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Oct 21, 2015 10:00am PDT
risk on the waterfront the terminal repairs if china baseline this installed in 1999 we need to install new equipment to insure safety store the public ladders and skylight pier 39 an investigation with contamination those will help us with a deeper dive into the translation and the fund is a a supplemental that allows us to have cash on hand for example, a fire at pier 39 this the funds to match our insurance support. >> additionally seawall assessment this is the project i alluded to we have 5 hundred thousand invested start a study of the seawall and marginal works this million dollars will louse allow us to continue that assessment and ultimately determine the investment requirement of seawall and build it into the capital plan over the coming years. >> the next i'll walk from north to south pier 29 is near your crews terminal this was as america's cup venue and currently vacant had the major fire in 2012 we were able to rebuild the super structure that is the bulk head and shed in the front of the facility this seven hundred thousand will supplement fund to a 2 plus million
Nov 4, 2015 10:00am PST
move the topic. we need to get ellis street open. it's a joy china. [inaudible] you bonding about the loading and unloading is good news margins along powell did not have access to the properties and is key to allow some access. i thing a long-term plan i can see the accommodating those pedestrians in making that expense more positive but there does need to be something for the loading and unloading. one work with you to work that out. thank you much >> things. >> richard leiter could clot him all. wes tyler. >> thanks. my ms. richard leiter. the president of paramount hotels inquiry. we have three hotels. the herbert h and 161 powell, spalding hotel at 240 o'farrell the park hotel at 325 seven. we also probably whole which is in brewhouse at 242 o'farrell. to reiterate what karen fletcher sponging were conditionally supportive of the good our hotel is right across from the entrance of agent. it's between o'farrell and ellis should. we basically been limited from any type of loading last year to give you an example, all boutique hotel we cater of axis iii and 25,000 of the city in
Sep 23, 2015 10:00am PDT
projects. and so i will list those, organizations for you, and the china town development center, and related to the california, and the tabernacle community, development and the tender loin, development and the community health and partnership, (inaudible) and the heights neighborhood, center, and mission, economic development agency and mercy housing and the company, and the san francisco, housing development corporation. i could answer any of the questions over the over all port foel portfolio as well. >> any comments or questions? >> supervisor breed? >> thank you, i appreciate your presentation on this and i just wanted to bring up a few points. first of all, this is a long time coming, as many of us know, with the public housing here in san francisco, there has been a tremendous amount of neglect over the years. and i know that with as many of our affordable housing developments throughout san francisco, we have invested millions of dollars in rehabilitation, and in some instances that rehabilitation, the quality of that work has not always been good. and i am really concer
Dec 16, 2015 10:00am PST
to 10 and has a mission to rise the cultural in china over one million audience has seen the shows that is educational and surprising you can have strong connection that's why to come to talk you, you performance arts has a academy called the academy of arts they've troishgd a lot of the local students in san francisco and other schools in san francisco ear have invited the teachers to teach there that includes the chinese-american international school in supervisor breed district the a.d. school in supervisor wiener's district and 3 schools in supervisor peskin's they're the mrerm and john elementary school and jean parker elementary and 3 schools in supervisor commissioner campos district albert taylor and willie l. brown middle school and al vest and the eddie taylor has invited the teachers for chinese dance show thank you very much and i'll recommend to the supervisors to consider an operation application as in the past two years. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i supervisor i'm trying to play the video of the performing arts. >> cultural has return
Sep 9, 2015 10:00am PDT
hundred and 4 students and china's literacy program your goal to really prepare our students to succeed in life and go to college we're college bound school i'm proud to be the principal and video you here i want to introduce the to the treasurer jose cisneros. >> thank you, principal solace good morning at more and more o monroe elementary schools i'm the city treasurer i want to give you a brief background on the kindergarten to a colony program and the success we started the kindergarten college program we saw research that says if a clorj colony groups that will go to sclej without a similar account only 8 percent of kids born 0 into low income families complete colony minimal we launched did cubed college in the last four years opened 20 thousand accounts automatically for kindergarteners in the it is $50 to start those children start with money saved for college we do those account opening absolutely automatically no parents signatures the kids start school and the account is open we know that model works we've seen the families engaged have saved to date over $1.3 million of thei
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5