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Jul 16, 2012 5:30pm PDT
u.s. vessels on patrol. china's business practices are coming under international scrutiny. the world trade organization ruled that a chinese company rules a my massachusetnoply. the u.s. filed a complaint with the world trade body in 2010. in the ruling, the wto says china discriminates against foreign banks by providing china union pay with a monopoly in processing of electronic payments denominated in 9 the chinese currency. kirk said the decision will help u.s. companies and increase american jobs as more efficient credit and debit payment systems in china enable consumers to buy more goods. he added that china should honor its wto commitments and eliminate the discrimination. china's commerce ministry spokesperson released a comment saying the u.s. claims have not been accepted and the government will decide on how to respond after examining the wto report. >>> east team war ruling party announced it reached an agreement with two other parties to form a coalition government. the country's first president after it obtained independence ten years ago is likely to remain in power as
Feb 2, 2012 2:30pm PST
hunt against in. the crisis in the eurozone is top of angela merkel agenda as she visits china. the german chancellor is trying to raise support for the single currency. in a joint press conference, the chinese premier, wen jiabao, said the chinese were considering putting money into the rescue fund. china certainly has plenty of cash to spend. then let angela merkel was hoping for a firm commitment, it looks like she will be heading home disappointed, but china's leader did raise hopes by saying he will consider contributing money to the eurozone's rescue funds. "china will continue to support the euro and contribute to its stability. we have faith in europe's economy and in the euro. we believe the your will continue to be an important currency in the future -- we believe the euro will continue to be an important currency in the future." while merkel did not directly ask for support of china, she explained how reforms would help the spoke remind on beijing pose a tight clamp on internet freedom. >> we are of the opinion that beijing's reactions are very harsh. i will repeat time a
May 27, 2013 6:30pm PDT
germany would help avert a trade war between america and china. they are accused of selling solar products to cheaply in an attempt to dominate the market. >> the chinese prime minister received a warm welcome in germany. business is booming between the two economic powerhouses. german economics minister -- the german economics minister is -- at a meeting with university representatives, the prime minister predicted a bright future. >> china still needs to develop the name "made in china." germany has already established "made in germany" as a mark of quality. together, we could be a dream team. >> but there are wide-ranging difficulties as well. >> chancellor angela merkel brought up the sensitive issue of human rights abuses in china. a music video by an influential artist portrays the life of political dissidents in china. the german government is emphasizing the critical need to support human rights. >> these issues will not be resolved miraculously in a single round of talks, but it is important to bring them up. >> despite some criticism, the prime minister's visit struck a
Mar 19, 2012 5:30pm PDT
ending combat missions. recent events have made that task harder than ever. china is at the center of another international trade dispute. the commodity in question this time is rare earth metals. the united states, japan and the european union are taking their case to the wto. they say china is breaking international law by limiting exports. china is the main producer of the minerals, accounting for over 90% of the global supply. the rare earth metals include one used in the manufacture of mobile phones, computers and hybrid cars. prices surged since china put export restrictions in place. the u.s. claims restrictions are unfair and say china is hoarding valuable minerals and beijing ignored their request to end the practice. u.s. president barack obama criticized china for not playing by the rules. >> when it is necessary, i will take action if our workers and our businesses are being subjected to unfair practices. >> japan also accuses china of violating export rules. they say the export quotas and taxes are aimed at giving an advantage at domestic firms. officials say china broke
Jan 11, 2012 5:30pm PST
. >> he said iran is a major oil supplier to china. he said his country hopes it will not be affected by the sanctions. his remarks come as american and eu leaders increase pressure on tehran over its nuclear program. they are trying to ban imports of crude oil. >>> investors in tokyo have just started another day of trading. >> a favorable federal reserve report on regional economy activity did help boost sentiment, though markets did end mixed on wednesday. for more on how stocks are training in japan, good morning, it seems like a tug of war right now between economic activity in the u.s. and developments in the euro zone. >> yes, very much so. a bit of a tug of war there, the federal reserve regional economic report came in more favorably, which also highlights some of the upbeat economic activity and numbers we've seen out of the u.s. recently and also with earnings season kicking off in the u.s., a lot of investors keen to see how corporate america is progressing into 2012, however, there's still a very keen eye going on in euro zone economies and that's keeping markets a little
Jun 28, 2011 6:00pm PDT
weight behind her, along with europe and china. she wasn't chosen head of the mexican central bank chief -- ce mexican central bank chief. after the announcement, he said, "his best wishes and support." >> why has the imf chosen christine lagarde as its new head? >> let's start with the most important thing. she can really do this job. she is really experienced in financial issues. but what is very crucial and important is that the americas supported her. europe and america were united. you can also put it the other way around. china would never vote for an indian candidates, or if india would never vote for a chinese candidate. but the fact that the west was united was very important in lagarde becoming the managing director of the imf. i also think there were some back room deals, but what kind, we will hear more about that in the next days and weeks. >> what are we expecting when lasard takes over? -- lagarde takes over at the helm? what she is very experienced with things like the global debt crisis in greece, for example. i expect that she will be very strict with greece, so t
Dec 10, 2010 6:30pm PST
beijing. ballenger pressure from china, more than 16 nations boycotted the ceremony. china clamped down on the dissidents arrested -- ahead of the award ceremony. the co-author of news charter 08 demanding political reform in china has been arrested. internet sites reporting on the ceremony have been blocked in china and televised reports have been taken off the air. a norwegian actress read a statement entitled "i have no enemies in liu's absence derica the document was released by supporters after his sentencing a year ago. >> -- freedom of speech, is to trample on human rights, before humanity, and suppress choice. >> at the end of this ceremony, the nobel the, was placed on liu xiaobo's vacant seat. this will be kept along withg te 1.1 million euros in oslo, until the prize winner can collect them himself. >> we will take an in-depth look at this year's nobel peace prize and the power of words coming up later on in this program. a friend of liu xiaobo's has written a book about him, which also came out on friday. the biography details liu xiaobo's activism beginning in 1989. >>
Feb 1, 2012 5:30pm PST
north to halt its uranium enrichment program. reports china offered food aid to north korea last month. he said the aid was part of china's efforts to stabilize the north. >> we want to continue a close dialogue with china. we want them to share with us more their perspectives and their plans. >> he also said the u.s. hopes to use chinese vice president later this month to urge china to help promote talks on china's nuclear program. >>> running through exercises aimed at protecting japan from an invasion or a disaster. the annual bilateral drill is a computer simulation. the purpose is to enhance the abilities of the u.s. army and japan's ground self defense force. about 6,000 personnel from both sides are taking part. the commander of the u.s. army pacific spoke about the drill and the current security concerns in this region. >> reporter: lieutenant general has been the u.s. army's top solder in the asia pacific region for nearly a year. he's now leading his troops through one of their most important annual exercises. >> what's important about it is making sure that we have the
Nov 23, 2011 5:30pm PST
reached any time soon. >>> the foreign ministers of japan and china have agreed that the two countries will strengthen their relationship. foreign minister koichiro gemba met with his chinese counterpart yang jiechi wednesday for the first time since he assumed the post. nhk world's hitoshi hirouchi reports. >> reporter: more than one year has passed since a chinese fishing boat rammed a japanese patrol vessel near the disputed senkaku islands in the east china sea. gemba says that chinese responded favorably to his position on improving ties. >> translator: i believe japan/china relations, which have been shaky, are heading toward stabilization. i think we had very meaningful talks and deepened our understanding of each other, and we achieved results. >> reporter: the two leaders agreed to strengthen strategically beneficial ties. they also agreed to make final arrangements for prime minister yoshihiko noda's first visit to china next month. gemba asked for an early resumption of negotiations toward signing a treaty on joint gas development project in the east china sea. the talks hav
Mar 27, 2013 5:30pm PDT
catherine kobayashi in rushio. >>> brazil, russia, china and south africa are the brics group and ended a summit in south africa and reached a deal to create a development bank. >> we have decided to enter formal negotiations to establish a new development bank based on our own considerable infrastructure needs. >> they agreed to launch a new mechanism to mutually provide funds and protect themselves against currency crises. until now such arrangements have been run by the united states and other developed countries through the international monetary fund and the world bank. but the economic foundations of western countries have been rocked by the credit crisis in the eurozone and the global financial meltdown triggered by the collapse of lehman brothers in 2008. china's new president xi jinping attended the summit and called on other brics members to step up cooperation with african countries. >>> china is increasing its ties with developing nations as part of its strategy to strengthen its position in the international community. nhk world reports from the brics conference on xi jinping
May 31, 2014 6:00am PDT
. american defense secretary chuck hagel accuses china of destabilizing the south china sea and says the u.s. will not look the other way. military of thailand's afternoon announces elections might be more than a year away, and in formula one, simmering tensions, even though they are both driving for the same team. of words has erupted between the united states and china. first, u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel accuse china of, as he put it, destabilizing the south china sea and china responded by describing the comments as full of incitement, threats, and intimidation. the dispute looks to heighten further tensions in east asia, where china has recently been involved in disputes with the number of neighbors, above all, japan and vietnam. >> the senkaku islands are at the center of a long-running dispute. although officially controlled by japan, china also lays claim to the uninhabited territory. the real issue is not the terrain rising from the sea, but the oil, gas, and fish, deep below the surface. see -- speaking at a conference in singapore, the u.s. defense secretary had some tough w
Oct 22, 2010 6:30pm PDT
ceiling of 4%. demand is targeted at export power presses like germany, china and japan. response was swift and negative. >> we need to talk about it first. numerical targets are not realistic. >> currency values are no other source of tension on the agenda at the summit. china has been criticized -- currency values are another source of tension on the agenda at the summit. china has been criticized for keeping its currency artificially low. lee myung-bak wants everyone to work together to avoid currency war. >> i would like to say that we must find win-win ways for the implementation of the agreed framework. >> he also said that reforms of the imf should go ahead. last year's g-20 summit decided to give emerging economies more votes to iledge the shift in global economic dynamics -- to acknowledge the shift in global economic dynamics. >> angela merkel has held talks about the recent rescue of 33 chilean miners, calling it a victory for humanity. she told president pinera that they followed the rescue with bated breath. they signed agreements for closer economic and scientific co
Oct 24, 2011 5:30pm PDT
city has been stalled due to strong opposition from local residents. >>> china's defense budget is the second largest in the world. the country is building its military, including its navy, and that's causing concern and friction in the region. how is japan responding to this military force? we have a report. >> the marathon sales southern basis in yokosuka city, 40 kilometers south of tokyo. it is a base for submarines conducting civilian activities in waters around japan. sovereign activities are national secrets. even sales defense members have no knowledge unless they're engaged in the unit. we are allowed in a submarine on the condition we will not reveal details of its mission. torpedo firing exercise was under way in this training area. submarines have capacity to approach and attack targets without being noticed. some also block advance of aircraft carriers. last year japan's defense ministry reviewed its fleet of submarines for the first time in about 30 years. it decided to add six new vessels to its fleet. the policy was prompted by fears of increased maneuvers of the navy.
Feb 14, 2012 6:00pm PST
big eu-china summit in beijing. lifetime achievement award at the berlin film festival. ♪ >> what can the world to to end the violence in syria? the latest plan from the arab league calls for a joint peacekeeping mission with the u.n. >> but the chances of that being a reality look slim. u.s. officials said it will consider the idea, but they doubt it would get through the u.n. security council. >> that is the problem, according to the u.n. human rights chief. she says the council's failure to take any action against syria is giving it time to attack its own people. >> the assad regime pressing ahead with its bombardment of the rebel stronghold of homs. footage making it onto the internet. the head of the year of league has been in berlin for talks with angela merkel on the way ahead. general secretary of the arab league are in broad agreement about the way ahead on syria. the league is adopting a tough stance against the assad regime and has proposed sending a peacekeeping mission, including u.n. troops come to syria. >> what happens in a syrian now is something that we in the arab w
Sep 20, 2012 6:30pm PDT
>> live from berlin, this is the "journal" on dw. demands from beijing -- china calls on europe to lift its arms embargo and to treat the world's second-largest economy as a market economy. >> a nationwide strike in india to protest against forms of the retail sector which would allow in foreign supermarket chains. >> fresh restrictions ahead of belarus' parliamentary elections. belarus ones -- berlin warrants belarus not to send negative s ignals. they are clear signs china is more comfortable than ever flexing economic and political muscle. >> at the european union-china summit in brussels, the chinese premier laid out two demands. he wants to -- he wants the european union to lift its embargo on trade. >> he says he wants them to look at the country as an economic equal, saying it is time for them to recognize china as a fully fledged market economy. >> they were all smiles, and indeed, the first part of the speech to the participants was cordial. but then came the criticism. >> i must be very frank in saying this -- we have been working hard on lifting the arms embargo and rais
Mar 28, 2014 5:30pm PDT
coming up in the show. germany and china fought a long term strategic partners. that's the message has invested huge and painful spots with all the math. what's happened to flight and acacia trees that and how it all day softball sit in the news that's that was missing out on. and after thirty nine years of silence a british woman who was able to hear first. she's in penang has been holding talks with german chapter on the macbook air berlin big business on the agenda and so is china's global geo strategic role. don't press conference on sunday an eccles of intense discussions with prison she ate way too focused on the strategic partnership between the two countries. the telco for talks on foreign policy issues ranging from crimea to china. she highlighted that they had been able to change different opinions which included a human rights dialogue. well following their talks. both leaders oversold the signature of a series of bilateral agreements including business deals worth more than a billion arrows. tammy is china's largest trade content in the european union. asked about russi
Sep 3, 2012 5:30pm PDT
officials have cancelled events to mark the anniversary in japan and china. city officials say they were concerned diplomatic rouse might force them to cans they'll one too. >> i hope the event helps to improve japan/china relations and make a world without any discord. >> the performance marks 30 years since acta city was twinned with lamjo. >>> u.s. secretary of state clinton urged southeast asian leaders to work together towards calm in the south china sea. she wants them to resolve territorial disputes with china without intimidation or use 6 force. she met with indonesian foreign minister in jakarta. clinton says it is in the u.s. national interest to keep peace in the south china sea. >> we encourage asean and china to make meaningful progress towards finalizing a comprehensive code of conduct in order to establish rules of the road and clear procedures for peacefully addressing disagreements. >> asean members met in july, but disagreements over cambodia, vietnam and philippines unsettled the talks. they couldn't agree on a joint statement. >>> u.s. forces stationed in afghani
Jul 10, 2012 5:30pm PDT
discuss a plan to create rules to solve disputes in the south china sea. the philippines and vietnam are at odds with china over who holds islands. a code of conduct to resolve their differences and will present a draft agreement calling for the creation of a framework to avoid conflict. china's expected to agree to start negotiations, but the country's cautious about quickly adopting the code. observers say chinese leaders are willing to accept the talks to weaken the influence of the united states on the issue. they predict the negotiations will take a long time. they say china's concerned the code may limit its territorial claims or expansion of maritime interests. >>> now to other issues facing asean ministers, starting with their plan to prevent europe's financial woes from seriously affecting asia. the ministers met tuesday with their counterparts from japan, china, and south korea. they all agreed to put a new regional system in place. they are building on an agreement finance ministers made in may. the system will allow the countries to provide foreign reserves to prevent sud
Jun 4, 2012 5:30pm PDT
scrutiny of china's human rights issues. >> translator: i feel the chinese communist party is also tightening its control over the people of hong kong. we have to strongly oppose this. >> the government has been cracking down on pro democracy activists as it prepares to reshuffle the bureau standing committee this fall. >>> delegates from the international atomic energy agency will resume talks friday with representatives of iran. the head of the nuclear watchdog says he hopes to restart an investigation of the country's suspected weapons program. iaea director general yukiya amano spoke monday at the agency's board meeting in vienna. >> i wish to inform the board that a meeting between iran and the agency has been scheduled for june 8th in vienna. i invite iran to sign and implement it as soon as possible and provide early access to the site. >> the iaea suspects iran has been developing nuclear weapons at the parchin military complex. the country's leaders have refused to allow iaea inspectors access to the site. >>> north korea's military is threatening to attack several south k
Nov 8, 2012 6:30pm PST
linked to an eight-year murder spree is charged. a once in a decade leadership change -- china's ruling communist party convenes to decide on the country's future. >> one of the world's largest museums focusing on the jewish people opens in moscow. german prosecutors have been tied to the woman alleged to be the third member of a neo-nazi group that killed immigrants here for almost a decade. she is believed to be the only survivor of the national socialist underground. the other two members shop themselves a year ago. >> it was the suicide that revealed the existence of the cell, and the great mistakes made by security officials who failed to stop their crimes. >> she has been in custody for the past year while authorities put together the case against her. germany's prosecutor general says she is now being charged with involvement in 10 cases of murder allegedly committed with two main accomplices. >> members of the cell viewed their indiscriminate and malicious acts of murder as joint deeds with each of them playing their allotted role. they carried out the murders and bank robberies
Jul 25, 2012 2:30pm PDT
. break.are going to take a short- when we come back, some of the stories we will cover -- china lowers its interest rates in an attempt to keep its economy moving. >> and the lead in games closer than ever. we continue our coverage and preview what you can expect from the premier event. >> stay with us. >> welcome back. >> to business news, first of all, and a look at the slowing chinese economy. authorities are looking at ways to boost economic activity. they are listening requirements for the amount of reserves banks have to maintain and loosening rules. >> the cheap funds are meant to boost china's economy. beijing aims to make up for sales losses china has suffered as a result of sagging demand in europe and north america. last year, china's economy grew by more than 9%. since then, growth has slowed. in the second quarter of 2012, it dipped to a three-year low of just 7.6% -- higher than in europe but not enough for china. even the demand for cheaper goods has dropped. this factory already received its christmas orders in july. this year, the owner is expecting 20% fewer commissio
Aug 29, 2012 6:30pm PDT
. german relations with china will be in the spotlight in the coming days. chancellor merkel is on her way to the country for a two-day visit. she is traveling a large delegation of more the 100 people. >> the chancellor says germany's relationship with special and extends far beyond just economic ties. many topics will be on the agenda ranging from security issues in syria and iran to trade and, of course, the eurozone debt crisis. >> chancellor merkel is taking nine of her ministers with her to china for the first bilateral cabinet talks being held in beijing, following last year's debut in berlin. china is set to choose new leaders soon, but the bilateral cabinet consultations are to continue. merkel's allies say the exchange shows how much china values its partnership with germany. >> the chancellor has scored a lot of points in china in the past few years. her relationship with the prime minister is excellent, as it is with the president, but our contacts have to go further, since there will be a new leadership. china remains important to us. >> topics on the agenda include how ch
Jul 9, 2012 5:30pm PDT
another hope. afghan officials want to have investors explore copper and oil. interest from china and india have already started. but like many, they are worried about security. and afghan officials cannot hope to attract investment until they get the order. >> nhk world there speaking to our gene otani. >>> palestinian president is looking into the death of his predecessor. he is ordering texhuming arafat. there was a documentary last week based on a nine-month investigation. tommy thomps the tv report stated that there was raid radio active substances on his clothes when he died. they could not determine the cause of the late president's death in their preliminary report because the plu gnome yum decayed. experts will then examine it. palestinian authority investigators carried out their own probe after arafat died but they were unable to identify the cause of the death. it was long suspected he was assassinated. >>> u.n. special envoy kofi annan says he has held a positive and construction discussion with syrian president, bashar al assad on ways to end the violence in syria. >> we
Nov 25, 2010 6:30pm PST
, european trade and investment with china were more or less one-week lows. products made in china were shipped westward and the money flowed eastward as big european companies outsourced production. all of that is changing quickly and radically. germany's economy is booming, thanks to exports to asia. chinese investors are heading west, looking to buy up continental cos. the massive current account surplus, they are flush with capital. time is snapping up the greek and spanish debt, highways, and industries in eastern and southern europe. >> when the chinese president hu jintao comes to europe, it is noally to talk about money. beijing has a huge trade surplus and debt-laden countries like portugal would like some help. the european debt crisis has created opportunities for china. greece's largest port is now in chinese and. the chinese conglomerate received the contest -- concession to manage the entire terminal. the company is paying 4.3 billion euros for the lease. at the end of 2008, president hu jintao himself came to athens to sign the agreement. the chinese have major plans for
Sep 27, 2011 5:30pm PDT
enrichment. the north korean premier asked china to increase economic cooperation with his country. >>> "newsline," the place to turn to post march 11. we have two segments offering two unique perspectives on the fallout from the nuclear earthquake and tsunami. nuclear watch police you information about the impact of the crisis. the road ahead examines japan's efforts to recover and rebuild. don't miss nuclear watch and the road ahead on "newsline." >>> japan's atomic energy commission resumed discussions on revising the country's nuclear policy. work to revise the policy started last december but was suspended after the fukushima accident. the commission has experts on safety and take a tough stance on nuclear power. >> translator: i decided to resume the discussion to summarize everybody's views on nuclear power. >> some commission members called for shutting down all of japan's nuclear plants and promoting alternate energy sources. others said it is too early to determine long term nuclear policy as the fukushima plant remains out of control. members advocating nuclear power not
Sep 22, 2011 5:30pm PDT
torrential rain is falling across inland china leaving 90 dead and more than 20 missing. the recent downpours began in early september. the heaviest raving in 60 years has been centered on the inland provinces of shash ian hue nan creating massive flooding and numerous mud slides. saturday, a mud slide buried a factory and office building, killing 27 people. a river rose and flooded its banks leaving houses submerged and farmland inundated. weather officials say torrential rain is expected to gradually ease, but the resulting cool weather and lack of sunshine now threaten the autumn harvest. >>> chinese prime minister wen jiabao government officials are speaking out about what they're calling a mistake by the united states. they strongly oppose a u.s. decision to help taiwan upgrade its aging fleet of f-16 fighter jets. the warning the deal could damage china/u.s. cooperation. >>> u.s. assistant secretary of state announced wednesday they wouldn't sell the new model f-16s to taiwan. that's what china wanted. they are now going to sell radar systems, missiles and other equipment. har
Nov 19, 2012 5:30pm PST
and china have failed to agree to start formal discussions on maritime rules to address territorial disputes in the south china sea. the leaders of the ten member association of southeast asian nations discuss the issue at the asean summit. some member countries including the philippines and vietnam complete dispute china's claim. a legally binding code of conduct to solve the territorial issues. wen stopped short of agreeing to begin formal discussions on the rules at the meeting. only that the expects further talks. shinee wen's remarks were seen as a swipe at the united states and japan. both countries are calling for a swift formulation of maritime rules. observers say china's reluctant to enter formal discussions as it believes rules would be detrimental for maritime interests. u.s. president barack obama will hold talks with japan's prime minister yoshihiko noda and chinese premier wen. aimed at addressing strained relations over claims to the senekaku islands. the president is expected to stress any differences should be peacefully resolved according to international law. >>>
Dec 14, 2011 5:30pm PST
, japan. he came to this convention in dalian, china to turn things around. the tsunami last march washed away all five of his company's plants. the company was unable to process seafood. managers were forced to lay off 84 employees, more than half their workforce. >> translator: i think it will take a number of years until we get back to where we were before the disaster. >> reporter: still, onodera and managers from 18 other small businesses hit by the march disaster are trying their best. they pitched their products to companies from all over china. onodera and his team are back at work, but it's slow going. sales have dropped about 80% since the disaster. onodera has no idea when his plants will get going again. so he and his colleagues are planning to move their processing to china. to seek out new opportunities. a steady stream of representatives from chinese corporations stopped by onodera's booth. nearly all of them sampled the shrimp. >> translator: it's tender and delicious. >> reporter: onodera headed out after a long day to a japanese restaurant in dalian. chinese custo
Mar 13, 2012 5:30pm PDT
, japan, and the european union say they will file complaints against china with the world trade organization. they claim that china is unfairly restricting exports of rare earth metals. the three parties announced the coordinated action on tuesday. the u.s. has been asking china to revise its export restrictions while investigations continue. but little has changed. china produces more than 90% of the world's rare earths. the materials are used in a variety of high-tech products. the u.s. is preparing to resume its own production. the three parties plan to negotiate with china in accordance with the wto procedures. if they cannot solve the issue through the talks, they will request dispute settlement consultation. u.s. president barack obama indicated he would take a firm stance toward china. assistants -- stance towards china. >> we prefer dialogue, and that is especially true when it comes to key trading partners like china, but when it is necessary, i will take action if our workers and our businesses are being subjected to unfair practices. >> chinese foreign ministry spokes
Mar 5, 2015 6:00pm PST
. >> welcome. the top stories at this hour -- managing expectations. china scales back it economic growth targets and pledges to open more to foreign investors. >> the u.s. ambassador to south korea is attacked by a knife-wielding assailant. >> and is this a buddhist statue or a coffin? the mummified monk on display at a budapest museum. >> is china's economic model in efficient? the country's premier says it is predicting that growth will slow to 7% this year, which is low why chinese standards. >> any other country would love to forect that rate of growth, but for the world's number two economy, it's the slowest expansion in a quarter of a century and a sign that this global economic powerhouse better get used to saying goodbye to double digit growth. >> trying to manage expectations the premier said slower growth would become the new normal for china, noting that downward pressure on china's onomy is intensive dying. >> the chinese flag is raised in front of the great hall of the people, but the public can only look from a distance. the square is closed off and closely guarded. it is r
Jun 9, 2014 2:00pm PDT
. >> reporting from the frankfurt stock exchange. the territorial dispute between china and vietnam continues to deepen. >> beijing says vessels have been more than 14,000 times this month in a disputed part of the south china sea. china's claim of the waters has put china at odds with hanoi. >> china is taking issue with an apparent attempt to ease tensions. >> images like this are nothing new. china's navy flexing its muscle in the east and south china seas. but regional tensions have flared again recently over a number of oil and gas rich islands, claimed in turn by china, vietnam, and the philippines. now some new images have added fuel to the fire. vietnamese and filipino troops in a football match on one of the contentious islands. officials say the event shows there can be harmony in the south china sea. china's foreign ministry slammed the sports games as a provocation. >> this little display by vietnam and the philippines is just a farce. china has irrefutable sovereignty over the islands and surrounding waters. we demand the philippines and vietnam stop any behavior that s
Oct 9, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. economists at the international monetary fund are seeing risks wherever they look. in the eurozone, in china, in japan, and the united states. they downgraded their forecast for global growth in their latest report released at the opening of the imf and world bank meetings in tokyo. they say nations must take action to safeguard stability and restore confidence. juan madison reports. >> reporter: some of the world's leading economic minds gathered at the tokyo international forum. they opened their meetings with little fanfare and little optimism. >> the world economy recovery continues, but it has weakened further. in advanced economies, growth is now too little to make a substantial dent in unemployment. >> reporter: colleagues cut their forecasts for growth worldwide to 3.3% this year. the recovery has suffered new setbacks, they wrote. and uncertainty weighs heavily on the outlook. >> you can call it a general feeling of uncertainty about the future. worries about the ability of european policy makers that control the euro crisis. there are worries about the failure of u.s. policy makers
Jun 28, 2012 5:30pm PDT
minerals are only found in limited places. the u.s. geological survey says china accounts for 97% of the world's production. chinese government officials cut exports of the minerals by 40% in 2010. they said they were protecting the environment. in september that year, a chinese fishing vessel collided with japanese patrol boats. exports of rare earths to japan have been sporadic ever since. japanese firms started to look elsewhere for supplies. the university of tokyo scientists carried out a seabed survey. they analyzed the mud samples and discovered the high concentration of rare earths. they estimate the area of mud covers at least 1,000 square kilometers within japan's exclusive economic zone. they think it contains some 6.8 million tons of rare earths. but the minerals are nearly 6,000 meters below the surface of the sea. no one has ever mined at such depths, so new technology is required. engineers suggest using oil well drilling equipment. they would lower a pipe from a ship to the ocean floor. then they would blast air through this pipe forcing mud and sand up to the surface. th
Sep 18, 2012 6:30pm PDT
anti-japan protest says china marks a historic anniversary. >> the suicide bomber killed at least 12 people in afghanistan in protest against a derogatory film about the profit mohammed. >> honduras has set the world's highest murder rate and there seems no way to stop it. >> fresh anti-japan protests have erupted across china's tensions between the two countries showed no sign of easing. >> as part of the dispute is a series of islands and the waters between china and japan that both sides claim are theirs. chinese ships have entered the waters around the island in an apparent escalation of conflict. >> many japanese businesses in china have suspended operations after a week of violent demonstrations. today's protest, a sensitive historic anniversary. >> in northern china, they are commemorating the 81st anniversary of the japanese invasion. it is a better time. in hong kong, thousands are marking the day with more protests against japan. but this outpouring of anger has a very current trigger -- a group of islands in the pacific. >> the japanese at zero china at a blood debt. they
Jan 13, 2011 6:30pm PST
frankfurt know how important china is to the german automobile industry. the chinese pilot a premium cars, and that is the one in which german carmakers make a lot of money. the news was positive that volkswagen and nine are for signing lucrative contracts with the chinese were the billions. durindimer chrysler's share gai, and volkswagen losing. they gain spectacularly in 2010. so there's still a lot of profit-taking going on. german industry garnered a tremendous number of contracts during november, and that was one of the issues that held the dax gained in the end. the orders of today are the profits of tomorrow. that is the saying at the frankfurt stock market. >> we're looking at several market indices in frankfurt. the blue-chip dax index closed about 0.6% higher at 6981. the euro stoxx 50 was up small. in new york, equity prices are drifting lower on disappointing christmas retail sales data. the dow industrials are currently down about 0.3%. on to the currency markets, the hero is ready for $1.3023. the greek prime minister, george papandreou, is backing the idea of a joint e
Sep 17, 2012 5:30pm PDT
tokyo. people across china are raising banners and their voices against japan. the demonstrators have been protesting against the japanese government's purchase of the senkaku islands in the east china sea. messages online are calling for rallies in 58 cities on tuesday. they'll mark the anniversary of the incident in 1931 that led to japan's invasion of manchuria. around 200 people gathered monday in front of the japanese embassy in beijing. it was the seventh straight day of protests there. rallies took place in dozens of chinese cities over the weekend. some turned violent. police in beijing posted a statement online saying that destroying property is not patriotic. they called on protesters to observe law and order. police detained suspects accused of attacking a japanese-affiliated supermarket and destroying japanese vehicles. a spokesperson called on protesters to exercise restraint. but he stopped short of telling them to end their demonstrations. the japanese embassy is warning japanese nationals in china to be cautious. all japanese schools in mainland china plan to close on
Apr 19, 2012 5:30pm PDT
a long range ballistic missile capable of reaching beijing. india and china are the two emerging economic and military powers. india's test could spark renewed tensions between the two rivals. nhk world reports from new delhi. >> reporter: the indian defense ministry sees the long-range missile was launched thursday from an island in the bay of bengal. it stuck s it successfully hit its target in the southern indian ocean. >> i sincerely hope that in years to come scientists and technologists promoting self-reliance in defense and other walks of life. >> reporter: as recently as november, india successfully tested a mid-range ballistic missile. it's said to be capable of carrying nuclear warheads. the range of 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers is enough to strike most major cities in china. but the five is capable of hitting targets up to 5,000 kilometers away including beijing and most of other parts of asia. the defense ministry claims the five is also capable of carrying nuclear warheads. but that claim is open to question. it's uncertain whether india has the technology needed to dow
Apr 23, 2012 5:30pm PDT
test. china's trail television reported hu met in beijing with secretary of the workers party of korea who reportedly told kim china is willing to expand cooperation in various fields and promote lasting peace and stability on the korean peninsula and in northeast asia. he called for deepening of the dies with the countries through exchanges. hu and kim discussed a visit to china by kim jong-un. >>> u.s. leaders are making good on their pledge to boost their military presence in the asia pacific. navy personnel docked a ship near nagasaki japan. the u.s. ship is an amphibious assault vessel and will be a giant landing pad for a new and controversial aircraft. nhk world takes us onboard. >> reporter: it's 250 meters long, can carry 1,000 crew members, plus an additional 1,900 marines during operations. u.s. navy personnel held a ceremony monday to mark the arrival of the ship in japan. >> thank you nagasaki prefecture and japanese self-defense force. >> reporter: navy spokespeople say upgrades to this vessel has made it the most capable ship of its class. the ship has been on water sinc
May 4, 2012 6:30pm PDT
dissident that has been straining relations between beijing and washington. china is now allowing him to apply to study in the united states. >> a week ago, the 40-year-old estate house arrest fleeing to the u.s. embassy in beijing. he was sent to a chinese hospital for treatment, which is when the activist made a dramatic call took a u.s. congressional hearing, asking for asylum, fearing for his and his family's life. >> though under heavy guard, he has been communicating with the outside world. he made an emotional call for freedom from his hospital in beijing. sadly, it seemed as if the diplomatic logjam between the u.s. and china might be breaking -- suddenly, it seemed as if the logjam might be breaking. >> i'm pleased that today, our ambassador has spoken with him again. our embassy staff and our doctor had a chance to meet with him, and he confirms that he and his family now want to go to the united states so he can pursue his studies. >> the plan gives china a way to save face and avoids the sticky issue of granting chen asylum. china's foreign ministry has played down the
May 3, 2012 6:30pm PDT
over to the authorities in china. >> chen guangcheng is now in this beijing hospital where he was brought by u.s. officials. in a phone interview with the reuters news agency, he said he now wants to leave china as soon as possible. he says he fears for his safety and that while he was planning to stay in china, he has now changed his mind. he says his family are with him and that they also want to get out of the country. the affair has overshadowed a visit to china by u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. in a speech before the country's leaders, she said beijing must protect human rights. >> because we believe that all governments do have to answer to citizens aspirations for dignity and the rule of law and that no nation can or should deny those rights. >> china's foreign ministry said it had no comment on chen's request to leave the country, but it repeated criticism of the united states role. >> the u.s. embassy to the chinese citizen chen guangcheng into the embassy in an irregular manner. china expresses its strong dissatisfaction over this. there was interference in chi
Jan 12, 2012 5:30pm PST
nationalist party, after ma became president, taiwan signed a basic free trade packet with china. the country agreed to cut import barriers to certain products like milk fish. last year the island shipped 50% more fish to china than in 2010. ma's party took credit. rho took note of how ma improved ties with xhin and helped increase sales. now the fish farmer is thinking about voting for ma. candidate who will help better our standard of living. >> wand phones voters from the offices of the opposition democratic progressive party. every day she contacts as many as 100 people, asking them to vote for tsai, the party's local candidate. and she's going all out to make sure that registered dpp voters do not switch to the nationalist party. >> translator: this final week will be close. we have to hustle to raise the number of votes if we are to win. we need as much as possible. >> reporter: more than 10,000 people have gathered for the dpp rally here, and just now tsaiwen has arrived. the place is full of energy. >> reporter: as the campaign draws to a close, tsai has addressed large r
Jun 5, 2012 6:30pm PDT
representatives from iran and afghanistan during the visit. that china is a key strategic partner for russia. bilateral trade is booming, but the two sides are also expected to discuss the situation in syria. china and russia, both members of the united nations security council, have repeatedly refused to take a tougher line on the assad regime. out of both china and russia oppose external intervention in a serious situation and oppose regime changed by force. >> another major point of discussion will be energy cooperation. russia is one of the world's largest energy producers and china one of the world's largest energy consumers. putin would like to conclude a natural gas deal with beijing, but the two sides have not been able to agree yet on pricing. russian trade with china has risen sharply over the last two years, and putin has set a target of $100 billion in annual bilateral trade by 2015. in all, china and russia are expected to sign more than a dozen major trade and business deals during putin's visit. >> i just a moment, we will have the latest on the preparations for the eur
Nov 29, 2013 2:00pm PST
birthday would be unthinkable for both sides. >> china has scrambled warplanes to the air defense zone a unilaterally declared in the east china sea. >> japan, the u.s., and south korea have all sent in planes over the past few days, delivering -- deliberately ignoring china's demand that he be informed of all flights. >> the no-fly zone covers a group of islands claimed by both china and japan. they are currently under japanese control. >> china deployed its planes after the new air defense zone was breached by several american, japanese, and south korean military aircraft without warning. the chinese air force identified 10 japanese planes and two from the u.s. according to officials in beijing. china's establishment of the air defense zone was not directed towards any specific country or target. it is entirely for the purposes of exercising china's right to self-defense, and it will not cause regional tensions. japan is showing verbal restraint. the prime minister said his country wants to deal with the situation calmly and firmly. >> my door is always open for dialogue, and i would l
Aug 30, 2012 2:30pm PDT
fair in berlin. >> we start in china where the german chancellor is trying to make the big sell. that means getting beijing on board to invest more not only in germany but in government bonds in the eurozone. >> the goal is to help prop up -- prop up the block. chinese officials have long had a wait-and-see approach, but now, the premier says the government will extend consultation to all parties involved to support indebted eu member states. >> the chinese premier said the german chancellor had eased his fears about the eurozone. he also said china was willing to keep investing in the future of the euro, though it would have to evaluate the risks involved, and he encouraged european countries to speed up their rescue efforts. >> today, chancellor merkel described the state of things to me. after listening to her, my trust is strengthened. but i must say quite earnestly that the implementation of bailout measures has not move forward much. >> for the second consecutive year, china and germany held joint cabinet meetings. seven of merkel's ministers travel to beijing. they signed
Mar 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
of fine art. >> hello and a warm welcome to the "journal" coming to you from dw. china's outgoing premier announces record government spending at the opening of the national people's congress. >> one of the world's most important, show's opening in geneva with vw introducing its new concept car. >> and in world soccer, the champions league finals. the chinese premier has made his final address to the national people's congress as the country prepares for a transition of power. >> he listed what had been achieved for the past 10 years and set ambitious targets for the next decade including boosting economic growth, tackling corruption and addressing economic inequalities. >> the change in leadership in china's communist party takes place once every 10 years. president hu jintao will also step down. >> for the last time, the chinese president opened a session of the national peepers -- peoples conference. xi jinping is set to take over as president. it is also outgoing leader wen jiabao's last conference. >> this year's economic growth target of around 7.5% is necessary and appropri
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