is about winning elections. and the only way you make policy is win elections. people lose. people who win come here and make policy. so that's what this is about. >> so josh, what should the president say about roy moore? >> mitch mcconnell is right. the president said if the allegations are true -- >> that's not enough. should he say get out? >> he should. the reason they are offering a little bit of caveat, alabama is crucial. it would
Sep 30, 2017 5:00am PDT
? >> i'm looking ahead to the president's trip to asia. he will go to five nation, including china, japan, south korea, philippines, and vietnam. i think that will be a very important trip given our tensions with north korea and the role that china has to play in that. so that is something i'm very interested in right now. i'm reading "three days in january" by bret baier. it go the book is really about eisenhower's life and governing style. it is a fascinating look at a man who was so cautious, very measured. sometimes he got in trouble with that. sometimes people thought they needed a hard hitter and he wouldn't speak out against mccarthy, tprupbs, when they thought he needed to. it is a fascinating read. i'm not yet done with it. >> how about you, particular mccarthy -- alberta. >> i've got a couple of things in the cooker that i can't talk about. but what i can talk about and i have to be careful talking about it, i have had two interviews with mr. scalise, one at his rehabilitation facility a couple weeks ago and one after he returned on thursday. so that full interview in his
Aug 19, 2017 5:00am PDT
officers last year. the 20th century was a grade yard with china probably the biggest mass cull her of innocence, russia and germany not far behind. when the berlin wall came down, there was a fleeting hope that we reached the end of history and the on going expansion of lit see would bring about a peaceful 21st century, full of technological marvels and a rising economic prosperity across the globe. instead we had 9/11, an eruption of ancient hait reds, the new technology has amplified extremists, often monetized them and made the world a more perilous and unpredictable place. now the most radical regime, north korea, has nuclear weapons and missiles and iran seems poised to be in the same place in a short period of time. there's really only one solution, lincoln's solution, one articulated in his second inaugural address, an attitude of malice towards none and charity towards all. perhaps we can all add that to our to-do list for this week. thanks for watching today. keep the conversation going on see you next webbing on saturday see non-drowsy allergy pill.r
Oct 14, 2017 5:00am PDT
heading to tokyo, china, and the philippines. looking ahead to that, what does that mean for this president, what does it mean for the united states and what posture does president trump take after that trip on north korea? >> i have been talking to a lot of democratic strategists conducting polls in the battleground races. donald trump is more popular than they thought. paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, less popular than they thought. they would do an advertising blitz. >> house is in play? >> house is in play. very much in danger. >> you believe the house is in play? >> i do. there are enough sets, enough incumbents getting dragged down. not because of trump but because the republican party is split. a lot of republican voters won't show up. >> to al better tax yes or no? >> i actually think that the senate might be more in play than the house, believe it or not, as friendly as the map is. it is is a lack of results. >> courtney, what are you working on? >> nukes, spooks, and war. >> it's a book. >> i'm watching closely the situation in northern iraq where it looks like there is a pos
May 18, 2015 2:00am EDT
and the economy. all of economy. all of a sudden the world has gone to hell. crimea and china building airwaves on small islands. all of a sudden the senators got engaged. it is going to be a great year. the best of times for talk radio are the worst of times for the world in the country. the best of times for talk radio is when there is a highly competitive republican primary for president and the world is going to hell. that is the best time to do talk radio these everybody listens and we bring in breaking news. >> host: if someone were to pick up one of your books which would you recommend? >> guest: i will i will answer twofold. if they were younger should read and but not of. i wrote in but not of 15 15 years ago for young people. if they are middle-aged or older the happiest life, my most recent book which i wrote looking back saying here is what i figured out. you are in that book. all the people in a student in the things that actually matter. that would be for the general audience. if you are 22 or younger younger and but not of. >> host: on your website you list all
Feb 5, 2017 9:04pm EST
china moment comes, only nixon can sit down with mao and not be accused of being soft on the red, and only trump can do animes deal and not be accused of -- some people will, amnesty, about he is programmed to say amnesty and no one will hear him when donald trump says this is not amnesty. >> host: on to the specifics, you lay out most would require a lot mow spend -- more spending, infrastructure, military, so i'm a conservative. explain to me the value of spending more to get what. >> guest: most of the long-term deficit is into it. ment reform and last chapter in book is about raising the retirement age sequentially over many years, incrementally to it's 70-72 given what happened if a human aging. unchaining coal la that block grants medicaid to the states with a cap and reform with medicare with crouchers and i'm not afraid of the v word. those are huge savings what is not a lot of moan is $80 billion. my argue. is to make it easy for the steelers fans we'll give them a tenth of what we gave president obama, 85 billion, and spendded through local agencies he can build. 85 billion
Feb 12, 2017 12:00pm EST
has not created a perception that he will be kind on this issue. guest: the nixon to china moment comes and if only next it could sit down and not be accused of city-- being soft on the red and only trump can do an immigration deal and not be accused of amnesty, i mean, some people will. but, no one will hear him. host: on some of the specifics, you lay out, most would require more spending. guest: yes. host: infrastructure, the military, so i am a start of the beast conservative, so explain to me the value of more spending to get what we want. guest: most of the long-term deficit despite entitlement reform in the last chapter of the book is about raising the retirement age sequentially over many years incrementally to where it's 70 to 72 given what's happened with human aging. doing things that will reform entitlement, block it granting medicaid to the states with a limit on what they get and reform medicare with vouchers and i'm not afraid of the v word. was not a lot of money is $85 million and that's since eight-- president obama got a hundred 50 million my argument is to give
Feb 4, 2017 10:00pm EST
. >> nixon to china moment comes only nixon can sit down to not be accused of being on the reds and only trump can do an immigration deal and not be accused of amnesty mark, our friend will say amnesty but programmed to say amnesty and no one will hear him if he doesn't focus on amnesty. dges on some of the specifics you laid out -- most -- would require a lot more spending. infrastructure spending, immigration, you talk resupplying the military so i'm a starve the beast conservative explain to me the value of more spending to get what we want. >> most of the long-term deficit is tied up in entitlement reform and last chapter in the book is about raising retirement age subsequently over many years incrementally to advance to 70, 72 given what's happened with human aging. unchaining and doing things to reform and back to states with a cap on what they get and reform with medicare with voucher had and i'm not afraid of the v word and those are huge savings what's not a lot of money is $85 billion and that's what since president obama got $805 billion my argument to make it easy for st
Aug 26, 2015 9:54pm EDT
, and washington d.c. someone there for two years and leave. the amount of time you spend in china when he was working for barack obama was longer than the ambassador before and after him and so it's not like he was in a hugely unusual step of the criticism you brought up actually hurt him when they were considering someone to run the olympics. successfully ran a business and jonathan junior who has bounced around. that worked against him. i think politically it's a little different though. >> will take a couple more questions. >> in 2016 there are 15, 20, 25 republican candidates seeking the candidacy may be 30 with donald trump in the lead. in the july 2016 republican convention we see a deadlocked convention. can you see a scenario where a romney movement emerges because here's an individual who's been bringing together candidates who just yesterday said the number one mistake in my campaign in 2012 is not reaching out to minorities. someone has got the money, organization name recognition a head of the party can you see a scenario. >> as a reporter i would love to see a deadloc
like to see president oversee immigration overhaul. to china moment, detail it, by the way, i think singling it with spicer's daca childrent the don't have to worry, young adults now, i don't think you will see sweeping deportations, except of crime commiters and ang members and people not desirable because of the violence they bring to society. i think you will see trump egularization and that will realign american politic when is he does that. host: in your book, you layout that you say republicans should have. let's go through them. increased spending on infrastructure. increasing spending on overhaul.on resupply the military. select the right justices and judges and allow the free market fl flourish. the t on that with immigration infrastructure with the wall. what about the military? hat would you like to see there, president trump going to today?t gone pentagon >> he will meet with general mattis. 350 nitive number for navy ship navy. i asked my friend, captain jerry hendricks and a man called fficer x and robert o'brien, a law partner of mine to outline, how do you get from w
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)