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Nov 7, 2015 12:00am PST
: the summit will be the first since taiwan and mainland china split 66 years ago following the civil war. relations were hostile for a long time. but in 1993, the heads of the private liaison offices from both sides got together for the first time in singapore. the situation started to improve in 2008 with ma's election as president. there was a breakthrough last year when two sides held their first ministerial meeting in china. >> translator: we're going to meet in a place other than taiwan or china. this is an historic first for us. it shows that our relations have matured. >> reporter: ma describes his talks with xi has an historic milestone. he says the dialogue will be aimed at maintaining peace and stability, and it's unrelated to taiwan's upcoming presidential election. some regional experts disagree. they say the meeting has been timed with the january election firmly in mind. ma's ruling nationalist party is polling badly. >> president ma has tried to hold the summit meeting with president xi jinping for at least two years. and the mainland china has rejected president ma's
Nov 20, 2015 7:00pm PST
south china sea are expected to be a focus of the discussion. beijing's claim to the almost entire south china sea is shown on chinese maps with a nine-dash line that stretches deep into the maritime heart of southeast asia. it clashes with claims by some asean members including the philippines and vietnam. nhk world's bureau chief in kuala lumpur hideki yabu joins us now. hideki, the south china sea will be a topic of discussion, but in the wake of the paris attacks, counterterrorism will also be high on the agenda. >> yes. the paris attacks are a brutal reminder for southeast asian nations of a threat they also face. malaysia and indonesia are majority muslim nations, and more than 500 of their citizens are believed to have joined the islamic state militants. so countering the group's influence here is an urgent task. the group has made active efforts to recruit members from southeast asia. last year in july, they uploaded an online video in the indonesian language. last month, asean nations held their first ministerial talks to discuss ways to curb extremist ideologies. the philippine
Sep 3, 2015 5:00am PDT
envisioning a healthy future. >>> people in china are celebrating after their leaders pulled off a lavish military parade through the heart of beijing. it was a show of strength and power in the air and on the ground to commemorate the 70th anniversary of world war ii and what they call their victory over japan. nhk world has more. >> reporter: 12,000 soldiers marched past teen mann square. they are marching what they call the victory of chinese people over japanese aggression and the war. it's the first time china's leaders have held a military parade on this day. a surprise for president xi jinping. in an opening speech he announced his nation would cut the number of troops by 300,000. >> translator: we will never see predominance in the world. adopt and a expansionist policy. we will never impose the tragic experience of our country on the people of other nations. >> reporter: security was tight with armed police throughout the capital. authorities even traffic for weeks. main road leading to the square was closed late last night until noon today. but it's open now. people in beijing h
Jul 31, 2014 5:00am PDT
and china's maritime activities. we ask japan's defense minister about the future course of the nation's defense >>> international investigators are expressing growing frustration over their lack of access to the site where a malaysia airlines plane crashed. the passenger jet was shot down earlier this month over eastern ukraine. representatives of russia and ukraine are set to hold discussions to try to find a way forward on that issue and the conflict in ukraine. nhk world's craig dale is covering developments. >> reporter: those representatives will meet in belarus with a delegate from the organization for security and cooperation in europe. they want to be able to get investigators access to that crash site. and to do that they need to find a way to get a truce between russian -- pro-russian separatists and ukrainian forces who are fighting in the east. a missile brought down flight mh-17 two weeks ago, killing all 298 people on board. more than half of them from the netherlands. international team of investigators led by the dutch have tried time and again to access the sit
Nov 24, 2015 7:00pm PST
downing a russian passenger jet last month that killed 224. >>> ongoing claims in the south china sea were a key issue in east asia summit. a closing statement released tuesday affirms the importance of cooperation in maritime safety. the cooperation between the countries may be hard to come by. a senior commentator has analysis on the issue. he spoke with thomas berger, an expert on international relations at boston university. >> hello. the u.s. and japan brought up the south china sea issue. how was that received at the summit, do you think? >> overall i think that the reception in southeast asia was quite positive with some exception. obviously china was not that happy with the issue being raised. china has been insisting that this is an issue that needs to be resolved by china and different countries which have a dispute with china. on a bilateral, country to country basis. and the reason china wants to do this, we think, is because it would like to pursue what is known as a divide and conquer strategy by negotiating with individual countries separately. it is in a stronger p
Jan 6, 2017 5:00am PST
big border tax. >>> and a message for washington -- china prepares for the trump era with a major military exercise. and calls for cooperation. >>> japanese government is taking action after a statue of a girl was put up in front of its consulates in south korea. the statue symbolizes those referred to as comfort women and it was installed by a group that supports them. >> translator: the governments of japan and south korea decided to settle the comfort women finally and irreversibly. >> yoshihide suga said japan will temporarily recall some diplomats, including its ambassador and adds high-level economic talksks will b be suspended. tokyo has yet to decide how long that will go on for. suga says it is extremely regrettable japan is taking these measures against what he calls an important neighbor. a spokesperson with south korea's foreign ministry responded. >> japan's actions are extremely regrettable. >> he also stressed the importance of continuing to develop bilateral ties despite any difficult problems. >>> the issue was taken up by japan's prime minister and the american v
Jan 7, 2011 5:00pm PST
policies stephen bosworth in tokyo on friday. bosworth visited south korea and china before flying to japan. north korea offered to allow u.n. nuclear inspectors into its uranium enrichment facility and recently called for unconditional talks with south korea at an early date. sasae and bosworth discussed the north's strategy and exchanged views on china's proposal to hold meetings of the six-party talks on the north's nuclear program. but they agreed that they will continue to urge north korea to take concrete action toward dismantling its nuclear facilities as a precondition for resuming talks. two officials confirmed that japan, the united states and south korea will continue to coordinate their positions on north korea. >>> the chinese government says president hu jintao will visit the united states for four days starting the 18th of this month. it will be the president's first visit to the u.s. in five years. the chinese foreign ministry announced details of the trip on friday. it says hu will meet u.s. president barack obama in washington on the 19th. china views the trip as one
Nov 10, 2014 7:00pm PST
. discussions are heating up on how thernd cooperate. we take a closer look at the new economic order china is trying to create. the head of the apec summit, china let it be known it was eager to play a role in setting up the framework. >> china hopes apey will facilitate dcuionso help wi a f. >> china poses the free trade area off the asia pacific. under provisions, regions would liberalize trade and investment. so far, china and the u.s. have been competing to establish their own version. the u.s. is leading negotiations for the trans pacific partnership or tpp. the free trade goals. the high hurdles deter chi from negotiations. as an alternative to the -- comprehensive partnership. an organization that is many countries and heenlgs. in doing this, china has to take leadership in creating now order. plus, exports fear it may curb the momentum. china is also trying to set up a financial institution. in october, 21 countries exchanged memorandums on the aaib. china says the bank would aim to serve asia's growing demand for infrastructure. the bank would be headquartered in beijing. china is
Jun 8, 2016 5:00am PDT
dropped for the 19th straight month. china's customs authorities say total trading value for may came to about $312 billion. that's down 2.6% from the same month last year. exports totaled $181 billion down about 4% from a year earlier. imports fell 0.4% to $131 billion. the chinese government has been promoting structural reforms such as reducing the over-production of steel and other products. analysts say there is a danger such measures could damp be domestic production and consumption. foreign demand has been sluggish due to the global economic slowdown. checking the markets. tokyo shares end in the positive for a second day despite a slightly stronger yen. for the details we go to our business reporter giang nguyen at the tokyo stock exchange. >> the slight upward revision of japan's gdp did little to lift stocks. shares moved without clear direction for much of the day. the energy sector helped support the index while some investors preferred the safe-haven yen amid mixed economic data. the nikkei finished up 0.93% to close at 16,830. the broader topix rose .75%. the energy sect
Dec 14, 2012 7:00pm PST
launch has set off another round of world condemnation. once again, much of the attention is on china. the north's most influential ally. today on china report, we look at the response from leaders in bejing and what motivates their longstanding relationship with an isolated regime. >> reporter: chinese media were quick to respond to the rocket launch. tv networks ran a news clip using reports by foreign news agencies. but it took a full six hours for the chinese government to issue a formal comment. it was made during the regular press conference of the foreign ministry. >> translator: it's regrettable that north korea went ahead with the launch, despite the international's community close attention. as a member of the united nations, the north has the obligation to respect security council resolutions. >> reporter: china is north korea's neighbor and the most important of its fuel lines, also an economic superpower, since fighting the korean war together, the two countries have maintained close relations. in september, north korea held a briefing in beijing, calling for massive inve
Jul 11, 2015 12:00am PDT
organization. the group consists of russia china and four countries in central asia. leaders gathered with those of five observer states including india, pakistan and mongolia. they agreed to start procedures to promote the indians and pakistanis. they also signed a statement for china's plan to develop an economic belt along the silk road and remarked on the victories that their countries won 70 years ago in world war ii. russian president vladimir putin said he will visit beijing in september to help commemorate the defeat of japanese militarism. leaders in moscow are increasingly at odds with the government of the united states and countries in europe. analysts say the russians aim to boost the shanghai cooperation organization's influence by strengthening their ties with china, and promoting india and pakistan. >>> vietnamese state media report one of their country's fishing boats have sunk in the south china sea. they say it was rammed by a ship at the islands both countries claim. the newspaper says the boat was operating near the parasol islands. it encountered two chi
Oct 12, 2012 7:30am EDT
, economies of europe and the u.s. starting to really stagnate. we are seeing a slowdown in china. and india. wondering how much can asia continue to support growth? >> as we see,isha^ kra asia re leader. we expect asia to grow 5.5% this year, rising to 6 poe% this yea above global growth. i would say, you will see demand pick up in asia and keep growing -- growth active and robust. >> speaking of domestic demand, how much will that be able to really shield asian countries, do you think from the global slowdown we are seeing. what do policy makers need to do to ensure that domestic demand continues? >> this is a very important issue. they're dealing with this, two ways to handle this. there is ram oom to build new stimulus on the fiscal side. for many countries, inflation is back in the comfort zone. and for national conditions a. accomodated. looking ahead -- asia is looking to rebalance. and raise domestic demand in different ways. between china and other countries in asia. >> so far there really hasn't been a whole lot of focus on fiscal consolidationof asian countries do they need to thi
May 30, 2011 5:00pm PDT
leader kim jong-il is home after a week-long tour of china. he traveled 5,000 kilometers on an unprecedented third trip to china in just a year. >> translator: north korean leader kim jong-il made an unofficial visit to china from may 20th to 26th at the invitation of president hu jintao. >> kim's spoke was observing china's economic development. kim's first stop was a lake near the city of mudanjang, his father had a battle against japanese forces in the 1930s. kim next visited an automobile factory, a supermarket and a solar panel factory in yangzhou and electronics factory in nanjing. he met hu jintao in beijing. >>> earlier we spoke to a reporter about the in-depth look of kim's latest visit to china. >> what can we learn from kim jong-il's trip to china? >> no north korean leader since 1950s has ever visited china three times a year. kim's latest visit was reportedly to ask the chinese government for economic aid. goal of creating what it calls a powerful and prosperous nation in 2012. its currency in 2009 ended in failure. experts say kim is becoming frustrated because th
Jan 7, 2017 12:00am PST
country improving ties with russia and china. analysts say duterte is supporting the rivalry between the u.s. and the two other super powers. >>> and that will wrap up our bulletin. i'm in bangkok. >>> u.s. president-elect donald trump says toyota should drop plans to build an auto plant in mexico. on thursday trump tweeted that the car giant should be slapped with heavy taxes if the factory is built. but officials with japan's largest carmakers say they are going ahead with the plan. he tweeted of toyota's plans. no way. build plant in u.s. or pay big border tax. trump demands a review of the north america free trade agreement or nafta. he says he wants to protect domestic jobs and will impose a 35% tariff on products made overseas by u.s. companies. following the tweet, officials at toyota have told nhk the plant in mexico will be a new facility and is not a relocation from the united states. they say the plant will not cut toyota's u.s. production or workforce and that they are looking forward to cooperating with the trump administration. prior to the tweet, toyota preside
Jan 13, 2016 12:00am PST
the south china sea, this time by sending test flights to an artificial island it has built in disputed waters. nhk's senior split commentator sat down for a 2016 outlook with a top arab advissia adviser to house. here is part 2 of that interview. >> how will china react to the criticism from neighboring countries? >> i think the situation in the south china sea is going to be a situation of what i call a slow boil. it's a pot of water on the stove that gradually gets hotter and hotter. most of the actors in east asia right now are trying to cool things down. but there will be isolated provocations and actions. i see no indication that the chinese are interested in real dialogue. i see no indication that they're going to back away from these very substantial artificial islands that they have built in the south china sea. so i don't see that issue having a positive trajectory. last year was the first time the u.s. sent a ship within the 12 nautical mile zone around the island. but why did the u.s. do that? the u.s. did that because china was adopting an increasingly assertive po
Jun 1, 2015 5:00am PDT
japan would observe international law. >>> china was in the hot seat at the three day summit over the weekend. while the u.s. criticized the country's reclamation work in spratly islands, all eyes were on japan's response. >> reporter: one of the highlights of the meeting also known as the shangri-la dialogue was the strong stance u.s. took against china in the south china sea. they demanded the reclamation work stop immediately. >> with its actions in the south china sea, china is out of step with both the international rules and norms that underscore the asia-pacific security architecture and the regional consensus that favors diplomacy and opposes coercion. >> reporter: delegates from other countries also called for a diplomatic solution. chinese workers are turning rooef reefs in to land masses. the u.s. has stepped up reconnaissance activities in the area. they deployed war ships and patrol aircraft. china's representative justified the reclamation work admitting it was partially for military defense in addition to fulfilling its global obligations for maritime rescue. >> transla
Oct 9, 2012 7:30am EDT
the unemployment rate in the united states encouraging manufacturing numbers from there and china and growth in emerging markets. but many have read too many stories the past few years to get too excited about the global economy. some of the world's leading economic minds have gathered at the tokyo international tor forum for the annual meeting of the international monetary fund and world bank. nhk's ron madison is there and will be there all week. i was hoping you could break this down for us. what's going on there? >> reporter: there's lots going on. already been a very full morning. lots of people here. we have finance ministers, central bank governors and other officials from 188 member nations all here now to really, you know, try to agree on how to deal with the problems that they share. and as you point out, they do have quite a few of them. of course, we've got the debt crisis in europe. but also another factor is the slowing growth in china. also, political problems on the horizon in the united states as well as other places. now, the economists from the imf have answered som
Jan 14, 2016 5:00am PST
. business owners in taiwan are rethinking their approach to china as they prepare for a power shift in saturday's elections. >>> plunging again. tokyo stocks are once again on the decline. all gains from the previous day have been erased on concerns over oil prices and china. >>> and going out of bounds. ski resort operators in japan are warning people against going off marked boots. >>> indonesian police say there they suspect supporters of the islamic state militant group are responsible for explosions in central jakarta on thursday. at least seven people are dead, five are believed to be attackers. at least ten others were injured. indonesian broadcaster tv one aired footage showing one of the blasts happening at a shopping mall. the area has many high end hotels, offices and embassies as well as the country's central bank are located in the area. >> translator: i saw two people carrying a white backpack. they were the guys who threw the bomb. [ sirens ] police say the men carried out the attacks at a coffee shop and police station. they used what are believed to be hand grenades an
Feb 19, 2013 7:30am EST
more action. the head of the foreign affairs will head to china. japanese diplomats say he'll call on the chinese to help adopt a new u.n. security council resolution, authorizing more sanctions against north korea. he's also expected to ask to persuade north korean authorities not to conduct anymore nuclear or missile tests. the problem is chinese leaders urge their allies to hold off on the test, but president north koreans did it anyway. now some people in china want their government to rethink their relationship. here's more from beijing. >> reporter: north korea conducted the nuclear test while people in china were celebrating the lunar new year. a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry criticized the action. >> translator: we have released a strong statement regarding north korea's nuclear test. we have made it clear that china is resolutely opposed to this kind of action. >> reporter: this footage was shot in a city in northeast china. people can be seen strolling and going about their business across the border in north korea. the close proximity of the two countries raises
Feb 14, 2012 7:00pm PST
>>> bittersweet greeting. >> we welcome china's peaceful. >> barack obama calls on china's next leader to address an issue the country has long been criticized for neglecting. u.s. president barack obama welcomed china's leader in waiting. he greeted vice president xi jinping at the white house. xi is expected to become head of the ruling communist party this fall. >> translator: i look forward to my in-depth discussion with you, president obama. >> obama told xi china must play fair with its trade partners around the world. >> we want to work with china to make sure everybody is working by the same rules of the road when it comes to the world economic system, and that includes ensuring that there is a balanced trade flow between not only the united states and china but around the world. >> obama urged xi to recognize the importance of human rights. he said increased responsibility goes hand in hand with power and prosperity. xi said he hopes his visit will deepen mutual understanding and lead to greater consensus. he said the countries should build a cooperative partnership bas
Jul 13, 2016 12:00am PDT
decision, a tribunal in the hague has dismissed claims by china in the south china sea, the first legal decision by an international judiciary on any of the sea's multiple disputes, and could be felt around the region. the philippines filed the case in 2013. it argued that beijing's claim on almost all of the sea is contrary to international law. other countries in the region have their own claims there. they want the ability to exploit resources, including rich fishing grounds and oil and gas fields. china boycotted the proceedings. it argued that disputes should be settled by the parties involved. it has unilaterally declared the so-called nine-dash line and asserts historic rights over the area. the tribunal concluded there was no evidence that china had historically exercised exclusive control over the waters or their resources and it says there's no legal basis for china to claim historic rights over the area. the tribunal also says china breached its obligations to refrain from aggravating disputes. it referred to the country's recent construction of artificial islands. the
Oct 16, 2015 5:00am PDT
china's continued buildup on artificial islands in the south china sea could mean for the region's security situation. >>> and japan's nuclear power plants are slowly going back on line despite lingering questions. >>> u.s. president obama backed away from a commitment to end the afghan war during his time in office. he said he's not withdrawing troops from afghanistan by the end of next year. 5500 u.s. personnel will remain beyond 2016. >> as commander in chief, i will not allow afghanistan to be used as safe haven for terrorists to attack our nation again. our forces, therefore, remain engaged in two narrow, but critical missions, training afghan forces and supporting counterterrorism operations against the remnants of al qaeda. >> obama stated he does not support the idea of end legislation war, but says the mission is vital to u.s. national interests. the president warned the security situation is very fragile in key areas of afghanistan, and that there is a risk of deterioration. he says the taliban has made gains, particularly in rural areas and can still launch deadly attack
Sep 30, 2010 7:00pm PDT
significantly. >>> china has reacted sharply. on thursday chinese commerce spokesperson said they are attributed the deficit to the unjustifiably weak, while many asian economies relish in trade surpluses. in june china let them fluctuate again, virtually pegging the currency to the u.s. dollar at an undervalued rate. the mood came amid criticism that china is intentionally k k it week. however, it's been held within a range of around 2%. >>> chinese premier wen jiabao says china will not seek hegemony or domination. the remark comes over international concern over china's hard-line diplomatic moves. wen spoke before international ambassadors and diplomats in a ceremony on thursday, the eve of china's national day. his statement comes amid growing tension between japan and china following ship collisions near the senkaku islands. in the east china sea. the islands are administered by japan but claimed by china and taiwan. tension also remains between china and southeast asian nations over other disputed islands in the south china sea. wen has recently said china will not compromise wh
May 30, 2011 7:00pm PDT
holiday. we continue this week with economic data tomorrow, china will come out with manufacturing data and although it's going to show an expansion, the pace of growth may be slower than what analysts are expecting. japanese stocks also political events and ongoing no-confidence motions being set up by the liberal democratic opposition party against prime minister naoto kan. the nikkei dipped back into the negative by one point. a little bit of volatility we are seeing in the first few minutes of trading. nikkei in the negative and topix in the positive. >> thank you. that was our reporter at the tokyo stock exchange. >>> standard and poor's slashed its credit rating of tokyo electric power company. they cite huge losses an unclear compensation plan for the downgrade. standard and poor's downgraded tepco's rating to single b plus. they posted huge losses for the business year ending in march and the framework to help pay damages are unclear. a single b plus is considered a high risk investment. tepco says it is striving to contain the situation at the fukushima plant, while it continue
Jul 8, 2016 7:00pm PDT
to china's expansive claims in the south china sea. the case was filed in 2013 by the philippines. the first-ever ruling is scheduled for next week and it could have major implications in the region. china claims the majority of the south china sea as a historic right. leaders established what they call the nine-dash line. they argue that they control the area inside those lines. and they've been building runways, control towers, and radar facilities on artificial islands there to bolster their claims. the philippines maintains those claims are groundless under international law. and while they are the first to file a case, they aren't the only ones challenging china. vietnam, malaysia, and others also claim territory in the south china sea. earlier, nhk world's mitsuko nishikawa spoke with daisuke azuma in beijing. >> daisuke, leaders there have refused to take part in the legal proceedings, but that doesn't mean they aren't interested in the case, are they? >> that's right. newspapers like this run articles every day arguing why china's claims are legitimate. and they pay attent
Jun 6, 2014 5:00am PDT
washington. >>> the u.s. defense department has released its annual report on china's military and security capabilities. the pentagon says china is using reconnaissance drones and adding warships to its operations in the east china sea. the report said china is gradually increasing its development and use of unmanned aircraft. it said china's spending on unmanned systems might one day outpace that of the u.s. the report said what was probably a chinese drone was observed flying over the east china sea in september 2013. it was the first time an unmanned chinese aircraft have been seen in the area. the department also said china put nine into service last year. it said the ships may be used for operations in shallow waters in the east and south china seas. the report said china may build an additional 20 to 30 such vessels and said it's likely the country will complete its first amphibious assault ship by 2020. >>> the pentagon report noted that exchanges between officials of the u.s. and chinese militaries have made progress but it expressed caution over china's closer military ta
Jan 23, 2016 12:00am PST
. on international relations, abe mentioned working to strengthen ties with south korea, china, and russia, and he called the alliance with the u.s. a linchpin of the country's diplomacy. he promised he would use the strong relationship with the u.s. to do his utmost to reduce okinawa's burden of hosting u.s. bases. at the same time, he said he would ensure that military deterrence is maintained. abe also touched on the 2011 disaster saying the next five years will see continued assistance to rebuild and restore affected areas. he hopes the communities can become self-sustainable once again. after abe's speech, members of six opposition parties stormed out of the chamber. it was to protest the following address by an embattled minister in charge of the tpp free trade deal. the parties criticized akira amari for failing to answer allegations that he didn't report all of his political donations. >> translator: i'm very sorry for causing confusion over a report in a weekly magazine. i will have a thorough investigation to check the facts. i will make a full explanation at the right tim
Feb 20, 2014 5:00am PST
. >>> analysts say an easing of relations between china and taiwan could have consequences across east asia. >>> negotiators from iran and six world powers have taken a step toward limiting the iranian nuclear program. they agreed on a basic freem work for negotiations on a final agreement. they say they'll meet again next month. >> we had three very productive days during which we've identified all of the issues we need to address in reaching a comprehensive and final agreement. there is a lot to do. it won't be easy, but we've made a good start. >> eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton and iranian foreign minister announced what the talks had achieved. they said the delegates agreed on an agenda for their negotiations and will meet again in vienna on march 17. u.s. and european officials are pressing the iranians to further limit activities that could enable them to develop nuclear weapons. they want the iranians to drop their plans to build a heavy water reactor. iranian officials are insisting they have a right to pursue nuclear development. they say they won't allow any of thei
Oct 8, 2012 7:00pm PDT
in emerging nations such as china. the report projects the euro zone will shrink. japan and the united states should see 2.2% growth. global growth will increase to 3.3% next year but they warn europe's credit problems still pose a threat to the global economy. the bank's latest report project 7.2% growth across 14 countries. that's lower than the forecast in may. the region includes china but not japan. china's domestic demand is sluggish and it's hurt exports throughout the region. growth in east asia will rise to 7.6% next year. they say china will pick up steam and demand will grow within southeast asia. they are also being cautious. >>> chinese officials safe they have cancelled plans to aattend world meetings. japan controls the islands. chinese leaders say the territories belong to them. representatives of the industrial commercial bank of china, china construction bank will skip the world bank gathering. a ministry official was quoted as saying japan's unilateral actions are freezing relations. it's the world's largest bank and the other institutions are among the top te
May 20, 2013 6:00am PDT
-range missiles. it's the third straight day of what the country calls a military trial. >>> china and india agree to boost economic ties and continue efforts to resolve a long-running dispute on the border. >>> and a business owner in myanmar is ung his experience to strengthen ties between the two countries. >>> south korean defense officials say north korea launched two short-range missiles toward the sea of japan on monday. it's the third straight day the north has fired missiles. north korean authorities say the launches are part of a regular military drill. they are believe todd have dropped in the sea of japan. >> translator: they may launch more missiles, so we're closely watching military movements in the north. >> dealership lomatic sources say they have resorted to less provocations. north korea authorities acknowledged the test. >> translator: the launches are part of ordinary drills. we're exercising our legitimate right as a sovereign nation. >> the missile launches triggers a worried response from china. they're appealing for calm. >> under the present situation, we hope
Oct 9, 2015 7:00pm PDT
looking forward to seeing abe at the summit in china. they are arranging for the summit in seoul in october or november. yamaguchi said park was keen to resolve the issue of those referred to as comfort women. he said he believes park wants to discuss the issue with abe. prime minister abe said he hopes to hold his first talks on the sidelines of the tri-lateral summit. abe also handed yamaguchi a personal letter to chinese president xi jinping. he is sending yamaguchi to china next week. >>> the japanese government has held a briefing to explain details of the trans-pacific partnership. the free trade pact would abolish tariffs on about half of more than 800 imported farm items. the duties will be lifted over time, or in some cases, immediately. such as a tax on grapes and certain marine products. officials from the agricultural ministry spoke with concerned groups in tokyo b. 400 people from farming and food manufacturing associations attended. vice foreign minister honkawa had admitted government negotiators had concealed elements of the agreement during sensitive talks. he said
Jun 6, 2013 5:00pm PDT
calls. >>> the leaders of the u.s. and china are set to meet at a row sort in china. obama and chi will set down together. obama is expected to raise his concerns that chinese hackers are breaking into u.s. computer systems. he might also ask about the chinese naval activities in the ace china seas. south korean representatives have set a place for the first discussions between the neighbors in years. a number of issues will be on the table including the reopening of the shares industrial >> industrial complex. they want to normalize operations. industrial complex. they want to normalize operations. industrial complex. they want to normalize operations. industrial complex. they want to normalize operations. work another the complex has been suspended since april. authorities offered to talk about restarting a shared tourism resort at the resort that's been on hold since 2008. and they say representatives of nations can talk about humanitarian issues as well. this would include row unions of families separated during the korean war. the north korean agreed to let their neighbors set the
May 20, 2011 7:00pm PDT
korean official says north korean leader kim jong il could be visiting china instead of his heir apparent as initially reported. the official retracted earlier remarks that a north korean train that arrived in northeastern china was carrying the north korean leader's son, kim jong un. he explained that intelligence reports indicated that the train was most likely carrying kim jong il himself. sources familiar with the china/north korean relations said the delegations left two men at a province and stopped at a lake where a monument honors the late founder of north korea, kim il song. an employee at a hotel told nhk that a north korean leader had arrived and that people were banned from entering nearby hotels and restaurants. kim jong il is expected to visit cities in northeastern china. >>> the leaders of japan, china, and south korea are meeting this weekend in tokyo. this get-together will be the fourth in a series of high-level talks. japan's prime minister naoto kan and chinese premier wen jiabao and south korean prime minister lee myung-bak will hold talks on saturday. nhk w
Sep 8, 2010 7:00pm PDT
. >>> china has expressed support for the upcoming myanmar election amid mounting criticism from the west. the poll will be held in november, but it practically eliminates pro-democracy leader aung san suu kyi from running. chinese president hu jintao met with myanmar's military leader, general tan shwai, in beijing. chi china's state-1 news agency reported his government backs myanmar's efforts to reconcile the nation through election. observers say the myanmar government will assert the legitimacy of the election and defy criticisms from the international community now that it has approval of china its, economic partner. >>> china's vice premier lee ku chang says his consider will consider accepting advanced japanese technology to tackle pollution caused by rare earth metal production. lee made the remark in a meeting with visiting japanese business leaders in beijing on wednesday. the vice premier said that developed countries have strategies to capture markets using advanced technologies. he said that it will take time for his nation to learn those technologies. the japanese business
Oct 24, 2011 5:00pm PDT
stalled due to strong opposition from local residents. >>> china's defense budget is the second largest in the world. the country is building up its military, including its navy and that's causing concern and friction in the region. how is japan responding to this burgeoning military force? nhk world's kan ishiyama reports. >> reporter: the maritime self-defense force's summering base is located in yokosuka city, 40 kilometers south of tokyo. it's a base for submarines conducting surveillance activities in waters around japan. submarine activities are national secrets. even self-defense force members have no knowledge about them, unless they're engaged in the unit. we are allowed into a submarine on the condition that we will not reveal details of its mission. a torpedo-firing exercise was under way in this training area. >> reporter: submarines have the capacity to approach and attack targets without being noticed. some experts say submarines can also block the advance of aircraft carriers. last year, japan's defense ministry reviewed its fleet of submarines for the first time in about
Feb 15, 2016 5:00am PST
the tokyo stock exchange. >>> moving on to other markets in the asia pacific region. china is back from its week-long holiday. 2 2746 for the close. hong kong shares rebounded from friday when prices sanction to a 3.5 year low. the hang seng gaining and ending at 18,918. the financial and energy-related shares gained. >>> japan's economy shrank during the last quarter of 2015 as people bought fewer goods. cabinet office officials say preliminary numbers show the economy contracted by 0.4% in real terms from the previous quarr. thatorks out to an annualized figure of minus 1.4%. private consumption was one of the biggest tag tors. it sh rungs by 0.8%. an unusually warm winter slowed sales. housing investment fell to a negative. figure was down 1.2%. public investment was also down 2.7%. but corporate capital investment was up 1.4%. for 2015 as a whole, japan's gdp registered positive growth of 0.4% in real terms. >>> prime minister shinzo abe blamed unusually warm weather for the limited growth. he says things are improving. >> translator: i think japan's economic fundamentals are g
Mar 5, 2015 5:00am PST
china have assembled in beijing for the national people's congress to discuss ways to move the country forward. president xi jinping will be working to consolidate his control. but in his third year in office he faces major challenges beginning with the country's slowing economy. xi calls this the new normal and says china must focus less on speedy growth and more on improving the quality of life. we'll be bringing you extensive coverage this week in our series "china: xi's new normal." >>> chinese leaders have set a target for economic growth. at around 7% for 2015 down .5 percentage points from last year. the annual congress began at 9:00 a.m. on thursday. about 3,000 delegates around the country are attending. premier li keqiang laid out the government plans for the year. transtornado our economic development has entered a new normal. our country is in a crucial period. challenges need to be overcome and problems solved. without deepening reform and making structural adjustments, we will have a hard time sustaining steady development. >> on the country's anti-corruption camp
Dec 6, 2012 7:30am EST
holding discussions with his counterparts from china as well as japan and south korea. he said he hopes the chinese can use their influence with their allies in pyongyang. >>> south korean foreign minister kim sung hwan has criticized north korea for spending more than $500 million on missile development. kim told a parliamentary committee that north korea is believed to have spent $400 million to build the tongchang-ri launch site and another $150 million for a missile plant outside pyongyang. unification minister yu woo-ik said the north has scheduled its next launch around the anniversary of the death of kim jong-il to enhance the authority of his son and successor, kim jong-un. yu said the north is also working to improve the reliability of its missile technology. >>> a highway operator in tokyo area has discovered a potential maintenance problem in one of its road tunnels near haneda airport. inspections by the metropolitan expressway company found one of the large rods used to hold up the tunnel's ceiling was broken. the emergency check comes three days after an expressway t
Aug 9, 2014 12:00am PDT
. >> reporter: the philippines made the proposal with china in mind. the country also called for setting a legally binding code of conduct after the moratorium is implemented. asean has been urging china to draw up such guidelines. nhk world's thi ha thwe joins us. now, what's behind the proposal made by the philippines at friday's meeting of foreign ministers? the country is calling for ceasing destabling activities that could influence territorial disputes in the south china sea. >> the philippines want china to halt their moves in the disputed waters. these can be seen as attempts to take territorial claims to established facts. the philippine government has condemned china, saying the country are reclaiming five shoals including a reef and the spratly islands. these islands are claimed by both countries. philippine officials say china may be trying to turn the area into a military base by building an airstrip and a regional facility. in may, china installed a huge oil rig off another disputed group of islands, the paracels. this has led to clash between chinese and vietnamese vessels.
Jun 6, 2016 5:00am PDT
. china's trade figures are dueue out on wednesday followed by inflation figures on thursday. i'm phoebe amoroso reporting from the tokyo stocks exchange. >>> the weak u.s. jobs figure, the u.s. rate hike could trigger capital outflows from the market. a look at sydney gaining. 78%. a fall in u.s. currency pushed up u.s. metal prices. shanghai down .16%. they are waiting for a slew of economic data including inflation numbers this week. here is a look at the other business stories we're following. >>> five japanese regional airlines flying to remote islands are facing tough times. demand for their service is falling. the transport ministry is studying ways to help them cut costs. it's appointing a panel of experts to explore options. >>> japanese automakers are joining the global race in artificial intelligence. honda will open an ai research base in central tokyo in the fall. toyota has a research hub in california silicon valley. it's set to open the third ai center in the state of michigan this month. >>> a company in central tokyo is offering workers daycare services with a twist. pr
Oct 10, 2013 6:00am PDT
just hours after they kidnapped him from a hotel in tripoli. >>> china's premier said outsiders shouldn't enter into the discussions on the east asia sea. >>> and taiwan's president is reaching out to mainland china as he faces shrinking popularity at home. >>> the prime minister of libya is shaken, but safe, after being held captive for part of the day by rebel forces. armed men kidnapped ali sei dan from tripoli. the president of libya's general national congress confirmed the rebels had released the prime minister. a rebel group posted a message on his facebook pagerime minist along with security personnel. it said it was investigating his unlawful actions. the prime minister lives in the hotel, in central tripoli, and known for tight security. many foreign guests stay there. zeidan took office in november last year. his government has been struggling to maintain a grip on security. rival militias have been fighting for control. several politicians have been kidnapped. earlier this month u.s. forces held a counter raid on al qaeda. last month zeidan said his nation is trying
Jun 28, 2016 12:00am PDT
people who want to go back to nature but not all the way. >>> mainland china and hong kong xinhua news agency reports that the security ministry agreed to start discussions on the mechanism with hong kong as soon as possible. last year a book seller in hong kong went missing. hong kong later revealed he has been detained by authorities on the mainland since october. the man and four others who went missing are all linked to a book store that sells titles critical of the chinese communist party. the book seller says he was forced to make a false confession that was televised. the revelation has led to growing distrust among people in hong kong of the one country, two systems policy. the policy grants a high degree of autonomy to hong kong. hong kong officials had asked beijing to provide details of the missing book sellers based on the notification system, but beijing did not give a clear response. hong kong chief executive leung chun-ying has called on china to increase the transparency of the system. in hong kong a mass rally against mainland china is planned for friday on the 19
Nov 18, 2011 7:00pm PST
>>> taking center stage. southeastern asian leaders meet with the u.s. and china about territorial disputes and maritime security. >>> welcome to "newsline." i'm michio kijima in tokyo. >> leaders from the association of southeast asian nations are pulling together to confront a long-standing issue. a dispute over who controls the south china sea. they met face-to-face today with chinese premier jiabao and talked to president barack obama. patchari raksawong is in bali with details of the asean meeting. >> reporter: the ten leaders of asean held separate meetings friday with the u.s. president and chinese premier. topping the agenda, of course, the south china sea. jiabao was first to meet with asean friday morning telling the bloc they can begun to work out a code of conduct, or coc, for handles disputes in the south chine that sea. he responded china intended to join that process and would continue negotiations and added outsiders should not get involved in the south chine that sea issue. the foreign minister of indonesia currently chairing asean welcomed china's position. >> the
Jun 7, 2013 6:00am PDT
states says is coming from china. territorial disputes between china and some asian countries are also expected to be on the agenda. to understand what might be on the agenda, kunihira yapamoto has this report. >> reporter: president xi's predecessor was in office for three years before his made his first visit to the u.s. xi traveled through within three months. some experts say the meeting give the two leaders an opportunity to better understand each other. >> its very focused on building up personal relations, improving personal trust and laying a more solid background and foundation for improving the top level relations. >> the countries have long been at odds over taiwan and they have yet to find middle ground on trade friction, the value of the wan. and human rights in china. they don't see eye to eye on cyber attacks either. the cyber threat posed by china is growing. chinese leaders have consistently denied any involvement. >> china is the victim of numerous cyber attacks, hacking violations of cyber space integrity, etc. so i think the meeting between the two is actually
Oct 1, 2010 7:00pm PDT
. >> thank you very much for your report. >>> three japanese nationals released by china have returned to japan. they were detained for ten days on suspicion of entering a restricted military zone. at a news conference, they claimed they unknowingly entered the area. china freed the three men on thursday. they have been detained along with another man since september 20th. the men worked for the japanese construction firm fujita and its subsidiary. they were accused of entering a restricted military zone in shijiazhuang province. and videotaping military facilities. they arrived at the airport on friday from tokyo a airport to shanghai and held a news conference at the headquarters of the firm. >> translator: we didn't find any warnings or signs saying it was a restricted area. we said our entry was an accident. when we were taking pictures, we didn't realize the area was a restricted military zone. and we explained that to china. >> another japanese national is still being held for questioning. the company says it is trying to get more information on his situation. >>> about 30 japanese
Sep 4, 2013 6:00am PDT
bashar al assad needs to be punished but faces stiff opposition from the leaders of russia and china. vladimir putin and jinping also stated their objections to a military strike. putin says russia may resume selling anti-aircraft missiles if western countries attack without u.n. approval. >>> putin could start shipments to syria and added that accusations about the use of chemical weapons in syria should be based on solid evidence and not on rumors, intelligence from eavesdropping or chatter. putin said if there is proof that chemical weapons were used by the syrian government, he with not rule out securing military action but it would need to be sanctioned by the u.n. security council. >>> the u.s. congress is still weighing the pros and cons of military action. members of the senate foreign relations committee have drafted a resolution to authorize the use of force but it comes with conditions. the draft says any operation should be completed within 60 days, or 90 days at most. the resolution bars u.s. ground forces from entering syria. the committee could vote on the draft on wed
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