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is still invention in san secrets and pack our computers in taking over the south china sea. . . by triggering an armageddon style showdown. in a city named -- in northern syria. this is a dangerous group in the face of all those dangers what is rocco doom into our military? is got a minute. he is getting our military. he is the worst when he comes to this explain why. our army will still soon be smallest is benson's world war ii. our navy will soon be the smallest it has been in 100 years. our air force will soon be not just smaller but the oldest planes we've had in history to me what's on excessive acceptable as we have people -- this is on acceptable. providing for the national defense is the most important job the federal government does. it's the reason we have a federal government. [applause]. by the way, these cuts are not just bad for america, they are unfair toward men and women in uniform. we are still asking them to put their lives on the line, to confront danger, but with older air planes, less people by their side, some have to go by their own equipment because what th
important national interests. as we pulled back, we see what china has done, aggressively pursued ambitions far faster than what was imagined. building a military base to claim territory in dispute we can do this by unilateral action. in the unitedof the united states has been tepid in their response. it is part of the challenge. it is in our economic interest and certainly in our strategic interest not to advocate our role in providing a security umbrella for the rest of the countries. yes, sir. >> thank you, governor. i have been confused on your stance of medicare and social security. can you explain to me in the crowd how you propose to go about saving social security and medicare? >> i want to preserve and protect it for those that have it and reformat for those that are expecting it promulgated because it is structurally bankrupt. this is what policy book that outlines in detail what our plans are. triple the amount of information to give you full detail plan on how to reform medicaid, obama care, medicare, social security. and we need to do it if we are serious about doing
. they are taking over the south china sea. vladimir putin shows instability in europe and middle east. iran is about to get $100 billion of sanctions relief. and they're not going to use that to build orphanages. they are going to use that to build up their military, to acquire a nuclear weapon and to sponsor terrorism. and isis, isis is not just a bunch of people on the back of pick-up trucks the way the president made them sound at the state of the union. isis is the most sophisticated, sophisticated, and well-funded jihadist movement in history. this is the group that burns people alive in cages. this is the group that takes little girls as young as 9, 10, 11 years of age and sells them off for bribes. boca who ran just set a village on fire. little kids died in these fires. this is an apocalyptic group who believes their job is to trigger the end of the world and rise of amadi, their figure by triggering a an armageddon style showdown in a city named dubuque. what is barack obama doing to our military ? he's gutting. he is gutting our military. he is the worst when it comes to thi
say it is hard with the federal government, china, and no, we can do something about it. ted cruz is running on creating jobs in the private sector with a flat tax for businesses. he is talking about reducing the ,egulatory state, dramatically not just around the edges so we can continue growth areas this is a person who is not happy with the status quo. he went to washington, a left it by 27 million texans. workld every texan, i will with every breath in my body to defund obamacare, and he did exactly that. when the debt and budget negotiations were going on. the leader of our party try to change the rules in the senate, so they could all vote no in the minority. ted said, no, we are not going to change the rules of the game so we can say that we tried and disadvantage ourselves and not have to make the argument. as margaret thatcher said, we have to make the argument and do the hard work. we have to make the argument against the democrats so we can win the argument and then when the vote. [applause] >> whenever he is on the campaign trail or at home, he tries to do some homework wi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4