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Dec 21, 2010 12:05am PST
. >> jimmy: you did a movie in china recently. >> i did do a movie in china. i did a film called "inseparable" in china. >> jimmy: and what is it like shooting in china? >> well, first of all, not a lot of people spoke english on the crew. >> jimmy: almost all chinese? >> right, yeah. and, in fact, it made me the first western actor that has ever starred in a fully financed chinese film. >> jimmy: really? wow. >> so i've -- do you speak -- >> i don't know what that means, so -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: do you speak chinese in the film? >> i speak a little mandarin in the film. i had to swear in mandarin in the film. i won't say it here because obviously -- >> jimmy: we don't want to upset the mandarins. >> that's right, the mandarins. [ laughter ] it sounds like a new series. "the mandarins." but it was an incredible place to go. we were in a place called ghaun-jo which is formally canton, and i -- the food was incredible. >> jimmy: my only knowledge of chinese is from the food, like, you say canton. i think, cantonese, that's delicious. >> exactly, yeah. >> jimmy: and so, when the
Jan 19, 2011 12:05am PST
today with some tricky realities to work around, including the massive u.s./china trade imbalance. one take, hu lands his jet and tosses president obama the keeps, saying, zont scratch it. in a new abc news poll out tonight, finds that americans see more economic threat than opportunity in china, so, tonight, we wanted to ask you, simply, china, friend or foe? we've already heard from many of you on facebook and twitter tonight, but please join the conversation, tell us what you think at the "nightline" facebook page or on the "nightline" page at >>> that's our report for tonight. for all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm "jimmy kimmel live." welcome viewers and krex alpha silty nurses. tonight, from "american idol," judge randy jackson is here. from "winter's bone," golden globe nominee jennifer lawrence is here. and comedian andrew norelli. this will be a night of many gasps. "jimmy kimmel live" back in two minutes. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- "american idol's" randy jackson. from "winter's bone", jennifer l
Jun 18, 2013 9:30pm PDT
. clay thompson is in china right now. the warriors playoff certainly helped their global appeal. we have video sent to us today from china. clay spending 11 days there. what's happening on this trip? >> you know, it's fantastic. we're actually heading over there to play, larry, in october against the lakers, and, you know, i don't know if you have been to china. >> no. >> basketball is huge over there. >> as we wrap it up here and look ahead to game seven, a lot of people are saying the spurs are done emotionally. they're spent. it's over. who wins game seven? >> i i'm thinking that i think it's going to be another close game. >> bob where? >> i don't know. i continue to guess. i always think it's hard to win on the road. i would say miami because they're at home, but i could be wrong. i'm wrong all the time. >> so am i. >> maybe that's why you were seventh in the executive -- >> exactly. there you go. >> it's great having you. we'll have game seven thursday. if i can't run your regular draft, can i just -- how about the d league? i want to trade somebody to the reno big leagues. >>
May 5, 2016 11:35pm PDT
china. >> i did and you exposed that horrible music video i did last time. i had a really weird robin sparkles moment when i was a teenager. >> jimmy: that was your hit, uh-oh. >> now people really creepy people, i'll be at target buying toilet paper and they'll be like uh- uh-oh. really uncomfortable. >> jimmy: my goal is to activate the stalkers. >> yeah. >> jimmy: so your parents, i guess your parents who send their teenage daughter to china to sing have to either be unusually supportive or -- >> no, they're great. they're great. >> jimmy: okay. we'll go with that. >> they're from chicago. it's not l.a. they get really excited about celebrities. my dad in particular is not great with the idea. he thinks that i'm the type of famous where people are like did you cut my hair in 2007? no one has any idea, and i go yes. that's what i did. and so -- but he thinks that i'm, like, julia roberts. it's sweet. we'll be at star bucks and he'll be like this is a coffee for chloe bennet. [ laughter ] >> and they'll be like great. okay. and he'll be like from "agents of shields". i'm not kidding.
Oct 17, 2016 10:35pm MDT
: don't give them any ideas, they will follow you around. you just got back from china. >> i did. >> jimmy: which was interesting to me. i've never been there. how long were you in china? >> like 48 hours. >> jimmy: it wasn't much of a trip. it was a work trip? >> it was a work trip. we were premiering the film "jack reacher" there. i flew in and someone on the soon as we get off the plane. >> jimmy: i like that idea. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you get right to it. how is the great wall of china? >> it was amazing. we got there and we landed at like 6:00 and drove right there and a arrived and it was clos. >> jimmy: oh, wait, it closes? >> apparently it does. >> jimmy: how does the wall close? >> well, because you have to take like a gondola up the mountain to get to a section that you can walk down. >> jimmy: i don't know why i'm thinking of an italian guy in the water. canadian thing, that's what we call a chair lift. >> jimmy: we call it that too, i'm just stupid. [ laughter ] >> so we went up to the top and you walk like 45 minutes down. it's beautiful. i mean, it's one of those plac
Nov 8, 2017 11:35pm PST
arrived in china, one of the only places on earth where it is illegal to use twitter. [ cheers and applause ] his little thumbs must be going wild. today is the one-year anniversary of donald trump becoming president. [ audience moaning ] >> jimmy: no, no clapping at all, all right. one person's happy. one year ago today donald trump been the election and our hearts. [ laughter ] and his opponent, hillary clinton, spent the day quietly at home today violently strangling her mailman. [ laughter ] so much has happened over the past year. not in congress, nothing that is happened there. but whether you love president trump or hate him, there's one thing we can all agree on, that is he looks absolutely great in a pair of shorts. [ cheers and applause ] i mean, back away, ladies. that all belongs to melania. i mentioned that the president is in china right now. he's there shooting an episode of "undercover boss" at his neck tie factory. trump and his wife, there they are, they arrived in beijing today. they got off of air force one. he grabbed her by the hand. look at all the kids. the
Aug 16, 2012 12:00am EDT
-- you know what that call national relackization day in china? death. wednesday doesn't seem like the best choice of days for national relaxation day. and, by the way, i don't like it when people tell me to relax. you know who tells you to relax? dentists and rapists. [ laughter ] i feel like between the medical marijuana, the massage chairs and the sleep number mattresses, we're relaxed enough. some people are not relaxing today. students who started back at school this week. you know, you really know it's back to school season when the photographs of sandwiches on facebook have been replaced by photos of kids on their front porch wearing backpacks and today was that day. the l.a. unified school district started yesterday, even though it is still the middle of august here. we don't know what the season are, because nothing ever changes. and since kids are headed back to class, i thought i would take this opportunity to give our viewers, the ones that really care about the show, a youtube challenge. this is where i challenge you to pull a prank on a loved one, to videotape that pr
Nov 16, 2015 11:35pm PST
been to china, madrid, berlin, london, and paris. >> jimmy: had you been to all those places before? >> never been to china before. >> jimmy: first trip to china, what city? >> beijing. >> jimmy: in beijing. and that was fun? or odd? >> we were there about 24 hours. i had -- >> jimmy: wow. >> i slept three and a half hours and had the most horrific dreams i've ever had. i won't tell you what about. >> jimmy: did you wake up crying? >> yeah. >> jimmy: did you soil -- >> i woke up in sweats about 1:00 in the morning after having tried to sleep three hours and woke up every 20 minutes. you know what? i'm not sleeping in this country, i'm not going to do it anymore. i stayed up the rest of the night. >> jimmy: blame on it the country? >> i don't know what it was. you know. >> jimmy: you did get to go. >> let's not blame the country. >> jimmy: of course not. you did get to go walk on the great wall of china. who took this picture? >> one of my friends took that. >> jimmy: why are you wearing a panda hat? zoom in a little bit. >> zoom right in on the ballantine handbag. >> jimmy: why are
Jan 20, 2011 12:05am PST
have no idea what you're saying. and neither do you, probably. [ laughter ] the president of china is in washington today making an official state visit to the white house. this is like when you are into your bookie for more than you can afford and he stops by your house. they had a state dinner tonight. jackie chan was there. that's like if china hosted obama for dinner and invited chuck norris. it's kind of ridiculous. the guests enjoy what was described as a quintessentially american dinner. the menu was kept a secret but in a nod to chinese tradition it was prepared by 7-year-olds. seven year olds. seven 1-year-olds. when is somebody going to hold president hu responsible for letting the dogs out? i mean, the man -- hu let the dogs out, and we sit around and let them get away with it? new speaker of the house john boehner was invited to the dinner but chose not to attend. they're calling him an orange chicken in china now. presidents obama and hu took questions from the media today. which is unusual because chinese presidents don't typically take questions from reporters withou
Dec 10, 2010 12:05am PST
, who won't be around to pick it up. china is furious that they picked a man china considers to be a krcriminal. this could be the first war started by a peace prize. this is kind of funny. today, china decided to give out their own peace prize but the guy they planned to give it to did not show up to receive it. so, instead, they grabbed a 6-year-old girl to accept for him and then she went back to work. hey, those tickle me elmo dolls don't stuff themselves, folks. this year, in part thanks to our peace-loving friends in china, there are more high tech toys than there ever been. so, to help people like me know what's what, we brought in an expert to sort it all out. here now with tech talk, our very own gadget guru, my uncle frank. >> hi, uncle frank here during this festive beautiful new christmas season. we have new toys this year. look at this. ♪ well, it means dance. or move around to others. yeah. what a toy. i don't understand it, but it's a lot of fun. >> jimmy: it looked like fun. [ cheers and applause ] we can't give him small toys because he chokes on them, but -- the t
Feb 15, 2017 11:35pm EST
complain about. were you in china for five months with matt damon? >> jimmy: thank god, no, i wasn't in china. [ laughter ] you're saying you have it worse than i do? >> i would say that i did. >> jimmy: he's tough to deal with, really. >> a bad guy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: people don't realize, he smells. [ laughter ] that's true. you are working with, in this film, you worked with a chinese director this legendary director, somebody who's -- is it difficult to be directed in china by someone who speaks chinese and you're surrounded by an all-chinese crew? >> no, it was great, it was great. he had an incredible translator. if you see the movie, which you should, it's a lot of fun. monsters are attacking the great wall of china and there are rate intense and complicated action sequences which are described do you like, you know -- it just turns into this kind of language. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: fighting things that aren't there. >> that kind of a thing. i'm like, i got it. >> jimmy: i know what you're talking about, i saw "rambo" when i was 6. >> exactly, i've seen it all. >> jimmy: good
May 7, 2013 11:35pm PDT
weekend than we owe china "iron man 3" is in theaters now. please welcome robert downey jr. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> you really hit the jackpot with the movie. when you start throwing expensive pairs of sunglasses into the audience. that is something else. >> yep. it's just my way of giving back, you're welcome. >> jimmy: congratulations on the huge success of the movie. >> thank you. >> jimmy: did you even think it would be this successful? >> well, i'm an optimistic person so i tend to think anything i do is going to be amazing. but that's probably comp sense toir, because life is difficult and this industry is unpredictable. >> jimmy: you have great self-esteem. i mean, that's for sure. >> well, i have migrated from no self-esteem to low self-esteem. >> jimmy: you're right in the middle there. >> if i'm not on my team, why should anybody else be? >> jimmy: that makes sense, but not many people think like that. do you feel like when you sit down to winplay a game, do you think you're going to win? >> no, that's a game. >> jimmy: that's a competition between another person. >> that's
Dec 29, 2016 11:35pm EST
china or -- [ laughter ] for real. oh, these aren't jokes. [ laughter ] or if it wasn't, he really said this -- it could have been some guy sitting on a bed somebody. all he knows, the important thing is he won and a month from today he'll be taking a leak in the lincoln toilet. nonetheless, a bipartisan group now, including republican senators john mccain and mitch mcconnell, are calling for an investigation and trump does not like that at all. he doesn't want an investigation. he refuses to point a finger at russia. why would he? he'll be up for re-election in four years, he might need them again. [ laughter ] some people are saying we should vote all over again. which this election is like the killer in a horror movie, just when you think it's over, pops up in the back seat, it's going to get you again. new jersey governor chris christie, who really carried donald trump's golf clubs for the last six months, will now officially not be a part of his cabinet. according to cnn, governor christie, who reportedly wanted to be attorney general, turned down multiple jobs, including secr
May 5, 2016 11:35pm EDT
your parents, i guess your parents who send their teenage daughter to china to sing have to either be unusually supportive or -- >> no, they're great. they're great. >> jimmy: okay. we'll go with that. >> they're from chicago. it's not l.a. they get really excited about celebrities. my dad in particular is not great with the idea. he thinks that i'm the type of famous where people are like did you cut my hair in 2007? no one has any idea, and i go yes. that's what i did. and so -- but he i'm, like, julia roberts. it's sweet. we'll be at star bucks and he'll be like this is a coffee for chloe bennet. [ laughter ] >> and they'll be like great. okay. and he'll be like from "agents of shields". i'm not kidding. he's done that. first off, i'm not getting a coffee. >> jimmy: what is he doing? >> i don't know. there's one particular run in which is just horrible. we were walking in sew hoe, new york, and out of the corner of my eye i see paul rudd. preant man. when i see celebrities i never bring it up to my dad because he'll go be super weird with them. i see paul rudd, i'm like cool, and a
Jan 13, 2012 12:00am PST
went to china a couple of months ago. >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you known in china? >> i am. weirdly. i was really surprised. because the first time i went, about six years ago, we went to beijing and shanghai. but we also went to xi'an. i had never heard of this city. >> jimmy: me, neither. >> only 500 million people. but i got off the plane. and many, many people recognized me. and i was really, really surprised. >> jimmy: what do they know you from? everything? >> i don't think so at all. i found out later that, the very first film to be released in china, after the cultural revolution was "kramer versus kramer." and every, single person in china saw that. >> jimmy: really? >> is that weird? is that weird? so, that's how they know me. they know me really young and with really long hair. >> jimmy: were you over there promoting a movie? what were you doing over there? >> the first time i went to the shanghai film festival. this time i went with a cultural exchange, which is kind of an amazing group of people. >> jimmy: who was there? >> well, yo-yo ma and a lot of people from silk road
Dec 30, 2010 12:05am PST
, an imprisoned chinese dissident, who won't be around because he's in prison. china is furious that they selected a man they consider to be a criminal. they've accused the united states of conspiracy. they warned any countries attending the ceremonies will be active actively disrespecting the chinese government. this could be the first war started by a peace prize. this is kind of funny. today, china decided to give out their own peace prize but the guy they planned to give it to did not show up to receive it. so, instead, they grabbed a 6-year-old girl to accept for him and then she went back to work. making -- hey, those tickle me elmo dolls don't stuff themselves, folks. this year, in part thanks to our peace-loving friends in china, there are more high tech toys than there ever have been. i can barely get the batteries in these things. so, to help people like me know what's what, we brought in an expert to sort it all out. here now with tech talk, our very own gadget guru, my uncle frank. >> hi, uncle frank here during this festive beautiful new christmas season. wow, we have ne
Sep 27, 2011 12:00am EDT
a trillion more dollars from china and spend it all on delicious free pizza. one final pizza blowout. what do you say, america? herman cain. let's just give up and order pizza. >> paid for by pepperoni. [ applause ] >> jimmy: a good slogan. better than a chicken in every pot. that's for sure. this is from a postgame press conference where a soccer play that scored the winning goal for his team, not only does he play hard, based on the amount of moisture that accumulates on his body, he interviews hard too. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> jimmy: he ended up drowning everyone in the room. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i think that's the first wet t-shirt contest i've seen without any water at all. in less traditional sports news there is a show called "hillbilly hand fishin'" which hillbillys fish with their arm, no rod, no bait. just arm and fist and they jam it in the mouth of the fish. last night a woman named nanette went look for catfish and in doing so provided us with our n unintentional joke of the day. >> when i realized how big it was, it scared the dickens out of me. >> oh, my g
Apr 6, 2012 12:00am PDT
news for china today. they have overtaken the united states as the world's biggest food and grocery market. that means they buy and consume more food than we do. which -- when you think about it, of course they do. a half hour after they eat, they are hungry again. it's chinese food. last year, china spend $964 billion in groceries, where as we only spent 9$908 billion. china has a billion people. we have 300 million. why weren't they always the biggest market for groceries? are they allowed to eat now? have we been outeating them three and four to one? let me tell you something, we held them off for years it was like the food alamo around here. how does it feel to be a hero, people? because i tell you something, it feels pretty gosh darn good to me. this is funny. there's a local news station, kusi in san diego that employs michael turco. he has a recurring segment called the turco files, where he finds things he doesn't like and gets very mad about it. one time, some benches got stolen from the beach and he was furious. another time, a woman, there was a beehive in her neighbor, i
Sep 1, 2012 12:00am EDT
that. someone brought an amazing new fashion trend to my attention. in china, there is a popular new garment, beach wear garment which is a bikini for your face. this is what they look like. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's called a face-kini. you can call something a face-kini that is already called a ski mask? they protect your face and head. they're also good for robbing underwater banks. here's another one. i don't know. if you're this concerned about protecting your face, just stay home. if i was the sun, i'd burn you extra for wearing this. they even make them for kids. are we certain china hasn't been overtaken by an earless alien race? that would be less creepy. i don't know what's scarier, that photo or that photo. i'm just going to say this once so we can move on. china is weird. and i miss the tanning mom. one more thing, this is wonderful, there's a video that has become very popular online the last few days. it's old bar mitzvah footage. a bar mitzvah is a religious ceremony when a jewish boy reaches 13 years old, he has a bar mitzvah and officially becomes a man. there is a
Aug 12, 2016 11:35pm EDT
to china. i have a biggest bank in the world a tenant of mine in new york. the biggest in the world, a chinese bank. don't worry about that baby, i love babies. i love babies, i hear that baby crying, i like it. what a beautiful baby. don't worry, don't worry. the mom's running around like -- don't worry about it, you know? it's young and beautiful and healthy and that's what we want. okay, we have the piggy bank. they have ripped us to shreds. ripped us absolutely to shreds. actually, i was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here. that's all right. don't worry. i think she really believed me that i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking. that's okay. >> jimmy: it's all there, right? china, a baby, he likes china, he likes the baby, he doesn't like the baby. he's kidding, he wasn't kidding. every iota of donald trump was right there in that 60-second clip. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i've never seen a guy running for president flip-flop and our final moment of trump time tonight comes from his rally in harrisburg where he slowed him way down for tonig
Apr 11, 2017 11:35pm EDT
the chinese catholics a hard time in china. >> jimmy: right. >> and the vatican is negotiating with them. to keep connection with the catholics in china. the cdalai lama is being persecuted by the chinese because he has so many followers inside tibet, which was invaded by china in 1950. i got that all out. >> jimmy: somehow you got in the middle of all this. it's really kind of amazing. >> which brings us to "norman." >> jimmy: right. we are going to talk about "norman." we have another segment, i want to get into that. you as i mentioned in your introduction shot "pretty woman," part of it, right outside our theater. do you remember that? >> no, they were asking me about it before. it was at night. i think it was a lotus, the car was a lotus or something. >> jimmy: yeah, lotus. it must be strange when people remember -- details of your career more than you do, yeah. >> no, i don't remember where it was. >> jimmy: when is the last time you saw that movie yourself? >> you want to know the truth? when i saw it with her. when we were in previews. >> jimmy: that was the last time? >> th
Aug 31, 2015 11:35pm EDT
this celebrity, yaya. who? >> the guy, china, china, china. latino people. he want to run for president. >> what? >> he want to run for president. >> kanye west. >> no. the white one. with the hair. rich guy. >> trump. >> jimmy: got to ring in. >> sorry. >> there you are with donald trump. >> that one i give him glasses look like men in black with the glasses in new york. remember, i do, i touch his hair. >> jimmy: you did touch his hair. >> i thought he has -- >> you have a tie game here, yaya. the next celebrity is this woman. >> this lady. >> jimmy: yes. >> oh, that lady she music. she win oscar. she marry english guy. >> jimmy: she did not win an oscar. >> she is famous. she does music. >> jimmy: maybe a little bit, yeah. >> marry one guy, english guy. long hair. english accent. >> jimmy: briefly marry. >> separate from him now. >> madonna. >> jimmy: no, she -- >> she is young. >> i guessed madonna. >> she does change hair color every time. >> jimmy: yaya, tell us who that is? >> taylor swift! i forget. katy perry. katy perry. >> jimmy: our next celebrity is? who is this gentleman?
Aug 5, 2013 11:35pm PDT
was in china this weekend. the nba is very popular in china, which makes sense because that's where all the shoes come from. [ laughter ] but kobe's popularity over there has apparently reached justin bieber levels of crazy. >> kobe bryant! >> kobe, on the second stop of his annual summer trip to china. about 25,000 screaming fans climbing trees and jamming the streets outside a sporting goods store. >> jimmy: well, cymbalta can help with that. [ laughter ] wait until he finds out about the "bachelorette" finale tonight. tonight we join together as a nation to witness the season finale of "the bachelorette" here on abc. tonight bachelorette desiree selects the man she will spend the next week on the cover of "us weekly" with. [ laughter ] it was a two-part season finale. that's how big this was. going into part one last week, desiree's three remaining suitors were brooks, chris, and drew. brooks left the show voluntarily, and desiree was devastated when he went. but then she eliminated drew. and when chris, the remaining guy, proposed to her, she said yes. here it was, the moment of
Nov 21, 2012 12:00am PST
. >> jimmy: you played golf in china recently, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: how did that happen? how did you wind up in china? >> i got paid to play golf. >> jimmy: that couldn't be better. >> we'll pay you to show up and play golf. i played with matt kuchar. >> jimmy: that's exciting. >> in my foursome, one of the foursomes, michael phelps was one. he is beginning to play golf. and doing the hank haney project for the golf channel. and adrien brody was my other partner. and adrien, it was his first time playing golf. >> jimmy: good to have on your team. >> it's amazing what we do for a paycheck. >> jimmy: yao ming played in in a golf tournament. i would love to see him playing golf. >> there isn't a shaft long enough to build for yao ming. he has custom-made clubs. but he has to crouch down to play. >> jimmy: is he a good golf center. >> no. i took a photograph with him. i traveled from hinan, an island in the china sea, to shanghai. and he give me a ride on his plane. >> jimmy: wow. >> i took a picture with him. any picture next to yao ming, you look like a midget. >> jimmy: i have a pictu
Jan 26, 2016 11:35pm EST
ago, yeah. >> jimmy: and where were you? >> i went to shanghai, china. >> jimmy: wow. >> did a premiere. kung fu panda there. then went over to seoul, south korea. did a little kung fu panda premiere there. then zipped back. i was there for a week. zip, zip. >> jimmy: do they know you from the voice of this character? >> well, it's a cartoon. sow don't see me. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> and they have like asian actors doing the voice. so no. there's like -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not at all. but i think it helps promote the film when they know that there's a powerhouse hollywood legend. >> jimmy: i see. >> behind the thing. [ laughter ] my essence is in there. no matter what you do. >> jimmy: so it's not your voice at all on the -- >> no. but it's important that i do the red carpet there. to high five the asian actor, you know, passing the torch. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, you meet the person who does the same part you that do. >> i do. and i like to do a high five with interlocking clasp for more intimacy. >> jimmy: i see. >> to bring our nations together. and let them ta
Oct 1, 2013 11:35pm EDT
drunk at work right now. in international news, justin bieber is in china right now. the reason i know this -- soc someone took the picture of him on the great wall of china. that is justin bieber being carried up the great wall of china by his bodyguards. its that unbieliebable or what? even lady gaga got out of her egg and walked. hard to climb stairs when your pants around your ankle. when your job description includes carrying a pop star up 5,000 steps. might be team to start browsing is that still a thing? here is something obama care probably won't be covering. have you upgraded your iphones and ipads to ios 7 yet. according to reports, ios 7 is giving people motion sickness because the screen, the higher resolution screens and the new icons they move around. they're giving people vertigo and nausea. and for real. if you are suffering from these symptoms, here is something that might help. >> do you suffer from nausea, headaches and strevertigo. maybe you should stop looking at your [ bleep ] iphone every five seconds. stop looking at your [ bleep ] iphone every
Nov 27, 2010 12:05am EST
out to officials and countries around the world including china to warn them that thousands of confidential diplomatic cables may soon be made public. it's the latest release from wikileaks. the release could erode trust in the u.s. an official said the release will put lives at risk. tell us what you think about it on the "nightline" page at that's our report for tonight. from all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> dicky: it's the "jimmy kimmel live" fantasy league, presented by gmc. >> jimmy: hi, i'm "jimmy kimmel live." >> and i'm cousin sal. >> you like fantasy football, right? >> oh, you know it. >> jimmy: let's go to the scores. >> the sports guy bill simmons continues to steam roll the league with a win over jb smoove. >> jimmy: adam carolla a solid victory over joe mchale. >> the fighting kimmels are heating up, pounding team fridge. >> jimmy: thank you for saying that, sal. and kristen bell embarrassing fiance dax shepard, and it is starting to take its toll on our adorable couple. >> i don't think you had to beat me by that much. >> i couldn't con
Oct 27, 2011 12:00am EDT
. right now the number one show in china is called "jon and kate plus one female child only." but the new rules will effect all 34 of china's tv -- 34 stations? we have more espns than that. the chinese may lead us in math and science but they will never be able to match our anoupt of "real housewives" knock. the new rules go into effect immediately. i have to say, not that reality tv is a great thing for the country but after looking at a pro mow for their new line up, i feel kind of bad for them. >> get ready forink you can sit" followowed by "who wants to sitn a chair?" "the amazing chair." "project chair." "the biggest chair" and "china's next top chair mod m." china one. you will watch. that is all. >> jimmy: we have a good show for you tonight. the director of the new ben stiller movie, brett ratner. we have music from frank turner. and we'll be right back with tyra banks, so stick around. [ man ] i got this citi thank you card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on g
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