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Jan 27, 2014 4:00am PST
came into china and you find some jews in china, my god. the number would be about 10 million. where would we put them? look at the country. in seven years, i don't know from america, from argentine narcs i don't know from where, but these are not the palestinians. they don't know the people of the land. so these are the extremists and they are becoming more and more. 1/3 of the nation are newcomers. newcomers that came during fighting. >> my family lived for many centuries in germany and it was in 1920 when it became impossible for the jews, my mother left for palestine to begin working as a gymnastic teacher in a youth village. she was thinking about the identity of a jew, and she came to her parents and said to them i don't think the germans want us here. i'm looking for another place where we can do something from the beginning. so she came here. i think her motivation saved about 15,000, 20,000 children. and i think it's good that i have some roots here. so this is my home since 1946, and i love the neighborhood. up there on the corner there's a catholic convent with a huge cour
Aug 4, 2016 6:00am PDT
, the world's largest economies from brazil to china, it's people -- if people there could vote, they would vote for hillary clinton. there wawas one exceception to . russia, acaccording to the surv, people here would vote for donald trump. [speaking russian] [laughghter] >> russia has its own english language channel, rt, making g t clear whitite russia lovestruck. >> donald trump has put forward ideas that no mainstream american politician n would dar. mr. trump: : nato is obsololete. the good relationship with russia. i get along well with vladimir putin. iran's english-language press tv is critical of the u.s. often. it's no surprise there convention focus was on the protesters. >> at least 18 people arrested during the protest outside of the republican national convention. this brings 23 the t total numbr arrested at the trump rally since the convention began on monday. >> frienends 24 consulted with n expert -- frarance 24 coconsultd with an expert to say thathe u.s. and europe are more similar than ever before. >> anti-globalization, immigration, refusal to be politically corre
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 165 (some duplicates have been removed)