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2016 10
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to that. so, i just look at this and i know that we are concerned when we talk about china and russia. but, i personally get more concerned on what you touched on, north korea an iran. these people, they want to kill everyone in this room. in the case of north korea, it's run by a guy that is mentally deranged. this is scary. you are getting into the toughest job in the united states of america right now. i'm very much concerned about it. we know that russia and china are actively modernizing their nuclear weapons and delivery systems. north korea continues to develop land and launch ballistic missiles and conducted the fifth and largest nuke test two nights ago. i think it would be a good thing for you to give us as much of a detailed assessment in this setting as you can on north korea and iran. >> the way i look at the threats across the world, senator, i think that russia is the most dangerous threat. china is a close second. the most likely threats and the most concerning are north korea and then iran because north korea is very unpredictable. it's hard to tell exactly wha
risk if china is granted manufacturing market economy -- the prime minister is very happy but can guaranty -- [inaudible] [shouting] >> that's why we are helping with manufacturing tax credits, apprenticeship schemes and helping with a whole range of measures, which are very, very important for the constituency she represents. that's what we want to see. the issue with market economy is a separate issue as i said before even if they get that they can't dump-steel products or other things into european markets and what we should be doing is making sure we're driving open markets for us to sell to china, think are the ones with the mass i have growth in the middle-class taking place, hundreds of millions of people joining that and there's many great products that should be sold in china. >> andrew turner. >> sir, will be unable to do so next year. would my right honorable friend confirm the government's willingness to work with them over the coming months to help them to access existing sources or find new ways to address the island's unique circumstances? >> we would be happy to wo
in the table ahead of china and so many memorable moments. we can say this kid themselves and their country proud as i know the whole house will wish to care for very best wishes to a paralympic athletes. mr. speaker, i had meetings with others. i should have further such meetings later today. >> thank you, mr. speaker. may ask my wishes for paralympic and will do us proud. mr. speaker, i'm sure the whole house will be delighted this country hosts a disproportionate number of the roads finest universities. however, some say they are already shut out of the import collaboration with other fine universities in the european union. this is such an important thing for medical, engineering, other research and economic prosperity. can the prime minister please tell us what her strategy is? [shouting] >> can i say how good it is to see your in this place? of course we agree the importance of our universities in the work they do and research collaboration they have with other countries within the e.u. and elsewhere. that is why earlier this summer my right honorable friend the chancellor of
to russia and china. this is an issue that has been a travis and a number of years. the things we see of the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent civilians are appalling. we want to see an end to that. there are many questions about the no-fly zone. who is it there to protect and people in the expert patient david dead move. how a. how a in. how would you enforce the safe area there? there are many questions that need to be looked at in the sewers of issues. but we all know is the only real solution for peace and stability is a political transition and at time russia accepted the future of syria is a political transition grant the past. >> in my constituency the most vulnerable people is impressively supported due to the motto of achievement for all. will the prime minister confirm in a country that works for everyone, paris can be assured they will be the right place whatever their ability. >> i think that honorable friend and for the example that she shown taking place in her constituency. the whole hand of the government's education policy is place is so parents can have the co
pounds in china to the e.u. and if we were outside without a trade deal, there would be a 12% tax. i don't want to stay british manufacturers, car makers. we should be investing in most industries in helping them support and not making the situation difficult. thank you, mr. speaker. 30 years ago when i was a little flat, my parents quit their jobs jobs -- [laughter] 30 years ago, my parents quit their jobs and founded a school manufacturing business around our kitchen table. today, british manufacturers were particularly small businesses are worried. they are worried because if we leave the european union, they'll continue to make their product to common european standards because they value the free market. they value the single market. they value and want to export. they are aware the united kingdom will have no say whatsoever in the formulation of those standards and their competitive advantage will be destroyed. what advice does my right honorable friend have for my parents, for small businesses and for the millions of jobs that depend on them. >> i always assumed that honorable
from china last week. but i'm not making had excuses for his absence. all i'm saying is that since he's not here he is a state i would like to put it in the record. if you think that's something that he doesn't deserve, i'm -- bound by your objection. >> mr. chairman. i would ask that -- that opening statement be placed in the record to be placed with a provision along side it for the record that a he was invited b that he declined, c that the letter has to be taken as not -- not witness evidence and self-serving of his not being here as long as we can agree to language that effectively make it is clear that this is a self-serving statement by somebody who chose not to be here well tomorrow will be in front of another committee. i'm fine with it being there. but i don't it to be seen as an opening statement because it quite frankly this written statement is not -- should not have the same correct. gentleman has the right to object to the statement being made as part of the record. the gentleman can ask and consent to withdraw his objections subject to the limitations of the gentlem
his time than necessary. [laughter] >> the uk government is a cheerleader for china to be awarded to the kelo market economy status because once the city of london to become a major trading center for the chinese currency. is this not a classic case of once again westminster government putting the bankers of london before manufacturing workers -- [inaudible] >> i think the honorable gentleman is wrong both on content on an approach. the two issues are separate. to our market economies that europe still puts dumping tariffs on. we did that recently with america and we've done it in the past with russia. i think we should take these two issues separately, continued to pursue robust action against china which is exactly what we are doing based on the merits. but in terms of the close relationship with china, i want to help those welsh this is including companies like airbus to break into chinese markets and make sure we get the best of the british jobs for british manufacturing, british exports. that's what we want in our relationship with china. >> speaking of airbus, mr. speaker, t
coping with a massive oversupply, collapse in prices on china so we must do all we can. there's no guarantee of success but if we work hard, get a proper sales process and get behind on a bipartisan basis we can see success. >> following the hills for inquiry, we join in all of the comments database and thus far in relation to the families and paying could do all the campaigners for justice. last night the government was defeated for the second time in the house of lords on the issue of refugee children being given refuge in the united kingdom. there aren't many members of the house as there are many members of this house in all parties including -- who would wish us to do much, much more in helping providing refuge for unaccompanied children in europe at the present time. will the prime minister please reconsider his opposition and stop walking by on the other side speak with i don't think anyone can accuse this country of walking on by in terms of its refugee crisis. let's be very clear about what we've done. personal taking to 20,000 refugees from outside of europe which i think
critical minerals received when china decided to embark critical minerals from the country of japan bringing their electronics industry virtually to its knees in very short order. and with that wakeup call people began to look again at critical minerals. and the media has reported pretty reasonably ongoing articles and stories and exposÉs. and all of those sort of culminated with another boost we received at the end of last year with the publication of the book entitled the elements of power, i david abraham. i wil believe this up here for s to look at. i don't know what it is, i asked mr. abram kabir and he wanted to be your buddy is on travel as well, so we will just go without the authors. but clearly there's a growing interest in critical minerals. today we want to build on that interest, marc and i. and our challenge is to provide you with a clear understanding of the broader topics that surround critical minerals. and what those include are the following. we want to share with you concepts of understanding mineral wealth, resources versus reserves. that's often, people unders
rates. thanks to washington d.c., china, russia, iran, isis now make the rules. i want to be in the united states senate to try to change that. when i say washington d.c. i'm referring to president upon the secretary could didn't. but i'm also referring to the ritz-carlton democrats in the big republicans in the united states congress to talk to life but they sat back and let the president is secretary do anything they want to do. all of them ought to be ashamed of themselves. i am not a part of the club in baton rouge and i won't be part of the club in washington d.c. >> thank you. >> i am born and raised in louisiana. there are three formative experiences i like to talk about tonight that i believe have prepared me to be the next united states senator from louisiana. the first of my experience of 9/11 when i was a recent college graduate and the second plane hit the tower that day. a second experience to be my experience working to the federal court in the aftermath of hurricane katrina when he learned it was important we have a government responsive and when it was simply had a c
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10