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Feb 24, 2016 6:00am EST
passengers we know were froro china, one from kuwait. >>> out of cuba, media reporting that ramon castro has died, the second of seven children of the family. he supported his brother's revolution but did not take an active role. the rorts don't say how he died but his body cremated and his ashes taken to his hometown. he was 91 years old. >>> united states health officials are gearing up to fight the zika virus. on capitol hill a senate committee will hold a hearing to talk about the latest spread of this virus. florida state surgeon general and secretary of health dr. john armstrong expected to testify before that committee about florida's response and preparation for the zika virus. he is just one of many, many people in the medical community capitol hill today. >>> killer storms across the gulf coast. right now pensacola firefighters urging people to stay out of the northeast part of that town where the power is out and storms have left a mess. elsewhere at least two people died in louisiana and another in missisisppi when severe storms ripped through those states. the same system is
Mar 3, 2016 6:00am EST
further analysis. that missing boeing 777 went missing two years ago over the south china sea. >>> astronaut scott kelly back at home in the united states this morning. new video we just got in. he arrived in houston getting his earth legs back. it he was greeted by family and friends, also his brother, identical twin brother, fellow astronaut mark kelly. we just learned kelly grew two inches taller in space. kelly, he's there speaking. he thanks his loved ones r supporting him as he's been in space for the last 340 days. up next nasa will continue to study the changes to kelly's held a compare them to his brother. isn't flying under the radar. president barack obama thanked kelly for inspiring a new generation of astronauts and advancing space research. >>> your time is 6:46. in a couple hours the official groundbreaking for construction at miami world center will get under way. this mega project, as it's described, is slated to be one of the biggest retail and housing developments in the entire nation. erika glover is in downtown miami with a preview of all of that. >> repor
Feb 15, 2016 6:00am EST
meeting has been called so the u.s. can take steps to counter china's growth. >>> federal agents will try to figure out who attached a explosive device in new mexico. the device was disarmed and flights were not affected, but the fbi and the atf are conducting separate investigations to try and figure >>> and then new details on the alleged jewelry thief. and we have been updating you on her robberies on air and on the nbc 6 news and weather app. she was caught last month and they found her in georgia, and this is the third state to file charges following georgia and florida. she could face charges in n nth carolina, and tennessee as well. >>>>>ax season just started and that means it's primetime for id thiefs. the agency says all the trouble could be linked to last year's security breaches which led to millions of social security numbers ending up in the hands of id thieves. >> they are e-filing in bulk, and they know a lot of these will be rejected or they will be >> according to the irs, the best way to beat the crooks is to file your return as soon as possible. >>> people on
Mar 11, 2016 6:00am EST
to yell china bad, muslims bad. you've got to understand the nature of the threats we're facing. >> nbc 6 is everywhere. our coverage of the gop debate. you're looking at a little piece of it ere, taking it across the university of mii campus where students were watching. a lot of these students were hoping the finally make up their for. some already stumping for gop front-runner donald trump. outside the event, it was a differentcene with protesters boulevard. care, childl all these issues that the working class people, that are important to us, those are the issues that we want them to focus on. >> so no matter who the students choose to vote for, the organizers of the watch party say they're happy that they're watching because they want the younger generation to also be involved with this election. that, mind you, is what's going to make it very interesting come that final vote. >> on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders expected to be in three states today. north carolina, ohio and illinois. as for hillary clinton, she'll spend part of her day attending nancy reagan's
Jan 8, 2016 6:00am EST
the financial word, china's major stock index is looking better after it emergencied the breaking news this week. the dow closer to home in premarket trading. >>> and be sure to are rec our our stories. >>>ood morning to you, south florida. hope your morning is off to a good start. first, we have one accident going on. let's see i& we can take you over there. flag street westbound on the area of southwest 92nd avenue. keep that in mind as you're making your way out the door. a broken down car was reported northwest 103rd street. you can see those brake lights. then it gets heavier around the area of northwest 79th street all the way to you get to be northwest 62nd street. let's change sources, take you back over to our maps. turnbacks are going to get busy out there. you have a 16-mile rin ahead of you u. a-26, that will be an eight-minute destroy. a couple of stop and go issues there around the area of 17th avenue. there is that accident at 79th avenue. to your first forecast with erica. >>> so far, things are looking okay. everything moving from west to east. and 35 to 10 miles per h
Jan 15, 2016 6:00am EST
. >>> breaking for you overnight, china's version of wall street now in bear market territory. at means that the markets dropped 20% in recent days, another 3% in the last couple of hours. so i know we' sounding like a broken record here, we talked about this the last few days, the main concern is slowing growth in that country over the last couple of years. we reported that many times in the past couple of days it's very much come to light in financial ways+m[n) investors at home in the united states reacting already to what's going on with pre-market trading on the dow down already nearly 100 points. >>> with an entire city's water supply tainted, michigan's governor is el vartevateing the level to a federal level. it started with the state forcing flnt to save money. they wanted president clinton to switch from lake water to river water as a main source for the tap water. types there re not made for that allowed old pipes with lead to leach into the supply. kids are now sick, as you can probably guess. at first the state said it wasn't a big deal. now many months later an acknowledgment. in f
Jan 29, 2016 6:00am EST
airplane, china now joining in the search. a chinese ship with advanced sonar will search for flight 370. some experts were believing the standard sonar devices they had been using so far are not as accurate. the australian deputy prime minister said friday that the ship will join the search by late february. the mall lapgs airliner disappeared in the southern indian ocean almost two years ago. so far, the only debris recovered since that time is a side of the indian ocean. >>> with the big game coming up, the south florida super bowl bid committee has its eyes already on the future. the committee will be holding a press conference later today at sun life stadium to discusu the plan to land super bowl li and liv. they're hoping new renovations will tip the odds in their favovo >> now the big six stories you need to know. >>> good rning. right now a man is in critical condition, a woman dead after being shot inside this apartment complex clubhouse in mestead. look at this video from last night. police say they are investigating thiss a murder suicide. police are looking into the relation
Jan 7, 2016 6:00am EST
overall. that cause zed investors to sell out. it started happening very, very quickly. china's economy is growing at the slowest rate since the financial crisis started. the sell off spread to europe and premarket trading here at home in the united states, the dow already down more than 300 >>> a canadian familyhad to jump out of their fourth floor apartment building after the building began to catch on fire. this video was taken by a neighbor. you can see a 10-year-old boy dangling from his father's arms before being dropped to safety. incredible. they landed in snow. they were taken to the hospital. we understand the boy was treated and released early in the day. hospital. no one else was hurt in the fire, which we understand was brought under control in two hours. >>> a bizarre chain of events lands an oregon mom behind bars for a dui and child neglect. she was drunk when she called olice who said someone stole her suv and her b!by inside with the dog. an amber alert was written up, ready to go and they found the car parked across the street. turns out, the woman crashed the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8