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Jan 26, 2016 5:00am MST
markets this morni. anothebig dropn oil ices isueling another world-wide sell- off intocks. china's stock market fel6 percent today... on news oil in the u-s fl below 30 dollars a brel. while the drop in oiprices is making for cheaper gas, your 4-o-k -- is taking a hit the dow dropped 200 in yeerday and dow futures are pointing to other big drop when the mketspeat 7:30 our time this morning. in a f hours we' g an tuatioin corado. the last report came out in december. it showed lorado lost abou 21-hundred jobs in between october and vember. but there were more than 2 point 5 million jo on the oks. november's unemployment rate was 3 point 6 perct. the december jobs reportomes t at 8 o'clocks morning. all yoparents watching... you're going to want to take a look at this a new stller could me your hectic life -- a littleasier! it's a self-propelling stroller called the "smart-be"! it keeps up with the pace of the person behind it! it has an electric engine to make going uphileasier. and it also features a bottle warmer, built-in mic -- a rock, camera as lls -- the dient actae nopi! when
Mar 2, 2016 5:00am MST
durung a rara that llededinaden. camera in china... when a tododer falls o of a ng truck o othe hiy!y! tata a look.. you casesee e illlllt up a start running aftethe n. unjurere thtwo-year-o-o bpp@l crawled into theaccargo area of the van.... and fell out when the backoors flel on the boy's grandfatr r lled away at a een light. the cabehi them waable to pi up the toddddr...... before the grandfather returned to get him! inral... a is caught camer practicini s snd u upaddle boarding -- alg a flflded street a heavy rns swept throh the area. righnozeze of f ets are submergegeununwaist-high water. and thisisorningnguthohohoes are on alerteven more rains exp]ctedn riride janei and time now for weather and traffic p onhe ogist stepn n n rs is s re now@with rst alert a red flag warnings in effec for nely all of the news5 viewing arar east of the motainin a coco front approachi f fm the west is inging s clou with it. it w wl al bring winds o o 20-3mph with hhehegusts. the wind will warm the air and wewee ditycondndions will be faforable for fires to start easy and spread rapidly. our temperat
Mar 8, 2016 5:00am MST
ed crs during a flight from malaysia to china, and vanished with 239 people on no victimsave ever bn foun e cononedebris the anwashedp uniois lyetodaislso a dedelinefo reretives of the vtims to file coon- or t airline. bere we get you a last check of wer this morning... e how this paiaiof wbn paa cu.. they're nonoyour ordinary ars... they are being hailed as a eimes pay ibute to their birth country! thle c we-ugpapapan anang nanaanop.. anfele cub was given t t na gee-ugh you-ay you-ay ... which means canadian joy! ththnaanrime mster says paas r therowi bondenirost cotry and d ina. me now for wea and traffic the 5s. meteorologist ststhen bowers is hebebeow w wh h t alert 5. thermo s s snd 30th m mnmnm. coldro is set to move ththugsout corado this morning, se dby will b olotot ghs llin the a s. the wind may become a bit gusty as that cold front moves through thisorning. . thehwind will t benything e to whait was y yterday, thlii@ of wind w%wdo haveveill fade away betwn 10 am and noon. atold front ides southwardd& thugcolorado this mo r the cold fnt car co, uer lel low prsure circaon
Jan 29, 2016 5:00am MST
of sun devs fans still ahead... the zika virus may be coming welcome back.. right now crews in china -- are rking toe ur mins trappein a tunnel! they've been sck down there for almost month! christmas day the mine collapsedrapping 17 miners. toy only four of them are alive. crs have been working since the disast to ee them... but stabilitand lling ros have hindered rescueoperations. they havbeen receiving food and water for thpast mth... but today... crews haveinally got to a point whthey n rethem.. using scue csules. a man is arrested at disneand paris. ter police find he was carrying two hand guns and a copy of the quran. a hotel inde the park. police also detained the man's female partn. right w the man's motives for trying to entethhotel with the weaps is unclear. the parkemained open after t arrests. this ces as france remains on ed andnder a state of emergency after ismic extremist tacks arnd paris in november that killed 130 people. medical experts say the zika virucould re to noh amica and rica... theyay the mosquito-born disease could easily g into the soutrn part of the ud
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4