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Dec 8, 2016 11:00am PST
china town development where i manage multi housing projects in this role, i will develop the budgets of the housing stock, and as such, my professional experience, provides me with an understanding of the capitol project finance, and administration and the lend for the bond oversight committee to have over seeing the public infrastructure projects. and my goal is on the bond oversight committee, and personal and professional, personally while i was born in china town hospital i am i rather recent transplant from the east bay and i am looking for opportunities to participate in public service, specifically tailored to the interest and planning. also interested in applying my professional experience working in housing, and expanding that experience to include, the capitol finance projects at the scale of the city. should i be appointed to insure that the projects meets the need of san franciscans and i also hope to leverage my professional experience to inform how the city capitol planning process can help to address, san francisco deep housing affordable crisis. thank you. >> if you c
Feb 22, 2017 1:00pm PST
which is coming in at 12, designated businesses which is the china town, north beach area. district nine which is the mission district, neighborhood which has about 14. and then, district five which is the western addition area which has about ten on the opposite side of that, the districts with the lowest numbers of designated businesses include districts eleven, which is the outer mission area which has none. and then the district 7 which is the inner sunset, and district four which is the outer which both have two each. >> and then just to give an overview of the process for how businesses get nominated and designated. the mayor or a member of the board of supervisors has to submit a letter of nomination to the office of small business. the legacy business manager at the office of small business will then reach out to the nominated business to send an application, ask if they are interested in applying, help to facilitate filling out the application. >> the applicant will then submit their completed application and any materials to the office of small business. along with the $50
Oct 22, 2015 11:00am PDT
economy. in addition china's economy is transitioning toward a consumer led economy and shift for less global demand for oil and gas as was previously expected. this is a significant threat from institution from alternative and renewable energy sources. important from goldman sachs that may keep prices low for the next 15 years. jeffrey hurey told bloomberg there is a high probability that prices will be depressed until the end of the next decades. in closing i believe the portfolio from divestment will term in the cycle. fossil fuel has reduced over the years. even shell said that divestment is pursuing the market approach. >>supervisor john avalos: thank you very much. just a big softball question and you kind of touched upon it but as we go deeper into what we can attribute the loss we are seeing across the board and fossil fuel companies success. >> there is a number of factors and they have led to some structural shifts of different parts of the energy sector. so coal, there is been regulatory action with the president barack obama's clean power plant law going into effect wh
Mar 24, 2016 3:00pm PDT
[inaudible]. i work in china town for years and i work in the mission. everyday when i commute to work, it's heart breaking to see so many fellow human beings living under the 101 freeway by caesar chavez. the city is not doing its work to help our fellow human beings. i really want to see the navigation move forward. >> i work for the homeless youth alliance. we lost our lease in 2013. since then, we have been unable to find another one and relocated all of our services outdoors and in the after math, ashbury has the most pathetic ratio of homeless people to indoor services. they are at risk of dying and are dying in golden gate park and in the streets. it's just uncontentiousable. one thing i want to mention, my boss mary touched on this. while we were out in the rain providing medical care, therapy is a -- our staff provided for kids drenched. they had no -- they had to go back in the park and sleep outdoors in wet clothes. this is a state of emergency. one final thing i want to mention, supervisor campos, you mentioned there's several buildings that the city owns that could be
Mar 22, 2017 1:00pm PDT
connection with china township park vocal peer who's been active with groups such as payback and a consultant focusing on program evaluation. linda chavez-who is i [inaudible] at the walter [inaudible] fund megan laura, was a pastor on the west side and active in homeless and lgbt issues. and most recently, is diana cruise, who is an attorney with morrison and foerster. then, on the board appointees the other two appointees, one is peter cohen who as you knows a staff with accounts of community housing organizations and the coal pan, who is active in the contracting field and was formally with mission hiring hall. >> okay. this helps because when the reason i ask is i'm looking for balance and i think that you two candidates we have would certainly feed into the balance. >> i just want to bring mr. lofton back up for one more question. so, just this past friday pres. trump and his administration announced they were discussing the elimination of the cbd cbd g barlow. can you talk a look at how you think that's going to affect san francisco and what some your thoughts are on that and
Mar 24, 2016 11:00am PDT
his eyes and his smile on the streets of china up to. you see it in the cherry blossom festival and know it by the countless youth who follow miss example by volunteering and working in their community. we are urge you to reappointment mr. nikagio to the pyre commission. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors on behalf of japanese from japan, i would like to express our support for the appointment of dmitioner initiation ikagio. he's not only a great leader for japan town but immigrants. i have a 2-year-old son who never sleep with me but sleep with fire cars. such a firefighter, such a hero for children. it's great for us to tell uncle nikagio is helping for the fire department in san francisco such a beautiful diverse city. thank you so much for your support. thank you. >> thank you, a couple more mark jonson, richards nas nashmotto. >> i'm angie chung and i'm here to speak about mr. steve nikagio's reappointment for the fire commission. i want to share two sfis is it sticks, one is -- statistics. one is san francisco is reaching 19% elderly population. i feel th
Oct 27, 2016 11:00am PDT
? >> these are made in china, but they are made out of cattails. >> these pieces of here, you have a whale head and various animals and their health over there, and they are jewelry. >> we do fund raisers for nonprofits, so we are doing a project for the magic theater, so there are some pretty funny cartoons. they are probably not for prime time. >> you sort of have a kind of holistic relationship where you might do merchandise in the store that promotes their work and practice, and also, prince for them. maybe we should go back and look at the print operation now. >> let's go. >> before we go into the print shop, i noticed some incredible items you have talked back here. what are we standing in front of? >> this is william wiley, only one earth. this is a print edition. there are only eight total, and what we wanted to do was expand the idea of printmaking. this is really an art object. there we go. >> besides the punball machine, what do you produce in limited edition? >> there is the slot machine. if you win the super jackpot, you have saved the world. >> what about work? >> the right d
Sep 8, 2016 11:00am PDT
. because were not just builders out there. rising china great community and i think that's something that sam said himself he brings to that of the institution mission housing been around for 35 years but also same. so you pick a good person. thanks >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> hi. scott balko and a banana for browsing to moment in all those in favor say, aye over 15 years. i miss him four years ago when he started at mission housing and i were together founding found him to be a strong leader and good team member. sam understands the broad community impact that these development seven and weaver on several relocation and construction of affordable housing development. interstate the financial structure as well as the design and construction consideration also the long-term operation issue. i'm in strong support of sam for the tida ward. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. and any other members that wish to speak on items six please come on up >> my name is [inaudible] i really hope you support sam in this appointment. i have i live at hampshire and 24th and
Jul 14, 2016 11:00am PDT
have grown up in the sunset my whole life, which is full of immigrants from china, korea and other nations around the world and i think the people around me deserve a vote. i will urge you to support this movement. thank you. >> thank you, mr. park. mr. arcee >> afternoon, supervisors, joshua arcee with local laborers 261. i want to thank you, supervisor mar, for being our champion so many years and bringing it back. third time is the charm. at the laborer's union, we are 5,000 members, 3,000 here in the city and county of san francisco, we are san francisco, marin and san mateo counties. we look at this issue, we are union that comes from the immigration rights movement that in its nacence led to the founding of our union. we have members who will benefit who have children who are in the public school system or eligible, which i think is one of the great things about this. it's a strong thing for our membership. as well for a second reason we are calling upon all of our brothers and sisters in the labor movement to join with us to do so and moving forward as you do this at the boa
Jan 14, 2016 11:00am PST
the coleman building? >> yes, and one in china basin, one in bayview and 7 in the mission district. i am sort of over 450 children, babies and preschoolers. i am an advocate of family engagement to ensure that families are part of our strategy along with their children and have had the opportunity and the privilege to work with families that have a real desire to ensure that the children succeed. so i am really open to any question that you have about my background and opportunity to expand this issue in other forums of our city and welcome you all to visiting us. we do have high quality rankings in the quality rating improvement system in san francisco and we can show you what it should look like. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. >> we can open up this item for public comment. any member of the public who would like to comment on these appointments and seeing none, we will -- oh, please come forward. >> hi, i'm lisa gibson and i'm a member of the cpac when we educate children it bears an investment in our city. we believe
Sep 10, 2015 11:00am PDT
students at monroe we have 4 do hundred and 4 students and china's literacy program your goal to really prepare our students to succeed in life and go to college we're college bound school i'm proud to be the principal and video you here i want to introduce the to the treasurer jose cisneros. >> thank you, principal solace good morning at more and more o monroe elementary schools i'm the city treasurer i want to give you a brief background on the kindergarten to a colony program and the success we started the kindergarten college program we saw research that says if a clorj colony groups that will go to sclej without a similar account only 8 percent of kids born 0 into low income families complete colony minimal we launched did cubed college in the last four years opened 20 thousand accounts automatically for kindergarteners in the it is $50 to start those children start with money saved for college we do those account opening absolutely automatically no parents signatures the kids start school and the account is open we know that model works we've seen the families engaged have saved t
Jun 2, 2016 11:00am PDT
, which is economic china put words in your mouth, but on the second and third pages all of those are all nominated? >> director: all nominated >> supervisor peskin: okay. as compared to last week's letter, now everything has been- >> director: everything has been reconciled at the ditch additional actual nominations and other supervisors offices have provided. >> supervisor peskin: okay >> director: so there from that list, we have moved everybody on that list too officially nominated. >> supervisor peskin: supervisor yee speak >> supervisor yee: i have a question. in regards to the item-i don't know what page the number three committing to maintain this copy jurors or traditional features including craft and art forms, some photos might make sense in terms of physical features. but i am just curious at this point, it seems like hpc needs to look at the goal. appearances and see if it makes any sense. it's not about the physical aspect something like traditions and the type of food that might be serving, who's making those judgments? >> director:- >> supervisor yee: it says, or, here
Mar 24, 2016 1:00pm PDT
old fashion end of china or the -- [inaudible]. this is america, we have opened liberal. i'm a liberal. anything sexually, we should have -- of all -- guilt free. all should be guilt free. yes, nobody actually -- i'm not gay, i'm not lesbian, but i open support them. because it's good for your [inaudible] mental health and all that. we don't too much harm and control. too much harm and control. natural health, natural health. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is lynn ross. i want you to know in new york city, i partnered with a few other people such as the east coast collaborative like barbara and moses and hoffman, and we put together and we lobby for it in up state new york, and we need to do a strong lobby for things in general like that. but i want to emphasize safety, okay when it come to gender neutral because before that, i used to go to a single bathroom, you know. because i was -- i wasn't at a [inaudible] state. those were the days i used to go to the neutral bathroom. when i started to transition, i transitioned and i went to a woman's bat
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13