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Aug 7, 2011 6:00pm EDT
just waiting for proper cultivation. i have held a number of hearings where we talked about how china is coming in and fleecing africa at huge discounts. to build the road, they get all kinds of minerals in exchange. the bashir government has given oil to china. in return, they get aircraft to wage war on the south. there is a new escalation of bloodshed committed by them. >> you held an emergency hearing yesterday talking about the issue of south kurdistan in what is going on there. south sudan became independent. this is a place where millions have died in wars over the decades. how do you see south kurdistan progressing? do you fear this could be another situation like south sudan before independence? the bishop was talking about evidence of mass killing. are you concerned about that? >> i am deeply concerned. it is happening almost invisibly. because of good reporting and hearings, it helps to bring the information out. we had the bishop who talked about how his cathedral was ransacked. he was out getting in operation. he was out of the country when it all exploded in the last few
Nov 29, 2009 6:00pm EST
the australian national universities examine china's relations with the u.s., and that country's policies on climate change. like monday at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span to. . . announced that president obama is going to copenhagen to try to get a jump-start to these negotiations. given that the white house has yet to act on climate skhange there's bitter partisan opposition, what kind of inroads do you think the with the can make? >> i think the intent is first to show the united states is very serious about the energy and climate issue, number one. number two, copenhagen, as president rasmussen has said, since congress won't be able to address the energy and climate bill until after copenhagen that it's a framework for all countries -- let me say that he proposed you expect going in, a framework that will say this is our goal, this is going to be towards a lelie binding treaty. we're not going to get there in copenhagen but this is the step we need to take in order to get there. the good news is there's a lot of motion going on and i am encouraged that a lot of countries are begi
Feb 28, 2016 6:00pm EST
we're going to protect our , and went from trade -- you cannot lose $500 billion per year with china which is what we lost last year with china. people --se not smart they say that donald trump is not a free trader -- i am. we have to do something and get something out of it. >> i guess i'm not a free trader because it will not work that way. i know china very well, they pay me tens of billions of dollars. i have the bank of america building in san francisco because of china. in a it is a -- i got it hostile fashion. you would be very proud of me. mexico i did not like that leader, i did not like his filthy language. was supposed to give him everything. but mexico is great and the people are great. hispanicsands of working for me over the years. probably have is the leaders of mexico china and japan, all of the leaders all over the world are smarter, tougher and more cunning. they are stupid people. i will be the greatest jobs for dissing president -- the greatest jobs producing president. china sends the stuff in here with no tax -- i have many friends in the manufacturing business
May 29, 2016 6:00pm EDT
this. the selfto ask about china, a topic you are very familiar with. defense secretary ash carter will be delivering a message but as the chief of naval operations are wondered if you could talk about the proper tone that a u.s. would like to continue as you seek tona not provoke but also sent a message. to put the south china sea in context. when we think about our position in the world would like to go right to competitors. as i have settled into the position of chief of naval torations, and it applies the context, there is so much more at play. i would say that the rules of the competition have changed and that shift is as important as any of the competitors. in particular, the rules with respect to the pace of change complexity of situations being trans regional and multi-domain happening and multi--- multiple domains at once, we have to embrace all of that complexity as we address situations around the world. and thenited states united states navy is involved in the south china sea we've got to make sure that we keep the long-term in mind that we try to embrace the complexity
Apr 11, 2010 10:00am EDT
including the leader of china and that's a chance to discuss whatever issues come up. as to iran, i would expect that they would give us a loud die tribes and heavy doses of propaganda. >> what do you want to see from president obama from the obama administration in this summit? this is clearly a big opportunity for them to make their case on this issue. they've had a steady drum beat the last few weeks with this deal with russia signing the treaty, the nuclear posture review. what's your sense on them, whether they have any momentum coming to the summit? and what do you want to see them accomplish the next couple of days? >> well, i think they've got momentum on dealing with the rather technical issue of making sure that medical nuclear materials are well handled and that when they are no longer useful, that they're returned properly to where they can be reprocessed or disposed of. as to the bigger issue of stopping the iranian nuclear program or dealing with the north korean program, i think we're doomed to failure as long as we maintain the policies of the bush and obama administration
Jan 10, 2016 10:00am EST
, and that is positive. if we can get china involved, so much the better, by think there is a limit as to how much china will help things. ms. schwartz: i was going to ask you about china. -- there havehat been three tests since obama has been in office, do you think they might be more willing to play a role here? rep. thornberry: i would hope they would. i would hope they would be a more responsible world player. unfortunately, i think china is very concerned about instability in north korea spilling over into the country, and causing them instability, which is their number one priority, preventing that sort of instability. they could help tremendously in putting pressure on north korea. i do think two things. one, north korea has a history a nuclearsomething -- test, a missile test, some provocative action to remind the world that we are here, you better negotiate with us, give us some concessions. that is how they earn their living, so to speak. i do worry that there is a perception among friends, allies, and adversaries that the , that wen for a treat are stepping back, and they
Apr 11, 2010 6:00pm EDT
example, china's access to u.s. markets would be impeded in any way if they continued to support the iran and north korea nuclear program. they really are supporting it, although the rhetoric is on the other side. as long as we try to persuade these countries that they ought to change their policies because they do not yet understand what is in their national interest, i think we're doomed to failure and a willingness to bargain and threaten and make concessions dooms us to a world in which iran and north korea have nuclear-weapons and that will be very dangerous world. >> you were paying attention to the president's remarks and meetings in prague and the signing of a new treaty. as far as the sanctions go, in terms of the russian response, are you confident that there will be any meaningful u.s. sanctions and that the u.s. and russia together will convince china and other countries to go along? >> it is a long way from truly meaningful sanctions. even our administration is talking about smart sanctions. the idea is that we will have sanctions that do not hurt the iranian economy
Mar 14, 2010 6:00pm EDT
only the united states. china, india, mexico, they have no restrictions, so it would increase co2. honestly, when i look at what little i have seen specifically from lindsay gramm and john kerry, there's nothing specific they're, but what they are trying to do is pick. they tried this before. start out with natural gas. the idea of cap and trade, if you stop to think about it, if your desire was to reduce co2 emissions, just put a tax on the emissions, right? that is what james hansen said, the only thing i've ever read with a month. why do they not do it? because people would then understand what it costs. cap and trade is just a way of making everyone thinking they are a winner. >> i forgot your question. [laughter] >> duties initiatives have any impact on the ant -- do these initiatives have any impact on the environment? >> and know. everything since kyoto was just unilateral -- >> no. everyone since feet -- everything since kyoto was unilateral. barbara about -- barbara boxer, saying that we are going to accept these examples, finishing ourselves first, and everyone else will
Nov 29, 2009 10:00am EST
india and china recently. what are the big criticisms heard in congress is that we cannot solve the current issue of loan, we need commitments. what is your sense of where things are going in terms of actual reductions in greenhouse gas? >> i will agree if you look at, for example, in the u.s. and china, where 40% is there, we need the developed countries and undeveloped countries to say they are in together. but no one expects developed countries to decrease emissions or do things that a developed company has the ability of doing. so the un language can hear out if i look at what china is doing, i see a sea change. there was a release of a report i had the privilege of cochairing about how can the world transition to sustainable energy. the inter academy council, representing science academy's across the world. they were purging energy efficiency, but there was no great question of climate change. we were talking about these issues. two days later -- two years later, a comeback, have another dinner, and i see something different. that climate change would be devastating china and t
Apr 26, 2015 6:00pm EDT
would let china, without a vote of congress, to be involved. we are engaging with our partners who play by a different set of rules from what we play. that is the role of fixing currency manipulation which china and japan used to do. china does repeatedly. all of those are important to fix if this bill was ahead. reporter: maybe i should have set up the top fasttrack allows the president to present congress with a deal that they can vote up and down, but not a men. everyone agrees that it makes it easier to get done. to be clear, you have real problems with the bill as it is now and would like to see it derailed or changed. sen. brown: fasttrack is basically an instruction booklet. it says to, this is how you negotiate trade agreements. you pay attention to currency, labor rights, the environment, and yet, the second part of the instruction booklet is how this legislation, this trade agreement, would actually passed congress. interestingly, there is no other bill in congress, no other legislative effort, then trade with the exception of budget reconciliation, where in the senate yo
Jun 5, 2016 6:00pm EDT
terrorism and china. the china is building what he described as a self isolation wall. how big of a threat, long-term, do we face from china? sec. james: and there is russia and threats beyond that. china is investing and testing in certain areas. these are matters of concern to the united states. with respect to what is going on in the south china sea, multiple officials have said repeatedly we will continue to fly and protect our rights under international loss. there is a lot of the world's trade that goes through the south china sea. it to all of the countries benefits that this is opened and governed by international law. steve: what is china's and game? sec. james: you would have to ask them. i know it they say, and i know what international law says. we are prepared to it here to that international law and protect our rights. there are many countries in the region that agree with us. tom: i would like to follow up on the south china sea. your head of command told me that he expects the chinese to establish an air defense identification zone over the south china sea requiring violenc
Dec 8, 2013 10:00am EST
zone anyone flying over a big stretch of the east china sea has to give them a heads up in advance they will take -- take unspecified measured responses. the chinese and south koreans were both upset. joe biden has been in the region. what is your sense of the follow-up in the long-term? did they respond correctly to that? i think we need to be calm about this. i thing the conversations with the chinese are helpful. it is not a no-fly zone. we have zones like it that. stateslking the united as well. everyone wants to know who is coming and going. chinese know if the miscalculated. it has certainly gotten the attention of the rest of the world. way they miscalculated definitely strengthens a lot of other countries. they are concerned about china overreaching. right now i do not think that situation will be more than that. >> do you think this is a harbinger of future conflicts or tensions that may arise over territorial disputes in places that may be most americans are but areliar with sensitive issues with other countries in southeast asia? gethe u.s. going to increasingly drawn in
Oct 11, 2015 10:00am EDT
brief. the u.s. recently reached an agreement with china about not conducting economic cyber espionage against one another. the director of national intelligence has said that he is not optimistic that this is actually going to work. he doesn't trust the chinese or the implementation. do you think that this is going to be effective or has the administration gone out on a limb with it? >> i think we have taken a first step. the president of china was here and acknowledged that use of cyber espionage is something all nations should condemn. that was a positive step. china has been the number one culprit in terms of cyber theft for r&d. china would be very latent in coming to the game if they suddenly put an end to this kind of economic espionage. nonetheless, acknowledging the rules of the road is a first step. there are public reports of china making arrests. that is also a positive step. ultimately i agree with director clapper. i think it is going to be necessary for the united states to initiate a series of escalating sanctions on chinese companies that are making use of stolen ameri
May 11, 2014 6:30pm EDT
it. thank you. national captioning institute] cable satellite corp. 2014] >> china has become, as we all know, the factory of the world and it sends products around the world in a way that makes our lifestyles possible. we couldn't have the quality of life we enjoy if we didn't have low cost goods and labor in china. yet in china the standard of living remains only about 1 6 of what it is in the united states in terms of per capita income and that's a source of frustration because people realize we work hard. we are participating in the global economy, we play by the rules in some cases and yet we're not yet enjoying the quality of life they have in the west. for most of chinese history, people had no requested -- idea of what life was like outside. chinese people now can sit on a computer in a village in the middle of nowhere and have an accurate image of what it's like to live if washington, d.c. > evan s -- oslos tonight at 8:00 on c-span's q&a. the act that was passed in 1933 after f.d.r. came to power as a very leer -- clear line between the speculative versions and things th
Aug 7, 2011 10:00am EDT
chaired them, and we have talked about how china is coming in and fleecing africa at huge discounts to build a road to get all kinds of minerals in exchange. the bush your government has given -- the bashir government has given oil for airplanes and now what has built into the newest escalation of blood shed by bashir. >> you held a short hearing yesterday, about what is going on. after the formation of south sudan their bree -- there came a lot of hopes and around the world. how you see them progressing at this point? do you see this situation in somalia has the same as just before some of saddam got independence? what do you -- south sudan got independence? >> through the good reporting what what both of you are doing, it helps bring this issue back. we had a bishop who talks about our his cathedral was ransacked. he was out getting an operation, so he was out of the country when it all just exploded within the last few weeks. one of his chaplains was beaten senseless. many people have been killed. they have taken off into the hills. the libyan africans who are being targeted beca
Aug 3, 2014 10:00am EDT
going to impact the spirit of china and india and others cannot change their clearly stated policy there would be zero benefits. that is the main concern among republicans, particularly when we are struggling with an rd mediocre area. >> has you get countries like china and india who are big it matures to change their policy if the u.s. does nothing? it is not tied to any negotiation with them. i am not sure how you'd do it. i do not think that is a death half. >> in my reporting i was looking at a sea level rise around virginia. uph said where do they stand to the sea level rise? not the worst. it is the worst on the east coast. as the senator from louisiana, that is a place experiencing global warming. how do try to explain this to your constituents? they were in the coastal issues at all. by far the biggest issue we face erosion which is fundamentally about two things. that sentiment out into the gulf where it actually creates a dead zone rather than rebuilding the coast. secondly, the energy issue channeled the coast. whichilled the vegetation was the glue that held that togeth
Aug 3, 2014 6:00pm EDT
costs that are going to impact the spirit of china and india and others cannot change their clearly stated policy there would be zero benefits. that is the main concern among republicans, particularly when we are struggling with an rd mediocre area. >> has you get countries like china and india who are big it matures to change their policy if the u.s. does nothing? >> i don't think you do it by having the u.s. tank , not tied to any discussion or negotiation. i am not sure how you'd do it. but i do not think that is a productive path. >> in my reporting i was looking at a sea level rise around virginia. i had a conversation with no and -- noah and noah said where do they stand up to the sea level rise? they said it is not the worst. it is the worst on the east coast. as the senator from louisiana, probably a place that is experiencing global warming. as the senator from louisiana, a place that is experiencing the consequences of global warming how do try to explain this to , your constituents? >> they were in the coastal issues at all. i don't think global warming is the biggest iss
Jan 5, 2014 10:30am EST
behind the curtain. but the ability of the president in u.s., france, china, russia, the british prime minister or the chancellor of germany are constrained when it comes to arriving at a bargain on the transfer but it issue a restraining the nuclear power program. president obama has problems with a broad swath of congress and fevers rather than loosening them and would prefer iran to return to the telephones and candles. the presidents of russia and china have their hands tied still as well. what is holding both back. when president putin want them to be perceived by much of the world as effective pariahs. which brings us to the next set of the strings on the power of today's imperial presidency. the international image. in earlier times as possible for the leader to conclude the pact with no reference to the forces outside of the immediate entourage. at the conference that led to the treaty of versailles and a world war i, the leaders of britain, france, italy dictated the terms of the vanquished and the already ottoman empire. as i explored in my book a shattered peace, america's w
Jul 13, 2014 10:30am EDT
? ladies and gentlemen, last year the united states once again overtook china for the first time in 11 years as the number one choice for foreign direct investment. 2014 survey came out, and begin the united states is number one. but here's the point. pulling away from the pack by the widest margin ever recorded in the history of this survey ever, ever. in every region of the world, in every economic sector, foreign investors see the united states as the best place to invest their money. ladies and gentlemen, simply put, we are in better position than any nation in the world to remain the leading economy for the 21st century. nobody else is close. everybody talks to me about china. i know, i know president xi better than any elected official just because i spent more time with him. i traveled with him five days alone in china and the traveled for of the five days here in the united states. i recent came back for five a half hour meeting with him. i want china to do well, but china not only has a problem with energy, shortage of it, they don't have water. hear me? they don't have enough
Oct 12, 2014 7:00pm EDT
you take them as the changes brought by those reforms? thank you. >> china is trying to undergo a massive change in their growth model, and this is something that my predecessor, i think, worked truly brilliantly with the chinese government over several years to put together a plan called china 2030. so if your intention, china going from some of the highest investment rates that we've ever seen, 46% of g.d.p., and then to try to pivot to a growth strategy that's much more focused on consumption and services, to try to sort of move up the value chain, if you will, in terms of economic productivity, this is a very difficult thing to do. and so we have been watching very carefully, and there has been a slowdown from traditional rates of very high growth rates of 10%, and i think the important thing we watch is that china continues to be committed to that reform process. we believe that that reform process and moving toward a different growth model is what china needs to do. and so it's -- it's a very delicate balance. they have to, on the one hand, be ready to move to a different gr
Sep 18, 2011 6:00pm EDT
china. the solar industry in the united states has dropped dramatically. in china, it has gone up enormously. what we are doing is referring to china to be the leaders in these areas. we should be the leaders. losing over $500 billion, i would never taken lightly. we should get the facts before we make accusations. and republican try to make a lot out of the idea that vice president biden wanted to go and visit the company. it wanted to make sure the loan guarantee was approved as quickly as possible. that was not because they wanted the loan guarantees approved quickly, but it looks like this company would be the future. they would provide cheaper energy than we now have been less polluting energy that is less dependent on foreign oil. they are stretching it to look for a scandal that i do not see as a scandal on the administration's part. i still want an explanation from the ceo of the company. the ceo is going to testify. >> do you think the loan guarantee program needs to be restructured? how would you propose to modify it? >> a lot of people do not like the loan guarantee pro
Mar 1, 2015 6:00pm EST
to be a different ship question mark that ship? >> they can china's -- change identity, cargo, destination. that's like me coming in through jfk, brushing elbows with 1000 people with false passports. >> i think you brought us an example of that. we have an image. explain what we are looking at. >> this is a real story, a container ship, scrapped in the summer 2012. it means they die. after dying, one year exactly, it reappears and this small port in india, where it is too shallow, so we have identity reappearing after one year and a small port going westwards into iran's border, lingering there. >> someone came alongside there. >> exactly. going southward to somalia. i recommend it to you for your next summer vacation. from there going onwards to oman and disappears or ever. that happens under the nose of 15 nato warships. >> only you guys know about this ship? >> me and 16,000 of my best friends. >> let's get a large shot of your system. give us a sense of what this looks like live. >> what you see is alive. >> we are looking at the -- >> this is the persian gulf. the blue s
Sep 20, 2015 6:00pm EDT
with russia and china to promote peace and harmony in the world and future economic development for everybody. as you knowe way, we have the first official visit of president xi with president obama later this month. has been in office for a long time. i would say he is the most powerful leader in china since ping. it is great to see the united states and china cooperating whenever we can. treating each other as -- with respect and as equals. china has emerged to be one of the greatest powers on earth. china announced then under deng xiaoping, that they would be open and reformed. have reformed their government and far -- insofar as freedom is concerned, but they also have diplomatic relations with us every country on earth. they have become the second-largest economy in the world and are destined to be the top economy on earth. they have some great challenges ongoing in china right now, with which xi jinping has to deal. i hope is that he can find common ground on as many things as possible. normalized relations, since 1980, china has not been to war with anybody. and theis that ch
Feb 1, 2015 6:00pm EST
infrastructure up to par. we are way behind europe and china in terms of what percentage of our gdp we invest into infrastructure. i have just introduced legislation which will call for a trillion dollar investment over five years, creating 13 million jobs. i would hope in that area we can come together and say we have to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and in the process, we can create millions of jobs. that is one area i hope we can reach an agreement. >> senator paul introduced a proposal this week that would let companies repatriate offshore earnings -- if money comes off of that they would use it for infrastructure. what do you think of a place where the money could come from? >> the smith -- this is based on >> i'm not a great fan of that plan. that plan is is based on the fact that we have huge amounts of money from corporate america city in the cayman islands. that is a mechanism by which large corporations and wealthy americans avoid paying their fair share of taxes. it is estimated that we are losing about $100 billion per year because of that tax loophole. the idea being float
Sep 15, 2013 10:00am EDT
discuss an array of issues ranging from recent security links to cyber security threats from china and iran. this is an hour. >> good morning, everyone. the inaugural summit. our mission is to serve as a catalyst for public-private and academic partnerships in order to identify, develop, and promote solutions to national security challenges confronting he intelligence community. i think we can all agree that we have achieved that first mission here as we have been able to assemble an audience of ore than 500 professionals from across the sectors. as well as an impressive list of more than 40 panelists and moderators from those same sectors. i thank you all for being here today. i extend a special thank you for all of our sponsors. in particular, i would like to recognize our two host sponsors , north rup crumbnd and ratesdz i don't know for their continued support of our efforts. in addition to our host sponsors, i would like to thank man teck for sponsoring the breakfast. deloite for sponsoring the registration, pwc for sponsoring our speakers lounge, bae systems for sponsoring our lu
Oct 21, 2012 6:00pm EDT
thought that he was pretty good on civil-rights. later on, when he opened the door to china, i thought that was a major move that no democratic president could have the wit or imagination to do. i thought in a number of areas, nixon was pretty good, especially on domestic policy. >> were you were involved in k shaping up as policy towards native americans? >> i hope so. i tried to do what i could to help the native americans, especially in my own state. i guess i am a little fuzzy as to just what nixon did in that area. i do not know if she was particularly interested in indian affairs. >> he ended the policy of termination of tribes and gave bootleg back to the native americans. >> those are worthwhile measures. how are we doing on time? >> we will move ahead to 1972. how did you defeat edmund? >> i outworked him. i was back and forth across this country c ceasing for 2 years. i announced, not in january of 1972, up to that time, that had been the acceptable time to announce. coming from a little states like south dakota with three electoral votes, i had to out work ed for that nomina
Apr 14, 2013 10:00am EDT
serious confrontation there. secretary john kerry did what he did. is going to china and japan. i think he has been a very proactive secretary since he was sworn in, in afghanistan working . i think that is crucial. i'm really happy with what he is doing. youngf us knows what this leader in korea would do. think we have to remember is south korea has a new young member. when they said that ship, south korea said that is the last time. next time we're going to respond. general thurman has his hands full. >> if i could follow up. most generals and admirals at the pentagon expect north korea to do another ballistic missile test of some time. how should the u.s. responds? if years ago he wrote an op-ed same the north koreans put a ballistic missile on the launch pad and we should take it out before they fire. we need a harder line to discourage this behavior. how should the u.s. respond? i do not want to second- guess. the commander in chief will make the decision. did the military will give him options. i am not the president. i do not have that ability. i do not want to get out in front o
Sep 18, 2016 6:00pm EDT
had some progress with china. you don't steal for economic benefit. then you have theft for the purpose of foreign intelligence entering. then you have dumping that information to disrupt. that does not mean it has to be accurate information. we have seen the russians do that in europe. what i think is very concerning here is that these activities go beyond simply hacking. that is simply gaining intelligence. i can only discuss the public reports. if they are accurate, they have been alerted by the federal government that a foreign government hacked into their databases. that's not for the purpose of intelligence gathering. why would you hack a database of registered voters? that something to do if you're laying the foundation for interfering or disrupting with an election. i think it's very important to make sure we are prepared. that's why every state should have a paper trail. many of us of been urging this or years. some states don't have that in a lot of cases. they ought to be taking every precaution they can. they need to make sure that they are well guarded. deb: do you
Jun 9, 2013 6:00pm EDT
in the river in china. they were diseased. this came from the same company. we have spent 20 years of innovation and hard work, put the public-sector jerk finding it, that is one of my questions. how much have we put into funding technologies used broadly by the pork producers in the agricultural industry that has allowed us to be leaders in the world? we have now a company coming in that will give all that american ingenuity to taxpayers. they are purchasing that. the question is this opens up more broadly a market for us. pork producers are dependent upon exports. i totally understand that. my concern is our biggest export market in the u.s. is japan, right next door to china. what happens when you have the chinese company now owning, do we know that they will always be exporting from america? are they going to be exporting from china and our pork producers lose their largest market, japan? i have a number of questions. one of the areas we are pursuing under the treasury department, there is a group that looks at national security concerns of any kind of a purchased by foreign compa
Nov 8, 2015 6:00pm EST
, russia, india, china, and south africa. these are the nations that should and could be doing more on the humanitarian side. arshad: thank you for that. and if i am not mistaken, the numbers showing how much has been pledged has been going down and i believe in the current calendar year the pledge is only at 45% of the current need for this year and in previous years it was higher. pledge is only at 45% of the current need for this year and in previous years it was higher. so, here is the question. as the magnitude of the crisis has worsened, the response of the global community appears to have diminished. why is that? secretary richard: you are absolutely right -- the response to the appeal for syria, but also responses to appeals for crises all around the world have been weak and have left what we are calling the 60% gap of funding that ought to becoming in and is not. the fault is not the fault of americans. like i say, americans are leading the world in providing assistance to these crises, but collectively the world is not doing enough. now, we are seeing a quick turnaround in
Aug 11, 2013 6:00pm EDT
murder as many of us as they could. the other threat is an emerging china that is an incredibly totalitarian powers still. we were promised that they would moderate the rate they still have this horrible dictatorship. they would still make some a threat. we have these threats to deal with. we have this administration. we have many republicans as well pushing russia away, still thinking about russia as it was during the cold war. this is no good for the cause of peace or for us. >> is a possible you are being a little naÏve? russia is hosting edward snowden. the most damaging leaker in american history. >> this is what he did by alerting the american people to over surveillance on the part of our own government, of our population to call him a traitor, he was being loyal to the rest of us by letting the american people know their government was getting out of hand. when our government suggest that it has to keep a record of every phone call every citizen makes in order to protect does, it has gone too far. the fact that russia gave him asylum i think is very symbolic. russia, a
Jul 29, 2012 10:00am EDT
provisions. now the concern is as we move to solar energy, all the solar panels come from china. it is the same with the wind turbines. to say we would get down to 25% without saying he would get there is done very effective or useful step. klutz when you talk to your middle-income -- >> when you talk to middle-income constituents -- >> have you been there? >> many times. do you say to them that they may have to sacrifice? everyone may have to sacrifice in order to make this fiscal system worked. do you say that? what is it you say to them that they may have to sacrifice? >> i do say that. i think there are some items that we need to trim. but i do not say to them though is that we will privatize social security. i do not say to them that we will privatize medicare. i do not say to them that we will block grant medicaid and ship it to the states. i do not say that we will end all support for education. in the republican bill coming out next week, they would eliminate the education opportunities, these opportunity credits. when i for -- when i ran for governor long ago, 10% of the colle
May 10, 2015 6:30pm EDT
country in the world. china is increasingly claiming territory in the south china sea, newton invades his neighbors -- putin invades his neighbor, and radical jihadists be had christians and even conducts attacks in texas. and barack obama appears unable to do anything about these things. at home, there are questions about whether the american dream can survive for much longer. people are living paycheck to paycheck, and one expensive place away from a catastrophe. many people of thousands of dollars in student loans and their degree did not lead to a job. for the first time in 35 years you have more small businesses dying than being born. so why is this happening? why is this happening to the greatest nation on earth? at its core, the reason is this, because the economy of the world all around us is undergoing historic and dramatic changes. but we are still led by too many people who are trapped in the past by ideas that no longer work. what this reminds us is that we are at a moment at our nation's history where we will decide whether to embrace the future or confront its ch
Jul 6, 2014 10:00am EDT
five minutes left. having interest in china and russia sending in surveillance teams and flyovers, how confident are you that canada is capable of defending its claims to that territory? guest: canada and the united states are part of norad together and we have a perimeter defense security agreement and have had for 55 years. we have joint exercises in the arctic. we are both on the arctic council. canada is chairing it now and the united states takes over in april 2015. have a very positive and constructive working relationship with the arcticstates in terms of sovereignty. there is a disagreement about sea but there is a technical group assigned to map out the sea as part of the arctic. we strongly maintain our sovereignty on the northwest passage in the arctic but we sierra cells is partners with the united states and partners on perimeter security. when you raise questions about countries like russia that are on the other side of the arctic ocean but very much a part of the arctic region. >> when you look at russia and some of their actions in ukraine and the region, are you concer
Nov 11, 2012 10:00am EST
. china gets old before it gets rich. china declined in population. they're not having kids. beijing not to immigration. do immigration.not >> harry reid led to talk about this. something like 50-55 house republicans that signed the pledge lost this election cycle. what do you see is your influence in this town going forward? >> harry reid is not like to talk about the tax issue. even the president keeps talking about revenues, not tax increases when he clearly means rate increases. people want something they're not willing to talked-about outloud. it is easier to say that some guy in kansas wants to raise taxes but the republicans will not let us. that is not a very good campaign. i do not like grover norquist, i will debate impurities' just trying to avoid the problem he has appeared he is trying to raise taxes which slows economic growth. the tax issue is a very powerful issue going back to the revolution in civil war. -- and civil war. the tax issue is important. the number of people who lost their bids for either election or reelection that signed the pledge,, what does it say a
Jan 13, 2013 6:00pm EST
china, japan, and every other lender that has given the us money. the reality is we are going to pay our bonds, whether to social security or china. that's why we have to be fiscally responsible. >> just to follow-up, for most of the last year, you have said that social security has no business being in this -- in these debates, not the debt ceiling debate, not the fiscal debate. a couple of weeks ago, right after nancy pelosi came out and said that she would back something similar to what obama was backing, the chained cpi scenario for social security, which would have reduced payments for future beneficiaries -- we have been watching week by week. suddenly, you were not quite as vocal in your opposition to that. is that an indication you would support something like that in the grand bargain you are looking for? >> first, i have deeper spec for nancy pelosi, our leader in the house. she has -- deep respect for nancy pelosi, our leader in the house. she has worked hard on issues like climate change. the entire issue of trying to get the in dash -- get the economy going -- she is
Jun 27, 2010 6:00pm EDT
one, china has determined that it is in its own interests, its own sovereign interests, to move back towards a path of flexible exchange rates. we think that is a very positive thing. we think, in part, it is a positive thing because an undervalued renminbi has given china a significant trading advantage, and we have been very clear to them that we do not consider that acceptable or consistent with the principles with balanced growth that was discussed in pittsburgh that all of the g-20 nations signed on to, so we're pleased that they made this first step, but i think like a number of other countries, the proof in the pudding is going to be in the eating. we did not expect a 20% revaluation in one week that would be disruptive to the chinese economy and the world economy. we do expect that as more and more forces come to bear, given the enormous surpluses that china has accumulated, the renminbi is going to go up, and it is going to go up significantly, so we are going to be paying attention over the next several months to make that determination. now, i do not have the perfect formu
Feb 15, 2015 6:30pm EST
is it's almost impossible to get things through. at a time when if you look at china, china's making free trade agreements all through asia. just made one a year-and-a-half, two years ago with the ten countries. very economic system in those ten countries. but now they signed on trade agreement with china. we need to be in that ballpark. and to give congress an up or down vote i think is fair. bring it over. if you don't like it, vote it out. if there's something that troubles that many people over there, vote it out and have them go back and work on it again. host: let's go to david joining us from new jersey. our line for independents. conversation with former senator jim web. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. the best channel on television. good morning, steve. it's a pleasure to talk to you again. host: now you know david calls every 30 days. we love to hear from you david. thank you for the compliments. here's your chance to ask the senator a question. caller: good morning, senator webb. you are a shining light and i want to thank you for your service. i'm a wor
Jan 13, 2013 10:00am EST
money. treasury, the treasury has just taken the hard cash and given bonds the way china has given its hard cash and taken bonds. if we're not going to pay social security back on its bonds then we're probably in pretty good shape because we don't have to pay china japan and every other lender who has given the u.s. money. but the reality is we've got to pay our bonds whether to social security or to china and that's where we have to be fiscally responsible. but to bring social security which has never add add single penny to the debt or deficits of this country i think is wrong. >> just to follow up on that. for most of the last year you've said what you just said, which is social security has no business being in this any of these debates, not debt ceiling debate. >> long term discussions on social security can be on there yes. >> a couple weeks right -- >> right after nancy pelosi came out and said she would back something similar to what obama was backing which is a chained cpi to reduce payments and suddenly you weren't quite as vocal. we've been watching you and you weren't quite
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