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Jan 7, 2016 7:00am EST
with the headline "one year on, the killer is still at large." 3 day traders in china are hoping for quick turnaround after asian markets have dropped dramatically this week. week.this morning trading was stopped just 30 minuets after the markets opened for the second time this week.they were forced to stop because of newly installed mechanisms designed to limit market volatility.that marks the shortest trading day in the markets history.analysts say worries about china's currency weakening are causing markets to drop. 3 3 a group of armed protesters in oregon is getting opposition sheriff.the sheriff in harney county oregon announced in a community meeting that armed militia need to "pick up and go home".neighbors cheered but others in the meeting said the community needs to support the demonstrators.the armed militia is holding onto a federal building at a nature preserve to protest two ranchers sentenced to prison and government control of public land. 3 3 for all you foodies out there- today marks the start of an 11- day food fest you won't want to miss. 3 it's restaurant week! 3
Dec 28, 2015 7:00am EST
alone.producers expect even bigger numbers when the movie opens in china next month. 3 if santa brought you a stash of gift cards this year.. you might be wondering, what's the best way to keep them all organized., of course, there are apps to help you out. there are several options.. including "gyft".. "slide" and "go wallet."the apps allow you to upload all of your gift card information... and will keep track of how much money is left.and instead of carrying all of your cards with you.. the apps even provide a bar code that you can scan at the register. retail analysts say americans lose about 500 million dollars each year because lost or 3 time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes. 3 showers and fog linger early in the day, with morning temperatures in the 50s and 60s. expect a few daytime showers to continue with overcast skies, and highs reaching the mid to upper 60s. tonight, heavy rain pushes in with lows in the 50s. mild temperatures and a few showers continue on tuesday, with heavier rain by midweek. 3 let's send it over to lauren with pit crew traffic. 3 we'r
Jan 18, 2016 7:00am EST
sleeps most of the day.bei bei was med by first lady michelle obama and china's first lady back in september. 3 now time for weather and 3 mostly sunny and cold, with highs reaching 42 in the upstate and 33 in the mountains. a wind chill advisory remains in place for high elevations until noon. tonight stays clear and cold with lows in the teens to around 20. more sunshine and cold temperatures are expected 3 3 chris is in the traffic center: 3 we're watching:pelham rd @ i-85 white horse rd @ old white horserutherford rd @ scenic dr/black ice black ice reported on roadway country club rd @ n. pine stmoore rd @ wren school rdi-85 north @ 3mm/oconee cty cty 3 here's a live look at the s.c.d.o.t. cam on-- 3 3 it's ______.the democratic candidates for president get tough on each other in their last debate before the iowa caucuses.we'll have a 3 be sure to stay with fox carolina all morning long. we're bringing you the days top stories until nine o'clock. throughout our four hours of news you can catch live reports from the field, plus weather and traffff updates every 10 m
Dec 30, 2015 7:00am EST
. 3 nearly a week after a mine collapsed in china, state media says crews are trying to rescue 8 survivors. survivors.state media says the 8 people were rescued nearly a week after the mine collapsed on christmas worker was killed in the collapse. crews have not reached the survivors but are talking with them and sending them provisions underground. investigators say the owner committed suicide and local leaders have been fired after the collapse. 3 3 a family from liberty says they need help driving their daughter around town because she suffers from a rare disorder. disorder.the family says their little daughter "rylee" needs a wheelchair because she's been diagnosededwith rett impacts speech and body movements -- mostly affecting girls.rylee's family says they need a wheel chair accessible van and are turning to the community for help. 3 3 3 i've never had to ask for anything and it's hard for me but people keep on telling me you're not asking for you, you're asking for rylee and do really need it for rylee 3 their goal is to raise 20- thousand dollars to h
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4