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Jan 18, 2016 11:00pm EST
norfolk tonight. police say the china wok on east princess anne road was held up around 8:15 - no one was hurt. no word though - on any suspect descriptions or arrests. in portsmouth. fire forced two families into the icy cold temperatures early this morning. the flames did significant damage to the home on des moines avenue. the fire almost destroyed the roof -- four adults and two children inside made it out safely. we re told it started in the upstairs unit. crystal mann was in bed downstairs when she was forced the red cross is assisting both families and firefighters are still searching for a cause. republican presidential hopeful donald trump paid a visit to lynchburg today . the billionaire businessman stopped by liberty university this morning. one of the highlights of his speech - his plan to keep illegal immigrants out of the u-s. trump also told the crowd - if he becomes president - they would see the term "merry christmas" in department stores. republican presidential candidate donald trump is coming back to hampton roads. trump will be taking part in the ongoing presi
Jan 6, 2016 11:00pm EST
arms testing. the dow lost 252 points - the nasdaq fell 55. investors also worried about china s sinking economy and plunging oil prices. they )re keeping an eye on the latest jobs report - it ll be released friday, new at 11 a norfolk girl is taking action to help girls all across hampton newschannel 3 s allison mechanic spoke to the inspiring young girl today and has her story. reading letter hi my name is gianna and i am 9 years old i am giving you this doll because i through hard times... gianna graham does not know the little girl who will one day read this note. but she knows that it and the barbie doll that goes along with it -- will bring them some joy. 13:48:05 i feel like girls in shelters should have the same as girls not in shelters gianni has made a new years resolution to collect one thousand barbie dolls for one thousand girls in foster homes across hampton roads. on writing a letter to bring some comfort. 13:49:00 i wanted to inspire them and give them encouragement and gianni isn )t wasting any time -- even though it is only six days into the new year -- she has
Mar 2, 2016 11:00pm EST
new at 11 a panda cub in china got caught trying to make a break for it. this breeding. the cub first tried to get through an iron door with no luck at all. it the panda moves over to another exit at one point, but couldn t-p&find a way out. a caretaker eventually comes in ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: stephen colbert! hey, jon! hey! ( cheers and applause ) welcome to the show, everybody! thank you so much. thank you down here. thank you up there. thank you so much. good to see you. welcome to "the late "the late show" everybody. i'm stephen colbert. it's been a huge week in america. we've seen cataclysmic events, decisions with unknown implications for all our future, choices being made that cannot be undone because monday on "the bachelor," ben said, "i love you" to two different women. two! this has never happened in the history of bachelordom. ben, what are you thinking? saying "i love you" is a sacred
Jan 16, 2016 11:00pm EST
treasure-- was named by first lady michelle obama and the first lady of china. tracking a rain/snow mix, then much colder weather....are you ready for some snow? well, some of us could see a little snow on sunday, while others will see a cold rain. as we move through our sunday, all eyes will be on an the gulf coast. the low will move our way but stay offshore. with it in our backyard, it will likely bring us a quick shot of wintry weather. we )ll likely start our sunday morning under mostly cloudy skies. then, rain will begin moving into the area by mid morning roughly 8-10 am over our western communities closer to i-95. some snow could mix in though. between 10 and 12 pm, a lot of us will have a cold rain, with some snowflakes mixing in. however, some communities may see mainly snow by this point, especially along the i-95 corridor and portions of the middle peninsula, the northern neck and the williamsburg area. between 12 and 3 pm, the focus for snow will likely shift to the eastern shore. however, a few snowflakes could mix in for southside before the system races off the coast
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4