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BBC News
Aug 13, 2017 3:30am BST
world. china calls it the project of the century. as the west steps back from global leadership, this is china stepping forward — remaking the map of the global economy. with no other country offering a big idea right now, this is the most ambitious bid to shape our century. translation: i'm under a lot of pressure. a massive roll—out of infrastructure built by china. to drive trade across more than 60 countries. translation: it's like a promised land. china's president claims it's a win—win for all. translation: we will not resort to outdated geopolitical manoeuvring. critics say the only winner will be china. translation: the chinese have done nothing. i'm setting out on a 7,000—mile journey to meet the people of the new silk road, and to understand how it will change their lives and our world. they call them the ships of the desert. for centuries, the camel trains of the silk road dominated trade between china and the west. now, china wants to build a new silk road. china's belt and road vision is so vast, it may be decades before we can tell whether it's a worthy suc
BBC News
Jun 3, 2017 4:30am BST
, china, india and the eu have recommitted to the original agreement. the new leader of the biggest party in ireland's coalition government, fine gael, is leo varadkar, the son of an indian immigrant who is ireland's first openly gay minister. aged 38, he is set to become ireland's youngest prime minister in a few weeks‘ time. syria's national football team has a real chance of qualifying for the world cup. it's an astonishing achievement for a country entering its seventh year of a bloody civil war. the team can't play at home and many of its star players have left syria. richard conway has spent time with members of the squad in damascus, and the whole team in malaysia where they won a qualifying match against uzbekistan. he reports now for our world. they are the unlikely sporting heroes in a country route is apart by conflict. —— country ripped apart. syria is in the midst of a bloody civil war but the national football tea m bloody civil war but the national football team is trying to send a message it hopes canon transcend political and religious differences. —— hope
BBC News
Jan 15, 2017 3:30am GMT
china over the south china sea have brought the philippines closer to japan. they have signed several defence deals and there is one on the cards now which could see japanese troops back on japanese soil. we are already victims of war, so we don't want wars in our country. we don't want wars in our town. we know that only breeds new generations of war victims. the call to arms is well worn. they've been campaigning for nearly 25 years. in december, 2015, the japanese government did apologise to south korean survivors. but there is no sign of a similar offerfor the philippines. the women suspect that government hasn't been pressing japan hard enough out fear it will damage the alliance. but even so, estellita's daughter says taking part in rallies has been a comfort. when her mum first started in the 1990s it was a huge surprise. many of the women kept silent for decades out of shame. estellita said nothing for 50 years. in mapanique, it's mileng's birthday party. she has invited the other survivors of the red house tojoin in celebrations. but her sister lita seems to have lost count o
BBC News
Jul 1, 2017 4:30am BST
has been sworn in by china's president xijinping. she is the first woman to hold hong kong's top post. the chinese and hong kong flags have been raised in a ceremony to commemorate 20 years of chinese rule in the former british colony. president trump says years of strategic patience with north korea have failed and are now over. with south korea's president moonjae—in at the white house, he said the menace of north korea should be met with a determined response. the iraqi army says it will announce the total recapture of mosul from the so—called islamic state group within the next few days. but fighting remains fierce, and the situation for civilians still trapped in the old city is deteriorating further in the searing summer heat. now on bbc news in this week's our world — a brilliant student, mashal khan, was brutally murdered by a mob on a university campus in pakistan earlier this year after he was accused of blasphemy. the killing has caused widespread outrage and has even led to calls to change the country's strict blasphemy laws. who was mashal khan and why was he m
BBC News
Jun 11, 2017 9:30pm BST
responsible for their recent good results. you beat china 1—0. you drew with south korea. there's a real opportunity here for syria to go to a world cup. do the players now believe, do they have the belief in their hearts that they can qualify for the world cup? syria's president, bashar al—assad, wants the perception to be that his country is returning to normal, and sport helps with that aim. but regardless of his intentions, it's clear that sport, that football coming back to syria provides the people with a chance to forget about their worries — at least, for 90 minutes. after six years of war, more games are being played and fans are slowly returning. but football is only possible in government—held areas and not in large swathes of this country outside the regime's control. this season is interesting because all the syrian people want to come back to stadiums, want to support the teams. it's 2—2 at the moment. yes. let's see if anyone can get a late winner. i think it's the first time in this field, er, two teams score four goals. because all games in this field... the
BBC News
Feb 5, 2017 10:30am GMT
life of captivity abroad. 0n ibrahima's mobile phone, a video of a chimpanzee destined for china, a tiny animal that can't have been more than a few weeks old. and on his computer, more cites permits for chimps and other animals set to be traded between countries as distant as china and south africa, nepal and congo. we put this to the head of the cites convention. we showed him the two permits that we had managed to get. surely it shouldn't be so easy to get hold of the permits that allow you, illegally, to export animals, intruding chimpanzees? yeah, so, people steal permits, people photocopy permits. if you think we can, in 2016, people can make fake currency. think of all the security that goes around creating a british currency or a us currency. so these permits aren't secure? neither is anybody‘s currency, because people who are savvy can make counterfeits. they make counterfeit passports. that is admitting defeat in some ways. absolutely not. it is putting it in context, that if people are criminally minded and they can see a profit in something, they will do what they can
BBC News
Apr 29, 2017 4:30am BST
twitter the launch showed north korea's disrespect for its main ally, china. there've been violent scenes across brazil, after the country's first general strike for 20 years. millions were protesting over proposed pension reforms, forcing schools and banks to close and paralysing public transport. france's far—right national front has replaced its leader for the second time in just three days after a row erupted about past comments he made about the holocaust. jean—francois jalkh denies claims he questioned the reality of nazi gas chambers. campaigners claim that controversial plans to build a garden bridge over the river thames in london are dead after the mayor said he would not support the project. sadiq khan wrote to the garden bridge trust saying it could poses too great a financial risk to london's taxpayers. tom edwards reports. this is a huge blow for the garden bridge, which is meant to be built here. its future is now hanging by a thread. as part of its planning permissions, which expire in december, it was meant to have financial guarantee for maintenance and for op
BBC News
Mar 5, 2017 3:30am GMT
name's gavin grey. our top stories: china's annual parliamentary session opens in the great hall of the people, with the communist party leadership setting out its priorities for the coming year. barack obama rejects claims from president trump that he ordered the tapping of his phones during the us election campaign. the french presidential candidate, francois fillon, urges his supporters not to give in amid calls from some within his own party to stand down. north korea's ambassador to malaysia is expelled for criticising the investigation into the murder of the half—brother of north korea's leader. plus — argentina's football stadiums fall silent — as players go on strike over unpaid wages.
BBC News
Mar 12, 2017 3:30am GMT
. they are nazi remnants, they are fascists. after abandoning its one child policy, china says 18 million new babies last year is still not enough to prevent the ageing of its population.
BBC News
Dec 28, 2016 1:30am GMT
... stand off in the skies above the south china sea and finesse. we fly over one of the most contested areas in the world. you can't make no mistakes, it cost you your life, literally. ian pannell reports from barack 0bama's former hometown and finds gun crime is out of control. and how scientists are dealing with a shortage of organ donations. the bbc went to extraordinary lengths this year to get a rare glimpse of china's determined expansion in the south china sea, one of the most contested areas anywhere in the world. beijing is building huge artificial islands on the spratly island chain, which the americans and others insist are illegal. the area is difficult to get to, but rupert wingfield—hayes flew in a small civilian aircraft into china's self—declared security zone 200 kilometres off the coast of the philippines. this is what he found. it's just before dawn on the philippine island of palawan. even at this hour it's hot, but there's no sign here of the trouble brewing a few hundred miles out to sea. i'm about to take off on a trip the chinese government has tried to stop
BBC News
Jul 2, 2017 3:30am BST
twentieth anniversary of the handover of the former british colony of hong kong, to china. several activists were arrested after clashing with police, and pro—beijing demonstrators. the chinese president, who was visiting the territory, warned against any challenge to his government's authority. 0ur china editor, carrie gracie reports. not the images china wanted for the 20th anniversary of the hong kong handover. democracy activists trying to gate—crash the party. president xi was safely inside. swearing in a new government and delivering stern words about hong kong's future. translation: any attempt to endanger china's sovereignty and security, challenge the power of the central government is an act that crosses the red line and is absolutely impermissible. tough love was the message throughout his tour of hong kong. "greetings, comrades", he shouted. hong kong may be special, but it must learn to love the motherland. his just seems to be empire xi. but sorry, we are the ones who asked for democracy and we will not show our loyalty to the one party dictatorship leader. no soo
BBC News
Jul 29, 2017 9:30pm BST
television, condemnation followed from washington, with criticism from china. also on tonight's programme: another departure from the trump administration — the president's chief of staff quits after days of public infighting at the white house. the main pension scheme for british universities has a £17 billion deficit — could it lead to higher tuition fees for students? rain affects play at the cricket but not before toby roland—jones
BBC News
Jul 16, 2017 3:30am BST
jailed chinese nobel peace prize winner, liu xiaobo. the largely silent crowd walked to china's representative office in the territory to show their support for mr liu, who died on thursday. in the netherlands, and across europe, thousands of iranian refugees are converting to christianity. for many, conversion offers a new start in europe, and for dutch churches it's a much needed boost to dwindling congregations. but some say the refugees are only becoming christians so they won't be sent back to iran. so are these converts ‘born again christians‘ or simply praying for asylum 7 our world investigates. in the netherlands and across europe, thousands of iranian refugees are turning to christianity. tired of the lack of freedom in the islamic republic, they say conversion offers a new start. and it's a much needed boost to dutch church congregations. every week two traditional churches are closing in this country. but converting to christianity can carry a heavy penalty in iran and some say the refugees are onlyjoining the church so they won't be sent back. i lied to them. mo
BBC News
Apr 1, 2017 4:30am BST
flynn. and we have a special report from china, as the country brings to an end centuries of ivory trading.
BBC News
Mar 5, 2017 9:30pm GMT
state and iraqi government forces in mosul. china has announced a reduced forecast for growth in the upcoming year. later we have a round—up of the day's news. first, our world. a0 years ago, cambodia experienced a genocide of unimaginable proportions. 2 million people died. now, a new film directed by hollywood superstar angelina jolie has won the backing of the cambodian establishment. the presence of the cambodian royal family at the movie's premiere, a stamp of approval for a film about the genocide that has never happened before, a significant acknowledgement that there needs to be more public discussion about the events of that time. i hope this doesn't bring up hatred, i hope it doesn't bring up blame, i hope itjust brings up discussion and i hope that the people of this country are proud when they see it because they see what they survived. on the banks of the mekong river bursts of colour, the sound of laughter. this is phnom penh today, full of life, bustling, families together, young and old. seeing all this it is hard to imagine thatjust four decades ago all seemed lost
BBC News
May 21, 2017 3:30am BST
saudi arabia. mr trump is now expected to make a key speech on islam, in a few hours time. china is reported to have killed or imprisoned at least 18 cia spies, in what's been described as one of the worst breaches of us security in decades. the new york times says the deaths happened during a two—year period from 2010. the agency declined to comment on the report. hassan rouhani has been re—elected president of iran. the moderate easily beat his more conservative challenger. he said iranians had chosen a path of greater engagement with the world. and pippa middleton, the sister of the duchess of cambridge, has married in a traditional english country wedding. she married the financier james matthews. the ceremony was attended by several members of the royal family and media from all over the world. now on bbc news, children in america are undergoing electric shock treatment in growing numbers. now known as electro—convulsive therapy, or ect, the controversial treatment is being used on severely autistic children who self—harm. the bbc has been given access to film a child b
BBC News
Jul 30, 2017 9:30pm BST
, is to fly over north korea. president trump has criticised china for not doing more to rein in the north korean regime. australian authorities say they have disrupted authorities say they have disrupted a plot to blow up a plane. ceremonies have been taking place in belgium to mark the centenary of the battle of passchendaele, one of the bloodiest of the first world war. 500,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or went missing in the first few months of fighting. well, at 10pm, clive myrie will be here with a full round—up of the day's news. first, in venezuelan, daily protests of president maduro‘s government have resulted in many deaths. the bbc has broken two activists who say the government is using torture and imprisonment without trial —— has spoken to activists. it claimed the government denies. protests have been held against a vote to change the costa goosen, which opposition parties say could create a dictatorship. —— to change the constitution. vladimir hernandez reports from caracas. his film includes images and descriptions of violence. welcome to venezuela. o
BBC News
May 7, 2017 3:30am BST
dozens of elderly tourists after flash—floods hit eastern china. and, as prince philip prepares to leave the royal spotlight, his family says he won't be putting his feet up.
Sep 25, 2016 5:30am EDT
400 people got laid off work. we had a plant there. and it buying latex gloves from china and abroad, malaysia, nothing against those countries but we need to put our people back to work in the u.s. so i went to see the governor of the state of alabama and asked him what opportunities were for developing a business presence especially minority business presence. i wanted to expand my retail grocery business. he said they was more into manufacturing. so i went out and found a manufacturing business and brought it back to him and said, steve and i, and launch the only latex glove in the united states. so we went to walmart and talked to the chairman of walmart, doug mcmillan. he bought into it. he saw the great opportunity to put people back to work. >> what do you anticipate for 2016 revenue with ameritech? >> first year if we can get 50 million we'll be very satisfied with it. >> so steve is really big on having his family involved in the business. and i know that you share simila >> my three kids work with me in the business ever since they came out of florida a & m college they cam
Jun 12, 2011 5:30am PDT
president of china, his wife, and hopefully he will be a protector of intellectual property. so little by little we'll get there. >> you could turn on television, listen to the ""sanford and son"" theme song, open a magazine which you helped found. >> will smith, we started him. >> you put oprah and will smith on the map. >> "fresh prince" was our show, our production. "color purple." >> what's the key for you having such wide reach and longevity? >> i don't know, man, but god gives it to you, i'm not going to send it back. no. it's about, you know, orchestration, number one, vision, too. you have to drive car. but i could see it down the street. valerie simpson, i saw her before motown had a sign, singing back when she was 19, you know. the guys did that to me. they lifted me up and put me on the show, the sidney poitiers. great director. and automatically that hand was out there and it automatically comes out. mandela says quincy, come over, i'd like you to co-host the new thing with me in botswana, profile some stuff on south africa and promise to build 100 homes with habitat for hu
Aug 23, 2015 1:00pm EDT
channels. you'll also get unlimited calling to the us, mexico canada, china, and now india. call today. i switched. now i have a free app that lets me watch tv whenever i have the time. for $89.99 a month you'll get tv, internet and phone. and if you call now, there's no risk, no contract, no catch, no kidding. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their one hour appointment window. switch to time warner cable today. and now, for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card. call today. if you can't shut down at bedtime... you're not alone. get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. >>> welcome back to "our world with black enterprise." one of the most popular panels at this year's abss was the life of a show runner which offers an inside look into the lives of some of today's hottest executive producers in hollywood. alfred edmond junior, b.e.'s executive editor at large gathered other producers to inspire the audience. >> a big part of why this event exists, a big part of what blac
May 2, 2010 6:30am EDT
children are competing with children in india and china. right now, those children are going to school 25%, 30% more than our children here. so, if we're serious about being economically competitive, we have to get dramatically better. >> so, if you see it as mediocre, let's call it a "c." large urban areas have to be failing at this point. what do you do for those parents who have no other option but those schools, they have no option to move, and they look at their child's future as doomed? >> well, obviously, i come from one of the largest urban areas, chicago. and i would put our schools in chicago at the same category as many other larger urban districts. we have some of the best schools, literally, some of the best public schools in the country, 5 of the top 100 schools in the country are chicago public schools. we have some in the middle and unfortunately, some of the worst in the country as well. you think about those three different buckets. the high-performing schools which exist in every urban area, we need to do more of those, replicate it, create more seats, figure out those
Sep 22, 2013 5:00am PDT
a big problem. it's a puzzle. we are going to do a deal with the new president of china, whose wife is an opera singer and, hopefully, he will be protect tore of intellectual property. little by little, we will get there. >> on television, looking at the sanford and son theme song, i could watch the color purple which you co-produced or open up a magazine which you help found. >> you put oprah and will smith on the map for that? >> fresh prince was our show, our production, co-production on the color purple. >> what's the key for you having such a wide reach and such longevity? >> i don't know, man. if god gives it to you, i am not going to send it can ba. it is about orchestration, number one and vision too. i could see down the street. i was with dallas simpson. i saw her singing when she was 19. the guys did that to me. they lifted me up and put me on the show with sidney poitier. great director. automatically, that hand was out there. mandela says, quincy, come over, i would like you to co-host with me up in botswana in south africa and we promised to build 100 homes for habitat
Sep 6, 2015 5:00am PDT
. you need people from china. from asia. so all of that, why? because everybody brings a different perspective. a different set of experiences. a different way of experiencing the world. and for a company to sustain success all the time its really good to have that thought process where they can appreciate the challenges that the management team has and can offer guidance and council. >> the $15 billion cruise giant getting blacks on corporate boards will mean taking action. >> it's requires proactive intervention and the reason is not necessarily because they might be trying to keep african americans out of the boards. it's just that the networks that get established and how people get chosen predetermine in many instances that there's a very small pool of african american candidates. so for example, a number of those larger corporations will have a criteria that says you have to be a sitting former ceo of a corporation of a certain size. well we all know there haven't been very african american ceos of large publicly traded companies so that kind of criteria will automatically pr
Apr 26, 2015 5:00am PDT
, millions of these cars built in china and australia and brazil and it's ten design centers around the world. i have 2,600 people who work for me. it's the largest designer organization not just in the auto industry, but just about any industry. >> incredible. so the work you're doing is absolutely phenomenal. because we're standing in front of this, this is one of my favorite cars at the show. this is a concept car. >> it's purely a concept. >> i can't buy it? >> it's purely a concept, but hopefully it will go into production. i think this car really represents in a very positive way the work we're doing in the buick studio right now. everything is changing. everything will have the look, the smell, the feel, that you see in this vehicle. >> everything. >> so let's take a look. >> sure. >> can i get in and drive? >> no, you can't drive it. >> i can't drive it? >> i'll let you get behind the wheel. >> all right. let's see. >> have a seat. >> let's see. let me get in. >> you don't -- i'll tell you, you know what's my first impression? just how minimalistic the car is. >> well, you know, it's
Jan 8, 2012 6:30am EST
big problem. it's a pzle. we are going tdo a deal with thnew president of china, whose wife is an opera singer and, hopefully, he will be protect tore of intellectual property. little by litt, we will get the. >> on television, looking at the sanfd anson theme song, could watch theolor purple ich you co-produced o openp a magazine which you help und. >> you put oprah and will smith on the map for that? >> fresh prince s our show, our oducon, co-production on the color purple. >> whas the key for you having such a wide ach and such longevity? >> i don't know, man. if god gives it to youi am not going to send it can ba.19 the gu did ey lted me up and put me on the show with sidney poitier. great director. automatically, that hand was out there. mandela says, quincy, co over, i wod like you to co-host with me up in botswana in sth africa and we promised to buil 100 homes for habitat from humanity. i brought five gg bangers with me frol.a. in ten days, we turnedround. they s the essence of south africa we were going through and all this stuff with mandela. all these kids are executive
Feb 19, 2012 5:30am PST
that doesn't go in like a bull in a china shop, he thinks through things. now things are tough for a lot of people, we can't criticize him but say this is why we elected you because he's common pool and we can't jump on his back. >> one place people are not compromising is the nba. there's a whole lockout going on been going on for months now. there's much talk that the season won't even happen. we may go not just to january but may without any basketball action happening. one of the complaints people have is that both sides are asking for too much. the players are asking for too much, the owners asking for too much. let me start with you. you know a thing or two about the nba. >> yeah. i think it's just a situation where, you know, the owners are making a lot of money off the players. nba's making a lot of money and the players are wanting their due. they're wanting a fair market value. they're able to pay them. when it gets to this point what happens is both sides are being stubborn. i think there will be a season. i think the owners make enough money to pay the players whatever th
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 70 (some duplicates have been removed)