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Nov 15, 2009 11:30am EST
lion's share of obama's time? china. three days out of nine replicating what happened recently at the u.n. where the president of china and president obama were closeted for 90 minutes. this time allocation speaks for itself. and if there is any doubt remaining, obama's description of the u.s./chinese relationship clears it up. >> the relationship between the united states and china will shape the 21st century, which makes it as important bilateral relationship in the world. >> question. what must president obama accomplish in china this coming week? pat? >> he'll have to rebalance the trade relationship between the united states and china. the last ten years, the chinese have had a $2 trillion surplus. we've experted to them jobs, factories, money, technology, and that's one of the reasons why we've got this financial crisis and the dollar's in such trouble. what he's got to do is convince the chinese that this relationship cannot continue the way it's been with them producing everything and us consuming everything. so i think the key thing he's gonna have to do is try to convince them t
May 4, 2014 4:00pm PDT
response in the front line countries of poland and the baltics. close ties with china give germany a foothold in asia and beijing a line of influence through berlin. in fact, the increase in trade between china and germany particularly in german exports to china, has exceeded all expectations. germany is china's number one trade partner in the eu. and the top investment destination for german companies is china. based on this emerging economic between china and germany, quote, a special relationship, unquote, is now emerging. item. china needs technology and germany needs markets. structural similarities and shared economic interests are key for this emerging special relationship. item, germany's approach to china is mostly driven on the need of its exporters. germany's foreign policy is based on the idea that economic exchange will lead to political and society change in china. item, china sees germany as the most useful country for its economic development. germany is an attractive partner because germany's prom prominent role in the eu, but also because of increased german depen
Nov 16, 2014 4:00pm PST
cooperation apec summit forrum in beijing, china. here, mr. obama was able to utilize and reenforce his credentials. the u.s. president used straightforward, if not admonitory language. >> we look to china to create a more level playing field on which foreign companies are treated fairly. they can compete fairly with chinese companies. we look to china to become an innovative economy that values the protection of intellectual property rights and rejects cyber theft of trade secrets for commercial gain. >>> president obama also announced that visas for chinese citizens to travel to the united states will be extendened on a reciprocal basis from one to ten years. according to the white house, this reform means that seven years from now, china trade will then have contributed nearly $85 billion a year through the american domestic economy and has supported up to 440,000 u.s. jobs. >> question, what did president obama achieve or not achieve at the apec summit in china? pat buchanan. >> little or nothing. this was a huge triumph for the chinese. $85billion in american exports to china. they
Nov 12, 2011 12:30pm PST
, south korea, malaysia, new zealand, the philippines, singapore, thailand, taipei, hong kong, china, mexico, new guinea, chile, peru, russia, vietnam, and the u.s.a. attendees also include business leaders and academics from around the world. aggregated, these 21 nations want to be called "economy" and not "nation." they want to emphasize that asian-pacific economic economies have no political agenda, rather, they have an economic agenda, notably, trade. these collected economies present a massive volume of power. item, apec, gross domestic product, all goods and services of 21 economies, apec constitutes more than half of the total gdp of the planet, 55%. item, apec trade. of the total trade of the planet, apec economies constitute 43%. item, u.s. ex ports through apec. apec economies constitute nearly 60% of the total of the united states' export volume. worldwide, apec may soon be repositioned ahead of the european union as world's dominant economic coalition. question, is apec at this point more powerful than the european union? >> let me talk about europe, john, is clearing sec
Oct 4, 2014 12:30pm PDT
of pursuing a strategic relationship between india and the u.s. to counter china's growing influence. alongside a standing army of over 1.3 million soldiers, india has around 100 nuclear weapons. last month, india displayed a technological powers by sending a satellite to mars. president obama wants india to play a prime role in his asian pivot. for his part, mr. modi seems receptive. under the foreign policy, he calls, quote, look east, link west. modi affirmed that the u.s. and india forbilled add genuine, strategic alliance. >> i have a one word answer, yes. and with great confidence, i say yes. >> question. how much progress was made in india, u.s. relations this week? pat buchanan. >> considerable. mr. modi was on our watch list for virtually having been a war criminal when it was believed he had been indifferent to a massacre of muslims. >> how many years ago? >> that was in 2002, i think. i think he has been on that list. >> that was 12 years ago. >> he's been off it now. there is a budding relationship. where the chinese navy is. the chinese control parts of the ter
Jan 22, 2011 12:30pm PST
friendships, deepen cooperation and push forward with a positive, cooperative, and comprehensive china/u.s. relationship for the 21st century. >> china's president hu jintao and u.s. president barack obama convened this week in washington. the two leaders met for frank and friendly talks about outstanding matters of contention. >> this is our eighth meeting. together we've shown that the united states and china, when we cooperate, can receive substantial benefits. the positive, constructive, cooperative u.s./china relationship is good for the united states. >> the major disagreement is over chinese currency. the white house believes that the ren ming-be is overvalued making u.s. goods more expensive in china. some thing it is the big reason why u.s. unemployment is at 9.4%. lawmakers like new york democratic senator charles schumer insisted president obama tell president hu how frustrated americans are. >> we are fed up with your governments intransigents and currency manipulation. if you refuse to play by the same rules as etch else, we will force to you do so. >> the time for talk is ove
Jul 4, 2010 11:30am EDT
declining, the demand really getting suppressed, especially in the asian markets, china and indonesia and so on. they aren't manufacturing at the output that they once did. consumer confidence in the united states over the last week had a nearly 10 point drop and they are constantly revising down the numbers of the gdp growth and the programs that eleanor pointed out, the housing incentives, the cash for clunkers, you can call gross domestic propup because when those incentives are taken away, the economy falters again. >> mort, what's the outlook? >> i think we will have that. it will not be 6.5% drop in gdp, it might be 1.5%. nevertheless, what it -- all these numbers have to be seen, not in terms of how bad they are, but the fact that it is in the most monetary policy and fiscal policy we've ever had in the country. we had the biggest deficit. bigger than the great depression. we have the most stimulous monetary policy, yet we are barely creating jobs. the only reason why there seems to be jobs created is because there's something called the birth death series, which is jobs create
Jun 17, 2011 8:30pm PDT
thpeople's puic china, announced he also will seek to be the republican nominee to challenge barack obama 17 months from now. what does jon huntsman bring to the 2012 table? one, foreign policy. ambassador to singapore, appointed by george h.w. bush. ambassador to china, appointed by barack ob'ma. two, executive branch, huntsman has served four u.s. presidents. three, moderate politics. huntsman is a supporter of green energy and equal rights for same-sex unions. that means he can steal independent votes from obama in the general election. those factors are the said that huntsman candidacy made plplplp why did huntsman declare his intention to declare his candidacy instead of just declaring his candidacy? pat buchanan? >> you got a couple separate headlines but is delaying long. he didn't show up for the new hampshire debate. john this, guy is the wends el wilkie of 2012. >> wilkie lost. >> well, he's the media candidate show being imposed upon the repuican party. i've never seen sump a build-up for a candidate who is at zaire or 1% in the polls. he's not no general did, no cutting-edge i
Mar 18, 2012 11:30am EDT
before the senate foreign relations committee this week to urge the united states, deal with china to end the bloody conflict in the sudan. over 19-year period, two million sudanese have been slain, with 500,000 fatalities last year alone. mr. clooney recently returned from sudan, where he saw the raw violence firsthand and took a video he made of the trip, which he showed to the senators when requested at the hearing. he told the senators one remedy that might do much to end the violence would be to involve china. the people's republic has a huge appetite for oil, and oil is plentiful in both sudan and south sudan, two new countries formed by one former country and both now officially recognized by the united nations as of last year. china's demand and world demand, including that of the united states, would produce vast returns, that would go far to relax tensions between the two nations, previously mortal enemies of each other. >> we can take this moment and engage with china i think for the first time. it seems to me we could use this opportunity this window of opportunity befo
Jul 26, 2013 8:30pm PDT
trade volume. the summit comes as vietnam's trade with china still its no. 1 trading partner is cooling. china's economy is in an incipient slump. at the same time tensions have developed between vietnam and china due to china's territorial interest off vietnam's 900-mile coast south of china's province. the united states is vietnam's second largest trading partner and also in japan prime minister minister abe won with big numbers having run on a policy with dramatically increasing japan's defense spending to counter china's military buildup. against this back drop the united states and vietnam have agreed to establish a constructive partnership on the basis of equality, mutual respect and benefits. the transpacific partnership countries are still working out the tpp trade deal. they are australia, canada, chile, japan, malaysia, mexico, new zealand, peru, singapore, the united states and vietnam. question, is vietnam vital to president obama's asia pivot? pat buchanan? >> well it, is part of it, but the united states' economy is 100 times as large as vietnam. they want our inve
Oct 5, 2014 6:30am EDT
china's growing influence. alongside a standing army of 1.3 million soldiers. india has around 100 nuclear weapons. last month they displayed technology call prowess by sending a satellite to mars. president obama wants india to play a prime role in the asian pivot. under the foreign policy he calls quote look east, link west, modi affirmed that the u.s. and india could build a genuine strategic alliance. >> i have a one word answer, yes, and with great confidence i say yes. question, how much progress was made in indian u.s. relations this week, pat buchanan. >> considerable. but lmodi was on a watch list for having been a war criminal when it was believed that he had been indifferent to a massacre of muslims. >> how many years ago. >> it was about in 2002, i think. >> that's 12 years ago, pat. >> he's been off it now, but here's a bud relationship between the united states and india. india looks to the indian ocean where the chinese navy is. they control part of the territory they took 50 years ago. he's a democracy. we are no threat to india. he can offer us something and we can
Oct 28, 2012 6:30am EDT
region. >>> when we come back, china syndrome. there's a natural resource that exists everywhere on the planet that could improve conditions and help end poverty. yet it's been largely ignored. that resource is women. in many of the world's poorest communities, women are denied a significant role, so often, their talent and potential remain untapped. i am powerful. i am powerful. i am powerful. i am powerful. i am powerful. i am powerful. i am powerful. i am powerful. i am powerful. i am powerful. it's a source of power the world can no longer afford to overlook. call, or visit woman: in 1990, in severn, maryland, the daughter of a clergyman was discovered by a music industry insider while pumping gas at a service station. the odds of her getting signed and spending 11 weeks at #1 on the u.s. singles charts? 1 in 19 million. the odds of this former church choir singer going on to sell 40 million records? 1 in 15 million. the odds of the same woman winning 6 grammy awards and starring in two broadway plays? 1 in 75 million. the odds of this musician and performer having a c
Apr 23, 2011 12:30pm PDT
don't have free trade with columbia, which is the result of which other countries like china can move right in and take that market share. >> what about that, pat? >> how big an economy is columbia? probably what, two or 3% of the united states. >> how big is china in latin america. >> enormously big but try to get into china's market with your goods! >> that's beside the point because they need goods. china -- columbia right now connects export duty free to the united states, but we cannot export duty free to columbia so this helps the united states more than it helps columbia. we're punishing ourselves by not having a free trade agreement. >> we're getting access to these tiny markets and markets are getting access to the largest market -- >> columbia is not a tiny market. >> and the new america that we talked about it the earlier segment, latin america will have much more profound impact on this country culturally had economically in the same way europe designed us and the way or politics define us with israel. latin america will have a greater voice in our politics because they'll
Apr 25, 2015 12:30pm PDT
i want to see what happens when -- clarence: i want to see what happens when china russia, other countries have the drones, too. it is going to change the whole debate. pat: one problem john, those huge aircraft carry yirs are going to be much much more vulnerable the-mile-an-hour get these tiny weapons that can't be detected. john: is commander in chief obama himself --president obama: conventional air power or missiles are far less precise than drones and are likely to cause more civilian casualties and more local outrage. and invasions of these territories lead us to be viewed as occupying armies unleash a torrent of unintended consequences, are difficult to contain, result in large numbers of civilian casualties and ultimately empower those who thrive on violent conflict. john: do you share the president's view on conventional air power versus drones? i'm asking you because you're from chicago, clarence page. clarence: i think drones are like any other weapon of war. they have to be evaluated on their own merit or demerit but they're going to stay. john: issue two -- china an
Oct 19, 2014 6:30am EDT
, brazil, india, china, south . >>> issue two, banking on the brick. the sixth annual summit of the bricks country, brazil, russia, india, china, plus south africa was held at the lush brazilian beachside resort town of puerto li is, a. the bricks have a challenging mission: to decouple themselves from the post world war 2 i'm international mop teary order forged the the new hampshire, brettonwoods united nations monetariy and financial conference of july 1944. the bricks declared they would establish an alternate to the world bank to be called the new development bank based in shanghai, china. the bank will have a $50 billion loan portfolio. $10billion from each brick member. first, however, the legislature's of brick states must approve and fund the new bank. china will running backer stamp the deal and the bricks will fund a $100 billion contingent reserve account to replace reliance on the international monetary fund, the imf. now, get this irony. four years ago, four of the five bricks received a combined $6,105,000,000 in foreign aid from the united states alone. question, why are th
Sep 1, 2013 3:30pm PDT
country and we really could use it. corporate america is the bull in the china shop, and china metaphor there is also meant. but when i look at the setting with amazon, if you're the owner of an independent bookstore, you're not going to like the president chose this setting. they did announce they're creating 4,000 jobs, setting up distribution centers and the phrase that's use side bricks and click. they have acknowledged that they do support some sort of an internet tax, and so there could have, on the progressive end of how it works with our tax system. jeff bazos, the genius behind amazon, is one of silicone valley, california start ups. they're getting into policy, just with facebook is hill on the way side. it's almost like another government there. in that sense, this is recognizing the future, and the future is here. >> the you apparently did not read sarah o conar's piece the 9th of february. she said workers were pained minimum jobs to do full-time jobs. it was like a robot in an assembly line. very negative article. >> i didn't -- i missed the article. i look forward to them
Apr 14, 2012 12:30pm PDT
trading partner today is china. oil! brazil's atlantic coastline runs 4,600 miles. the red dots on this map depict brazil's vast oil acreage offshore. oil is what president obama wants to buy as he made clear. >> brazil's been an extraordinary leader in biofuels and obviously is also becoming a world player when it comes to oil and the united states is not only a potentially large customer to brazil but we think that we can cooperate closely a whole range of energy projects. >> by the way, brazilian president rousseff has a national approval rating of 77% in brazil. question, is brazil walking a tightrope between its relationship with china and its relationship with the united states? pat? >> they are. that's right, john. the decisions are here and the united states is pouring all this money out and investments come into brazil and exports are becoming more expensive and their trade balance is bad. they've got their own problems also with the chinese, who are being pretty tough. but brazil is not a world center power. it's the greatest power in south america. that's it. military it
Mar 31, 2013 3:30pm PDT
>>> issue two, china cyber saboteur. >> we know foreign countries swipe our secrets. now they're seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid, financial institutions. >> these capabilities put all sectors of our country at risk from government and private networks to critical infrastructure. >> in the state of the union address in january, and the director of the national intelligence senate briefing this month, the obama administration is going all out to alert the nation to the ongoing danger of cyber sabotage. cyber sabotage is distinct from hacking. the purpose of cyber sabotage is primarily to destroy critical systems, not to steal. and cyber sabotage is more dangerous than terrorism. so says dni clapper. and that's not all. attorney general eric holder and his d.o.j. staff has cat a logged a list of it cyber espionage theft of corporate and trade secrets by china's people liberation army personnel working out of a complex in shanghai. u.s. government agencies are aware they know they are targets of chinese hacking as are america's biggest corporations like lockheed martin
Jan 16, 2011 3:30pm PST
with president obama in washington for a high stakes summit. the u.s. intends to press china to level the playing field on trade. as a prelude, commander in chief obama dispatched robert gates to china. he is to re-establish regular exchanges with china's military now strained by tensions over north korea and the u.s. arms sales for taiwan. but gates' visit with premier hu didn't go smoothly. first leaders rebuffed gates' request for broad ranging bilateral talks on security issues and on nuclear weapons. then officials upstaged the defense secretary with a test flight of china's version of a stealth fighter, the j-20, which u.s. officials say is specifically designed for combat against the u.s. f-22. gates canceled production of the f-22 in 2009 after concluding wrongly it seemed that china would not produce a stealth aircraft until at least 2020. moreover, the chinese premier was unaware of china's provocative timing of china's j-20 tell am test flight according to u.s. officials present when gates met hu. it raises the question whether hu, who is on his way out is really in c
Sep 25, 2010 6:00am PDT
competitive in china. what that means to us is that we have fewer jobs. we have nufactured at home. that's not the only reason, by the way, we why are having trouble. >> there's a business over to china to produce. that's a big return on their money. >> that's not the only reason. the other reason is that the chinese -- look, just to pick one example. we were the first company to manufacture computers. there are million and a half of them who work in asia. we lost the ability -- just a minute. that has nothing to do with the yen. >> i want to know the conversation that took place about the president, which was written up in friday's "new york times" very well and i notice he got it. and put it on the front page. >> obama is saying -- >> he is saying look, you have to let your currency float and rise up in value because you are sucking our industry, our jobs, our technology out. we are running a trade deficit with you. the biggest in the world. if you don't do it, the congress in the united states is going to put tariffs on chinese goods. >> what do you think of that action? >> this should
Aug 22, 2009 7:30pm EDT
bush 14%, obama 93%. turkey bush 2, obama 33. russia bush 22, obama 37. china bush 30, obama 62. japan, bush 25, obama 85. argentina, bush 7, obama 61. brazil, bush 17, obama 76. mexico bush 16, obama 55. the big skeptic in the group, israel. bush 57, obama 56. by the way, the united states' popularity ratings? bush 37, obama 74. question, for mort, israel a tradition ale american ally is odd-country out by a small margin that favors bush over obama. why is that? >> first, i'm not going to let pat's diatribe go unchallenged. president obama, candidate obama was acknowledging attitudes that were widely held. much of the world was delighted to see george w. bush go, as was america. the secretary of defense under bush talked about old europe. >> what was his name? >> donald rumsfeld. >> right. >> so the president has restored america's standing in the world to where it was before bush came in and wrecked it. now, in terms of israel, israel is the exception here, although obama's certainly popular there, too, but not as differentially popular as bush because israel did very well under pres
Apr 6, 2013 12:30pm PDT
place. they're upping the exercises that are done every year, and they're relying on china, which really is the power there that can exert some influence on north korea for china to play a more aggressive stand. that's why talks could work if they get underway. >> thus far, president obama has not used military force in the serious situation. kim sees that, and he's calculating from that, that he wants to figure out what is the limit of obama's reluctance to use military force. is that why he is doing what he's now doing? >> i don't think anybody really knows why he's doing it. he's clearly trying to establish some kind of status for himself. he particularly wants to intimidate south korea. in the process china is going to be the country that's going to worry about it because over time south korea may very well collapse and you may have a union between those two countries, then china would have a belligerent neighbor on its border he, and that's one thing they want to prevent. the first thing we can do is to see what we can do with china. they are going to be there. they've got a
Nov 23, 2011 6:30pm PST
to darwin. the move is intended to counter the growing military presence of china. question, was china's reaction to our announcement of the marine base in darwin, was it too strident a reaction for china, a putative friendly trading partner to have made, pat? >> john, the chinese provoked our reaction by their stupidity and their belligerence. they have said that the american fleet must get out of the south china sea, the east china sea, the straits of taiwan, the yellow sea. they have frightened all these countries in southeast asia p even japan and others who are now deciding maybe we don't want the americans to go home, so obama is marching into this opening and this base in australia as part of it. and what you've got is sort of a low-key cold-war beginning. but i will say this, the ecclesiastes communists are themselves responsible for their stupidity. they're alienating virtually every neighbor they have. >> how far away is china from australia? >> you got three, 4,000 miles. >> how long would that take for one of our long distance bombs -- >> they've got a new bomb -- you
Nov 17, 2013 3:30pm PST
international outpouring. china. a neighbor to the philippines and the world's second largest economy. china initially pledged only $100,000 in relief. plus another $100,000 to its red cross. the donation reflected china's soured relations with the philippines. the two have been over disputes where asian nations are vying to explore for energy. china's typhoon donation in the philippines was also noted within china. by even its own global times newspaper quote, china has a responsible power should participate in relief operations to assist the nabbing country no matter whether it is friendly or not, unquote. china upped the donation from $100,000 to $1.6 million. >> on friday, the official death toll from the hurricane was reported to be 3,621 killed and that number is expected to rise. question, is china wise to temper its aid to the philippines? pat buchanan. >> john, spirit of mother teresa does not permeate the chinese communist party. the spirit, are you your brother's keeper and helping your neighbor, frankly the christian west, i would add, japan and add the social gospel folks
Feb 16, 2013 12:30pm PST
from north korea's china border. and is the same site used for north korea's previous two tests. the first in 2006 and the second in 2009. the u.s. geological survey detected a 4.9 magnitude seismic event in the area, more powerful than the 4.5 that registered in 2009 after north korea's second test. scientists in multiple countriesing detected the explosion. north korea issued a confirmation, declaring the test was quote, carried out at a high level in a safe and perfect manner using a miniatureized de greater explosive force than previously, unquoted. pyongyang also declared the the reckless hostility of the united states. unquote. in a state of the union address tuesday president obama had this to say. >> provocation of the sort we saw last night will only further isolate them as we standby our allies, strengthen our own missile defense and lead the world in taking firm action in response to defense and take firm action in respnorth threats. >> this is north korea's first successfully launched a long range rocket, raising fears north korea now has the capability to hit the united
Aug 23, 2009 11:30am EDT
one thing. >> nor has russia, for example. nor has china, which would not support the dollar. you could go around the world and you will find that. this isn't to diminish the value of his popularity. >> sounds like it. >> it sure does. >> because he doesn't know how to play the game. that's my point. he doesn't know how to translate properly. angela merckle when she came here, he agreed to give her a 45-minute meeting no press conference. she canceled. sarkozy, obama wanted to be the sole person walking along the beaches of normandy. sarkozy hit the roof on that. a lot of things do not reflect well on the way obama -- >> the europeans often find things to complain about -- >> you can dismiss everything that happens because it's not pro obama. >> excuse me, please. we have just gone through an enormous economic downturn. the fact that he is liked and respected by much of the world has blunted the impact of that downturn, which many of these countries believe the u.s. led them into. and i can't believe that you can sit here and turn positive numbers into a negative. he has been in o
Jun 29, 2013 12:30pm PDT
china in africa. >> first of all china's trade in that region is 200 billion. ours is half that. it makes sense for us to be there and get in on the game, as the president and chief advisor said. i think it's important for us to go down and address this and bring the business leaders along. i think that makes the trip seem a little more worth while. but the trip has a hefty price tag. i hope we get good trade deals out of it. >> do you know who africa's biggest trade partner is. >> china. >> 200 billion. >> up dramatically from the $1 billion in 1997 on china's part. >> are we competing with that? >> we have to. >> what is our trade volume with avenue ra? >> $95 billion. >> compared to 200 billion by china in 2012. >> former president clinton and george w. bush did tremendous work in africa. and i shout out to president bush who is actually in africa at the same time that cares about global health. his commitment is terrific. it was more about helping africa. this president is trying to turn around and say it's trade that makes the difference. and it's essentially africa and us. but
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