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Jan 4, 2016 5:30pm PST
- chapel hill, collaborating with researchers in china, looked at data from four large, nationally representative databases to compare levels of social connectedness and support with various measures of health. what they found - having high levels of socially integration was linked to lower levels of inflammation earlier and later in life. we know inflammation is linked to a variety of chronic health issues. and what's more, they also found that in older adults, social isolation appears to have a more detrimental effect on health than diabetes does. yet more support for the idea that the quality of your relationships could affect your start this new year off with those you love or to resolve to make some new friends. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. winter storm warning for the high sierra and west slope from 10 pm until 10 pm tuesday, and from 7 am to 10 pm tuesday for mono county. snow totals of 8-14" are expected in the high sierra, with 4-8" possible down to highway 395 in mono county. expect controls on sierra passes and travel delays. winter weather advisory
Jan 26, 2016 5:30pm PST
while overseas. nevada recently closed its tourism office in china.### a new outdoor mall, off the las vegas strip will debut in april. it'll happen, just days before the opening of arena. today m-g-m announced its outdoor entertainment development-- known as "the park", will open april 4thh spaces, street performers, and restaurants. the walkway will lead to the company's 20- thousand-seat t-mobile arena which opens april 6th. ### the u-s treasury department is doing away with some rules for cuba. will get rid of financing restrictions on most exports. and while americans still can only travel to cuba under 12-specific guidelines, now they'll be allowed to do more while in the country. the changes come because of direct talks between the u-s and cuba... which began about a year ago.### america's job market will officially include ride-share companies, and all other workers--- in what's known as, the "gig economy" next year. the u-s labor department says independent contractors, temporary workers and people with multiple jobs, will be included in its statistics. those numbers will
Jan 15, 2016 5:30pm PST
falling oil prices china's stock market. "are we likely to see something that you would call a crash in china or is it just a slowing questions we can't answer and the inability to answer those in the lack of transparency is turning worry into panic for some traders." even with so much uncertainty in the markets... experts say not to touch your 401k. long-term, diversified investors are better off being patient waiting for stocks to recover. goldman sachs has reached a 5-billion- dollar deal, to clean up toxic mortgage plans. the elite wall street bank has been accused of grouping home mortgage securities it knew would implode ...and then selling them, to unsuspecting investors. as part of the deal, goldman sachs says it'll provide 1-point-8 billion-dollars in consumer relief... that will include loan forgiveness for underwater homeowners, and distressed borrowers. ### uber has been slapped with a huge fine in california. the state's public utilities commission says uber was taking too long to provide often disabled passengers were turned down. they now face a fine of 7-point-6 million
Jan 6, 2016 5:30pm PST
company says it's working to open its service in china... but will likely find challenges there as well. media content in china remains heavily censored by the government, and many websites including google, and facebook, are blocked. ### longtime journalist and book author guy clifton has been laid off from the reno-gazette journal. in a tweet just five hours ago, clifton wrote: "after 22 years at the rgj, my position has been eliminated and i'm no longer with the company." no word from the newspaper regarding why they let him go. a sacramento area muscular dystrophy has one last wish -- he wants to see the latest 'star wars' movie before he dies. mitch ball -- who is bedridden -- says it would be a dream come true if he could see "the force awakens." stephanie cruz spoke to him. "i don't have a lot of my life." every breath, every movement, everything we take for granted... is a struggle for mitch. "it would be just so amazing to me to be able to experience that." he's only 30. in those three decades, his muscles have deteriorated... leaving him bed ridden and on life support. "it's b
Feb 8, 2016 5:30pm PST
dance. we're told the style hails from southern china. it's traditionally done by people who study kung fu. its being performed this weekend... not only for asian visitors... but to expose others to the culture. people. we also want to show everyone how the chinese culture is, how we do the dragon dancing, because those people practice a lot of times. it is a very long time to practice for dragon dancing, so we want to show everyone the culture of the chinese." in addition to several lion dances a day... the el dorado and silver legacy are bringing out more pai gow poker and baccarat tables.... both games popular among asian gamblers. and of course... there will be chinese new year dinners at both buffets. most festivities kicking off here... on friday... live downtown... colin lygren... kolo 8 news now. it's still winter in northern nevada, but washoe county already has an eye on summer activities. they're looking to fill several seasonal positions for aquatics, recreation, park rangers and maintenance. you can find a complete list of available positions and applications on-line o
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5