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Oct 4, 2016 5:30pm PDT
china. as a unique uniting figure in the chinese community worldwide dr. soon requested on the necessity to their turn to the old chinese morality. this year marks the 150th bursar birthday of dr. soon. san francisco chinatown has the largest chinese community outside of asia. chinese americans living in chinatown generation by generation made significant contributions to the united states. name of the central subway chinatown station is exceptionally important. today i'm handing in the petition form go some by chinese community leaders respectfully request san francisco board of supervisors grant proposal. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> good evening mdm. pres. and board of supervisors did i would like to speak out for an event naming [inaudible] which taxpayers paid. the reason is because spero acted as an agency of an oppressive government to violate people's basic rights in san francisco. here are some of the fax. in early october 2001 the devil supervisor chris daly sponsored a resolution to support [inaudible] persecuted in china and i like to share with you some ex
Jun 7, 2016 5:30pm PDT
energy agency, mr. lien norris leader of petroleum and john first deputy mayor of china, and raphael gonzales the ceo of the north america inc. thank you for being you are here today enjoy the discussion. >> so ladies and gentlemen, i wish you, please enjoy the american lunch here while we're going to do discuss a few important issues before going to the panel which is a very expressive panel as you can see i want to make a few remarks two racks one about the year 2015 and the second is a major report we are going to release in half an hour 2015 much has been perhaps the most incredible years in terms of the fight against climatic change not only because of paris i'll talk about paris in a moment two other reasons why i believe 2015 could be a wonderful year for the fight against climatic change one 2015 ladies and gentlemen, zero two emissions did not increase like 2014 two years in a row we have seen zero emissions didn't increase even though global g dp increased more than 3 percent this has not been the case in the history we have seen only 3 times in the history when it didn't i
Oct 18, 2016 5:30pm PDT
subways doesn't china or brazil but focused on connections to regional bart and caltrain and the pop up was one and thirty submissions so about - yeah. >> thank you for doing the pop ups making sure we're giving people access to the internet so for feedback and but this is incredible almost 3 thousand responses so first of all, great for the outreach for the department and to the passion that people have i announced this legislation that was called san francisco should also have a subway under construction it hit and never been he didn't expect to hit in terms of people's pent-up frustration why not more transportation in but housing to match the subway creation having the support of subways so looking at the online outreach results the geary line was a popular one people talked about that one a lot didn't not appear that the heat map is a strong down to the bayview and i think part of that is because we will be building an enormous millennium of housing in southeast san francisco but not there yet and i don't know if it reflects in terms of the internet assess or other barriers but it
May 3, 2016 5:30pm PDT
library. i'm an immigrant from china and people's republic of china and i came here for i don't really remember much of it but i often ask my grandmother about it and she said that when she was a child her great-grandfather had to live in quiet secluded life in fear of communists and he had no voice and a lot of immigrants come here because in this country, we have a voice and they can vote. a lot of use have immigrant parents who don't know english and having a chance to vote would be very important for them. >> president breed: thank you. next speaker, please. >> testifier: good evening. i'm jim. i'm a young artist from your book when a center for the arts and i like to encourage you to support vote 16 because from what i hear from the adults in my life some of them say we are the future and someone them tend to infantilize us in other words they treat us like we are incapable of making responsible decisions but at age 16 you can be employed and provide income for your family and you contrive alongside adults, and i think you should support vote 16 because it'll give us the po
Aug 2, 2016 5:30pm PDT
clinton. he will absolutely kill that woman during debate. just take what's going on in red china. the have already killed over 1,000,000 1/2 of these peoplein china and you haven't said anything about you should stand up for what is right. my bible tells me in revelation chapter 20 that before judgment day statement will be used for little caesar and i believe that god will make this come. in the me just read this to you. >>[reading bible verse] >>the lord spoke on to moses saying bring forth him that have cursed without the camp and let all that heard him lay their hands upon his head and let all the congregation stone him leviticus. now people don't realize who jesus is. jesus came into this world and he said don't think that i have come to destroy the five books of moses and the other prophets i came not to destroy them but to fulfill them because as i say to you as heaven and earth pass not one job or to the will pass from the law to all be fulfilled. during the seven file the bible talks about stones from heaven and its figurative language but it's talking about jesus and pe
Sep 15, 2015 5:30pm PDT
time in the old days china had 6 theatres right now night time in chinatown is dismal we're hoping this tiny 49 street you know noodle house bakery restaurant will you know continue for everyone we saw the police departments recommendations and there's only a couple obviously the 14 day surveillance cameras by all means we'll ask that we would like to do sunday through thursday have guard cards for the staff members that are previously trained to main that sunday through thursday, we'll handle that internally and run the house friday and saturdays generally there is more traffic you know in the area efrlgs every single everything else after hours people might try to get if this is nice to have professional security and maintain the order and everything we want to accept the conditions but ask if we could have professional security on friday and saturday nights and let us do the internal staff sunday through thursday and from the capability is utilized and a lot of demand by all means we'll probably you know request more professional security so that's kind of i'll leave it at that.
Oct 6, 2015 5:30pm PDT
coming it great gather used to serve this wonderful dragon beard candy to the emperor of china i'm not a ini emperor only the mayor but i wanted to signal i'm here to also not only taste this candy by support small businesses like a delightful and part of cultural experience and draw we want to have for people visits place like chinatown but all over the city support initiative forevers to criteria small businesses we hope with the support of eco have at the first and capital one later on that they will grow into a large attractions that continues success in san francisco it is that is these kinds of businesses the yes, ma'am before that time of our commission towards businesses like women's businesses we then continue it effort it is wonderful someone many the private sector like you and me can over a $25 effort or effort to a company and have it interest free that is a fantastic promotion we want over one thesis businesses if san francisco to receive this kind of treatment from the next few years this is a great launch another great effort for the private sector linking u.s. bancorp
Mar 21, 2017 5:30pm PDT
. >> thank you for china. all right commissioners, i think we have enough information to act. i giving you my opinion about what we should do but i think maybe additional conditions that you may want to place on these were times. again, i think whether it is audio or just a new and you come into us we generally try to give the benefit of the doubt and audio has been operating for many years. it has not been that [inaudible] in my opinion. i think they're coming to us to get promoted for something they are allowed to do i think we can say how much they can do. there's a strong opinion about conditioning it to limit any particular way >> i'm concerned about the area myself. you're not a bad kid on the block but [inaudible] itemized 4-5 different complaints. so i'm kind of concerned about the area in general especially the accumulation of noise the next door neighbor. we are considering this permit on its own merits we have to think about the whole neighborhood. >> you also left understand this is an entertainment zone. 11 street it was protected somewhat. there are some challenges of living on
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8