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Nov 11, 2014 5:30am EST
president is in china, ceremonies will take place at war memorials at the capital today including the world war ii memorial. >>> dirt, grime and stain. the agency that manages atlantic city international airport says that airport is in worst shape than any other of it facilities. >>> a big day for this new york doctor who tested positive for ebola. he is now clear of the virus. >>> certainly not clear weatherwise this morning. low clouds moving into the philadelphia area and some areas looking at dense fog and it's chilly with temperatures in the 30s and 40s at 5:39. steak & eggs. steak & eggs! steak & eggs. steak & eggs? steak & eggs. boom. dunkin's angus steak and egg sandwich is oven-toasted and made with angus beef. make today a steak & egg day. america runs on dunkin'. >>> nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill hen lae. >> temperatures are coming down this morning and we're watching fog form. some areas of very thick fog, especially in new jersey. but a mild afternoon and the fog disappears and temperatures in the 60s and again tomorrow in the 60s. but then the temper
Apr 28, 2015 5:30am EDT
president's brand new china. >>> pope francis will celebrate an outdoor mass when he visits d.c. that's scheduled a day before he arrives in philadelphia. they're looking for 10,000 volunteers before pope francis arrives in philadelphia later this year as we just said. a voter registration started yesterday. organizers are looking for anyone wanting to volunteer between september 22nd and the 27th. the papal visit is expected to bring millions of people to philadelphia. >> we can all, every single one of us can do our part to make a difference to change the world, even if it's just during that particular week. >> all volunteers have to be 18 and a background check is required. you can get more information on how you can volunteer on >>> now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist bill had he beenly. >> getting closer to 6:00 and at 5 minutes past 6:00 the sun will be up and we will see bright sunshine on boat house row. really pleasant day shaping up. going to see a warmer day, too, with more sunshine in the pocono mountains. up to 60. 42 in mount pocono 48 in tr
Apr 6, 2015 5:30am EDT
with winds reaching 105 miles an hour. thankfully nobody was hurt. >>> and people in china dealt with heavy snow over the weekend. nearly 200 long-distance bus trips were suspended. many airline flights were canceled. forecasters expect more snow there today. here in the u.s. we dodged snowflakes in upstate new york. but this is what it looked like in rochester. people had to bundle up before venturing out. it was colder in rochester yesterday than it was there on christmas day. >>> 12 minutes before 6:00. it's chilly this morning with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. look how nice and clear it is from the melon bank building in center city. in the distance, a few scattered clouds with a lot of sunshine. warm that number into the 70s today. 64 yesterday afternoon. 42 degrees right now. still falling at this hour. we don't expect it to go much cooler than it is right now. the view from center city looking past university city which will stay dry today. we can't say the same about tomorrow. in fact much of the week we'll see april showers. so the may flowers should be spectacular this y
Apr 20, 2015 5:30am EDT
rededicate a memorial clock in their name. >>> want to show you video from china of a car that ran over two men on a moped and cash went flying. surveillance cameras captured the wreck. about $42,000 exact injured over the street. the men on the mow pet were not seriously hurt. police officers on the scene he and they helped quickly recover the cash which was a business deposit. >>> this morning, dozens of illegal atvs and dirt bikes are off the streets after philadelphia police made a city wide sweep over the weekend. it's all part of the department's crackdown on those vehicles. this, by the way is video from a sweep just last month. police confiscated at least 38 atvs and dirt bikes during this most recent operation. >>> more than 70 cats and dogs have new homes this morning. the pennsylvania spca reopened the adoption facility in philadelphia's honey park neighborhood over the weekend. prices for all dog adoptions are slashed. they're only 20 bucks. the adoption center closed temporarily last month after a number of dogs came down with a respiratory illness. >>> setting off for summ
Aug 12, 2014 5:30am EDT
the station. a woman jumped on to the tracks and got the baby. >>> in southwest china, deadly flooding forced evacuation of tens of thousands of people at least nine were killed. right now, hundreds of thousands are without power. officials say it could possibly be the worst flooding in that region in 100 years. >>> a pretrial hearing in connection with the september 11th attacks could resume tomorrow. the hearings started yesterday at the guantanamo bay naval base. military prosecutors are asking to try ben al shibh separately. >>> today the u.s. and australia signed a defense treaty to boost american air and navy presence in northern australia. defense secretary chuck hagel and secretary of state john kerry were in sydney to sign thç agreement. right now, nearly 1,200 marines are stationed there ready to respond to regional conflicts and humanitarian crisis. that number is expected to increase to 2,500 by 2017. >>> police are investigating after a 10-year-old girl found a loaded gun at a popular beach in coney island, new york. police say the girl was searching for seashell
Mar 30, 2015 5:30am EDT
at rutgers university. the attacks apparently originated from china and ukraine and interrupted rutgers computer network the past two days. the university sent an e-mail to tens of thousands of students over the weekend to tell them what happened. it's not clear if any academic or personal information was compromised. >>> and swallowed up by smoke and flames. cameras are rolling as a firefighter falls through the roof of a burning garage and survives. this morning we have an update on his condition. >>> and a runaway dog ends up in a south jersey river. we will show you the efforts to pull the pup to safety. >>> look at this as a firefighter falls through the roof of a garage. there was an explosion after he fell through. then cell phone video showed several firefighters using an ax to cut the side of the garage to get him out. the 25-year-old veteran of the fresco fire department is in critical condition with severe burns. >>> talks to scale back the nuclear program in iran is happening. tehran is demanding further cuts to the youuranium enrichment program, but they are pushing
Jun 23, 2014 5:30am EDT
china. moring that 8,000 homes have been destroyed. the water has inundated farmland and left 100,000 acres of crops unuseable. the ministry of civic affairs says the loss for equals $650 million. >>> now yourst weher with meteorologist bill henley. >> sun is coming up. the temperatures will be climbing from the 60s into the 80s this afternoon. we have a little bit of a breeze, just barely moving at 3 miles an hour. a few highudaround, too. those will be clearing out. you see some of them in this view from center city, mostly sunshine and you can start to see sunshine on the slopes inth. there's a live view from camel back this morning. 80s inland with sunshine. nice and bright. you seehe high clouds moving through right mainly sunshine andity today. there areaheahis a movin we and into the plains. that's a line of showers and some thunderstorms, extends from wisconsin into oklahoma and texas. powerful storms. cou see strong storms in our area come midweek. untithen w w bill dry. today, nice andcomfortable. the humidity stays low. warm temperatures into the low 80s with the southerly
Sep 12, 2014 5:30am EDT
to be locked up in prison, there's a restaurant in china you might want to check out. the new eatery offers customers a chance to eat while locked in a cell. i don't know if they are serving water in tin cups but the food is served through a hatch and if you dine alone, the restaurant offers solitary confinement. >>> a sub pulled in yesterday with its crew of 14 officers and 138 enlisted sailors. the sub traveled more than 34,000 nautical miles since it deployed in march and the families are happy to have them home. >> i spoke to the navy football team last friday and a lot of kids end up on those ships. amazing what they do. >> you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. >>> guilty. we're following breaking news out of south africa in the murder trial of former track star oscar pistorius. >> in the hands of the jury. today begins day two of jury deliberations in the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping and assaulting a little girl from a philadelphia school. >>> fall is in the air. it will be sunny and cool today. good morning. this is "nbc 10 n
Jul 6, 2015 5:30am EDT
the frequent flyer miles. he traveled to china in 2012. he visited the united kingdom and israel. visited paris last year to try to attract new business to philadelphia and promote the city as a tourist destination. >>> 5:35 now. new from overnight, a shooting in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood that sent a man to the hospital. it happened around 11:30 at arrott and leaper streets. several people came up to the man and opened fire and then jumped into a car and took off. the victim is in critical condition. >>> also new from overnight, the driver of a taxi cab made it out safely after his cab crashed and caught fire on the platt bridge. the crash happened just before 2:00 this morning on the midspan of the bridge heading towards south philadelphia from the airport. no one was hurt. >>> in delaware officials are investigating an arson at the shell crest swim club in wilmington. the fire prompted officials to close the pool for part of the holiday weekend. investigators say someone lit pool furniture on fire causing an estimated $8,000 in damage. >> when they told me there was
Aug 28, 2014 5:30am EDT
scotchgard. >>> three minutes before 6:00 right now. six people died in a landslide in southwestern china. officials say more than 75,000 houses collapsed or were buried when the earth gave away last night. 21 people were hurt. police are searching for nearly two dozen people who are still missing. a small reservoir was breached during the landslide and flooding caused more damage to the village. >>> well, they may have spent the past few days mopping up merlot and cleaning up cabernet but many winemakers say they're not too shaken up. that quake centered in california's wine country hit some wineries harder than others but the industry says they still expect a beautiful 2014 harvest. and best of all, the group says there's no shortage of napa wine to buy and they don't expect the quake to have any impact on prices. >> earthquake will not affect the price of wine in the future. luckily, we had a very bountfyful 2012 vintage as well as 2013. there is plenty of wine so, please dispel any myth about wine prices going up because of this. >> police dispel those wine mings. the industry announc
Aug 25, 2014 5:30am EDT
locat. the victim's identities still unknown. >>> a 6-year-old boy in china survived being run over. we're going to show you the individual you but we have toç warn you, it may be disturbing. surveillance video shows the boy playing in the street, then the red suv runs over him and amazingly, the boy gets up and runs to the other side of the street. he was treated for minor scratches on his legs and face. no serious injuries, though, no word yet on whether that driver will face any charges. >>> a daredevil in new york faces numerous charges. he climbed a cable on the brooklyn bridge, making it to the top of the hour where he took pictures with his cell phone. this is the second security brech at the iconic span in less than a two. in july, two american flags were twiped from the bridge and replaced with white ones. cristobal is being blamed for one dell. the storm dumped heavy rain in puerto rico over the weekend, causing flooding and landslides. the u.s. national hurricane center says cristobal may strengthen into a hurricane leader within a week. >>> now your nbc 10 first alert
Dec 24, 2014 5:30am EST
be there. officer liu will be laid to rest once family arrives from china. mayor bill de blasio laid flowers yesterday and talked about how to move forward after this tragedy. >> to put the divisions of the past behind us. they were left to all of us in this generation. we have to overcome them. >> the gunman, ismaaiyl brinsley, took his own life after killing the officers while they were sitting in their patrol car on saturday. authorities say he posted antipolice statements on social media before the attack. and on the heels of the deadly ambu ambush, a shield blackout is now in effect for new jersey state police. >> that means that all troopers should take their police shields out of their cars, not make those shields visible on the windows. meantime, pennsylvania congressman jim gerlach and pat meehan showed their appreciation for local police, firefighters and first responders. congressman meehan says his thoughts are also with the son of officer rafael ramos, who attends boden college in maine. meehan's son is also a student there. >>> new this morning, a warning about a b
Dec 22, 2014 5:30am EST
. meantime, the u.s. is asking china for help as the government considers how to respond to the hack. >>> new jersey governor chris christie wants the president to demand the return of a convicted cop killer from cuba. joanne chesimard was convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper in 1973 but escaped from prison. she fled to cuba and was granted asylum there. the governor wants chesimard returned to the states before diplomatic relations with cuba proceed. christie sent a letter to the white house, saying in part, the fa family of her victims, like so many of those who have and continue to suffer under the castro regime, deserves this basic decency before further steps toward cuba are taken by this government. >>> talking sports now. governor chris christie is no doubt celebrating the cowboys' big win in the big "d" last night. eagles fans, not really at all. dallas's victory against the indianapolis colts means that the eagles' playoff hopes are officially dead. we caught up with fans who watched the game closely at chickies a yeez anie's & pete's philly last night, still feel
Nov 10, 2014 5:30am EST
economic cooperation summit in china, also known as apec. air force one landed in beijing this morning. during his trip, the president will meet with china's president, and this is the first stop on his nine-day, three-country tour. next, he'll also head to myanmar and australia. >>> and today, first lady michelle obama will talk to women veterans at arlington national cemetery in virginia. this is video from a joining forces event back in the spring. today's career development forum is part of that initiative. and of course, the first lady lending her hand to female veterans who suffer chronic unemployment when they return from service. those are the stories from around the country. live in the digital operations center, i'm vai sikahema. nbc 10. >>> the second open enrollment begins this weekend for the health insurance marketplace after an overhaul and an upgrade to the website. enrolling is expected to be easier than last year. unfortunely, some could experience trouble renewing their policies under the affordable care act because that part of the system has
Mar 26, 2015 5:30am EDT
tell me right now? >>> investigators believe hackers in china are behind a cyber attack that shut down 1,000 computers in a gloucester county school district. computer hackers demanded ransom money in exchange for eliminating a virus from the woolwich servers. the district refused and instead are rebuilding their servers from scratch. fortunately all sensitive student and staff data was stored on a different server that wasn't compromised. school officials say classroom computers are coming back online now, and internet-based testing is working again. now, this isn't the first time hackers have targeted a school in this reregion. we reported in december on the pine forge academy in burks county. that school got an anonymous threat from a hacker who demanded $1 million ransom. no information was compromised in that case either. >>> today former congressman jesse jackson jr. is expected to be released from an alabama prison. jackson began serving a 2 1/2-year sentence in 2013. he pled guilty to illegally spending campaign funds. jackson will reportedly be picked up by his wife, chil
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15