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Jul 6, 2016 10:30am PDT
footnotes by the 200 plus hospitals in china and provided the details one and 60 of them and interviewed numerous people the conclusion is gruesome slow motion genocide over one million organs removed if unwillingly adorns so madam president and the members of the public i know that this is a little bit be beyond belief many people feel so including the author themselves around the world disclosed what happened to 6 million judiciously people in holocaust the certification voted never again, the perpetrator tried to cover up and the japantown prayed of san francisco become an unwillingly victim or an accomplice so the issue raised by the report and the resolution warranted - some are inviting investigators tidal ask our board of supervisors when necessary come would you be willing to invite them to take a stand share 0 how they did the findings and - >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> game-changer madam president i'm a member of the divine marching bands that was not allowed to play this is the crime against humanity in china and even investigative reporter was invite
Apr 6, 2017 10:00am PDT
grade students go to china 57 students time or went to hong kong and other city's they attended the classes and students have returned and are excited to share what we learned and have a bridged culture and built community so that that concluded my report. thank you, commissioners. >> thank you superintendant lee and we appreciated the emphasis on the mission bears championship in recognition and commendations. tonight item b-3 student delegate's report. >> ms. eng and ms. zaragoza. >> thank you president walton good evening board of education and president and vice president and public and doctor manifesting i want to start with to congratulate mission high school varsity basketball team is a big thing i know sounds like great and also want to remind the seniors that point out which colleges they'll attend to an may first so choose wisely i know i'm excited for myself and how much money so safe those dates and replying for skirlz the first thin on the report the youth submit boys survey el cap it is for next year who will be sitting here as annually we have different students and m
Apr 13, 2017 10:00am PDT
rude way it hurt them as reminded them that the people are suffering they went throw in china. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> san francisco them the unavoidable question is here why is this happening am i in the united states of america? >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i will continue. >> after the incident we followed through with the organizers and got two reasons verbally one is chinese chamber of commerce who excluded us from chinatown new year's influenced them and japanese government pressured them we don't know new details but know that is not rare that the chinese government had pressured many government's to stop the voices to cover up the prosecution in fallen goal and now new year's we got a one line recreations you're not approved for the parade no reason given we've asked the organizers for the reasons but got none let's think about it for a second if they have a legitimate reason why not just state it to give us a reason for the retion we're looking at a total telethon reaching into our community and one group to miss treat another group should this
May 11, 2016 10:00am PDT
authorizing the execution of the facility lease agreement between china airlines and the city for the estimate represent of approximately, $5.8 million for the three year term to commence, april 9, 2016, to april, 8, 2019, with one year options to extend. >> thank you very much. welcome back. >> thank you, chair farrell, cathy with the international airport. this item seeks your approval for a new lease with china airlines for 38,000 square feet of cargo space and building, 648 of the airport, the proposed lease is for an initial rent, excuse me an initial lease term of three years, and for the option to extend. and has an estimated rent of 5.8 billion dollars to the airport over the 6-year period. and the legislation does require an amendment to reflect in the adjusted rental amount over the six year term from the stated 5 million, 740,000. to the correct amount of 5,851,076. this adjustment was made to accurately reflect the higher rent amount. when an increase in cargo facilities per square footage takes place at the end of this fiscal year. the budget analyst also recommends appro
Apr 27, 2017 10:00am PDT
street in mission bay. china community development center and [inaudible] project cosponsors. when completed the project will be a 119 unit development housing formally homeless veteran jz low income families. comprised of 12 studios, 551 bedrooms, 3, 2 bedrooms. earning no more than 30 percent area income medium or21, 200. low income are earning no more than 60 percent or 69, 200 for family of 94. mission bay sauth is a mid-riseu development on thirfd street between mission rock street to the south and private street to the north. market rate development occupies the western portion of the block 3. the development team of cddc request for proposal issued of community infrastructure and investment. thee transactions are conduit finance. we anticipate submitting the application to the california debt limit allocation committee this coming may. if awarded the allocation we return to the board of supervisors to approve issuance of bonds. the project is slated to begin construction the fall of the year and complete construction by october 2019 and appreciate your support and look forwa
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5