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Aug 24, 2015 4:00pm PDT
needed to stop the hemorrhaging in china. >> until they have a game plan to deal with erosion of confidence in both the chinese economy and in the chinese authorities. >> now, we'll have more on that at 5:00 and why it may continue for a while but the average individual retirement for 401(k) account stood at $91,000 in may when the stock market hit its all-time high. if that was all invested in the dow jones average it would have lost -- reporting live, tom vacar, fox 2 news. >> after friday and again today what is going to stop this? what are the experts saying? >> three things could stop it. one is if china takes some of the $3 trillion mostly u.s. currency and puts it into their economy, into their markets to stop this just in the same way as the united states government did with the tarp program to keep the banks alive. another thing that could happen would be a major report coming as early as thursday about how well the u.s. economy is doing revised in the second quarter. that could return a lot of confidence to the u.s. market and then the other thing is, if those pesky com
Jul 30, 2015 4:00pm PDT
similarities. we represent china town, lgbt population, latinos and we face a lot of the same issues, housing, transportation. how do we provide all of this and access to good jobs and healthcare? i suggested we should do a district swap to put our severals in the shoes of the other and then try to see the districts from their perspective and see the issues from their perspective. that's how we came one the idea. we did it for three days. >> while you were in san francisco i hear you went to a giants game, went to a recycling center at pier 96. what are some other things you did while you were here? >> it's been a great three days. i took tours of google, twitter, i visited china town and had a meeting with the mayor and discussed salmonella of the needs of san francisco when it comes to infrastructure. i had tons of meetings involving a variety of issues. i met to discuss a bill that i passed two years ago returning local control of the massage parlors over to the cities and being able to shut them down over prostitution and sex trafficking. i got a nice history lesson today and tou
Aug 26, 2015 4:00pm PDT
saturday. >> not too long ago. officials were trying a technique developed by panda breeders in china, they swap the cub every few hours so each had a chance to nurse and bond with the mother. this isn't the first time she has lost a cub, keba. >> still born was born in 2013 and 2012 she gave birth to a cub that died 6 days later. >>> another story, remember the controversial killing of sisal the lion? there is a halloween costume sold online and people are angry. >> before we show it, we want to warn you some people might find this upsetting. >> true. here it is. a man wearing a dentist costume holding the head of a stuffed lion. there is red spots there on the dentist's uniform, the american dentist who illegal killed the lion. >> they were flooded with requests, 15% of the sales go to the african wildlife justice for cecil fundraiser. >> we asked what people thought. michael writes "i know, lets go to yellowstone, bait a bear out of the park, shoot it, let the dentist have the kill shot, create a halloween costume, and then defend it. observations about other problems in the world.
Jul 27, 2015 4:00pm PDT
seas. first let's talk about the financial crisis in china. the market dropped 8.5% today. the biggest since 2007. what's going on over there? >> reporter: well t main thing going on is the growth numbers out of china are way slower than people expected. that's driving the stock market down. the secondary factor is that there's almost a gambling casino like culture in the market. that's going to have an exaggerated momentum on both sides. the third piece they have trying to manipulate or prop up the margaret that's a huge sign for foreign investors that's why so much foreign capital rushing out. >> how can all of this affect the u.s. economy. that's our second biggest trading partner after canada. >> yes. a lot of people on wreath say it will have a big -- wall street will disturb will have a big effect. we are on a modest upswing. we're seeing wage growth and better employment data. our labor participation, so the people that would like to get a job, but don't have one right now is a little bit on the high side. i think we're fairly insulated from the internal problems going o
Aug 21, 2015 4:00pm PDT
, you would have lost $10,000 since may's all-time high. >> reporter: one big worry, china's economy is beginning to falter. that's reflected in china's tanking stock market and big drops in spending, which could soon impact u.s. companies that export many goods there. the other big worry is despite this, will the federal reserve hike interest rates, because the u.s. economy is in a good recovery? the former dean of golden gate university's business school, who was once a long-time wall street investment banking executive, says this. >> one set of data says get it over with and start raising rates. another set of data says you got to be out of your mind. >> reporter: with that uncertainty, there are more sellers of stocks than buyers, making prices plunge, even among companies performing well in our still-growing recovering economy. >> nobody really wants to buy until they know which way that particular coin flip with the fed is really going to come out. >> reporter: we will know mormon when investors, big and small, have had time to think about it and get back to their desks. >> tom
Aug 25, 2015 4:00pm PDT
light for banks to lend more money. the lowering of interest rates in china came too late for asian investors to react. initially the u.s. market soared and stay positive. an hour before the market close, u.s. investors saw a slew of sell my stock as the market closes orders. >> it told the machines and the traders that look, there is an enormous negativity for us coming into the market at the close of business. >> reporter:, so the last half hour was a selling frenzy that sent the market down another 205 point at the close. tomorrow will tell a big tail if the market has hit tale if the market -- tale if the market has hit the bottom. >> experts say to take a deep breath and don't even look at your 401(k), at least not now. >> a lot of people are worried. there are potentially good things that could happen, starting tomorrow if the durable goods orders come out to be positive that we are selling things that will last a long time. that will help. if there is news that the interest rates will not be raised, that could help. there are plenty of things that could happen, but the most i
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6