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Feb 16, 2016 6:00am MST
efrts to cntes like china. arina... and iceland.. codo often tops lists of the happiest and healtt places in the nation... but there are some parts of the a new poll reveals what some feel are t most miserae places to live in corado.. "road snacks" compiled the list by analyng data abt things like commute times, unemploymen cost of living and marriage rates. they foundhe denver su of "sridan" is the most miserable.. followed by "edgewat" and "federaleights". they s "cherryil village" is the hpies pueblo ranked 18th most miserabl and coloradsprings ranked 45tout of18. monument-- ranked ird least serable city. up next on news five today.... om chronic pains to problems with sleep... new type of therapy can treat a variety issue... t re in sohern colorado. and he's a live look in colorado springs. while we are waiting for the sun to come up... after the break, we'reoingo tell you aut a n campa promotg solar power at loc businesses. tay your healthy faly... a w alternative to traditional hip placementss sparing scle tissueand speeding up recovery. "britn glaser" goes inside the out the
Feb 23, 2016 6:00am MST
flooring min china mastercard wts to use lfies to help prevent fraud. the mpany is lhing new techlogy so you can use selfies to approvenline purchases. mastercard says selfies and fingerprinscans are safer th tyd passwords. if you want to use your pic pay -- download thmastercard entity check app. itas y take a self each time buy somethinline. your facor fingerprint will be scanned to prove it's you do youant?" your president. that's n going thappen.""london has faen-sr rganreemans almost as well known for narrating movies -- as he is for starring iem. no.. he can narrate yourning commute... in character as "vice prent trumble" from the movie... it's t newest feature onhe waze nigatn p... whicis free foapple, andid and google devices. w thcar wi can guide you to work... or on your next ip to the moes. ming u.. should gun manufacturers bheld accountable ifheir pducts are us in ciminal ss shootis? we'llave thlatest on a law suit that says they ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, new deo just into our newsroom this morning... an emergency on the runw of a paneseirport sends more than after an engine ced a jet
Mar 8, 2016 6:00am MST
alighghghomsia a china, before vanishing with 239 people on board. vicicms were ever fnd. . thonlyfirmrm debebs from the plane washsh up on reunion island last year. toy is also a deadline for latives of the victiti to fi for coensationr r e thth airline. nine people are recoveringngftftft the traib)theyere riding on derailed and landed inin cekininorthern lifornia. . authororiey treeeeell the acact ght. knocking the train off the rail anintohe wat rescue crewsererab to ll eryo o of the ain... ththas partially submerged. fof ththehpepepe hav serious bubunon-li threaningng injues.p 21-year-old "jac s sdovas in custody on chchd abe charges resuing in bodily injnes. pueblo policfountwini siblings -- with serious vible bothere takeketo the hospital. po\oceay -s`ndov i s with the c cldrens' mother. and that t ty were in his re at the tithtjuries. w is mng.... an oklahoma man accused of sexually assaulting chililen ding a mimiion n ip in ken -- is senteed to 40- years in prison. -year-old "matthew lan durhrh" wafod guilty of ping three girls and mesting one y ile e lunteeeeng a
Jan 26, 2016 6:00am MST
stocks. china's stock rket fell on news oil in the u-s fell below 30 dollars a barrel. while thdropn oil pricess making for cheaperasyour 4-o-1 - k isaking a hit. the dow dropped 200 points sterday andow futures are pointing to another big drop when the markets open 7:30 our timehis morning. in a few hours we'll g an update othe unmployment situation inoloro. th report came out in december. it showed colorado lost about 21-hundred jobs -- between octor and november. but the we more than 2 point 5 million jobs on the book noveer's un-employment rate -- was 3 point 6 peent. e december jobrepo comes out at 8 o'clock this morning. all the parents watching... you're goi to want to take a look athis! a nestroll is mang your hectic life a ttle easier! 's a self-propellingtroller called t "smart-be"! pace of thperson behind itit has an electric engine to makeoing uphileaer. anitfeates a bottl ert- mic- ck, cara as wells -- redierenretractable canoeswh theigtechtrler ts thstest st around 3-thousand drs! next: the "mistake" that led some internatonal passengers to walk out of the airpor
Feb 15, 2016 6:00am MST
nding a hugeta oan ingredient used to make crtame. australianederal pice & china's national narcotics control commission found a liquid chemical lled "methyl- ampethamine"acked into imported b of bra inserts and art pplies. they say it can produce about 11 hundred unds of crystal meth... with the street value at more an 900 million dollars... th also found more than four people with ng kong passrts have been arsted. ey'll be icournext month lifeguards pulled ofa dramat reue along the california coast sunday. a 19 year old mastuck became in the cove, after a wave swept m f the reef just after 1pm. lifeguar swam through rough was to geto ctim... and had to use a cranto get him out of e water. the arm of the crane went over the edge of the cliff to lift hitoafety and fortunatelhe only suffered minor injuries. "oh go i thought i was gonna drow like honestly, there was a point where i was hainon the rock over there, i tught ias gonna drn, so finitely a very scary experienc" satuay -lifear responded to more than 12 rescues... ay most hoseere situations that were aidable. we will be right ba
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5