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Jan 6, 2016 5:00pm PST
nonproliferation efforts. i condemn it unequivocally." china... russia... the other nations condemned north korea's actions. the u-s has launched so-called nuclear "sniffer planes" to verify north korea's claims. this is north korea's fourth nuclear test since 2006, but it would be the first test, of a thermonuclear weapon. those can be hundreds of times more powerful, than atomic bombs. ### a controversial image on a high school exam is getting strong backlash. and, it's forcing the school and parents to re-examine---- what is--- and is not--- appropriate. ed pearce is reporting-- so you can decide for yourself. plus... star wars is setting records at the box office. but one bedridden fan is hoping to see the film despite not being able
Jan 21, 2016 5:00pm PST
downturn in china's economy. they are worried that slowdown there could trigger a slowdown here.. in areas like construction, technology and manufacturing. "the market can handle bad news but it can't handle causes a lot of angst among even the real professional money managers." so far this year, the stock market turbulence has wiped out more than two- trillion dollars from share prices. for the typical retirement savings account, that's a loss of more than eight- thousand dollars. ### supporters of increasing nevada's minimum wage, are closer to getting the proposal before voters. the "nevada appeal", reports a carson city judge, ruled in favor of backers of the measure, in a dispute over language used in their petition. las vegas, and reno- sparks chambers of commerce, oppose the proposal. nevada's minimum wage is 8-dollars and 25-cents an hour... or 7-25 if an employer offers health insurance. the measure would raise the rate to 9-25 an hour in 20-18. that number would increase by 75-cents a year, until it reaches 13-dollars in 20-24. backers need 55- thousand signatures to get th
Jan 8, 2016 5:00pm PST
. the market was rattled by concerns, over a slowdown in china's economy, and plunging oil prices. energy stocks, were among the biggest decliners, as the price of oil sank. crude--- is trading just since early 2004. and, this week--- china allowed its currency to weaken against the dollar... a sign that growth there, is slowing down. ### do you know a caregiver? it's rewarding, but it can be hard work. some people-- call it exhausting. but now-- a plan is moving through congress to provide some support. and-- a big announcement for the superbowl. a superstar is coming back for another halftime show performance. plus, chief meteorologist jeff thompson has your forecast. "you're watching kolo 8 news now at 5:00 with sarah johns, noah bond, weather with meteorologist jeff thompson, and sports with josh little. this is kolo 8 news now at 5:00." cash is to make the stuff you buy last longer. join us monday when we look at everything from food, kitchen items, cleaning supplies and a window, but probably not this close up. nature photographer-- candice trimble, took this picture of the
Jan 22, 2016 5:00pm PST
oil prices and economic troubles in china.### california saw a slight unemployment increase in december. the california employment development department reports last month's rate was at 5-point-8 percent... up a tenth of a point from november. but that's still better than the 7-point-1 percent rate from december 2014. there will be grand opening for a new gas station in silver springs tomorrow. that's not the kind of event which usually qualifies as big news, but in silver springs it does. kolo 8 news now's ed pearce is here to tell us why. ed, for one thing they haven't had a lot of this kind of news there for some time. it's the first new business--actually a renovation an older closed business--in years. but it's also an indication of what may be coming. 00-:13 :13-:16 :13-1:04 1:04-1:09 1:09-1:17 1:17-1:24 1:24-1:52 it may not look like it, but silver springs is home to perhaps 10 activity, few jobs and an image problem. hoyen: "i don't know if we can say it, but it's like it's the red headed step child of reno, fallon, fernley." and so, it's been a hard sell for business.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4