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Aug 24, 2009 12:00am EDT
china and india means that in our working lifetimes, the size of the european economy relative to address the world looks set to shrink dramatically. projections have shown europe's share of the world economy declining from 18% to 10% by the middle of the century, and even the united states is not immune from the effect of economic problems. this diminished economic weight will have a major impact on the ability of western nations to achieve their foreign policy goals. we are used to the idea of calling for economic sanctions against nations whose human rights records we find an acceptable. south africa under apartheid being a celebrated example. now we apply them to recalcitrant and regimes. it is already clear that the power of such economic weapons is declining. it follows from this analysis that it will decline much further in the years to come. what is more, much of the economic weight in the world is passing the countries which either do not fully share our concepts of democracy and human rights or for their own reasons are opposed to interventionist approaches to foreign po
Mar 18, 2013 12:00am EDT
india, china, brazil, all increasing very rapidly. none of these things happened under a labour government when they trashed our economy, racked up a debt and bankrupt the country. when it comes to capital spending, i think we should spend more money on capital. that is why we are spending 10 billion more than the lands of the government of which he is a member. i think we should be using the strength of the government alice she to encourage private sector capital and that is why, for the first time in his history, the treasury is providing those guarantees. the fact is he wrecked the economy and put in place lansford capital cuts and we're investing in the country's infrastructure and >> nevermind car production. it's taxies with that arm. things are so bad they sent out [indiscernible]to say she had full confidence in the prime minister. "support froms large arts of his party. maybe he has even got support from a large part of his cabinet and i'm not sure. and just a week from the budget, the home secretary goes out making speeches of the economy. and then she gets told off by
Aug 23, 2009 9:00pm EDT
toward china is obvious case. -- interventionist approaches to foreign policy. china is an obvious case. china gave robust support to the sri lanka and government in its recent conflict, and western governments were unable to pass a resolution in the u.n. council on human-rights. india, another rising power and the world's most populous democracy, is traditionally not inclined to support our western inclination to support human rights and economic pressure and military intervention. nor are many of the growing economic power centers in the world, brazil or in the call. not only has the world not converting around our own democratic norms, but according to a survey, global freedom to his third year of decline in 2008, but nearly powerful democratic nations do not share our view of how to conduct foreign policy. the liberal interventionism has generated much debate in britain. but the varying degrees, all have subscribed to it. the economic conditions have enjoyed some support as has military intervention in many countries. iraq being a much more controversial case, but heavily supported
Nov 29, 2015 11:58pm EST
see china and america to a deal, that means that much more are going to be covered by this deal. we are going to make sure it's a good deal in the way of tightening any deal. that's the task. no one should be in any doubt britain is playing a leading role and has led by example and with money. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, there will never be a future without steel. he would send a clear signal today to those potential investors in steel industry that he'll do whatever it takes too get sustainable cutting edge steel energy in the future. we want to see more steel use stamped with made in britain. [shouting] >> i completely agree with the honorable lady. that's why we are taking action on procurement and when you look at what we've done through our navy and can do through rail track and other organizations, we should back british steel. we are going to be exempting heavy energy users like british steel from the higher electricity charges. this does go by the question of the leader of opposition. if we push out bills for everybody else, it costs more to exempt the high energy uses. that'
Oct 4, 2015 10:09pm EDT
businesses of our country to get on with it, with things like the free trade agreement with china that this leader of the opposition is trying to sabotage with a campaign of racist lies. now, i say to the leader of the opposition, stop listening to the cvamu. start listening to the decent people of australia who want this country to go ahead under this government. >> having left the chamber, tony abbott walked back to his office and was visited by malcolm turnbull. the leadership spill was on. ultimately, of course, australia ended up with its fourth prime minister in a little more than two years. malcolm turnbull took over that role, but not before a dramatic night. >> the prime minister has not been capable of providing the economic leadership our nation needs. he has not been capable of providing the economic confidence that business needs. and we need a different style of leadership. we have lost 30 news polls in a row. it is clear that the people have made up their mind about mr. abbott's leadership. >> thank you for being here tonight. tonight there were two ballots conducted in the l
Aug 17, 2009 12:00am EDT
countries surveyed, with the worst record in europe, only marginally better than russia and china. faced with any problem, given any excuse, we've seen a government pulling more and more people into the clutches of the state data capture. contact point is a base -- vast database that holds the details of everyone under the age of 18 in england. the government does not want to stop with the basic intermission. they want the most complex personal information there is. there are nearly 5 million people on the dna database. the government says it is there a help fight crime. almost 1 million of the people on that are completely innocent of any crime. tens of thousands of these innocent people are actually children. that is a situation i think would cause concern and the the most oppressive regime in the world, but it is happening right here, right now in britain. labor want to go even further. they want every person in the country to walk around with an identity card. there will be over 50 pieces of personal information being transferred to state control, not just your name and address, plac
Jan 14, 2013 12:00am EST
world. that is why our exports to china and india are up 50%. we are connecting britain with the fastest-growing parts of the world. >> bearing in mind that bills that might be thought to affect the royal prerogative require the signification of the queen on second reading, will the prime minister tell us whether he has yet heard from the palace whether it regards any of the major constitutional changes proposed in the succession to the crown bill as intruding either on the royal prerogative or the coronation oath that her majesty took? >> throughout the process of bringing forward this proposal, to which of course the heads of all the commonwealth -- the dominion realms -- have also signed up, there has been very thorough contact between no. 10 downing street and the palace, and all the issues are settled and agreed. >> hundreds of thousands of householders in high flood-risk areas cannot understand why the government have effectively abandoned efforts to reach agreement with the british insurance industry on future insurance for their homes and fear that they will not be able to insure
Jun 24, 2013 12:35am EDT
countries like china or india, it wouldn't be a vital agenda shifting discussion. so i chose the subjects we spent the most time on, but it's an important reference to climate change as the honorable lady has said. >> were me commend untaken initiative on asian a tax transparency and justice in the developing world, for the first time in recent years. but is not to be the end but on the beginning of a process? can the prime minister take it again on to the european union, the commonwealth and the g20 group of countries so that transparent ownership of countries, for example, in making sure multinationals are seen to be paying tax in all the countries where they are working is something that can be delivered, hopefully, by the end of this parliament and by our government? >> i think mhonorable friend is right. the g8 is a very limited number of countries but it can play a leadership role. now we have this agenda, now have a very simple and straightforward declaration. we can run that through the g20, the commonwealth, the european union has started to address this issue with a gro
Jan 24, 2016 9:00pm EST
answered questions about jobs and the economy. he was also asked about trade relations with china. >> questions to the prime minister. prime minister? prime minister cameron: this morning, i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others, and in addition to my duties in this house i shall have further such meetings later today. mr. thomas: if you have worked hard for a company and helped it succeed, surely you should be allowed to benefit a little from the profits that the company makes. does the prime minister think it is now time for companies such as sports direct to follow the example of the best british businesses and allow people to benefit from a small percentage of the profits? prime minister cameron: we have encouraged companies to have profit-sharing arrangements, and we took action in previous budgets to do that. but we are going further than that, of course, by making sure that there is, for the first time in our country, a national living wage, which will come in in april of this year. that means the lowest-paid people in our country -- people on the minimum wage
Mar 17, 2013 9:00pm EDT
markets, such as india, china, russia, and brazil, are increasing very rapidly. none of those things happened under a labour government when they trashed our economy, racked up debts, and nearly bankrupted the country. that we should spend more money on capital. that is why we are spending £10 billion more than was in the plans of the government of which the right honorable gentleman was a member. i think we should be using the strength of the government balance sheet to encourage private-sector capital. that is why, for the first time in its history, the treasury is providing those guarantees. the fact is that he wrecked the economy and put in place plans for capital cuts, and we are investing in the country's infrastructure. >> ed miliband. >> never mind more car production, it is "taxi for cameron" after that answer. >> hear, hear. things are so bad, things are so bad that the government sent out baroness warsi at the weekend to say that she had "full confidence" in the prime minister and that he had support from"large parts of his party." [laughter] mr. speaker -- maybe h
Jun 10, 2013 12:00am EDT
programs. next, a discussion on the future of syria. hearing on human rights violations in china. >> i do think the fcc has to steer this in a way that very small and large companies be able to compete relative to spectrum, and the idea that big fish swallow up little fish i do not think is healthy for our e economy. we all have a business plan. we want to make money, but when you look at the markets, 80% is owned, in terms of each front, the most valuable spectrum -- spectrum is gold in this country. we have to do more to loosen it up. >> cyber and freedom of the monday night at eight 2.tern on c-span >> more than 80,000 people have died in syria since the start of road test against the assad government over two years ago. now defense department officials discuss syria's civil war. this is an hour and 25 minutes. [applause] >> thank you for that kind introduction. good morning. i want to thank the council for sponsoring this very important event. what i would like to do because i think it is more important, i want to keep my remark brief. i'm sure there will be many questions an
Aug 16, 2009 9:00pm EDT
, but the work with -- with their worst record in europe, only marginally better than russia and china. we have seen the government grasp for more information, pulling more and more people into the clutches of this date data capture. take contact point. yet as a bass database -- it is a vast database. the government does not want this stop what basic information but they want personal information. 5 million people on the dna data base. the government says it helps fight crime. almost 1 million of the people on it are completely innocent of any crime. tens of thousands of innocent people are actually children. this is a situation that could cause concern under the most repressive regime in the world but it is happening right here, right now in britain. labour wants to go even further. they want everyone to walk around with an identity card. there would be over 50 pieces of personal information being transferred from your private control to state control. not just your name and address, place of birth commager image, a fingerprint, maybe even iris scans and space shuttle motor template.
Dec 14, 2016 7:00am EST
russia. the most recent vetoed by china. we are continuing to work with the united nations. but there is a solution that works on the ground that has to be a solution that has bought into by other countries than it has to be as aleutian russia is going to buy into as well as the regime. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i received a message from neck. actually with a text message from our honorable friend at grantham and stamford. the avoidance of doubt this is one text message he's willing to be read in public. mr. speaker, making a swift return, nothing matters more to our honorable friend than ensuring around-the-clock emergency services are restored to his local hospital and grandson. will my right honorable friend the prime minister received the petition is organized and short of the passionate of constituents are heard and above all reassure people in this rural area that they will always have access to safe emergency care for them and their families? >> and a first all ensure that the thoughts of the whole house are with our honorable friend and can i wish had the very best for his re
Feb 3, 2013 9:00pm EST
bottomley. >> on syria, it's now clear that the syrian people would be much better off if china and russia not blocked effective action authorized by the united nations. can my honorable friend say what we're doing to try to help the poor people of syria? >> hear, hear. >> well, first of all, my right old friend, the international development secretary has, like me, visited the syrian border and seen the refugee camps for herself and britain, i believe, with is the second largest donor for health and aid into those camps and is right to say one of the biggest thing to happen is for the chinese and russians consider again their positions and recognize the transition at the top of syria would be good for the whole of that part of the world and i believe good for russia as well. we should continue to work with the opposition groups in syria to put pressure on the regime, not the least through sanctions, but also provide aid and health for those who are fleeing it. >> graham m. morris? >> thank you, speaker, seaham school of technology serves a growing population and some of the most deprived
Nov 20, 2016 11:58pm EST
are some of the programs you might like. china and other countries he has reported from over the past 45 years. aid is notd white working and how there is a better way for africa. gone, being forced to become a soldier at 12 in sierra leone. video libraryire at here are some of our feature programs thursday. just after 11:00 a.m., roster sensor. -- nebraska senator. mindedness isc not compelled by the government. >> followed by tom harkin on healthy food and the rise of child obesity. fat.7 grams of 20 ounce cokes and pepsi's. 12-15 teaspoons of sugar. feeding an epidemic of childhood obesity. founder jimmy wales talks about the evolution of the online and psychedelia and the challenge of probe -- global access. >> there is a small community there, 5-10 really active users. they start to think of themselves as a community. >> an inside look at the year-long effort to repair and restore the capitol dome. simon kagan reflects on her life and career amounte an incredible that it also taught me what it was like to be a serious historian and sit in archives all day everyday. i r
Oct 16, 2016 9:00pm EDT
they court to russia and china. this is an issue that has been a travis and a number of years. the things we see of the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent civilians are appalling. we want to see an end to that. there are many questions about the no-fly zone. who is it there to protect and people in the expert patient david dead move. how a. how a in. how would you enforce the safe area there? there are many questions that need to be looked at in the sewers of issues. but we all know is the only real solution for peace and stability is a political transition and at time russia accepted the future of syria is a political transition grant the past. >> in my constituency the most vulnerable people is impressively supported due to the motto of achievement for all. will the prime minister confirm in a country that works for everyone, paris can be assured they will be the right place whatever their ability. >> i think that honorable friend and for the example that she shown taking place in her constituency. the whole hand of the government's education policy is place is so parents can h
May 15, 2016 9:00pm EDT
dumping. the excess steel capacity in china is much higher. the anti-dumping tariffs we have produced have been very effective and in some categories have reduced chinese exports by as much as 98%. he shouldn't believe some of the figures put around that the eu doesn't work. it does work. were outside the eu we might be subject to those tariffs ourselves. >> the prime minister's government was elected with 37% of the vote. i'm sure he would acknowledge the success of nicholas sturgeon in being returned victoriously with 46% of the vote. the highest of any political party in national elections currently in western europe. on the anticorruption summit, has the prime minister read the appeals from nigerian campaigners who say that our efforts were sadly undermined in countries such as your own. our corrupt to hide their ill-gotten gains in your luxury homes and department stores and car dealerships. the role of london's property market is to conceal stolen wealth and this has been revealed in these documents. what is the privacy going to do about this? congratulater: i nicola sturgeon on
Jun 9, 2013 9:00pm EDT
focus in the next two years of our relationship with china and they turned to asia. it will be a very significant part of our foreign-policy in the next three years. hopefully, at the outset, we are brief and to the president's second term. three years from now, we will look back on what the president did to engage china and work with china on issues and it will be a big part of his foreign-policy legacy. >> i think your question is a good one. it is significant that the resident of the council of foreign relations, an old friend of mine, has written a book called "foreign-policy begins at home." that is the last thing that you would expect him to write. he wrote that book because he argues and i think this is an instinctive wrong -- instinctive among them -- instinct among americans are now that we have to get things right at home and make adjustments. i think there is a war weariness in the country. you see it in the polls on syria will stop there is a lot of relief support for more intervention in syria. there's not a lot of popular support. we are in one of those times where
Nov 29, 2015 9:00pm EST
in the world. the good news about the paris conference is that, unlike with the kyoto deal, china and america will be signatories to the deal, which means that many more of the world's emissions will be covered by it. we must work hard to ensure that it is a good deal with proper review clauses, and we need a way of tightening any deal to ensure that we keep to the 2° target. that is the task, but nobody should be in any doubt that britain is playing a leading role, and has led by example and with money. caroline flint: there will never be a future where we do not need steel, but the government are spending millions of pounds to compensate for the loss of uk steelmaking. will the prime minister send a clear signal today to potential investors in our uk steel industry that he will do whatever it takes to back a sustainable, cutting-edge uk steel industry in the future? we want more steel that is used in the uk and across the world to be stamped "made in britain". pm cameron: i completely agree with the right hon. lady. we want to support our steel industry, which is why we are taking
May 1, 2016 9:00pm EDT
steelmaking in britain coping with a massive oversupply, collapse in prices on china so we must do all we can. there's no guarantee of success but if we work hard, get a proper sales process and get behind on a bipartisan basis we can see success. >> following the hills for inquiry, we join in all of the comments database and thus far in relation to the families and paying could do all the campaigners for justice. last night the government was defeated for the second time in the house of lords on the issue of refugee children being given refuge in the united kingdom. there aren't many members of the house as there are many members of this house in all parties including -- who would wish us to do much, much more in helping providing refuge for unaccompanied children in europe at the present time. will the prime minister please reconsider his opposition and stop walking by on the other side speak with i don't think anyone can accuse this country of walking on by in terms of its refugee crisis. let's be very clear about what we've done. personal taking to 20,000 refugees from outside of euro
Jun 19, 2016 8:58pm EDT
billion pounds in china to the e.u. and if we were outside without a trade deal, there would be a 12% tax. i don't want to stay british manufacturers, car makers. we should be investing in most industries in helping them support and not making the situation difficult. thank you, mr. speaker. 30 years ago when i was a little flat, my parents quit their jobs jobs -- [laughter] 30 years ago, my parents quit their jobs and founded a school manufacturing business around our kitchen table. today, british manufacturers were particularly small businesses are worried. they are worried because if we leave the european union, they'll continue to make their product to common european standards because they value the free market. they value the single market. they value and want to export. they are aware the united kingdom will have no say whatsoever in the formulation of those standards and their competitive advantage will be destroyed. what advice does my right honorable friend have for my parents, for small businesses and for the millions of jobs that depend on them. >> i always assumed that honora
Jan 25, 2016 12:00am EST
trade relations with china. questions to the prime minister. mr. speaker, this morning i had business. >> should you be allowed to benefit from what that company makes? with a benefit from a small part -- percentage? -- that means for people on minimum wage that it >> does my right honorable friend agree? >> my honorable friend is perhaps right. over the last year, we have more -- seen more people at work in every region. the house might not have had time to see. the unemployment rate, and is now the lowest rate in nearly a decade at 5.1 percent. start, the latest figures showing unemployment falling by another 99,000. the record number of people in work in history. 2.3 million people in work. i am sure that is something the whole house can welcome. >> thank you, mr. speaker. it is nice to get such a warm welcome. >> if you will allow me for one moment. can the prime minister tell the house where he and his election toifesto he put his plan abolish maintenance grants for all of his students? >> first of all, we will for thousands of people. in our manifesto, we said we on caput the de
Jun 16, 2013 9:00pm EDT
less. >> with the prime minister join me in congratulating the china britain is this council -- business council for organizing a seminar which more than 60 businesses in watford attended last friday. i think they should be congratulated on this initiative. >> i am very happy to extend my praise to the china business council. if we look at the evidence over the last few years, there is a significant increase of british exports to china and a big increase of chinese erect investment into the uk. all of this is welcome and we need to see it grow even further. >> what can the prime minister concern that he understands the importance of the created industries to the economy of this country and that they need adequate intellectual property? is he also aware that his , the fifthl property viscount younger, recently told the select committee they have a -- i am verygle aware of their power. i am also aware that they have access for whatever reason to higher levels of number 10 then do i. , order, order! >> the honorable gentleman's question, which refers to a specific constituent of
Sep 11, 2016 9:00pm EDT
. the record medal haul second in the table ahead of china and so many memorable moments. we can say this kid themselves and their country proud as i know the whole house will wish to care for very best wishes to a paralympic athletes. mr. speaker, i had meetings with others. i should have further such meetings later today. >> thank you, mr. speaker. may ask my wishes for paralympic and will do us proud. mr. speaker, i'm sure the whole house will be delighted this country hosts a disproportionate number of the roads finest universities. however, some say they are already shut out of the import collaboration with other fine universities in the european union. this is such an important thing for medical, engineering, other research and economic prosperity. can the prime minister please tell us what her strategy is? [shouting] >> can i say how good it is to see your in this place? of course we agree the importance of our universities in the work they do and research collaboration they have with other countries within the e.u. and elsewhere. that is why earlier this summer my right honor
Oct 17, 2011 12:00am EDT
in china a couple of weeks ago meeting in hong kong with major banks, including major chinese banks in beijing and meeting with chinese officials to continue the conversation about this and make the points we have been making. it has been remarkably effective. we will continue to pursue this issue. a rule will help us. it became effective earlier this week. we issued a series of information requests to u.s. financial institutions, asking about the behavior of some of their correspondence. this follows up on a question that was raised. it allows us to go out to u.s. financial institutions where we have reason to believe there may be potential violations. there is a low threshold where we have reason to believe that there may be this issue and seek this information. this will complement other sources of information that we have. we will continue to pursue those investigations. >> thanks. secretary david cohen, tellus who was doing business with i ran? >> they sell their oil to a number of different jurisdictions around do world. to the european union. spain is a major purchaser. turke
Jan 11, 2016 12:01am EST
. previous agreements, such as at kyoto, did not include action by china or america. now we have all the big countries and big emitters as part of the deal. we argued that the eu should go further. we achieved, i think, a very aggressive package for the eu, but that was the best we could do in the circumstances. i think the eu agreement helped to bring about the general agreement. no one should be in any doubt that britain is playing a very major role in bringing that about. let me give you one statistic. i know there is a great deal of interest in the house about solar panels. i asked what percentage of solar panels had been installed in britain since this government took office in 2010. expecting the answer to be 50% or 60%. the answer is 98%. ben howlett: yesterday, it was announced that the foxhill housing zone in bath would receive £313,000 of government funding to help to kick-start work to build thousands of new homes in the city. would the prime minister agree that that funding will help to reverse the lack of house-building under the labour party and enable struggling families to g
May 25, 2016 7:00am EDT
workers are marching for parliament for their future in their community. why does this china bid to market fierce against the interest of british work? why is this chancellor block changes to the duty against the interest of british workers and will set down industrial strategy to put interest ahead of his own? first thing our thoughts are with the steel make ergs at this time. but a step back we should all acknowledge there's a global crisis in the steel industry. tens of thousands of jobs have been lost just across yiewrm alone and many tens of thousands beyond that. thousand we're taking specific action today to help the portal that works in related works across the country and secretary have been there in india with cross party effort. and then nationally we have taken action to reduce energy charges on energy, industry, we have taken action to make sure there's more flexibility with emissions doing everything we can to help this industry in a very difficult time including making u sure there is chinese dumping and introduced on the bill those imported down over o 90%. >> thank
Jun 21, 2015 9:00pm EDT
emissions simply increase by offshore and into places like china? >> that is of course what a global deal is on board and we are actively engaged in these negotiations, indeed the prime minister was speaking to the french president about this only last week or so we are determined that britain plays a leading role along with our colleagues in europe and delivering a binding global target so that individual parts of the world can't opt out. >> mr. speaker -- [shouting] employment in crawley is at record high levels with companies like creative -- created extra jobs. can my right honorable friend say what additional policies can be done by the government to ensure that companies can flourish further still? >> well of course a small and medium-sized businesses of which we've seen i think around three quarters of a million created in the last five years or the engine of growth in our economy and are one of the reasons why as he said the claimant count in his own constituency is down almost two-thirds. more encouragingly long-term youth claimant count is to pay down by 75%. it will go on
Sep 9, 2012 9:00pm EDT
china are up 72%, to india up 94%, and to russia up over 100%. that is what is happening. it is a hard road, it is a difficult road, but we will stick to that road because we will deliver for the british economy. >> we are in the longest double-dip recession since the second world war. how out of touch does this prime minister sound? [interruption] i have to say to the tory members of parliament that they can go to their constituents and start trying to blame everyone else, but they have been in government for two and a half years. it has happened on their watch. we saw a reshuffle yesterday. the prime minister brought back the right honorable member for yeovil (mr laws), who had been sacked, he promoted the culture secretary, who should have been sacked, and he left in place the part-time chancellor, who the whole country knows should be sacked. it is the same old faces and the same old policies -- a no change reshuffle. if the prime minister really wants to cut through the dither, there is no place like home. >> the big difference in british politics is that i do not want to move my
Jan 10, 2016 8:59pm EST
agreements, like kyoto, didn't include action by china or action by a america, and now you have all of the big companies who are part of this deal. we do agree that the eu should go further, we do agree that there should be an aggressive package for the eu, and that was the best we could do in the circumstances, and i think we agree about bringing a general agreement. i don't want you to have any doubt that britain isn't playing a very big role. i know there is great interest in this and adding solar panels. i was asked the other day about what percentage of solar panels had been installed in great britain since 2000 10, expecting the answer might be 50% or 60%, but the answer is 98%. >> hear, hear! >> mr. speaker, yesterday it was announced that the fox hills community would be building thousands of new homes in the city. what the prime minister agree with me that this would enable struggling families to get off of the property ladder? prime minister cameron: i am delighted to hear about the developments in your constituency. built 700s, we have 50 houses since 2010, but there is a
Jan 19, 2017 12:45am EST
he also answered questions about china's trade practices and efforts to promote employment in manufacturing. this hearing of the senate commerce committee is four hours.
Dec 18, 2016 9:00pm EST
vetoed by china. we are continuing to work with the united nations to get a solution that works on the ground. it has to be a solution that is bought into by other countries and it has to be a solution that russia is going to buy into. >> other than getting rid of his tumor and making a swift return to this place, nothing matters more to my honorable friend then -- ensuring around-the-clock services are restored to his hospital in grantham. in short, the passionate views of his constituents are heard. people in this rural area they will always have access to safe emergency care for them and their families. sure theof all, i am thoughts on the whole house are with our honorable friends, the men's -- the members of grantham. can i wish him the very best for his recovery. what he thinks about in hisrgency services local hospital. i also believe these are concerns shared by our new honorable friend. can assure my honorable friend that the process that is taking place and looking for acts of development and local services is about listening to local people. above all, it is about ensuri
May 5, 2016 9:49am EDT
china's nuclear weapons policies. a panel put together by the carnegie endowment for international peace will address how to promote dialogue and understanding. this is live coverage on c-span3.
think his issues and his policies on foreign trade and how unfair it is to trade with china and the way we trade with them is unfair. i like to even that out. i also love his policies on immigration. let's build a wall, let mexicans come on over, but legally. >> voices on the road with c-span. the national governors association meeting deprecating population and states of how this changes, health-care, and job creation. this is just under one hour. >>
thing is, if i can say one thing, we sit with our heads in the sand when across the border, china, the other nations, are developing. we must in fact be part players of this program. to do it wisely, do it safely, and do it for the benefit of the american people. if you don't believe in fossil fuels, i understand that. there's no way that we're not going to be using fossil fuels for many years to come. if we are to do so, let's use that which is safe. and we've already proven it can be done safely in the arctic. it's not to volunteer that people think it is, it's 150 feet deep. if we don't do this, off our shores it will be done by foreign countries. i'm asking the interior to the to -- not to withdraw those sales. it means money to the treasury, it means we have less of a dependence on foreign oil, and it means we'll be actively involved when other countries are involved, we'll be there with our equipment, we'll be able to have an oil spill recovery if they spill the oil, because they will not. i know the parties playing in this. we will. i urge adoption of my amendment and i reserve
Nov 5, 2017 9:54pm EST
. he will be traveling to five different countries. south korea, japan, china, vietnam and the philippines. and addressing a wide variety of different issues. the main ones being north korea and international trade with the broader overly of what many see as a general competition between the u.s. and china on who will be leading the region in the future. host: the wall street journal today as the headline, "north korea to dominate the agenda." president trump's anticipated trip starts on saturday. pyongyang's desire to be considered a global nuclear power. the rest of the developed world attempt to undermine been envisioned will be the theme of every bilateral. meeting -- bilateral meeting. guest: it will be on top of the agenda for every meeting, especially for the first few meetings in tokyo and beijing. the other key actors in this drama. we have seen in recent years north korea conducting more and more nuclear tests, ballistic missile tests, and the pace has accelerated which is pushed this to the top of the agenda. host: talk about that. what are the potential risks of the
china at is not granted manufacturing market economy status. happyime minister is very but can he set off the family property? want tonister: we do support the industry in the potteries. we have tax credits and helping with apprenticeship schemes. not least to the energy intensive industry measures which are very important for the constituency she represents. the issue with market economy status is something different. even if they get that status, they can't jump steel products and other things into european markets. what we should be doing is making sure that we are driving open markets for us to sell to china. they are the ones with the massive growth in the middle class taking place. hundreds of millions of people joining that. many great products that should be sold in china. councilsle of wight said it would happen next year. would my right honorable friend confirmed the government's willingness to work with them over the coming months to help them to access existing sources of finance or find new ways to address the islands unique circumstances? minister: we are very happy to w
kidsgrove. these and tens of thousands of british manufacturing jobs are at risk if china is granted market economy status. the prime minister is very happy to sell off the family silver, but can he guarantee that he will not sell off the family crockery? prime minister cameron: we want to support industry in the potteries, and that is why we are helping manufacturing with tax credits and with apprenticeship schemes. we are helping with a whole range of measures, not least the energy-intensive industry measures, which are very important for her constituency she represents. that is what we want to see. the issue with market economy status is a separate issue, as i have said before. even if they get that status, it cannot dump steel products or other things into european markets, and it can be fined. what we should be doing is making sure that we are driving open markets for us to sell to china. they are the ones with a massive growth in the middle class taking place -- hundreds of millions of people are joining that -- and there are many great products made in stoke that shoul
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