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Feb 18, 2016 6:00am EST
rates at its meeting last month. >> the fed seems concerned about the swings inthe china's economy and what it could do for america's economy. >>> the diagram is part of a new air bus patent application. >>> and pay for baby sitters is going up. >> the national avevege for watching one child is now $15.71 an hour. that's up 5% if last ye. for two it's $18 an hour. and nrly 20% of sitters get tips on top ofheir regular pay. it's not easy work. >> n n >> and that's america's money. have a great day. >> how much do you pay for four kids? >> we got great sitter. we pay about 10 or 11 and you can't have her name. >> my goodness. i used to do it for four bucks an hour. >>> sterday morning the national weather service confirmed that a third torna also touched down, this one in davie. >> caused damage on tuesday that touched down in pompano beach, northeast miami-dade. if you dealt with damage you're obviously starting the process of insurance claims. we do have some tips for you. first do your homework when it comes to hiring a contracto make sure they are certified in your area. nevepay all
Mar 9, 2016 6:00am EST
. investors were spooked by the latest weak economic report out of china and falli crude oil prices. >>> home depot will pay customers because of a data breach in 2013. two-thirds of that amount will reimburse consumers. >> the rest will pay for identity protection services. it affected 50 million customer who's used payment cards on self-serve kiosks. >>> the american auto maker debuted the first camero 50 years ago. >> the 50th anniversary deal goes on sale this summer. >>> caught on camera a powerful thunderstormthat thundered across dallas. the winds made offffith the canopy. >>> and strong thunderstorms turned roadways into rivers. this is the same area in texas. >> leaving some drivers stranded. the wet weather is expected to continue throughout the week there. >> indeed a very devastating part of the storm system that's currently bringing severe weather over texas as we speak. the good news is that system is set up well to the west of us. where the high is located it's been warming us up gradually. currently we have 73 deees in miami. 72 ft. lauderdale. 73 key west. we should
Jan 11, 2016 6:00am EST
america's money, another stock selloff. >> china's main stock market plunged today. >> that concern could drag down other markets today as it did last week. u.s. stocks had their worse week in four years. >>> uber is cutting its prices in more than 100 cities. >> it's a third january in which uber has cut prices and how much depends on the city. >>> and the detroit auto show starts today with lots of cool cars. one of the biggest announcements will be the new 2017 lincoln continental. >>> the new mercedes benz e-class includes self-driving technology. >> and lexus will show off the new production model of its lc luxury all i care about are heated seats. >> all we have to do is win the power ball first. >> that's america's money. >> have great day. >>> new for you this morning, governor rick scott had to tour some of the areas of cape coral. drone video showing us what happened. the devastation left behind after a tornado touched down there. winds up to 135 miles per hour, as you can see below. cars flipped over. trees ripped from the ground. power lines were knocked down as well. go
Jan 12, 2016 6:00am EST
states gets support from china. >>> our state lawmakers getting to work today in tallahassee. this morning the 2016 legislative session will begin. governor rick scott will be pushing for more than $1 billion in tax cuts while most target bringing businesses to our state. others could give you a break during back to school shopping season. a push t allow concealed weapons on to college campuses. whether to allow slot casinos and semine county casinos can add slots and roulette. >>> the crimson tide taking home their fifth national championship. saban and the team here being presented with the trophy. tied in the fourth quarter. the game's momentum shifted immediately. the old ball coach called for an on-side kick right after a game-tying field goal and this is a kick return that really helped seal the deal for alabama. he goes 95 yards to the house. 24-all to a big win for the tied. 45-40 the final score. >> this time i really wanted to do the best that i could do for this team probably as much as any time i've ever coached but when it comes to competing and make plays of we needed
Feb 9, 2016 6:00am EST
clashed with police in hong konon disrupting the china new year's celebrations. all the violence broke out when police tried to evict unlicensed food vendors. they really wanted to crack down on the unlicensed food stalls during the busy hold but it took a stronger stance they they have in >>> now to vote 2016. dixville notch is a tiny town in northern new hampshire, the vote at midnight. bernie sanders shutting out hillary clinton four votes to none and kasich edging out donald trump. only nine votes cast in that tiny town. meanwhile former new york city mayor michael bloomberg said is he considering a run for the white house this year. this is the from time to time he has openly discussed that possibility. glenna millberg in new hampshire this morning for today's primary. you can see a report from her live at noon. she's also bringing us the latest at few minutes away at 6:30 from manchester. >>> a motorist is in a coma after being struck in havava. witnesses say the driver tried to leave the scene down. ferraro is now in a medically-induced coma. >> he broke his fibula and continue
Jan 8, 2016 6:00am EST
america's money a ray of hope for the stock markets. >> china's exchange stopped the free-fall and that pushed american stock futures into positive territory. >> mcdonald's has a new look. gone are the golden arches from its packaging replace with big, bold, colored lettering. >> the packaging materials will be more eco-friendly. >>> for those who enjoy driving around with a pizza delivery signs on their cars, it's hut swag. claiming line. pizza hut says profits go to charity. >> i love the socks. and that is america's money. >> valentines gift idea. >>> california continues to be hit by a series of powerful el nino storms. destroying homes causing serious risk of mudslides and there's not much time to clean up. another storm is expected to move in this weekend. >> okay. >>> we're talking about our own weather and we've kind of got that rain and the cooler weather and you say more rain's coming again. >> yes, we have another cold front coming in. it's going to come with some showers. currently we do have showers on the radar. live look outside. you condition see it from our tower c
Feb 26, 2016 6:00am EST
in the united states. >>reporter: last month hundreds of hover boards that arrived here from china containing batteries deemed unauthorized and counterfeit. they believe the batteries coulul be why some are catching fire and they are keeping a close eye on imports of the popular product and last summer they seized more than $11 million in high-fashionounterfit handbags, knockoffs that look so good you might thinking you were getting the real thing only to learn later you were ripped off. to make sure dangerous toys don't end up under the christmas tree. >> the last line of defense. so once it goes through out, it goes to market. >>reporter: christina vazquez, local 10 news. >>> here at home it is a cool start to your friday. look at that gorgeous sunrise creeping in over the horizon. >> i can't wait until that sun rises just a few minutes a away. 56 degrees to start things off on a friday. >> that will wake you up. >> sun ruse not until 6:50. wewere expecting temperatures to drop a few more degrees as we get closos to it. 66 degrees in miami. in key west. this is chilly out there.
Jan 19, 2016 6:00am EST
>>reporter: hey there, good morning. topping america's money. bad news from china could be good news. >> the country's economic growth last year was the slowest in a quarter of a century. most asian markets endedup much high higher today. >>> the tax filing season begins today. the irs will accept 2015 returns. the agency says it's taken steps to protect against identity theft so you may notice some changes this year. >> and you also get an extra three days. the deadline is april 18th. >>> you may want to start making your romantic valentines dinner reservations today a a white castle. reservations are going fast. it's the 25th anniversary of valentine's table service. by the way, they also do weddings. >> start planning. >>> and that's america's money. >>> a young woman froze to death on the streets of milwaukee on monday night, just a horrible story. friends say 21-year-old elizabeth was at a party with friends of she became angry, left that party. reportedly drunk at the time, she walked around the corner and collapsed. wind chills were minus 27 degrees and she froze to death, not
Feb 25, 2016 6:00am EST
would be abercrombie and fitch. >>> a new list says 90 new chinese billionaires moved china into first place, 33 more than the u.s. beijing is the city with the most billionaires. new york city is second. >>> and that's america's money. >> have a great day, everybody. >>> 6:12 right now. >>> a severe weather laok at this. at least four people were killed including a two-year-old little boy. one of the hardest hit areas was the down of wawarly. downed trees and damaged cars have roads blocked. local meteorologists there say at least one tornado touched down in that area. >>> just as deadly here in florida. a twister ripped through the area yesterday. officials in desoto county also reported a touchdown. >>> a tornado cutting a two-mile wide path of destruction. drone video shows knocked down trees on the side of aommunity right next door. homes are destroyed. six people hurt in the storm. we don't know exactly what theriot. >>> spacex will try for a launch again today. weather and wind stopped yesterday's takeoff. the rocket hold a commercial communication satellite which will internet
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9