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Feb 19, 2016 6:00pm EST
economic deal for lindenburg industry to come to appomattox county. the china based company was supposed to create almost 350 jobs, with a honeycomb manufacturing business at the old thomasville building. the state gave the company almost one and a half million dollars in state money to come here, but it never happened. a roanoke times investigation uncovered the company provided misleading information to the state. state police will only say they're conducting an inquiry, and say right now there's no criminal investigation. 3 mark history, english, current events.. name the covered.noreen3 noreen you can ask a group of high school seniors on the academic subject- and chances are- they'll know the answer. mark we're talking about galileo magnet high school's quiz bowl team. for t first time ever, the team made it to the state championships. tola adamson got a glimpse of them prepping for the big day.tola the students have to be well versed in everything form math to pop culture. they say right now, they're feeling pretty confident about winning states, but even if they don't, they're gla
Feb 4, 2016 6:00pm EST
is works better than ace inhibitors. a study of female dog owners in china found fewer doctor visits and sick days from work. another study found a lower infection rate among nursing home residents who had contact with pets. mark, a lot of pet owners rather have commented a lot about the physical and mental benefits they attribute to their pets. i have got much more information online at >> mark: all right, noreen, fascinating. pets are good for our health. >>> you should have an easy>>> you should have an easier what i >>> i will jump straight into the weather for next week because probably what you are going to be talking about. maybe what you are going to be hearing about. we will see a chance of snow early next week. i want to let you know exactly what we are thinking in terms of the timing and the amounts of snow. this is jumping a i head to monday night and tuesday. right now we are wording it as "snow probable." want to get more information before we say "snow likely." right now saying "snow probableright now saying "snow probable." as far as the amounts we are looki
Feb 10, 2016 6:00pm EST
will compete against china, australia, canada and other >> it is very valuable. they are learning leadership skills, business skills, communication skills, confidencecommunication skills, confidence-building skills. >> i did a lot of things that i didn't think i would be able to do. >> reporter: as a class won five awards in a international trade show and this is why this year they were invited to the international trade show. beat out four schools in six states. you may notice changes with the hotel roanoke. renovations to update the guest rooms. guests are already able to take care of the brand-new executive lounge. the special event today, the hotel announced the first hotel in virginia to join hilton's new curio collection. right now they are part of the doubletree brand but they say that will let them operate more like a boutique hotel. >> we really see this as a great opportunity to not try to be maybe we were as -- as a doublemaybe we were as -- as a doubletree. just keep a little bit more free-flowing and an opportunity to be the hotel. >> and i know what you are thinking.
Feb 29, 2016 6:00pm EST
the topics that got lots of cheers at the donald trump rally. he talked about china and something he is coming to be known for, mocking his competition especially florida senator marco rubio. >> he was soaking wet like he just got out of the a swimming pool with his clothes on. it was honestly -- i will be honest, it was a sad thing to see. >> reporter: that aggressiveness is why some supporters like him. >> it is about time we have somebody who is not a politician in office and business minded to help with us all the debt we are in. >> reporter: others like these>> reporter: others like these political science student disagrees. >> the amount of rhetoric that he is able to give to his supporters and for them to actually believe it, it's mind-boggling. >> reporter: trump's speech went on for 15 minutes when an activist was kicked out by security. another one soon followed, and >> from you mexico in are you from mexico? >> reporter: a few more were kicked out and the tone change when a group of political science protesters. the focus was from them and to this, a photographer and a sec
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4