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will talk about that in the next hour. he went to china to join oss to train and lead the chinese against the japanese. he took part in a rescue at a prison camp, which we will be talking about. in his assignments after the war, he was all over the globe. in europe, postings in the u.s., also vietnam, the united nations command in korea, he has been everywhere. i look at his decorations and awards and he will forgive me for listing them, a silver star, two legions of merit, a soldier's medal, two purple hearts, the air medal, the army aviation badge. [applause] rob: the army eventually asked him to leave it so that others could win an award every now and then. [laughter] rob: he retired after 35 years of active service. his biography, "hazardous duty," which will be on sale at the end of the talk, was published in 1992. i just got my copy and opened it and it is an amazing book. i give you major general john singlaub. [applause] rob: i guess the place to start is the beginning. did you know you would be in the army forever? did you grow up thinking you would be in the army? john:
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)