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Jan 15, 2016 5:00pm EST
. researchers from ohio state state university and peking university in china, they say this explosion is 570 billion times brighter than our sun, and the blast produced light 20 times brighter than all of the stars in the milky way galaxy combined. by the way, there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy. >> that hurts my brain. >> doesn't it hurt your brain? >> it happened 4.5 billion years ago and we just saw it over the summer. >> how cool is that? remember the pizza rat that dragged a slice of pizza down a new york stairwell last year? >> this is the pita rat. someone dropped it on the stairs. they struggled to get it up stairs and they managed to make some progress, taking plenty of breaks to chow down. that helped. they also played a bit of tug-of-war with the bread. >> two things i learned from that video, rats are good at working together and people, stop dropping your food on the subway. first pizza and now this. >> they just want to see what the rats will do. >> ginger gadsden is joining us with what's coming up on the news at 5:30. areas were hit the hardest by today's severe storms
Jan 20, 2016 5:00pm EST
this year. analysts say economic turmoil in china and falling oil prices are the blame for the recent decline. the dow is at its lowest point since last august. >> developing now, changes in the weather. much better news here than the stock market. a live look outside at downtown orlando. afternoon after a cold start. a warm-up is on the way. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the weather. we are getting warmer for a short time, right? >> it's not your imagination. here's what's going on. satellite and radar together, shows how cleaned up we are. loads of sunshine as we hit the dry zone here. big problems up north from raleigh-durham to washington, d.c. in the next 24 hours. here at home, things are going to be so much better. check out the overnight lows we had this morning. we tumbled to 32 in the villages. we froze in ocala, 27. 25 in alachua county in gainesville. in orlando, 38. 46 did it in cocoa beach. tonight we'll do a whole lot better than that. the on-the-town forecast for this evening, 57 degrees within the next hour or two. by 10 p.m., 52. by 11:00 tonight
Jan 7, 2016 5:00pm EST
days. the big losses come after china's stock market crashed 7% overnight again. >> tragedy on a local school soccer field. >> a volusia county community is mourning the loss of a 16-year-old girl. game last night. news 6 reporter loren korn is at taylor middle high school in pierson and joins us now live. it was an emotional day there today. >> yes, very tough day. in fact, some of the students decided to release white balloons to remember their classmate, their friend, who suddenly collapsed here at the soccer field behind me and later died. >> tragedy on the soccer field at taylor middle high school wednesday night. >> we need an ambulance. we got a girl that passed out. >> deputies say the 16-year-old raised her hand to get out of the game. sat on the bench. used her inhaler and suddenly collapsed. >> is she conscious yet? >> no, she's not. she's still out. she's still out. she's still out. >> an ambulance rushed her to the hospital but she died hours later of asthma complications. >> she was a student here and greatly missed by her taylor wildcat friends and staff. principal
Jan 19, 2016 5:00pm EST
were shipped to the port of miami from china. they say counterfeit hoverboards can pose a serious danger, including a higher risk of fire. >> a lot of drama with the hoverboards. it's crazy. >> no kidding. it continues. musicians across the world are remembering the loss of the legendary eagles guitarist and co-founder. >> glenn frey passed away yesterday. he suffered from several illnesses. he became one of the country's most successful songwriters. he's best-known for hits like hotel california, life in the fast lane, and the heat is on. celebrities have been tweeting their condolences and memories. one of those long time friends, paul stanley, from kiss, tweeted, "shocked to report the death of glenn frey, eagle, singer and songwriters." >> glenn frey was 67 years old. funeral arrangements have not been announced just yet. >> now to an update on a florida group hoping to win big by spending big. you may remember the guys in tampa who wanted to hit the powerball. so they bought 73,000 tickets. and now we know just how much they won or lost from the record drawing. these guys say
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4