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Mar 3, 2016 1:07am EST
inspection we've seen in a long time. >>> that was back in janunuy. kevin who owns china buffet at 113th and bird road didn't want to talk to us about his 110 violations. but today we were back again. >> need to talk to kevin. >> okay. not here. >> reporter: can you call him? >> not here. sorry. >> reporter: i want to talk to you.don't. don't touch my camera. i said don't touch my camera. why is the place not getting better? >> reporter: kevin wasn't here. state records show since being ordered shut back in january, inspectors have been here 9 times! china buffet was ordered shut again february 4th, 74 violations were found then. on february 22nd, another 86 violations were found. many repeat violations. >>> why is the place not getting any better? >> reporter: in fact if you add 8! from insects in the kitchen and objectionable odor in the establishment, equipment coated with grease and food debris. food out of temperature. >> no, no, no. no camera. >> reporter: when we came in we found fish sitting on the filthy floor. no ono could tell us what was in this sink in the dish washing
Feb 13, 2016 1:07am EST
triumphed. and that is now where it ends. he wants to visit russia and china, which a hope hasn't done in quite some time. >> what a huge day. it's been wonderful having you right there for us. thank you. >>> the pope has moved on to mexico. he started a 5-day visit. tonight, mexico gave the pontiff the country's president who was there with his wife to meet pope francis, mexico put on quite a show for the pope's first visit. [ music ] >> can you hear it here? singing and dancing. crowd were there to watch. after the meeting between pope francis and several catholic bishops, it was off in the popemobile. crowds watched him drivey. he plans to spend hisis 5-day trip meeting with victims of violence. flights to cuba. >>> a breaking news story, a crash left a juvenile dead. deputies say the crash happened at tam oshanter boulevard. the victim was pronounced dead at the sieie. >> they have their guy, o oy the suspect is barely old enough to drive. what happens next wherere this guy? >> reporter: this teen jumped into a car that wasn't his with some very special us cargo inside. police were
Jan 14, 2016 1:07am EST
volatile this month as concerns grow about the economies of of china and the middle east. >> a home for hili. it's giving high rollers a new place to play. we'll go inside coming up. >> calvin: and racing after an avalanche strikes in the swiss alps. two of the victims killed. >> reportet: yes, still kind of cool out there tonight. look at fort lauderdale at 63 . chief meteorologist betty davis. i'll let you know what kind of warm up we're expecting for thursday and friday and why you may need the umbrella. >> reporter: and i'm carlos suarez live on board the bus filled th teachers from across south florida heading to tallahassee for a rally on education. we'll prevuetheir message and the -- preview their message and the story after the brbrk. good luck. >> new at 11 tonight, hundreds of teachers from south florida getting on a bus to join the rally. they'll join educators from across the state. >> the reason make sure politicians don't shortchange educatn. we'll have more on the voice even tonight. carlos? >> reporter: calvin and laurie, you can hear utd which is the united teacher
Feb 6, 2016 1:07am EST
china buffet. inspectors recently found 110 violations here, and we saw some of the issues still exist. >> you have steak on the floor can you just take the steak off the floor? that bin of raw meat was very close to the fish. no one could tell us what is in this sink in the dish washing area, there are three full pages of violation after violation, prep table, kitchen, beef, pork, ham, dumplings all out of temperature, the dish machine was not sanitizing, food debris, encrusted materials mold, and greece was found on everything. there was evidence of a employee smoking in a area. that could be coming coming from this bathroom that was in the kitchen it was full of standing water and wreaked of sewage, what is going on here? the ourer doesn't want to talk about it. >> no camerashat? >> first of all, don't touch -- >> that's assault, don't touch the camera. >> don't touch my camera. >> 110 violations. it's the worse inspection we have seen in a long time, 110. >> we showed those entering to eat what was found inside. >> we are shocked the state allowed this place to reopen followi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4