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Nov 23, 2016 5:00pm EST
restitution. >>> some are questioning the cost of getting in good with china. the company built a tool according to some that would censor a poll. facebook is now blocked from china. the company won't admit it built a the official statement is that facebook has always been interested in china and is learning more about the country. >>> ohio gives big tax breaks for movie makers to shoot films here and we are supposed to reap the benefits in the form of jobs and money, but is that really the case? there's no perfect way to figure out how beneficial this is to the state of ohio. >>our exclusive investigation reveals what happens when >>> still some great sunrises and sunsets even though the temperatures are going down and we even had some snow over the weekend. this is r. cocoa 8 via twitter. i'm okay with this all winter long. >>and you know what the snow colorful leafs on some of the maple trees who refuse to drop the leafs. finally tmm 6985 beautiful morning in worcester, ohio. you are great by taking the snapshots and then sending them to me mark j. weather on twitter, you like, you
Nov 9, 2016 5:00pm EST
considers the results a positive sign and wishes the american people a successful future. >> and to china now once trump said climate change was a hoax to hurt u.s. manufacturing the chinese president called trump importance on the china u.s. relationship. >> an we end with russia, he's often been criticized for praising the leadership, today he says he's open to restoring relations with our country saying the way forward will be difficulty but that russia is ready and willing. >> everyone worried about their 401(k) can breathe a sigh of relief tonight. overnight there was a panic across the globe as it became clear donald trump would emerge the winner. but at today's closing bell the dow had surged jumping 250 points. >>> let's check in with the chief, wow, overnight while we wait for results we saw lots of wind and rain and now there's a peak of sun. >> there's some improvement out over the lake the skies are clearing and you can see the sun going down on me, that's a song >> don't let the sun go down. >> great sunset shot. again dry weather for the most part in the power 5, we zoom on
Sep 27, 2016 5:00pm EDT
on the week and those coun against china, then kill the deal. >> well right now, the deal will lack a support in congress. kasich will be staying away from politics otherwise in the 25-minute speech focusing instead of -- on the ohio story. john kosich news 5. >> maybe he didn't do a good job and i was unsatisfied with his work. >> all right, well what you just heard right there, hold on one second. dozens of times that donald trump interrupted hillary clinton on the debate stage. it is a phenomenon that would have a lot of women sounding off on social media, saying that this happens in their lives every single day. our derick waller did some research on what is known as interrupting with the men speaking over women. derek, what did you find? >> reporter: well, i found out what that word means today, but i spoke to a couple other people. >> he didn't pay income tax. so if he paid zero. >> believe me, they would add $5 trillion to the debt. >> but you have no plan. >> he did it over and over again. >> that's fine, have a good time folks. cutting hillary clinton off two dozen times. m
Feb 4, 2016 5:00pm MST
footlongs some "adorable" new video ouof china. 6 giant panda bs born last year have made their big debut! cute ways to ring in the chinese "year of the monkey." they all had some fun pling with the n yr decorations li chinese knots a red lanterns----whicsymbolize joy and good ftu. xxxx looking ahd r you. there's a new traction coming to the denver zoo this summe it will ve guests a "unique experience" to interact with areal-le tiger! the new exbit lled " edge" is opening this june the new ar wl look like the edge of forest to beer reflect the tigetural habitat. guests wil ae to sll and perfored wall. it will alsorovide thehr tigers with nearly one full acre s. alstdolethamntf e old enclosure. thnew atur othe exhit alsonc a dozen pine trees---asell catwalks d bridges. xxxx as wke live look outside right now... flurriesonht! mike is acking the latest. i'annie snead. in tonight's health watch. new research fds gls with a-d-h-d ... may have an increased risk of becoming obese as aeen or adult. scientists compared more than 300-people with childhooa- d-h-d ... to their peers with no history o
Nov 17, 2016 5:00pm EST
. >>reporter: the boy arrested on weapons charges in the please of china figure out where he got the guns. >> the serial number will be recorded and checked for stolen and charged with receiving stolen property. >> it is scary that you cannot be in your own home and relax.>>reporter: the police got a search warrant and during the time the grandmother arrived home and the police were led inside and they found showcasing and guns and they have a copy of the video from facebook in the juvenile is in lockup. live in akron, bob jones, news 5 a man accused of kidnapping a school is still out there, the details are disturbing but tara malina talked with the family about having her back at home and how they will move forward. >>reporter: i caught up with her family outside the hospital about one hour after police reunited them, the details that she shared her horrifying. she is physically okay and they said that is what's important. >> i had prepared myself for funeral. >>reporter: phyllis davis said her mind went to the worst place when the hours passed and her 12-year-old was not home. >>
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5