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Nov 28, 2013 5:00pm PST
channel 2 news. >>> china claims new air space. the uninhabited islands china says is key to national security. >> stepping into fix the problems with >> the data google goes through and keeps. >>> pet owners will be shelling out more money to fly with them. southwest is increasing fees by $20. they will charge $95 for pet carrier each way. >>> thanksgiving tradition on four wheels started today. the auto show opened in san francisco. organizers say the number of cars on hand reflects an upswing. 38 manufacturers showing off their 2014 and 2015 models. not hard to spot what the public is looking for. >> economy, safety and the environment. all the manufacturers responded to that. >> concept cars are also on display. it runs through sunday. >>> google is accused of combining data. a 7 month investigation. officials concluded google spins an invisible web of our personal data without consent. >>> a judge in san jose dismissed a lawsuit accusing apple of violating its privacy policy. they claim it allowed apple to send personal information to third parties. the judge foun
Jan 12, 2010 5:00pm EST
. we'll explain. >>> moms, dads, listen up. toxic toi toys coming out of china are hitting near a store near you. we'll tell you what you need to know to keep your kids safe. >>> let the border battle begin. which other states are trying to snatch up thousands of jobs bound for maryland. >>> looking at baltimore tonight from our storm center weather net. 30 degrees but why it promises a warm-up is headed our way. details are coming up. sn >>> an important warning tonight about products that could be a danker to your kids. once again, they come from china. this time in the form of toys made with a toxic metal. the government is investigating while stores including wal-mart stopped selling the suspect items. diana alvear tells us what you need to watch out for. >> reporter: they may look pretty but test results show certain pieces of children's jewelry contain alarming levels of the heavy metal cadmium. >> it is a known carcinogen. it is highly toxic to adults and to children. there's recent research indicating that it affects the brain in terms of lorning disabilities and loss of iq. >>
Jul 11, 2011 5:00pm EDT
on the trip of a lifetime. kids are heading to china as part of an exchange program. we take a look at a program that's making a huge difference in student's lives. >> reporter: students at this school are busy putting the final touches on a school banner. eight students are heading to china for a week as part of the exchange program. these are a friendly gesture. >> i love the asian culture. i can't wait to experience it for myself. i love traveling a lot. it's wonderful. it's my first time traveling out of country. it's nice. >> reporter: carver offers a number of trades including electrical and cosmetology. they'll visit the sister school that offers trades main focus of the program is on chinese and english languages. the students will learn traditions and visit companies. carver is one of the first city schools to participate in the china exchange program. it's important for the students who wouldn't otherwise get a opportunity to go abroad. we started this relationship a year ago with the idea that we would partner with the school with a similar focus. >> reporter: for many, t
Dec 19, 2011 5:00pm EST
. >> recently, and negotiations with china, they had made progress on efforts for north korea to suspend their uranium enrichment programs. senator dick lugar said a meeting with all the key countries, including russia and china, is critical. >> this is not simply a bilateral situation, but one in which the world is watching. china and the u.s. are the focal point, but others need the help. >> concern in d.c., but in korea-town, a sense of relief. >> he is running a country, not like running a restaurant, so that is kind of dangerous. overall, it should be a good thing. >> reacting to his death as the world watches for north korea's next move. wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can see his life in pictures come a time one of his rule, and an interactive guide taking a look inside north korean history and nuclear investments on >> what can really say about last night's game? for one thing, it was not pretty. >> not at all. no doubt there would not agree. voice of the ravens gerry sandusky has more. is debacle too strong of a word? >> that brings accurate. that's however body feel
Feb 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
. . >> the man who is next in line to lead china is on a state visit to the united states. the president welcomed him today. they are expected to discuss the balance of trade between the united states and china along with human rights and the situation in tibet. the president said with china's expanding power, also comes increased responsibility. >> we want to work with china to make sure that everybody is working by the same rules of the road when it comes to the world economic system and that includes ensure there is is a bald trade flow. >> reporter: he had lunch with the vice president and secretary of state. >> republican presidential candidate santorum campaigned in a super tuesday state today. he rallied supporters in idaho. he took aim at the president once again raising the issue of class warfare between the rich and the poor. >> president obama thinks those that don't have envy those that do and that those that do have are greedy. that's not what america is all about. that's not what we are. >> reporter: is he surging in the polls, three polls show him gaining ground
Aug 24, 2015 5:00pm EDT
an economic slowdown in china. >> nbc 10 national correspondent brian mohr joins us live from washington with details. >> reporter: the sound of today's opening bell was accompanied by the smell of beer. from the opening bell, it was a roller coaster of a day on wall street. the dow plunging lower, lower and even lower in just the first 5:30. >> the dow is down 1,000 points. >> reporter: the numbers climbed back but ended down 588 points. >> i never seen a day with the kind of strange numbers we had here. two new highs, 1200 new lows on the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: 11 months of gains wiped out in three trading sessions. largely because of fears that china's economy is slowing down. >> they have created demand. they have created commerce when our economy was slowing. now china's slowing and the rest of the world seems to be fairly slow, too. >> reporter: the white house says market numbers don't tell the whole story. >> what i would encourage people to evaluate is the ongoing strength and resilience of the u.s. economy. >> reporter: market analysts say today's vola
Dec 20, 2010 5:00pm PST
seem like a safe place for a slow stroll, but china town workers said it's no surprise these streets are among the most dank russ for san francisco -- dangerous for san francisco pedestrians. >> a member of our parish was run down a couple years ago, she is still recovering. >> reporter: the transportation agency reports an average of two pedestrians are hit each day with about #00 injuries and 22 fatalities a year. >> in some neighborhoods, we have rates of injuries that are more than 100 per 100,000 per year, which is about five times what the national public holt goals are for injury rates. >> reporter: officials say fatalities had actually dropped two thirds since the '60s, but the number is still too high. >> the distractions, it's going too fast, making illegal turns. >> reporter: today an executive directive was signed aimed at cutting casualties, the plan includes slorg the speed limit, and possibly reshaping the busiest streets with wider sidewalks and more greenery in hopes of calming traffic. >> this is a walkable city, but we have a lot of streets that act more li
Nov 29, 2013 5:00pm PST
held for the last 50 years. >>> tensions are mounting in the skies above the east china sea over china's newly declared air defense identification zone. japan, the u.s. and south korea today sent flights through the maritime air defense zone. officials in many countries are vowing to ignore china's declaration, saying it's a territorial overreach. after the planes went through china's new defense zone today, china launched two fighter planes to investigate the area over the east china sea. >>> san francisco's mayor ed lee is on his way to independent use to be part of a dell indication headed to bangalore as part of the sister city initiative. he recently returned from a trip to china where he agreed to two new sister city partnerships. the mayor's trip to india is scheduled through december 5. >>> five years ago today, a man was shot in the back in golden gate park. the case was never solved, but his mother hasn't given up. patty lee shows us every year the mother makes a pilgrimage to the city, trying to find justice for her son. >> reporter: chris steen evans looks up at the s
Aug 21, 2016 5:00pm MDT
. >> leaving you with the longest glass bottom bridge opened in one of china's national park. it spans over a canyon more than a quarter mile long and 20 feet wide. about one thousand foot drop to the canyon floor in case you are wondering. of glass. you will need to plan in advance because it is restricted to 8000 visitors a day. and you got to make an appointment to do that. >>> very popular. >> take a trip to china. >> that scares me more than sky diving. >> i would do that in a heart beat. >> that makes my palms sweaty. you drop out of a airplane you are so far and don't know what is going to happen. >> but i will go to do the sky diving thing. >> you have >> i will keep you posted. >> rod is like i am not touching either one. >> i will do the bridge. you are not going anywhere. >> it just still freaks me out. you can see through it one thousand feet down. >> it is made in china. >> oh, my gosh. >>> you know what ... >> any hoot. >> okay. you know what, it has been nice and you know what the summer heat is sticking around and not day and a couple of showers and i will show yo
Jul 24, 2012 5:00pm PDT
francisco and china today entered a new agreement to boost business and trade between the two regions. city economic officials and china's minister took part. mayor ed lee says san francisco is a -- making it a good business partner for china. >> this is what happens here in san francisco. we don't just talk about the problems, we will try to discover ways to solve them. >> reporter: now under the new agreement, china and san francisco have pledged to work together to promote investment and opportunity and bio science technology and other fields. >>> the bay area real estate market is showing some signs of recovery with a promising jump in home prices last quarter. according to real estate site zilo, home prices rose in san francisco and santa clara county. those two areas are considered the top two markets in the u.s. for sellers. for all nine bay area counties, the average increase was 2.5% that could happen inventory levels as more homeowners decide to list their homes at higher prices. >>> apple's copyright infriction may be worth $2.5 billion. that is how much the company is seeking. a
Oct 29, 2013 5:00pm PDT
the city can't. it's day one of a plan to keep oakland's china town safe. it involves private security guards, patrolling the streets. >> it's not a cheap endeavor but it is, it's something we were in a position to do. >> reporter: the ceo the bank that started in oakland's china town 30 years ago is flipping the bill. he would not tell us the price, just that the city's crime problem had already koárs the community too much. >> i think there's certainly a perception that oakland is not as safe as it could be or should be. and china town is located in oakland so that perception goes along and applies to this community as well. >> reporter: providing the combination of peace and mind and muscle, former oakland police officers who know too well the impact their diminish ranks have had on the city. >> it's going to be a long time for those numbers to ever catch up. i think the short term and mid- range solution to this is a private solution. >> reporter: according to the city's crime statistics, between may two and october 29 there were 800 crimes reported. in this half mile rad
Nov 26, 2013 5:00pm PST
making. >>> on saturday china claimed the air space above some disputed islands in the east china sea. today two air force b52 bombers flew over the sea without notifying beijing. the planes were on a joint u.s. japan training exercise. they were in china's air space for about an hour. the training exercise is a challenge to china's claim. beijing has issued a protest with japan and the u.s. government over that exercise. >>> a puppy traped in a storm drain for several days is capturing the hearts of a texas community and beyond. dallas firefighters pulled the puppy out today. they say he was hungry but other wise okay. he had been down there during bad weather since last friday and the puppy kept hiding from people trying to set him free. firefighters you see here finally lured him into a trap and brought him up. his mother was a stray white lab that gave birth to the litter under a near by portable classroom. shelter officials now plan to hold a drawing on sunday because so many people have come forward wanting to adopt this little guy. >>> up next, 2 investigates. >> transforming a
Jan 25, 2011 5:00pm PST
will be dimming the lights across china. h >>> a south bay company that makes street lights says it is doing big business in china. the echelon organization can save money by dimming street lights. one of the biggest companies in china plans to install a half million of the lights over the next three years. the company says it hopes the technology will lower energy needs by more than 50%. >>> the san francisco supervisor today introduced resolution hoping to block the sale of college radio station kusf. >> who's station? >> our station. >> supporters of the station protesting outside city hall today just before the board of supervisors meeting. they were also on hand to hear supervisor ross mucarini introduce the motion to rescind the sale. >> i think it is important that even though we recognize the limits of our authority and our reach that we don't stand silent when we think a mistake of this magnitude has occurred. >> the mayor himself graduated from usf. university pulled the plug on the station last week as part of a $3.75 million deal that transferred kusf's frequency to a cl
Apr 14, 2014 5:00pm PDT
is marked made in the u.s.a. but i found these still made in china. says so right here on the back of the bag. the company says the treats are from a single supplier in china with quality inspectors on site. in 2007 the fda warned a link between treats made in china and sick and dying dogs. it received 5,000 reports from the public examined 12 dead dogs and traveled to china. but investigators are still stumped. >> i think it is a difficult mystery for us. it is, you know, dealing with the product that is made not domestically. >> the fda is confident they will solve the mystery but that is not enough for her who cautions all owners to look where the treats are made, suggesting only buying made in the u.s.a. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now at 6:00 a.m. a security guard arrested on allegations he molested his two step-daughters, what his ex- wife found and the first whale sitings in the bay and a scam artist posting as a dea agent is caught in the act. >> ktvu channel 2 news starts right now with breaking news. >>> that breaking news involving b.a.r.t. the montgomery station is now ope
Apr 7, 2013 5:00pm PDT
died. les blank pa made about 40 films with topics as varied as tea leaves in china -- he lived in berkeley for years. his family said he often took walks around the neighborhood. blank especially liked to score roots music. this film, called "my old fiddle" celebrated the homemade music of the mountains. blank won several awards, including a lifetime achievement award. he died from bladder cancer at his home in the berkeley hills. he was 77 years old >>> funeral services set for roger ebert for tomorrow his family said the service will be open to the public at a downtown chicago work. he died last week after a 10- year battle with cancer. he worked for the chicago sun times for years as a film critic. another memorial tribute is planned for him on april 11th. . >> it is broken from a to z, we have to fix it. >> battle over immigration reform as top lawmakers prepare to take up the issue on capital hill. >> >> where these cars were parked when they were targeted by thieves. >> >> more on the shooting death of a texas district attorney and his wife. where he went one day before he w
Jan 1, 2016 5:00pm EST
replaced with an app. but it's not just any app. i'm now on chat and my popular messaging in china. when i say popular, we're talking hundreds of millions of people on this. i'm going for the spicy beef rice noodles. i'm getting a bit of a discount so altogether it's about $5. it's now giving me a number which will be called out on the speakers in just a few minutes. and that will be my dish. one place there are staff, the kitchen. a team of chefs turning digital here we are. it's been about five minutes. and there's beef spicy noodles. the restaurant owner is looking at cutting his overhead even more. >> there will be four no's in this restaurant. that is no waitress, no cashier. i'm doing this to follow the trend in china. >> reporter: in an age where smartphones are signaling the end of take out the need to speak to a waiter, too. andrew stephens, cnn, beijing. >> anchor: in today's pet pals wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer. he helped us, uh...reinvent the whole space. and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect
Jul 15, 2010 5:24pm PDT
soon. >> an update on a mission of hope to find a northern california mother overseas in china trying to save her daughter's life. >>> all right you might not even know that california has a state rock, but now one legislator wants to change it. that's because the state rock is asbestos. it was named the state rock back in 1965 because of its connection to the gold rush. well since then,asbestos has been tied to health problems including cancer. it would leave california without an official state rock. >>> today we have a follow up to a story we reported earlier this month about a sacramento mom who left for china in search of a bone marrow donor for her daughter. >> this is where she spent her first year. >> sherry kramer began to cry when she saw the orphanage where he daughter lived in the first year. her mother is holding a marrow and stem cell drive along the ethic minorities who live near that orphanage. >> i don't have a lot of time with katie. she doesn't have years, she doesn't have months to have a transplant. it has to be soon. >> katie kramer recently underwent chem
May 25, 2010 5:00pm EDT
china is helping some patients cope with severe depression. >>> plus jesse james speaks out about cheating on his wife. what he's revealing in an exclusive interview with "nightline." you don't want to miss that. currently in north bay, 76 degrees. white -- wyett will have the forecast coming up. >>> the connecticut woman who owned the chimp that mauled and blinded her friend has died. an attorney for sandy harris said she died last night of a ruptured aortic aneurysm. she owned a 200 pound chimp that went berserk in 2009 after she asked her friend carla nash to help lure the animal back into the house. the animal ripped off part of nash's face. the family plans to sue the state forstein 150 million -- $150 million. >>> his name is jesse james but unlike his notorious namesake this one wants to confess. the estranged husband of movie star sandra bullock has spoken exclusively to nightline in an interview to be broadcast tonight. he admitted he cheated on her and lied about it over and over again. abc's diana avillar tells us how his life of deception ended. >> and the winner is --
Sep 29, 2009 5:00pm EDT
animals. >> these on-line pharmacies in china, in the philippines, these unregulated pharmacies that people can get drugs from, they are obviously a tremendous public safety risk. people who aren't trained in the potent medications, people ship them to the house. a lot of the times the drugs you take are not actually the drugs you ordered >> police searched mccracken's home, found three dozen marijuana plants, other drug paraphernalia. at this time he's not been charringed in johns' death. >>> people want your help tracking down this man, wanted for questioning in a rape that happened on the 20th in the 47,000 block of homer avenue. anyone who could help identify and find that man is asked to call the department's sex offense unit at 410-396-2076. >>> maryland state police are searching for 17-year-old jordan dupont who escaped from the grounds of the charles hickey school in baltimore county. authorities say he was last seen running towards i-95 in whitemarsh and may be headed to the eastern shore near his home town. >>> baltimore county police are also looking for two world war ii
Dec 6, 2011 5:00pm PST
expensive but said it was important. >> apple has lost a legal battle in china in a trademark dispute over the popular i-pad tablet. a court in southern china has rejected the lawsuit accusing a company of infringing on the i- pad trademark. siting court document documents they say it legally registered the trademark as long ago as the year 2000 in china and in other countries. apple developed years after that and released it's first version of the tablet last year. >> verizon denies that it is blocking google's new payments app from running on the latest smart phone. the galaxy. earlier a spokesperson said they asked not to include the function due out this month but a verizon spokesperson said they have still in talks. verizon and competition are part of a joint venture that is planning it's own mobile payment system. >> movie fan dear sir use their i-phones to find their favorite motion pictures in san francisco. looking live here at a picture in countless films the skyline the mayor showed off the new sf film spots app. you can get gps locations to locations where movie was filmed
Apr 21, 2013 5:00pm PDT
on the charges. >> the death toll climbs after a massive earthquake in china. we will tell you what rescue crews are doing to reach isolated villages. >> there was some apprehension after the boston bombings, but that didn't stop tens of thousands of people from running and watching the london marathon. >> residents of west, texas are allowed back home to see the devastation left behind after the explosion at the fertilizer plant. you kids should count yourselves lucky. we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> some residents of the texas town leveled by the fertilizer plant explosion were able to return to their homes today. many others, they have no homes left. this is what the worst of the damage looked like today. investigators don't yet know t
May 25, 2011 5:00pm PDT
. >> reporter: you know, as japan did for 40 years right now, china is training its future airline pilots right here at the airport. had here is the run -- >> here is the runway. >> reporter: these 30 young chinese were hand picked by china airlines. mark runs the flight training center. >> the focus from day one is they will be -- you know, that controls of an air liner. you incorporate more into your training program than just how to control the machine. >> reporter: it's a god sent for napa airport which lost its flight school after it fell on financial difficultly, leaving these aircraft and napa airport in considerable difficulty. >> 200 employees that were here. it was a significant hit for the airport. >> they are responsible for half of the aircraft operations. >> reporter: china is highshing foreign cruise since it will take years to train enough of their own people. >> there isn't enough capacity to meet the demand. >> reporter: maximum student potential here, 150 student pilots. >> 40, 50, 60 employees in just this one facility. you are talking in a small community like napa, 1
Aug 6, 2010 5:00pm PDT
will move it does not discriminate. >>> iphones with wifi will be sold sunday in china. industry analysts says that's hurt the iphone appeal in china where black market models are readily available. >>> and according to health experts, the pandemic h1n1 remains largely unchanged in recent months. as of august 1st, 2 dozen countries have reported cases of the virus. there have been 18,000 deaths in total. it's been found in limited areas in south and central america. >>> a new study finds some of the most frequently prescribed drugs may alter the results of prostate cancer screens tests. scientists have found common drugs and certain painkillers might contribute to false low psa levels. a prostate cancer diagnosis is based on a lowered psa level. more research is needed to find out why the drugs have that effect. the report is published in the journal of clinical oncology. >>> getting around downtown oakland is getting a lot easier. we're going to show you why -- police. >> reporter: the next time you ride a nummi train you may notice some people on board wearing yellow vests, the
Aug 11, 2017 5:00pm EDT
frankly words were intended to have more of an impact on china than north korea. and if you see that some of the actions of china of late, they did join the united states, it's a big deal. perhaps the hot rhetoric is having a bit of an impact on china. and their positioning in all of this. >> chuck todd, as always, thank you. we'll see you on sunday. you can tune in to "meet the press at 10:30 on sunday here on nbc 10. >>> today a celebration of life for a child who survived getting shot several times exactly one year ago. he is now 7 years old. he was shot ten times last august. today the community came together and he was all smiles. >> we didn't. expect for him to walk away the situation. he did. remarkably, he did. and as you can see, he's been running, laughing, joking, playing like a normal kid. >> and his mother tells us her son no longer needs a wheelchair to get around. >>> take a look at this scene. pretty chaotic here. staffers had to move the entire. emergency room outside after patients started getting dizzy and nauseous. investigators believe there may have been some ki
Oct 4, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. >> but the score doesn't hurt. >> reporter: china phillips admitted a past drinking problem. >> in a good way. it's good to let people know they're not alone. >> reporter: and j.r. martinez honored the military. >> tonight i was able to share that. rob kardashian and david arquette. >> right now you need to feet. it's a matter of whose fan base is the biggest. things that i did great. >> i'm very proud of you. please take it and believe it when i say it. she's been working on me about focusing and being in the moment. it's a challenge. this is really an interesting competition. >> reporter: just one point behind them in this very competitive week, carson kressley. >> getting a 23 makes us happy. >> reporter: in ninth place scoring triple seven's, nancy grace. >> we're going to have to give it a little of that next time. >> reporter: in last place with triple six's, chaz bono. >> i'm a pretty positive person. i've had a difficult life. i've had to get over a lot of big hurdles, and i have. >> reporter: before the third celebrity of the season goes home, you'll get performances by mary
Sep 24, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. >> pandemonium in china. they're getting some bonding time. they're all artificially bred. the oldest cub is four times heavier than the youngest. they've all passed the most fragile stage but they didn't open that are eyes until they're almost 100 days old. >> check this out. this is a bear hanging out in the trees at seven 11. he spent more than seven hours, then climbed down and scampered away. the bear is about three years old weighing in at 350 pounds, looking for those chili dogs. >> i thought the issue was date -- gators. five sweeps all clear. skies crystal clear, as clear as they get. look at baltimore. do you see even one cloud? the answer is no there's not a cloud in the sky, nor has there been one all day long. that is our story and we're sticking to it. 73. wind north pat -- at five. we're low 30.0. the abc2 app,ed check out our weather tab page. into the 70s again tomorrow. mid-70s by 4:00 or so. a bright sunny scenario as we look at that next day planner. beyond that we will look for temperatures to run in the low 70s throughout the next hour or two and cooling into the evenin
Oct 31, 2013 5:00pm EDT
pusieron de pie yo apldieron por ser todo un hÉroe >> una niÑa en la china se salÓo gracias que su chaqueta se enganchÓ en el borde de la ventan 2 vecin salien estaba sola en la casa cuando suediÓ el incidente y su abuela llegÓ a tiempo para rirle la puerta a los bomberos. el fbi ha decidido investigar la muerte de un jencito de georgia que apareciÓ muerto, un vueo en una colchÓneta, despuÉsue un juezrdenara divulgar las imÁgenes de seguridad del gimnasio que mueran los Últimosinutose vida del jovencito, susadres estÁn convendos que alguien lo matÓ y estÁn luchando despuÉs que el sherif cerrÓ el caso afirmando que todo fue un accidee. >> un verdadero infierno en el callao, perÚ, mÁs de 300 casas de maderardieron como u hora, susueÑos trataron de apagar las llamas pero fue prÁcticamente imposible una madre en sona mÉxico consÓ de mat a su bebita de 2 meses lanzada sobre una cama porque no deba de llorar dijo que esperaba desperada y l tirÓ contra el colchÓn yespuÉs se fue a trabajar, fue el padre de la pequeÑaue la descubriÓ sin signos vitales la criatura mur
Sep 28, 2016 5:00pm MST
body. some of them are not doing that. >>> today's clips revolves around ashley's china had a different sports. michael felt this by michael phelps to his signature arm flab routine before gulping. he got the ball down the middle of the fairway. he hopes to hit the links three >>> tim tebow places first professional game of baseball. the first pitch he sees, he hits out at the park for a home run. he is playing in the new york mets minor league system. >>> when we come back, my weekly fantasy tips and a big decision for owners of the top two running backs. fantasy football league owners have to we -- rework their rosters. my biggest tip for week four doesn't really involve an injury. i'm talking about those of you who own the steelers running back deangelo williams. my big advice is to sit him against the chiefs because lady am bell has served his three- game suspension and start practicing with the steelers today in preparation for sunday's game. david stated he will play and mike guesses he'll play and be featured. the week. chicago bears running howard. his backup team carr
May 23, 2011 5:00pm PDT
increase, beer makers are paying more for barley. >>> a deadly explosion in china is having an effect at home. it happened at a chinese apple assembly plant. officials insist this is only temporary. while it is damaged, overall production will not be effected. supply shortage is nothing news for the ipad two. supply has been running tight to ato manufacturing issues. >>> a increase to report on the number of children in the u.s. who have developmental disabilities. 1-6 have a disability. most of the increases come in autism and adhd. the percentage of children with disorders went up from 12% to 15%. however the health experts say much of the increase is due to better diagnose. >>> researchers believe they found a link between obesity and breast cancer. people have a variant of the jean fto could be 30% more likely to develop breast cancer. the information brings them closer to personalized medication. >>> new information into our news room, we continue to look at the scene of breaking news in fairfield. a tour bus accident and what the driv says caused the accident. we will have that
Apr 22, 2012 5:00pm PDT
powerful dust storms hit china, what was fueling the storm that sent people ducking for cover. >>> scary scene new york city after a crash. three cars collide, sending one flipping on to the sidewalk. so far no charges have been filed against the driver that caused the accident. >>> three doesn't people were arrested at kent state university after a fight broke out. police were called in to clear out the clouds last night. they used pepper balls to disperse 3,000 students. police say students were hitting one another with alcohol bottles and throwing beer at police officer. >>> officials are working to explain an unusual site and sound above the sierra today. the national weather service say a explosion in the sky this morning was caused by the meteor shower that can produce fire balls and sonic booms when meteors enter the atmosphere. residents say they are not convinced. >> we see meteors all the time and they don't burst into thousands thousands of blue sparks. >> it happens every year when a comet passes the earth. >>> the french president suffered a blow, losing in the pr
Apr 22, 2014 5:00pm PDT
/2 million. >>> tesla has released its first order of cars to china. the palo alto car company says will build charging stations and service centers in china. the government has been pushing the electric car. says tesla plans to start work next year on charging stations. >>> the county department of revenue says it has nearly $244,000 of unclaimed money. now they are trying to find the 16 160 people. the money comes from a variety of sources. to see if you are owed money from the county go to -- >>> a new look at what it would be like inside the wheel well of a jet. the position you would likely have to be in to survive. >>> google is offering a big prize. what it wants in return. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] an
May 20, 2012 5:00pm PDT
company to buy motorola mobility. officials in china have now cleared the deal. google's android operating system must remain free for the next 5 years. it allows google access to thousands of pattens. the merger will close in a few days. >>> an zahn may have found -- amazon may have found a way to cash in on california's sales tax. they are setting up facilities in california to handle orders made by californians. the cities get a portion of the sales taxes and now officials may return millions of dollars back to amazon as a thank you for creating jobs. critics calls it a rebate and working to make it illegal. >>> a strong earthquake in itly leaves four people -- italy leaves four people dead and activists from china spent his first full day here in the u.s. and why the foreclosure crisis may mean fewer latino voters at the poles in the -- polls in the upcoming election. >>> fire crews in san bernardino county continue to fight a massive industrial blaze tonight. drivers along i-10 could see explosions and huge flames where the blaze broke out last night. several acres burned, i
Nov 14, 2017 5:00pm EST
basketball players detained in china for lifting are on their wack to the u.s. >> they will land on american soil later tonight. they left china early this morning after being detained in were accused of stealing from a department store. officials say the matter has been resolved with chinese authoritto hold a news conference abouthe incident tomorrow >>> next at 5:00, sayin good-bye to her good samaritan son. son i kno how to go on withoutm. >> a good loses his help attack eded. why his relatives say even death >> all new at 6:00, trooper assist. how you can help a local state trooper sho line of duty one week ago. k[p > allmp n t 5:00, a jersey shore an in public. but police say the on the goo samaritan whoinjuries. >>> the mother of the late h speaks only bravery and he's continuing to help people even though gone. >> always has been a good samaritan. >> he calls h son john a soldier of the s. the oldest of her children ultimately lost his life after trying to save a stranger. >> my son was rippedrom my life and i don't foe how.orter: authorities say the 54-year-old man yelled at calvin w
Mar 26, 2014 5:00pm PDT
he is a former member of the san francisco china town street gang, over the past years hes has been -- hes habeen convicted -- he has been convicted on several charges. he was released from prison in 2003 after cutting a deal with the government to testify against an associate. he is currently head of a association in san francisco, and our coverage of the story continues throughout the newscast. at 5:30 p.m. one of the raids hit a snag today, why the fbi had to call in firefighters to get a certain piece of evidence out of the building. >>> to our storm watch coverage. a live picture of what is happening at the bay bridge. clouds in the sky. not pouring right now but think back 12 hours ago a different story. it was pouring for much of the morning. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin told us to expect that yesterday and how much rain did we get? >> what difference between this morning ask this afternoon -- and this afternoon. there are still showers and severe weather north of here. the rainfall this morning, the front. rainfall accumulations pop in behind this. some areas got u
Jan 11, 2012 5:00pm PST
manufacturing back from china to milwaukee, and foot wear, opening production plants in california and oregon. >>> these companies are choosing to invest in the one country with the most productive workers, the best universities and the most creative and brilliant business people in the world, and that is the united states of america. >> the president will propose new tax incentives for companies to keep jobs here in the united states. they want to eliminate tax breaks for those that move jobs overseas. >>> and the federal reserve says that the u.s. economy did show signs of improvement last year. the feds say all by 21 of the banking regions showed growth in spending and consumer travel. the only exception was the virginia region, covering the mid-atlantic states. they say that housing is still at risk. it appeared the economy was going back into recession last year. >>> and competing with the good report about the u.s. economy from the fed. >>> investors started the day concerned with a report showing the german economy contracted in the 4th quarter of 2010. the dow finishing down 13
Feb 2, 2012 5:00pm PST
challenging china or trade issues. >> he is tough, smart, sharp. he is not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we love. mitt romney, go out and get them. >> both donald trump and mitt romney lashed out at china or its manufacturing and trade practices. >> economy is facing threats from abroad. >> his endorsement was a surprise. there was speculation he would back newt gingrich. newt gingrich wouldn't let go of his remarks yesterday about the pour. he held a rally at a manufacturing plant and commented on mitt romney's statement which he said he is not concerned about the very pour because they have a -- poor because they have a safety net. >> mitt romney and president obama believe a safety net is all the poor need. i don't believe that. what the poor need is a trampoline so they could spring up. [ cheers and applause ] >> newt gingrich toured the plant that produces delivery trucks and lifters. 9 news reporter ken pritchett is in nevada, covering the caucuses for us. he will have report at 10:00. >>> the job market is showing signs of life. the number o
Feb 25, 2011 5:00pm PST
arab world. china closely controls what is available on the internet. in fact, facebook and twitter are blocked in china. >>> libyan dictator defied world criticism appearing before a crowd of his supporters. gadahfi pumped his fist and blew kisses. gadahfi's son told authorities his family will never let a bunch of terrorists control our country. anti government protesters held a loud rally and a ferry carrying 300 evacuees from libya carrying many americans also was able to move out. >> the safety of the american community remains paramount. >> reporter: the state department will try to help other americans leave libya quote to the greatest extend possible. now coming up today at 5:30, supporters rallied here in the bay area today. one man's desperate search for news of his father. >>> oil prices stabilize today after yesterday's wild ride. they changed little through most of today closing at more than $98 a barrel. prizes swung from 96 to $103 a barrel. >>> and stocks closed higher after their worse week in december. >>> investors seemed calmer about crude oil prices and there wa
Aug 17, 2010 5:00pm PDT
of bay bridge. huge spans have just arrived from china. construction is moving so quickly and smoothly that the deck sections will be in place by next week. >> these sections here are 225 feet long and they weigh over 1,500-tons they're the largest parts of the roadbed that we're going to put in place. >> reporter: most of the projects major parts are here or will arrive soon including high strength wire. the cables will be used for the massive suspension arm of the signature tower which is currently in the process of going up. we have more information about the bay bridge project on our website just click on the bay bridge tab. >>> we are following breaking news right now on the san mateo coast. we just got word that a glass fire on pigeon point may have been contained. the fire broke out just after 3:00 p.m. on the east side of highway 1, calfire says it launched an aggressive attack with six engines, a chopper and two air tankers, power lines though are line in the area and pg & e is currently on the scene, the cause is still under investigation. >>> traffic is mov
Feb 21, 2013 5:00pm PST
chance of a sprinkle. >>> two days from now, san francisco china town will usher in the year of the snake. rob roth joins us live with why the rout is different this year. >> reporter: we're under the rotunda here in city hall where a celebration is about to begin. about 200 people are expected at the lunar year kick off. mayor lee is expected to speak and we're also expecting lion dancers. the massive chinese new year parade is set for sunday night and there's still a lot of work to do to get ready. for this crew of float builders it's the home stretch. they are preparing the last of the 24 float that is will highlight this year's chinese new year parade the biggest outside of china. the float builders reported being way behind schedule but now are planning to build way more floats. >> those are massive amounts to buy. and to actually put on the float. so you never know if you have enough until you get down to that last little golden coin. >> reporter: one unique coin still under construction is an oil pump. during the parade, someone will be inside this small closet operating it.
Aug 16, 2011 5:00pm PDT
through a china-u.s. program. >> our next move is to have one of the major banks come here because we need the transactional business that can occur, in addition to the solar companies and the china rail companies that are here and they are visiting several different departments. >> mayor lee said as federal dollars dry up they must attract different investor and chinese business could provide those funds. mayor would like to see other san francisco hotels reach out to other visitors such as southeast asia, japan and south america to make them feel more welcome. >>> that stolen rembrandt worth a quarter of a million dollars was found in a church 20 miles away from where it was stolen in southern california. it was found there and we don't know how it got there. the police showd it off at a news conference today. the framed drawing was on an easel in the lobby of the ritz carlton in marina del rey when it was stolen over the weekend. the print is part of an exhibit sponsored by san francisco's linearis program. >>> and now you can reed notes and drawing of davinci now on the i pad.
Sep 30, 2010 5:00pm PDT
china. >> i think 100% of the toys recalled recently have been from china. it's something that i try to avoid. >> reporter: not so much the brand but the origin. >> i think they have become one, in many people's minds. i know in my own. >> reporter: if you have a defected toy, go to the website and you will find information on all of the toys recalled. many differences in them say you need to figure out exactly whether or not you have the toy involved. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> if you cause a car crash in san francisco the city will soon be sending you a bill. the fire department will start collecting fees in two weeks to recoop the cost of cleaning up car scenes. the motorists who cause an accident face a fee of up to $10,000 which is expected to be charged to the city of san francisco. it's expected to raise over $266,000 a year to help close the fire department $13 million budget deficit. >>> vallejo fire crews were busy this morning helping clear off an accident scene. crews had to use the jaws of life to open up the truck. the truck lost the load because it was not proper
May 31, 2015 5:00pm PDT
over the eastern pacific tonight on a nonstop flight to hawaii. andre took off last night from china in what is expected to be a 5 day flight. power cells power the motor and at night the plane glides slowly towards earth while the pilot takes short naps. >> we know there won't be any typhoons because this we can predict. we are not sure how the weather looked like, so the team on the ground will work and help me to keep it in the right weather conditions. >> force burg and fellow pilot started their around the world journey back in march. so far the solar plane has stopped in -- and china. after hawaii's plans call for barnard to fly to phoenix. >>> while solar impulse 2 is trying to set a record in the air. a -- is set to is smash a 162 year record on the high seas. the maserati sailboat is about to finish a 7000-mile journey. the route once traveled by clipper ships. it's been on the water now for 20 days and according to the website just about an hour ago that boat was about 25 miles from shanghai. >>> telling people who live near the airport things could get a little bit noisier
Dec 1, 2013 5:00pm PST
. china's latest display of missions in space. ♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. >>> chinese lunar launch. today, a rocket blasted off of southwest china. carrying their first robotic rover. the name is called jade rabbit. the landing craft is expected to make a soft landing on the moon on december 14. if successful, it will be chinese's first soft landing on the moon, which allows the craft to operate after descending. >>> violent protests in thailand have killed at least three people so far, and there's no sign of ending soon. throwing firecrackers in rocks. they want to oust the prime minister. government forces used tear gas, and water cannons to dispurse the crowd, so far, that tactic doesn't seem to be working, as the protesters come back. big protests in the capitol of ukraine. about 100,000 people are demonstrating against the president's refusal to sign a trade agreement with the european union. riot police use tear gas and flash grenades to try to break up the crowd. >>> a ceremony toda
Feb 17, 2012 5:00pm PST
doesn't collect personal data. >>> a legal battle in china over the name i-pad. apple has rights to the name in most other countries and manufacturers in chain. a company in china trademarked the name and its been ruled they aren't bound by an agreement reached back in 2009. analysts say the pressure is now on apple to reach a settlement. >> big rig full of condoms pulled in as part of a nationwide tour to filth std's. the tour is called condem nation. it'll end in july on the east coast. in oakland organizers handed out free condoms and free hiv testing. it'll stop in towns all across the country. >> not everything has to be like the big event in oakland. we want to go to the small towns, hang outside bars and give them out and let people ba wafer them, get peopling thinking about them. >> it plans to hand out ten million of them over the next five months. >> a longa waited report giving environmentisting a business win. they come from burning plastics and some factories in -- in chemical plants. they remain in the environment, get into water and food and are linked to hormone problems
Aug 3, 2014 5:00pm PDT
. the latest on rescue operations in china. o?oowq >>> rescue operations underway in china after a powerful earthquake collapsed buildings and killed 367 people. the quake measured 6.1. surveillance video captured the moment the quake hit at 4:30 p.m. local time. one woman said the shaking seemed to last forever and said the power remains off and large after shocks are constant. another woman told us her neighborhood looked like a battlefield. >> >> encouraging news about the american doctor infected with the deadly ebola virus. dr. kent brantly was able to walk into the emery university hospital on his own yesterday. he was brought from liberia where he was treating people with the virus before he, himself, became ill >> the reason we are bringing the patients back to our facility is because we feel they deserve to have the highest level of care offered for their treatment. brantly received a blood transfusion from a 14-year-old boy who suffered ebola under his care and hoped that the teen's antibodies would help the doctor fight off the virus. another doctor expected to arrive fr
Dec 30, 2011 5:00pm PST
the first step in china's plans to build a permanent space station. china plans to send -- to the room but the verbatim goal was colonizing the lunar -- >> american airlines parent company will drop amr stock before the opening bell next thursday. american airlines filed for bankruptcy last month and the stock price fell to 26 cents a share. that has never been above a dollar a share since then. the nysc requires all stocks to sell more than a dollar to remain listed. the shares will continue to trade and that will be over the counter and under a new symbol which is not -- >>> up next year, you -- here, you don't see this every day. a giant motorized shopping cart. where it was headed and why so many people were really glad to see it. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announc
Mar 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
wall street, stocks were down as investors are worried about the impact of slower growth in china. china cut its growth goal. analysts say it isn't huge but it is going in the wrong direction. the nasdaq is down 26 to 2,950. the dow is down 15 points to 12,963. >>> we are live in sacramento with a tale of two protests in the name of education. >>> back here in 10 minutes a nice warm one today but you will notice the cool down tomorrow. how much cooler it will be for your tuesday. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st, polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space, which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd and you still need to retire, td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we wa
Mar 23, 2014 5:00pm PDT
comfirm in china. telecomfirm in china. they look for evidence that it is a front for the chinese army. ktvu channel 2 news the phone company is barred from -- the phone company is barred from the u.s. . >>> meeting anger are empathy, that is how some people responded when westboro baptist church protests outside a conert. it was the first public protest since the deaths of the founder reverend fred phelps last week. people stood across the street holding their own counter demonstration. saying sorry for your loss. one woman said it wasn't about antagonizing the protesters but saying something positive in the face of negativity. >> sunday morning one church no one leaves their cars. now dogs, children and those who don't feel comfortable inside the church are finding a place to worship. >> i have people who have been able to come here even when they are battling diseases and have felt that, you know, i don't have to get dressed up to go to church. >> the surmson broadcast on the raid -- sermon is broadcast on the radio. . >>> up next breaking news that we are following. crews resp
Sep 26, 2010 5:00pm PDT
concrete support for an overpass. >>> and in china, a dozen people are vying for one of the world's most unusual jobs, being pay panda and keeper. the 12 applicants are from eleven countries and this weekend, they were learning how to make food for the pandas at chengdu research base in china. next week, six will be picked to work with the pandas. only about 1600 pandas still live in the wild. >>> prisoners who suffered alleged abuse at the iraq's infamous abu ghraib prison. >> are the photos from side saddam's abbut ghraib prison sparked outrage around the world. prisoners tortured possibly at the hands of american civilians and contractors. when the gruesome images emerged in 2004, president bush expressed his disgust. >> it's a stain on our country's honor and reputation and that is why it's important that justice be done. >> reporter: at least 250 former iraqi prisoners say then defense secretary donald rumsfeld hasn't lived up to the promises made in 2004. >> i'm seek a way to provide appropriate compensation for those detainees who suffered some abuse and cruelty at the hands of a
Mar 27, 2013 5:00pm PDT
china is -- driver in china is being hailed as a hero. after a lamp post is crashed through the windshield. watch here as it comes right through the windshield. he ducks, you will see him appear to react rather calmly. he steers the bus over to the side of the road and he makes sure its passengers are okay. this is the view inside the bus. afterward he was the only one injured and was taken to the hospital for a ruptured spleen. >>> we'll tell you what's in a name and why things could be changing and why some say no matter what the hp pavilion is called, they'll still call it by another way. >>> lot of clouds out there now. what does it mean for the holiday weekend, i'll have the timeline. we're here! we're going to the park! [ gina ] oh hey, dan! i really like your new jetta! and you want to buy one like mine because it's so safe, right? yeah... yeah... i know what you've heard -- iihs top safety pick for $159 a month -- but, i wish it was more dangerous, like a monster truck or dune buggy! you can't have the same car as me! [ male announcer ] now everyone's going to want one.
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