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Feb 5, 2016 6:00pm EST
in china and they're going to skype with her as she gets fitted so they can see firsthand how it works. >> richland county is seeking an award named after the native, one the state's leading activists from the 1930's until her death in 1992. the first time award will not only honor her life but will shine a light on the good work people are doing to improve the lives of others. >> we hope the young people wiwi get a better feeling for who she was. and will work to be in many ways, like she was. and will carry on her legacy. it's a timely legacy and makes young folks strive to learn their history and be able to share it with others. nominations is february 29th and the forms are at all richland library branches and on the website. the award winner is announced april 9th at a free fair housing conference. >> the junior league of columbia holding the clean sweeps sale tomorrow from 8 until 1:00. that's at the state fairgrounds. they've got hand bags and jewelry and toys and clothing and furniture. admission is $3 and parking is $5 per car and be sure to stop by the atm, it's cash on
Feb 11, 2016 6:00pm EST
. >>> best china buffet on bush river road was given a 79b for having black sticky debris on the can opener. directly on the cooler floor. they were dpive a 100 during their follow-up. enters-- they were given a 100 during their follow-up. next is chu gunger's on river road with an 82b. they lost points for having aaccumulation of grease on the cooking equipment. incident inspectors saw food stored on the floor of the kitchen and walk-in. shine walk on taylor street scored an 83b for having a large accumulation of grease and food debris on their fryers and other cooking equipment. they were carbohydrated for employees not washing their hands between points of possible contamination and storing raw meats of different species together in the freezer. gin's hibachi scored an 85b. inspectors noted that scoops the food. their follow high pressure up is on the 12th. these next scores don't follow norm at protocol but we let you know when there is pests. inspectors visited sahara on main due to a complaint about bugs. they received an 89a but dead bugs were observed throughout the facility. >>> no
Feb 4, 2016 6:00pm EST
scores. follow ups. house were all given 100s on their second visit. china express 98 on their follow up. this week's low scores. westbound wendy's 83 for a sewage back up. pans ananfood contact equipment stored on the flood. they were sited for storing bath room cleaner with and above food. two days later they received 100. public house got 86 for having live and dead roaches near the meat slicer and on the floor and storage. film was found inside the ice machine. news 19 lets viewers knows. evidence of mice activity in the back storage area throughout the building. the hall of fame. one more grill, and groucho's scored 100s. enjoy. >> reporter: all right. back with harvey to explain the items we keep talking about. great food. low prices. >> this was one of our most popular. >> right here, fish tacos. homemade mango salsa. spring mix. and on the top is drizzled with our harvey's homemade heat sauce. always everybody likes sweet and we have homemade chicken salad. this came from a family member years ago. i like what they had. i have been using it since. and then our homemade deserts
Jan 7, 2016 6:00pm EST
revisited on december 22 and scored a 98 another follow- up is not required.>> china hut 12, flaming growth got a 100. onto this week's. churches chicken, voluntarily closed after scoring a 75 during their inspection. inspectors the wastewater backing up out of the floor drain, and mops thinks outside. they also saw drain flies in the area. nine follow-up inspectors gave the store a 95 for diverting the water leak and cleaning up the backup. calls to the store were not answered their next visit was scheduled for the eighth. leesville scored an 86, they lost points for having mass in the food as well as dead and live roaches, inspectors also saw spilled bedbugs and noted foods were being held at the rock temperatures. during a follow-up, they scored a 93. the next the score doesn't follow normal protocol but news piggy park drive scored a 91 but inspectors saw live in dead roaches throughout the kitchen. the receiving 96 during the follow-up period not to the hall of fame mobile kitchen kiki's chicken and waffles, in little caesars pizza all scored perfect 100. enjoy. >> reporter: so
Jan 14, 2016 6:00pm EST
in the refrigerator. the follow-up visit us on the 15th a china house in lexington received a 93 and dead roacacs are found throughout the kitchen. for the 22nd. l mclaughlin and city night bar and grill was columbia and the subway on assembly street scored perfect 100. enjoy. >>> back with christopher the moment i have been waiting for is a sweet lover, what do we have in front of us? >> my personal favorite, the cookie sandwiches. regular cookies. oatmeal cookies with what kind of cream in the middle? stena cannot milk cream pie. the same kind day. a chocolate chip muffin. blueberry muffins. blueberry scones. cupcakes. this is our fresh made bread. it just came out of the oven and also more of my favorites. donuts. we have strawberry and chocolate and many bugs as well. >> all of this is made fresh. what do you think of the different flavors and combinations and putting this on the menu. interesting combinations like blueberry and lavender hazelnut and buttercream, really good stuff. and you make specialty drinks to wash that down? spirit. you can't go wrong with a sweet treat
Jan 28, 2016 6:00pm EST
hands during possible points of contamination. china express was cited for employees touching food with their hands and not washing hands between points of contamination. inspectors noticed raw meats food in the freezer. el paso has an 85. an employee test dirty dishes and clean dishes without washing hands in between and another employee was seen touching ready-to-eat food with their hands and they lost points for not having thermometers and all cold holding units. their follow-up is on the fifth. outback steakhouse with an 87. inspectors found molded produce and saw build up in the dishwashing machine of a lost points for storing scoops and hot standing water between uses. the score does not follow protocol but we always let viewers know there are pestered of those restaurant scored a 90 but inspectors found alive and dead bugs throughout the facility. their follow-up is on the fourth. carolina cafi and catering on sumter street received a enjoy. >>> we could not stop talking about the food because everything is so incredible looking. this is why i need the a pervert all of these sauc
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6