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Aug 19, 2011 11:35pm EDT
mited time, only $20 for 300mb of data. >>> the georgetown hoyas basketball brawl in china is our story trending on found at stories on the redskins will be there. >> i am sure. >> its is preseason. one of the areas superstar athletes is injured. he may miss the rest of this season. the redskins moved the ball around and did a pretty good job. latest, nve the >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> after months of talking about for thee started redskins. he was not sensational, but he was quick. he this guy has some wheels, cuts to the right. you cannot argue with that. he rushed 58 yards. shows employees -- poise in the pocket. 140 yards, not too shabby. 7-0.edskins go up how about the competition at running back? gone. keeps on going. that would lead to another field goal. 16-0 at the half. give credit to the defense. out lorenzo alexander. beck did a-3, and pretty good job at managing the offense. when i looked at all those like -- we feel good. that is huge. my success depends on them. they stepped up
Apr 14, 2017 12:37am PDT
wilderness. >> the wildlife, topography is amazing. >> disney nature's "born in china" taking you inside the private lives of pandas, snow leopards, and a pack of other exotic animals. >>> and pecking at the record. how a plea for free chicken nuggets from wendy's from a 16-year-old boy could wind up breaking ellen degeneris' record for retweets. but first the "nightline 5." >> i'm joy bauer. i know probiotics can often help. digestive advantage, tougher than your stomach's harsh environment so it survives 100 times better than the leading probiotic. >> also in chocolate, probiotic bites. >>> no wonder you can't sleep, your car is a mess. you need parts i've never heard of. it's going to cost you a fortune. >> when life keeps you up z quill helps you fall asleep. sleep is a beautiful thing. >> number one in just 60 seconds. >>> good evening. thanks for joining us. tonight, another onslaught of russian propaganda. this time flooding the internet with #syriahoax, an attempt to shift the blame on that chemical attack by the assad regime in syria. we take you to the front lines of the high-stake
Aug 17, 2016 12:37am EDT
for decades it was illegal to have more than one child in china. except in villages like this one where nearly every couple mysteriously has one boy and one girl. we journey to the remote territory and uncover centuries-old fertility rituals. >> this is where the people are going to come to take their oath and drink the pig blood. >>> she's both in "vogue" and on it. kendall jenner gets up close and personal to answer 73 questions. >> what is modeling relevant like? >> a dream come true. >> why do some fans want to keep her away from the cover? first the "nightline 5." >> constipated? trust doctor-recommended du dulco dulcolax. tablets for overfight relief, suppositories for relief in minutes. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief. >> covering is caring. because covering heals faster. to seal out water, dirt, and germs. cover with a water block clear bandage from band-aid brand. >> number one in just 60 >> number one in just 60 seconds. when you can take your hands off the wheel to get out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. that's bot
Jan 10, 2013 12:35am EST
alleged scams and frauds from far away in china that has affected thousands of american investors and their pension funds. >> it hurts. it does. >> reporter: and it strikes at the very credibility of the big stock exchanges which allowed the chinese companies to sell their stock here. >> hundreds of billions of dollars still at stake. >> reporter: yet when we went to get answers, no one wanted to appear in our report. not the people at nasdaq. >> this interview is over right now. it's over right now. used to er: not the prominent promote the very companies now accused of scamming investors. >> just a moment, general. >> no. >> reporter: and certainly not some of the accused scammers halfway around the world. >> no cameras. >> reporter: what they don't want to talk about is the sort of thing that was going on or not going on at this factory in rural china, where american investors were told huge quantities of biodiesel fuel were being produced every day. but these surveillance photos appear to show something very different. only a handful of workers and absolutely no tanker trucks carr
Aug 12, 2015 12:37am PDT
in china zip lines have been a lifeline for generations. why are theynow isappearing from the landscape? >>> and the multi-millionaire zap owes ceo. and revitalizing las vegas. >>> but first, the "nightline" five. ♪ >> let's get started. ♪ >> don't ignore the law. you must call 811 at least two to three business days before any digging project so you can avoid hitting peep lines and essential buried utilities. make the call to 811. essential buried utilities. make the call to 811. >>> number my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman essential buried utilities. make the call to 811. >>> numbfor pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me d
May 29, 2015 12:37am PDT
home but in china ziplines have been a lifeline for generations. why now they are slowly disappearing from the chinese countryside. and digital slight of hand. you will meet the man behind the magic vines. how this guy turned a hobby in to an on-line empire dazzling more than 3 million followers. are some of these stunts as dangerous as they appear? but first the "nightline" five. >> when salon pas ge best gan in 1934 a single patch created a category of pain relief. 80 years later, it has evolved in to a family of pain relievers. perfect for back muscle or joint release. perfect for relief. >> get more rewards the more you spend. use macy's money on top of sale prices. the more you buy the more macy's money you get. shop in store through sunday. ♪ >> good evening. we begin tonight with a story provoking outrage. it's about massive corporations some accused of being driven by greed are raking in huge profits while regular americans suffer. this has to do with the medicine many of us need to survive, and prices that are skyrocketing. not by 100% or 200% but sometimes by 3,000% even 6
Feb 16, 2010 11:35pm EST
. >> reporter: the he's visas had expired and anna may was bound for china, leaving behind the people she knew as mom and dad, and perhaps most painful, amy, born 13 months after the bakers took anna in as an infant. >> i think of her every single day, every minute. this is me and that's anna. >> reporter: distracted and troubled, amy started pulling out her hair, her eyelashes and even her eyebrows. >> it's been, like, when i pull out my hair it's because of anna and i can't concentrate. >> reporter: th >> they were almost like twins the same age. >> reporter: 8,000 miles away in southwest china, anna may is having here own adjustment issues, as we saw on a recent visit to her new home. >> if someone were to say, are you chinese or are you american, what wow you say? >> i would say that i'd be both of them. >> do you think it's fair you had to move here? >> i would say it's a bit fair and a bit not fair. >> reporter: she now attending a boarding school with her younger brother and sister during the week. in memphis, there were straight a report cards. here, anna may is fighting to ke
Oct 20, 2009 11:35pm EDT
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Feb 22, 2012 11:35pm PST
look at apple's biggest factory in china. but why is it there and not in america? why their manpower builds our machines. >>> plus, cry for help. syrians dea moving tribute for an american killed today. for a haunt iing last report, ia city raining with hostility against his own people. >>> good evening. i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight, the verdict in a much-anticipated murder trial. university of virginia lacrosse player, george huguely v was found guilty of murder in the second degree. it took just nine hours for the jury to reach a verdict. formal sentencing will take place april 16th. but jurors tonight recommended he receive 26 years in prison. "good morning america" will have more in the morning. >>> we turn, now, to americans in debt. and a new report from the federal reserve showing that consumer debt rose 7.5% at the end of last year. much of that was wracked up on credit cards. well, tonight, we meet a woman at the extreme, who says she can't stop charging. even things she doesn't need. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> i want it. i want it now. >> reporter: clothes. shoes. house
Apr 12, 2010 11:35pm EDT
" guide to what it means for you. >>> inside the kingdom of little people. it's china's bizarre new theme park featuring no one bigger than four foot three. a tall tale? it's tonight's sign of the times. >>> good evening. it seems that nobody is immune from princesses to the poor, from athletes to actors, divorce is a daily reality for millions. the cost is almost impossible to quantify, and while some marriages end peacefully, there are many which draw to a close in bitterness and anger. but whether it's a celebrity husband and wife or your neighbor next door, there's something about marital conflict that makes us stop and stare, especially when it's on television. >> reporter: from tiger woods to sandra bullock, the emotions of high profile marital heartbreak are getting splashed across tabloids. from the 50 million dollar bust up of paul mccartney and heather mills. >> money was taken out of my account again. >> reporter: even had it comes to everyday divorces, it's the stuff that broken dreams are made of. houses, property and the pets. >> she treated the dog like it was a queen
Nov 28, 2011 11:35pm EST
full panda costumes, oh, we just had to buy a ticket to china for abc's david wright and tonight's "sign of the times." >> reporter: they are cuter than kitten, a species so soft and cuddly that in this world they would have to be rare. tragically they're endangered. difficult to get to, as well, the road that leads up the mountain to the wolong panda research center hasn't yet recovered from the 2008 earthquake that ripped through china's sichuan province, a bumpy ride narrow and prone to landslides. you feel like you're headed to shangri-la. just a few years ago this was a thriving tourist attraction. home to more than 60 little bear, china's most successful panda breeding facility. now wolong has the feel of jurassic park, the lost world, the tourist signs and buildings still here, but the place is empty except for the pandas and a handful of researchers. the tourists' paths are now overgrown with bamboo. a few of the pandas like this little guy are destined for other breeding centers or quite possibly zoos overseas. it's a nice job. >> yes, i like this job. it's like taking car
Feb 21, 2012 11:35pm EST
ever visited the foxconn factory in china, it's hard to miss the nets. and it's hard not to get them out of your mind when you leave. it's there to keep the people from taking a deadly leap off the roof. an executive admits that without the nets, and the suicide cluster that produced them, we weren't be looking inside the ifactory tonight. the suicide nets went up in the spring of 2010, when nine foxconn workers jumped to their deaths in a span of three months. a total of 18 employees took their own lives or tried to in recent years. and given the company's massive size, foxconn's suicide rate is well below china's national average. one reason louis wu, our executive host said, it took several months and several suicides, before foxconn and apple were shaken into action. >> at the beginning, we see a few suicides. but we didn't really see there was an effect. until the fifth or the sixth one. >> reporter: he says apple's number two man at the top, tim cook, flew to shenzhen, and helped build a team of experts, to make nets, to make impulsive souls think twice before jumping. foxconn
Sep 3, 2016 12:02am CDT
"nightline," i'm matt gutman in san jose, california. china where just like in the karl douglas song, everybody is kung fu fighting. ? everybody was kung fu fighting ? ? those dudes were fast as lightning ? >>> and these dogs are using instagram the same way humans do. making people jealous of their fabulous lives. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. turn things around? what if you could... love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning, invokana? is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. in fact, it's been proven to be more effective at lowering by reducing the amount of sugar allowed back into the body, and sending some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for lowering systolic blood pressure or weight loss, it may help you with both. invokana? can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause you to feel
Sep 20, 2017 12:37am PDT
, bob woodward on the tyranny. the boundary between north korea and china. >> look at this warning. do not converse or exchange objects with people on the other side of the border of the will. >> a view from the ground. >> i don't think you see those plows much anymore. >> and the notorious regime clamps down at a check point. but first the "nightline" five. ♪ the best things in life they're free ♪ ♪ stars belong to everyone ♪ ♪ they cling there for you and for me ♪ ♪ flowers in spring ♪ th r tling there for you and for me ♪ ♪ the sunbeams that shine ♪ they're yours and their mine ♪ love can come to everyone ♪ the best things in life they're free ♪ ♪ >>> good evening. thank you for joining us. tonight another escalation in the war of words between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong-un. this time with the leaders of the world watching. the president's first address to the united nations. so what comes next? we go inside the brutal regime. >> a war of words across the pacific. >> details about north korea's missile launch -- >> north kore
Aug 16, 2016 12:37am EDT
we don't know the characters. >> reporter: she shows me the landscapes of china. >> we're entering the forest room. it's really inspired by southeast china where you have a lot of bamboo forest. definitely our team is inspired by that. >> reporter: that pride making this park entirely unique. and that may just be the key to a fairy tale ending. for "nightline," i'm bob woodruff in shanghai, china. >>> next, you won't believe what justin bieber and selena gomez are fighting about now on instagram. why selena is trying to kill them with kindness. ? kill them with kindness ? viagra single packs... so guys with ed can... take viagra when they need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. crabfest is on at red lobster so come dive into dishes like the new alask
Sep 28, 2010 11:35pm PDT
-hugging magic to a new market -- china, with a potential 1.3 billion fans. and their hosting their first ever live show here at the shanghai world expo. one of the few groups from the u.s. invited to perform, they are ambassadors of american culture. some of the biggest names have flown in for the event, like seven foot giant big show and ray mysterio. it's fair to say these guys don't blend, but they certainly inspire curiosity. >> are you laughing at my hands? >> reporter: yeah, i just -- i mean -- >> huge. >> reporter: i feel like i have really big hands anyway, but -- >> no, you don't. >> reporter: but those are some -- wow. >> i got to be really careful, if i go to picnics and stuff because people try to stick my fingers in a bun, you know? >> reporter: think of china and sports and kung if you or ping-pong probably jump to mind before wrestling. while the nba is hugely popular here, major league baseball and the nfl have not been so successful. wwe began flooding the chinese market a few years ago. their programming is now available in 90 million households across the country
Oct 4, 2013 12:35am EDT
super strong. >> reporter: we joined the team who cam to eastern china to try a stunt so daring, complex, so well insane really he couldn't resist it. though he nearly didn't live to see it. >> what i wanted to do since i was a small child is fly. i looked up at the sky since i was young. i watched bird fly. i thought, man. wouldn't that, that its just -- who wouldn't want to do that? you know what i mean? >> jeb is not alone. there is a formula one in the sky. coreliss arguably the sport's top gun. in january 2012. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: training on table mountain in south africa, flying over sheer granite at 120 miles per hour, a near fatal crash. >> dude, i didn't think i was dead. i knew i was dead. there is, you do not hit at terminal velocity and survive. it is impossible. not even two years later -- >> need to stop traffic. >> reporter: fully recovered, jeb preps the team to pull off the latest stunt. heave calls it "the flying dagger." his goal to fly between the jutting blade of the cliffs aiming for the narrow gap. one wrong move, all but certain death. >> bi
Dec 9, 2011 11:35pm PST
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Jul 16, 2014 12:37am EDT
collectors in london to accused fake art dealers in spain all the way to china, the hiding place for the little-known artist who has turned the art world upside down with his masterful fakes. in this case the accused forger created look-alikes of some of america's most prominent artists including the late margaret rothko whose iconic blocks of color sell more millions of dollars. this real rothko sold for $56 million in may. a perfect time to turn out the fakes. here are images of a real rothko and a fake rothko created by the accused times square forger. the real one on the right sold for $3 million. the fake on the left actually sold for more. $8 million. >> i thought that looks like a pretty good rothko. and i'm an loan. i'd love to see the original forgery. >> art critic blake goff ni says a lot of so-called experts were taken in by the fakes. >> the greatest collectors of rothkos, the greatest connoisseurs of rothkos loved them when they first saw them until they found out they were forgeries. >> the times square copycat also targeted the works of jackson pollock, whose technique of
Dec 6, 2010 11:35pm EST
habitats in china. >> reporter: that's frightening. >> it's astounding. >> reporter: no one is more frightened than fishermen in the great lakes where sport and commercial fishing is a $7 billion a year industry. >> it's the single largest part of our economy up here, hand's down. that's good. we lost this fishery here, you'd be looking at a ghost town around here. would be disastrous for the area. >> once they're in lake michigan, there's nothing to stop them from going to lake superior, lake erie, lake houron. the whole system will be overrun by these fish. >> reporter: they feel the carp who have no farm predators, will wipe out the salmon, perch, trout and wall eye that now dominate these waters. the carp could be a catastrophe. >> if these fish are successful in the lake, they will literally put my sport fishing business out of business. >> reporter: the risk is so real the stakes so high, that the obama administration appointed a so-called carp czar to marshal government forces. >> there's never been an effort this big to try to stop one of the great lakes invasive species. th
Feb 4, 2015 12:37am EST
widely advertised overseas. from russia to iran to china, where this promotional video makes no effort to hide the fact that $500,000 is all it takes to buy your way into the u.s. >> yes, you can! >> reporter: but money talks, encourages jobs and the eb-5 program is also credited with helping to build a new york sports arena, a vermont water park, and a hollywood movie company. and even finance fbi office buildings. >> i think the program absolutely is working. >> reporter: peter joseph is the executive director of a washington trade association representing the burgeoning eb-5 industry. some have said this is a way to buy immigration service, buying a visa is that what this is? >> not at all. capital is going to communities all around the country needed to create jobs. >> reporter: but hundreds of documents reveal a very dark side of the program. in a 2013 report being made public for the first time tonight, more than 30 of the eb-5 projects were described as under investigation for narcotics trafficking, money laundering fraud, and other national security concerns. is. >> we want jobs i
Jun 10, 2017 12:37am PDT
. that's the new battleground. >> reporter: china has developed a booming appetite for aquatic entertainment. with over 40 sites across the untry and more under construction. premier parks have already angered conservationists with their beluga whale shows. but recently the company began acquiring orcas, captured from russian seas. some whales killed in the process. the live captures are allegedly transported by truck to china where there are no federal animal welfare laws regulating their care. >> what's happening in russia is they are taking animals from a single population. this population is probably less than 300 animals. they are mammal eaters. these are the ones that actually hunt and kill other dolphins, other seals, sea lions, et cetera. they're not fish eaters, the vegetarians of the orca world, who are by and large the animals that are in captivity in the west. so when they get caught and they get put in a tank, they know how to hunt. i'm very concerned about the safety of these trainers. >> reporter: chinese state media releasing the first videos of their orca whale
May 28, 2012 11:35pm PDT
million airs. as is evidence by rick's trip this year to the far east. we went to china for ten days, flying from chicago to beijing. went to see the great wall of china, went to see the terracotta warriors, flew into shanghai and came back again, nothing more than taxes. one was maybe $150. >> in business class? >> right. >> price in miles, 110,000 miles each. extreme? perhaps, but only the tip of the techniques talked about at the seminar. but in rick's view, when you're settled back in the big chair, it really will seem worth it. i'm john donovan for "nightline" in chicago. >> racking up the miles with john donovan there. next up, modern family star sofia vergara on life in the spotlight and behind the scenes. and today we are rocking the red carpet. look it's lisa rinna! lisa hiii,i know you don't need one but will you try on these new depend silhouette briefs for charity and prove just how great the fit is even under a fantastic dress? are you serious? i am serious... sure why not! she's doing it! the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. hey lisa, who y
Jun 22, 2016 12:37am EDT
little known city in china that today, on the summer sole sts, began a week long festival of dogs served up as food. >> barbaric. heinous. >> reporter: for the owner of eight dogs and one of the real house wives of beverly hills. >> i'm passionate about >> reporter: the campaign began when she saw some of the photos that animal activists were able to record. >> you can never erase those images from your mind once you've seen them. >> reporter: for the last six years this chinese city has been home to the dog meat festival. restaurants today had signs offering boiled dog meat and dog meat with mashed garlic. apparently not bothered by the growing uproar over both the idea of eating man's best friend and the gruesome techniques at slaughter houses in the back corners. >> there's a lot of chinese activists and my partner, john, is intracted with them. >> been here for the past 12 days and about two days before we arrived, we got word that our activists had stopped a dog meat so, we've spent the past week working with the chinese activists to stabilize the 300 dogs and cats that were
Aug 17, 2012 11:35pm EDT
stopped a multi-million dollar haul of counterfeit designer high heels from china before it could enter los angeles. these knockoffs are only the tip of the iceberg, a sketchy industry worth an estimated $600 billion worldwide. phony designer swag that is not only sold on street corners but in high end shopping malls. abc's ryan owens brings us an encore presentation. >> reporter: they are the name brand fashionistas love to wear. gucci, prad day. but for every pair of real designer jeans, there are dozens of fakes for sale. it's a booming business for the bad guys, worth an estimated $600 billion a year. just yesterday, authorities in california confiscated more than 20,000 pairs of faux pumps, with a retail value of $18 million. >> these red-soled shoes were coming out of china. the genuine products are only made in italy. >> reporter: the fakes cost less than $3 to make. the genuine article sell for up to 6,000 bucks. these border control guys are trained to spot the difference. but this isn't just some high end fashion bust. the counterfeit business cost the u.s. economy $250 billio
Feb 9, 2016 12:37am EST
his land victory at do you i do if you can't afford the fireworks we travel deep into china to witness a bngerous tradition. but first the "nightline 5." ogue with the power and performance of our intuitive all-wheel drive. get a $199 lease on the 2016 nissan rogue.just 60 >>> good evening. in just hours voters in new the polls to provide the nextt as been a truly unbelievable campaign. the candidates including a surprisingly modest donald trump were scrambling for votes. some of these hopefuls know they may not make it past tomorrow.t is out on the trail tonight. >> this is now crunch time. >> reporter: it may be the first in the nation primary. tomorrow! >> reporter: new hampshire is also a last chance for some. >> donald trump organizes his campaign around disparaging ter: this past week we've seen feuds, unexpected >> vicious trolling. >> reporter: the music you almost expect to hear as the candidatesnd. >> reporter: call it "game of thrones: new hampshire edition." die. tune in this timethere's sure to be blood on the floor. >> the time is here. >> reporter: saturday's abc
Mar 10, 2010 11:35pm EST
optional. the whole racks to riches story is much more common in india, in china and pakistan. yes, pakistan now has its first billionaire, a guy who made a fortune selling cotton to the gap. there are 1,011 members of the world's most exclusive club. 403 are americans. china is next with 89. but faster than you can say olympic basketball team, usa's historic dom nanls is slipping. >> still a little startling to see the united states proportion decline of the global billionaires, both in number and in net worth. >> reporter: seven of the top 20 are americans, but four of them are waltons, all share in the same walmart fortune. that leaves bill gates, warren buffett and larry ellison as the power hitters, but they've dropped a peg. after nearly 15 years at the richest man in the world, the founder of microsoft has been unseeded by a guy in mexico, who prefers pencils to laptops. >> reporter: is it true that you don't use a computer? >> i don't have a computer. >> reporter: carlos slim coms 90% of the telecommunications market in latin america. pretty amazing, considering his dad imm
Dec 23, 2010 11:35pm EST
land of china. and theems magi are practicing their rich warms year after year, in expectation of this star's coming, and eventually the star comes. >> reporter: the star comes. and it leads them of course to bethlehem and so that's where we went. to the city of david, modern noisy, eye-popping displays of nativity crafts trinkets and mementos. but in the middle of it stands in massive serenity the church of the nativity built where tradition holds where jesus christ was born. down through the centuries, countless pilgrims have come this way, in the place where god himself entered human history. in the hustle and bustle of modern bethlehem, it's hard to get a feel for that until you bow your head and you go through this ancient door. to this day, from all over the world, they come. they come so many because they believe. they have followed what they believe to be the light. just like the magi in matthew's gospel. in biblical times, travelers from the east would have come up to bethlehem over the dry hills. and even today 2,000 years later, it's easy to imagine them, the caravans c
Mar 27, 2012 11:35pm EDT
giant pantas arrived here in edinburgh on long-term loan from china. that very contented panda is the female who's named sweetie. that's not a man in a panda suit. that's the male panda who's name means sunlight. not surprisingly, they've been an instant hit. >> reporter: so the penguins are no longer -- >> no longer number one. >> the pandas have unseated the penguins. >> yes. >> reporter: that's painful? >> it is, yes. >> reporter: which brings us to poop. they're like projectiles. meet them with the devil red eye. they are called rock hoppers and they're at the center of this dirty tale. >> just approaching the side now, you'll see we've got, the penguins are at the top there. they've chosen to nest up there, which didn't in the past cause problems, but now this is the main entrance to the pandas. these people are waiting to see the pandas. and because they're lining up here, whenever theez guys go to the bathroom, it's been hitting the people in the head. >> reporter: they're pooping on the people. penguin revenge? >> it could be, yes. >> reporter: which brings us to plexiglass, a
May 7, 2012 11:35pm EDT
carton featured in transformers 3, is a brand sold only in china. >> what does that mean for the milk company? do you sell more milk? >> sales increased 40%. >> just from being in the movie? >> yes. the awareness of the brand in china increased 27%. >> reporter: wow. >> so the clients are very pleased. >> reporter: "the avengers" took advantage of the international angle too, with a blink or you'll miss it reference to aussie bum underwear. no matter that those form-fitting costumes for scarlett johansson and her gang are not made by aussie bum. the mere association with this big new franchise is worth money down under. ♪ >> reporter: product placement has been around since buster keaton made silent movies. one of of the first academy award winners had a product placement for hershey. groucho marks was not above punting for profit. >> reporter: live savers happy paid for that. >> nobody makes a movie with their own money. >> reporter: fast forward to et in the '80s, hershey's paid a cool million to put reese's pieces in those alien fingers. if you're so inclined, you can smell like
Sep 12, 2011 11:35pm EDT
without its koala and rock wallaby or china without its giant panda. the threats from man and other predators are keeping conservationists hard at work, mood enhancers and surrogate mom, not just for us humans anymore. the results, these miracle babies. giant pandas have only a 36-hour window every year to conceive. 36 hours when a female like this one is in the mood for love and just a pinpoint when she's ready takes reading subtle cues and extreme patience on the part of zookeeper ken. >> if you miss that 36 hours, you wait another year. >> reporter: bayhon an indian rhino has been pregnant for a very long 16 months. rhinos are relentlessly shot for sport and their numbers have dwindled so every baby rhino is precious. at every step of the breeding, birthingngnd newborn phase, reminders of how fragile life is. they really do need us now in some ways. >> well, in the vast majority of cases we caused the problem, so it's the least we can do and try to rectify those problems. >> reporter: these two baby koalas were found by the side of the road. their mothers likely hit by cars. >> t
Aug 27, 2013 12:35am PDT
or something. sss, sss. you know, do all of that. >> reporter: even those from china can appreciate why americans would share their love of kung fu films. >> everyone wants to fly. and wants to have this, you know, special ability. >> reporter: "the grandmaster" echoes the thematic old school martial arts movie. >> it's one storyline i can relate to because a lot of these stories is about revenge or brotherhood or loyalty. ♪ my swag on >> reporter: an inspiration that stuck with raekwon through a career that spanned over two decades with his latest single released last week. ♪ more money more problems you got to be kidding ♪ and proof that while bruce lee may have passed 40 years ago the story of his grandmaster, ip man, will continue to shape the kung fu legend that endures today. >> what is the true spirit of kung fu? >> i love to call it love at first fight. >> reporter: i'm rebecca jarvis for "nightline," new york. >> "the grandmaster" opens everywhere this friday. next, what was miley cyrus thinking last night on the vmas? our take, next. [ horn honks ] [ male announcer ]
Jun 22, 2013 12:35am PDT
home surveillance system a key to the case? >>> and a group of mail carriers in china earn super hero status in tonight's feed frenzy. keep it right >>> from new york city, this is "nightline" with bill weir. >> good evening, and happy friday, and thank you for joining us tonight. you remember free willy, the killer whale, and a little boy who saves him. a group of filmmakers are behind a new documentary called blackfish, they argue that these killer whales may be driven to the wild. >> reporter: the scene seems so joyful, the video of dawn brancheau, with tilikum, playing with him in shallow water, and then something goes very wrong. tilikum, the 12,000-pound killer whale kills the 40-year-old trainer, starting a controversy still playing out today. >> i didn't understand why a killer whale would essentially bite the hand that feeds it. she was his trainer. >> reporter: she is a filmmaker whose latest documentary, "blackfish," examines just how dawn and tilikum arrived at that fateful moment, and raises the question if killer whales should be held in captivity. >> it was prolonged, t
Nov 7, 2012 11:35pm PST
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Oct 20, 2016 12:37am EDT
disorder. i spend most of my year in china. >> okay. >> so when i'm in china, i have
Aug 24, 2013 12:35am EDT
for real right? this is for real? i always said one day i'd go to china, just never thought it'd be today. anncr: we're giving away a trip every day. download the expedia app and your next trip could be on us. expedia, find yours. >>> it was a high profile, beautiful birth in our nation's capitol today. the baby? a giant panda. cute, seemingly cuddly, and yet these pandas may just be the least adaptable animals on the planet. and seemingly on brink of extinction. last month, two were born in the united states. abc has exclusive access as we go through the trial tribulations of being the most adorable bear. >> reporter: squeezing. >> virtually the size of a football. brotherly love, look at that. >> reporter: but also dangerously fragile, abc news got exclusive access to the nursery of the only panda twins in the country. here at zoo atlanta and to their routine, in which a team of vets led by dr. haley murphy measure and examine these still tiny giant pandas. >> he doesn't even have any hair on his tail yet. >> reporter: which for now, they're calling cub a, and you guessed it. cub
Oct 24, 2016 11:37pm CDT
: clinton has 33 offices in north carolina to trump's three. this voter is heading to china the next day and would not have voted until -- >> military or overseas so you can vote from china. >> reporter: it's that one-on-one interaction the >> we want to make politics as small and localized and individual as possible. that takes a big organization, it takes us all to work together to do our part. we do it really effectively, it works. >> reporter: not a bad strategy in a state where both candidates are viewed as flawed. the recent fire bombing of a gop campaign office. while still no arrest, a dark reminder for all that has changed in north carolina. old demons, old tactics live anew. this family-friendly state remains a family divided. what will be an easier conversation to have in dallas? politics or your sex life? >> that's nonexistent so we don't worry. >> reporter: the average age at this table is 85. these same ladies have shared a meal, swapped recipes, attended funerals with my family. >> what do you all think about the two candidates? >> let's not go into that, i'm eating. i don't w
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