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Dec 21, 2010 12:05am EST
did a movie in china recently. >> i did do a movie in china. i did a film called "inseparable" in china. >> jimmy: and what is it like shooting in china? >> well, first of all, not a lot of people spoke english on the crew. >> jimmy: almost all chinese? >> right, yeah. and, in fact, it made me the first western actor that has ever starred in a fully financed chinese film. >> jimmy: really? wow. >> so i've -- do you speak -- >> i don't know what that means, so -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: do you speak chinese in the film? >> i speak a little mandarin in the film. i had to swear in mandarin in the film. i won't say it here because obviously -- >> jimmy: we don't want to upset the mandarins. >> that's right, the mandarins. [ laughter ] it sounds like a new series. "the mandarins." but it was an incredible place to go. we were in a place called ghaun-jo which is formally canton, and i -- the food was incredible. >> jimmy: my only knowledge of chinese is from the food, like, you say canton. i think, cantonese, that's delicious. >> exactly, yeah. >> jimmy: and so, when they're over there,
Jan 19, 2011 12:05am EST
today with some tricky realities to work around, including the massive u.s./china trade imbalance. one take, hu lands his jet and tosses president obama the keeps, saying, zont scratch it. in a new abc news poll out tonight, finds that americans see more economic threat than opportunity in china, so, tonight, we wanted to ask you, simply, china, friend or foe? we've already heard from many of you on facebook and twitter tonight, but please join the conversation, tell us what you think at the "nightline" facebook page or on the "nightline" page at >>> that's our report for tonight. for all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm "jimmy kimmel live." welcome viewers and krex alpha silty nurses. tonight, from "american idol," judge randy jackson is here. from "winter's bone," golden globe nominee jennifer lawrence is here. and comedian andrew norelli. this will be a night of many gasps. "jimmy kimmel live" back in two minutes. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- "american idol's" randy jackson. from "winter's bone", jennifer l
Oct 17, 2016 11:35pm EDT
ideas, they will follow you around. you just got back from china. >> i did. >> jimmy: which was interesting to me. i've never been there. how long were you in china? >> like 48 hours. >> jimmy: it wasn't much of a trip. it was a work trip? >> it was a work trip. we were premiering the film "jack reacher" there. i flew in and someone on the team said, let's just go right to the great wall of china as soon as we get off the plane. >> jimmy: i like that idea. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you get right to it. how is the great wall of china? >> it was amazing. we got there and we landed at like 6:00 and drove right there and a arrived and it was closed. >> jimmy: oh, wait, it closes? >> apparently it does. >> jimmy: how does the wall close? >> well, because you have to take like a gondola up the mountain to get to a section that you can walk down. >> jimmy: i don't know why i'm thinking of an italian guy in the water. >> a gondola, that's maybe a canadian thing, that's what we call a chair lift. >> jimmy: we call it that too, i'm just stupid. [ laughter ] >> so we went up to the top and you wa
Nov 9, 2017 11:35pm EST
fact that trump is out of the country? [ laughter ] the president of the united states was in china today. either that or they sent him to the epcot center and pulled it off. [ laughter ] i think he was in china. heaves palling around with chinese president xi jinping. he seemed to be enjoying himself. he loves chinese food. he's been having all his favorites. the number 3, the number 7, the number 12 with mustard sauce. [ laughter ] donald trump has had harsh words for china in the past. he called them america's enemy, he said they were responsible for the greatest theft in the history of the world, he said they created the climate change hoax, he accused the chinese of raping the united states. they had a parade for him, all is forgiven, now everything is good. [ laughter ] [ applause ] it's possible if we send him to mexi trying to build a wall, he's trying to build a racquetball court or something. his tune changes dramatically. the president gave a speech in beijing today and put his best foot forward. >> both the united states and china will have a more prosperous future if we
Nov 8, 2017 11:35pm PST
arrived in china, one of the only places on earth where it is illegal to use twitter. [ cheers and applause ] his little thumbs must be going wild. today is the one-year anniversary of donald trump becoming president. [ audience moaning ] >> jimmy: no, no clapping at all, all right. one person's happy. one year ago today donald trump been the election and our hearts. [ laughter ] and his opponent, hillary clinton, spent the day quietly at home today violently strangling her mailman. [ laughter ] so much has happened over the past year. not in congress, nothing that is happened there. but whether you love president trump or hate him, there's one thing we can all agree on, that is he looks absolutely great in a pair of shorts. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, back away, ladies. that all belongs to melania. i mentioned that the president is in china right now. he's there shooting an episode of "undercover boss" at his neck tie factory. trump and his wife, there they are, they arrived in beijing today. they got off of air force one. he grabbed her by the hand. look at all the kids. the
Oct 17, 2009 12:05am EDT
tournament in china last week. what was china like? what is it like when you go there? do people know you? ? >> i'm really easy to spot in china. >> jimmy: i think we all would be. >> we had a lot of fun. they have famous pearl market and silk market and a lot of tourists go there, so we went there, and i have an asian therapist who travels with me, she's asian-american, actually, she's korean-american, so, she's, doesn't speak -- my chinese is better than hers. she would help out, we would go to the markets, and everyone would start talking to her in chinese, and it was so funny to me, and then the one time we were in the car and the driver, you know, he turned around, started to speaking to her in chinese and kept talking and i just bent over, i was cracking up so hard. >> jimmy: she's of no help to you. so, you walk around without a translator? >> yeah, we don't -- we have bodyguards there because the fans are really, really, really intense. >> jimmy: like in what way? what do they do? >> well, the first time we went to china i felt like really weird because i younger and i felt like a
Jun 18, 2013 9:30pm PDT
. clay thompson is in china right now. the warriors playoff certainly helped their global appeal. we have video sent to us today from china. clay spending 11 days there. what's happening on this trip? >> you know, it's fantastic. we're actually heading over there to play, larry, in october against the lakers, and, you know, i don't know if you have been to china. >> no. >> basketball is huge over there. >> as we wrap it up here and look ahead to game seven, a lot of people are saying the spurs are done emotionally. they're spent. it's over. who wins game seven? >> i i'm thinking that i think it's going to be another close game. >> bob where? >> i don't know. i continue to guess. i always think it's hard to win on the road. i would say miami because they're at home, but i could be wrong. i'm wrong all the time. >> so am i. >> maybe that's why you were seventh in the executive -- >> exactly. there you go. >> it's great having you. we'll have game seven thursday. if i can't run your regular draft, can i just -- how about the d league? i want to trade somebody to the reno big leagues. >>
May 5, 2016 11:35pm PDT
china. >> i did and you exposed that horrible music video i did last time. i had a really weird robin sparkles moment when i was a teenager. >> jimmy: that was your hit, uh-oh. >> now people really creepy people, i'll be at target buying toilet paper and they'll be like uh- uh-oh. really uncomfortable. >> jimmy: my goal is to activate the stalkers. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so your parents, i guess your parents who send their teenage daughter to china to sing have to either be unusually supportive or -- >> no, they're great. they're great. >> jimmy: okay. we'll go with that. >> they're from chicago. it's not l.a. they get really excited about celebrities. my dad in particular is not great with the idea. he thinks that i'm the type of famous where people are like did you cut my hair in 2007? no one has any idea, and i go yes. that's what i did. and so -- but he thinks that i'm, like, julia roberts. it's sweet. we'll be at star bucks and he'll be like this is a coffee for chloe bennet. [ laughter ] >> and they'll be like great. okay. and he'll be like from "agents of shields". i'm not kidding.
Nov 8, 2017 11:35pm EST
all belongs to melania. i mentioned that the president is in china right now. he's there shooting an episode of "undercover boss" at his neck tie factory. trump and his wife, there they are, ty today. they got off of air force one. he grabbed her by the hand. look at all the kids. the group, look at how excited these kids are. they're not jumping up and down for trump, they've just never seen a chevy tahoe before. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i'll tell you, the president of china pulled out all the stops. they gave trump the first-ever dinner for a foreign leader in the forbidden city, which i guess is a big deal. they took him to what they called a traditional chinese opera. look at this. there are the trumps. okay. this has to be a prank, right? i mean, i know he's said some crazy stuff about china but the guy flies in from washington, you make him sit through birthday clowns banging on pots? trump also made a speech in china today. have to say he really does seem to have a way of winning them china to rape our country. and that's what they're doing. >> jimmy: wait, i think
Nov 27, 2015 10:35pm CST
have you been so far? >> the last two weeks we've been to china, madrid, berlin, london, and paris. >> jimmy: had you been to all those places before? >> never been to china before. >> jimmy: first trip to china, what city? >> beijing. >> jimmy: in beijing. and that was fun? or odd? >> we were there about 24 hours. i had -- >> jimmy: wow. >> i slept three and a half hours and had the most horrific dreams i've ever had. i won't tell you what about. >> jimmy: did you wake up crying? >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you soil -- >> i woke up in sweats about 1:00 in the morning after having tried to sleep three hours and woke up every 20 minutes. you know what? i'm not sleeping in this country, i'm not going to do it anymore. i stayed up the rest of the night. >> jimmy: blame on it the country? >> i don't know what it was. you know. >> jimmy: you did get to go. >> let's not blame the country. >> jimmy: of course not. you did get to go walk on the great wall of china. who took this picture? >> one of my friends took that. >> jimmy: why are you wearing a panda hat? zoom in a little bit. >> zoom rig
Feb 15, 2017 11:35pm EST
complain about. were you in china for five months with matt damon? >> jimmy: thank god, no, i wasn't in china. [ laughter ] you're saying you have it worse than i do? >> i would say that i did. >> jimmy: he's tough to deal with, really. >> a bad guy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: people don't realize, he smells. [ laughter ] that's true. you are working with, in this film, you worked with a chinese director this legendary director, somebody who's -- is it difficult to be directed in china by someone who speaks chinese and you're surrounded by an all-chinese crew? >> no, it was great, it was great. he had an incredible translator. if you see the movie, which you should, it's a lot of fun. monsters are attacking the great wall of china and there are rate intense and complicated action sequences which are described do you like, you know -- it just turns into this kind of language. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: fighting things that aren't there. >> that kind of a thing. i'm like, i got it. >> jimmy: i know what you're talking about, i saw "rambo" when i was 6. >> exactly, i've seen it all. >> jimmy: good
May 5, 2016 11:35pm EDT
your parents, i guess your parents who send their teenage daughter to china to sing have to either be unusually supportive or -- >> no, they're great. they're great. >> jimmy: okay. we'll go with that. >> they're from chicago. it's not l.a. they get really excited about celebrities. my dad in particular is not great with the idea. he thinks that i'm the type of famous where people are like did you cut my hair in 2007? no one has any idea, and i go yes. that's what i did. and so -- but he i'm, like, julia roberts. it's sweet. we'll be at star bucks and he'll be like this is a coffee for chloe bennet. [ laughter ] >> and they'll be like great. okay. and he'll be like from "agents of shields". i'm not kidding. he's done that. first off, i'm not getting a coffee. >> jimmy: what is he doing? >> i don't know. there's one particular run in which is just horrible. we were walking in sew hoe, new york, and out of the corner of my eye i see paul rudd. preant man. when i see celebrities i never bring it up to my dad because he'll go be super weird with them. i see paul rudd, i'm like cool, and a
Dec 29, 2016 11:35pm PST
no way to know if the hackers were from russia or china or -- [ laughter ] for real. oh, these aren't jokes. [ laughter ] or if it wasn't, he really said this -- it could have been some guy sitting on a bed somebody. all he knows, the important thing is he won and a month from today he'll be taking a leak in the lincoln toilet. nonetheless, a bipartisan group now, including republican senators john mccain and mitch mcconnell, are calling for an investigation and trump does not like that at all. he doesn't want an investigation. he refuses to point a finger at russia. why would he? he'll be up for re-election in four years, he might need them again. [ laughter ] some people are saying we should vote all over again. which this election is like the killer in a horror movie, just when you think it's over, pops up in the back seat, it's going to get you again. new jersey governor chris christie, who really carried donald trump's golf clubs for the last six months, will now officially not be a part of his cabinet. according to cnn, governor christie, who reportedly wanted to be attorney gen
Apr 3, 2014 11:35pm PDT
for having me. i have a bad cold. >> jimmy: you got it in china? >> i think it came from china. there was a man hacking on a plane somewhere around china. so i believe this is chinese in its origin. >> jimmy: i see. a lot of people wear masks there, but i think it's for the pollution mostly. >> i think it might be a combination of combination and whatever this is. >> jimmy: and unfortunately that guy was not wearing a mask. >> he was just hacking all over the hair plane. >> jimmy: isn't it funny when you decide who gave you a cold. really there's no way to know. >> it probably was david hasselhoff in all honesty. i saw him on tv backstage and a got a cold. >> jimmy: you were there promoting "the amazing spider-man 2." was jamie fox with you on that trip? >> yes. >> jimmy: what was he like in china? >> he's the best everywhere. he beat boxes the entire time and makes everyone dance. if you have a cold, you just sit back and you get to hang out and he's beat boxing and dancing. and taking selfies. >> jimmy: with? >> everybody. >> jimmy: people or just by himself. >> everybody. hi
May 13, 2013 11:35pm PDT
two time oscar-nominated actor. his latest movie made more money this weekend than we owe china "iron man 3" is in theaters now. please welcome robert downey jr. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> how you doing? >> jimmy: that's when you know you -- you really hit the jackpot with a movie is when you start throwing expensive pairs of sunglasses into the audience. that is something else. >> yep. it's just my way of giving back, you're welcome. >> jimmy: congratulations on the huge success of the movie. >> thank you. >> jimmy: did you even think it would be this successful? >> well, i'm an optimistic person so i tend to think anything i do is going to be amazing. but that's probably just compensatory because you know, life is difficult and this industry is unpredictable. you know. >> jimmy: you have great self-esteem. i mean, that's for sure. >> well, i have migrated from no self-esteem to low self-esteem. >> jimmy: it seems like you migrated from no self steam to tremendous amounts of self esteem. >> if i'm not on my team, why should anybody else be? >> jimmy: that makes sense, but n
Aug 16, 2012 12:00am EDT
-- you know what that call national relackization day in china? death. wednesday doesn't seem like the best choice of days for national relaxation day. and, by the way, i don't like it when people tell me to relax. you know who tells you to relax? dentists and rapists. [ laughter ] i feel like between the medical marijuana, the massage chairs and the sleep number mattresses, we're relaxed enough. some people are not relaxing today. students who started back at school this week. you know, you really know it's back to school season when the photographs of sandwiches on facebook have been replaced by photos of kids on their front porch wearing backpacks and today was that day. the l.a. unified school district started yesterday, even though it is still the middle of august here. we don't know what the season are, because nothing ever changes. and since kids are headed back to class, i thought i would take this opportunity to give our viewers, the ones that really care about the show, a youtube challenge. this is where i challenge you to pull a prank on a loved one, to videotape that pr
Jan 20, 2011 12:05am EST
, probably. [ laughter ] the president of china is in washington today making an official state visit to the white house. this is like when you are into your bookie for more than you can afford and he stops by your house. they had a state dinner tonight. jackie chan was there. that's like if china hosted obama for dinner and invited chuck norris. it's kind of ridiculous. the guests enjoy what was described as a quintessentially american dinner. the menu was kept a secret but in a nod to chinese tradition it was prepared by 7-year-olds. seven year olds. seven 1-year-olds. when is somebody going to hold president hu responsible for letting the dogs out? i mean, the man -- hu let the dogs out, and we sit around and let them get away with it? new speaker of the house john boehner was invited to the dinner but chose not to attend. they're calling him an orange chicken in china now. presidents obama and hu took questions from the media today. which is unusual because chinese presidents don't typically take questions from reporters without killing them after. but this is the united states, a
Sep 23, 2014 11:35pm PDT
of two of the world's biggest polluters, china and india, did not show up for the summit. that's like daniel day lewis and meryl streep not showing up for the oscars. it's a shame. president obama was there, along with more than 100 other leaders, heads of state. together, they launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money to find a new planet for us to live on, which seems -- [ laughter ] climate change is a complex issue. it can be difficult for the average person to fully grasp. my mother says i'm a genius, and i didn't understand it, so -- i did some research and i thought it would be a good idea to break it down in simple terms okay. this puppy represents what the polar icecaps looked like 50 years ago. they were adorable. and this puppy is the polar icecaps today. [ laughter ] scary, but not nearly as scary as what they're expected to look like in 20 years. they are expected to look like this puppy, so -- if only al gore had used puppies, we might have taken him more seriously. here's how you know the sum milt was a big deal. leonardo dicaprio was there. as if global warmi
Dec 10, 2010 12:05am EST
chinese dissident, who won't be around to pick it up. china is furious that they picked a man china considers to be a krcriminal. this could be the first war started by a peace prize. this is kind of funny. today, china decided to give out their own peace prize but the guy they planned to give it to did not show up to receive it. so, instead, they grabbed a 6-year-old girl to accept for him and then she went back to work. hey, those tickle me elmo dolls don't stuff themselves, folks. this year, in part thanks to our peace-loving friends in china, there are more high tech toys than there ever been. so, to help people like me know what's what, we brought in an expert to sort it all out. here now with tech talk, our very own gadget guru, my uncle frank. >> hi, uncle frank here during this festive beautiful new christmas season. we have new toys this year. look at this. ♪ well, it means dance. or move around to others. yeah. what a toy. i don't understand it, but it's a lot of fun. >> jimmy: it looked like fun. [ cheers and applause ] we can't give him small toys because he chokes on
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,060 (some duplicates have been removed)