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what is happening in the south china sea, second, in light of these events it is my hope that we will explore their thinking is to your thinking as to what the interest star. i think that something we do not spend enough time focused on. when we begin to take actions. third i would like to get the perspective on the tools in our toolbox that are most effective in accomplishing our goals and securing a future role. whether it is our military, economic influence, trade, engagement, trade, engagement multilateral organizations and alliances, what is the right balance in using these tools and what are the cost and benefits. fourth, i would love to hear how they feel about our debt at home and the inability to find a solution for the unfunded liability that we have. the the pressure that that places on our ability if you will to deal with form policy and to deal with issues around the world in the most appropriate way. finally, both of you i know our deep policy people and have made great things happen for a country and your careers, you you have to have a little politician and you to do w
commitment toward democracy. i look at russia, china, north korea. they certainly are not countries that are taking on international responsibility for more peaceful and stable world. what are the tools in order to accomplish our objective? i come up with certain pillars that we need to underscore. we have to work to form coalitions and partnerships. americans are not always patient. i think it is important to work with other countries towards objectives and that means that we have more credibility and effectiveness in a comp notion of a result. i think we need to continue our strong demand for nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons pay her we must make that the use of our military should be used only whenever -- only when every other option has been explored. should be a matter of last resort. the other -- the key pillar is we need to prioritize and support good governance. democracy, and basic human rights, transparency, freedom of the press, the ability to oppose government without ending up in jail, to freedom of religion, the status of civil so
states, not a majority by any means by certainly a vocal minority see china's rise to threat of international status. they believe that conflict is inevitable as am beneficiaries clash with power. ladies and gentlemen, these observers are wrong, not only wrong but dangerously wrong. chinese and american interests convert. do you believe that statement still holds today and what are the future risks and how we should handle them in. >> i do senator gardner. i happen to be that one of the biggest challenges paying american policy makers today is how we react to the rise of a china as a global power, it's important that we get it right and china gets it right in terms of their relationship with us. there are some areas with respect to china where there can be a conversion, where there's convergence of interest and where we can be semicooperative it seems to me. but their plenty of areas where we are going to continue to have tensions. we are going to have tensions on human rights, we are going to have tensions on taiwan and now involving the south china sea. we need to cooperate wi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)