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Apr 29, 2017 7:00am PDT
it disrespected china. the us and south korea said the missile broke apart minutes after launching yesterday. a third failed test this month. testfiring came hours after rex tillerson appeared at a special meeting of the un security council. he says the us and its allies must step up the pressure on north korea before the regime developed a nuclear warhead. >> the threat of a north korea nuclear attack on sole or tokyo is real. it is likely only a matter of time before they develop capability to strike the us mainland. >> us is hoping china will join and pressuring north korea. 's primary trade partner. china's foreign minister did not suggest any sanctions. china called on the us and south korea to end joint military exercises in the region. as a bargaining chip. an idea both nations have rejected. >>> us armored vehicles deployed into northern syria along turkey. this comes days after a turkish airstrike killed 20 kurdish fighters. that unit was a close ally against the islamic state group. >>> us forces have shifted from working behind the scenes in syria to a more prominent rol
May 28, 2017 7:00am PDT
cruise. it launches the summer with cruises out of china. >> what if the ship is rocking and rolling and you are on the go kart? star mark let's talk about skittles -- >>>, let's talk about skittles, they are getting a remake. dubbed sweet heat candy, and a black grabber -- wrapper. some include fiery watermelon, blazing mango and sizzling strawberry. they get a little music with them. >>[ laughter ] that's right. get your own little chorus. >> a little christmas treat. i don't know, i like this week, i don't know if i go for the heat. >>> it seems everything is going high-tech these days, even wine. wi-fiis connected to a wine dienser. to save your wine before you -- before goes bad. the apple tell you all about the wine you're drinking and how fresh it is. >> it will also let you rate the wine. the device costs 200 bucks. you can slip it on any bottle of wine and there you go. >> that's better than a taste test i suppose. all right, interesting. >>> big crowds flocking to yosemite national park for the big memorial day weekend, tips on beating the crowds so you can -- don't
May 27, 2017 7:00am PDT
protectionism. now in the past president trump threatened to take action against countries such as china and germany and what he considered unfair trade practices against the u.s. >>> the president returns home amid new allegations against his son-in-law. jared kushner met with the ambassador to the u.s. following donald trump's election victory. according to the washington post they intercepted twiewncations -- communication between the russian ambassador and his superiors and the ambassador said in the meeting kushner proposed to set up a secret and secure communications channel between trump's transition team and the kremlin so they could not be monitored. >>> time is 7:15. most democrats have been critical over president trump's trip but what about republicans? how did they grade the president's first four months in office. ktvu spoke with bay area republicans to see how their views about the president mayhave changed. >> reporter: in italy friday, president trump attended a meeting of the g-7 nations his first foreign trip a big success in some republicans' eyes. >> because of his t
Jul 26, 2015 7:00am PDT
. in the next three to five years you think economically we'll be doing well? you hear about china having economic problems. you don't think that will impact us? >> certainly we're interconnected with the globe and china has slowed down but i do think the united states is on the right trajectory right now. we're growing at about 2.5% to 3% a year. i do believe that we can maintain that dpoaj despite what is going on overseas. we did get the month terry policy right in the united states and as that starts to normalize my guess is that you'll see a return to job activity and return to growth so i am more optimistic than most as it relates to this topic. i think that harbors nasally for the backdrop of the -- nicely for the backdrop of the election coming up. >>> it airs sundays at 11:00 on kciu channel 36. >>> time is 8:58. we'll be right back. >>> we are at the san francisco marathon. take a look as you can see racers still finishing, crossing the finish line. we will have more details from the winner of the women's. >>> welcome back here to mornings on 2. sunday july 26. i'm alex s
Jul 11, 2015 7:00am PDT
going to have desce nda nts, many of whom came through, from china, japan, jewish and russian. >> ferry service starts at 9:45 this morning and speakers will start talking at 11:15 a.m. you can find out more about angel island and the immigrants who came there on just look under the web links section of the home page. >>> a group of men dreaming on becoming the next collin kapernik will have their chance to impress scouts today. we are live with this morning's football tryout. >> reporter: how you doing? take a look. we are here at spartan stadium. we are on the field. if you look around right now and today this may be a field of dreams. we will have tryouts today for the southern bowl. let's explain it about what that really is to you. they are trying to take american style football down under and will get ready to play in new zealand. we have video. we are talking about tryouts today. they start at nine. they are looking for two teams to compete in a pair of games down under in new zealand next year, march 5th and march 12 march 12th. what they are looking for are
Jul 12, 2015 7:00am PDT
that way. i can't see because we have a separate problem with china but now with this instability and no resolution monday morning, my guess is the markets will open down probably substantially in the morning. >> we'll keep watching. the: 00is ticking -- the clock is ticking. thank you so much for joining us on "mornings on 2". >> thank you. >>> time is 7:47. a bipartisan group of senators is extending an olive branch of sorts to legal marijuana businesses. the chronicle reports that because marijuana is illegal under federal law banks are reluctant to deal with those in the pot business assuming they will face fines from regulators. though it's legal in 23 states and the district of columbia much of the history's financial transactions are conducted by cash only. there is now a senate proposal that would enable banks to provide depository and financial services to other marijuana service that's operate in states where medicinal marijuana is legal. >> i did spend time in the community pool yesterday swimming with my son, it was fun. >> no pressure, rosemary. >>> i think we'll be i
Jul 5, 2015 7:00am PDT
. >> reporter: some of the marine animals are actually -- maybe they hitched a ride all the way from china and places like that? >> some yes. some float around the bay. the barnacles float in. a certain season where they propagate the piers. skeleton shrimp and some barnacles appear at some times of year. we have to put it back in the water or everything dies, so the pier piling comes up for a minute, maybe a little over a minute and back down into the water and they rehydrate. >> reporter: supercool. unless you have a reason to come into fort mason you may never even see this area. >> it's a real gem. i love it out here. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. sean is going to be with us throughout the morning. we're going to continue to show you other items that are actually along this stretch. again, if you don't point them out you may miss them. so stay with us and we'll definitely be highlighting those. in the meanwhile, i'll see if i can get my hair under control. >> you're telling us about the weather and the cool exhibits. the wind, breeze is part of the weather, part of the story,
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7