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Apr 5, 2015 4:00pm EDT
. over this war and all asia is another reality, the deepening shadow of communist china. the rulers in hanoi are ruled -- are urged on by taking. this -- by peking. it has been condemned by the united asians for aggression in korea. it's a nation which is helping the forces of violence on almost every continent. the contest in vietnam is part of a wider pattern of aggressive purposes. why are these realities our concern? why are we in south vietnam? we are there because we have a promise to keep. since 1954, every american president has offered support to the people of south vietnam. we have helped to build and we have helped to defend. thus, over many years, we have made a national pledge to help south vietnam depend -- defend its independence and i intend to keep that promise. [applause] to dishonor that pledge to abandon the small and brave nation to its enemies and the terror that must follow would be an unforgivable wrong. we are also there to strengthen world order around the globe from berlin to thailand are people whose well-being rest in part on the belief that they can cou
Aug 1, 2015 8:00am EDT
really war. it is guided by north vietnam, and it is spurred by communist china. its goal is to conquer the south , to defeat american power, and to extend the asiatic dominion of communism. and there are great stakes in the balance. most of the non-communist nations of asia cannot, by themselves and alone, resist the growing might and the grasping ambition of asian communism. our power, therefore, is a very vital shield. if we are driven from the field in vietnam, then no nation can ever again have the same confidence in american promise or in american protection. in each land, the forces of independence would be considerably weakened. and an asia so threatened by communist domination would certainly imperil the security of the united states itself. we did not choose to be the guardians at the gate, but there is no one else. nor would surrender in vietnam bring peace. because we learned from hitler in munich that success only feeds the appetite of aggression. the battle would be renewed in one country, and then another country, bringing with it perhaps even larger and crueler conflicts
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)