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Jan 9, 2012 7:30am EST
escape, through china to south korea. >> reporter: this is pyongyang, the capitol of the democratic people's republic of korea, and this is the way the regime wants you to see life in north korea, as a utopian paradise. it's not the way melanie kirkpatrick, a senior fellow at the hudson institute sees north korea. she's about to publish a book about the people who've escaped the north and those who have helped them. >> i'd argue, not only is it the most totalitarian regime in existence today, it's probably the most totalitarian regime in existence in history. it is hard to describe to americans the extent of the repression there. >> reporter: kwang jin kim was a north korean banker who defected eight years ago. he now lives in south korea. >> the life in north korea is like hell, you know, and the life outside is like heaven. >> reporter: this is the so-called "demilitarized zone," the heavily militarized buffer zone between the two koreas, which are still technically at war. south korea has one of the world's most prosperous economies. by all accounts, north korea is one of the mos
Jul 15, 2012 10:30am EDT
in china. chinese catholics have been rallying in support of shanghai bishop thaddeus ma daqin, who disappeared after his ordination ceremony last saturday. the vatican and china's communist government have long disagreed over who has the authority to ordain chinese bishops. bishop ma had the approval of both. but at the end of his ordination ceremony, he shocked the audience by announcing that he was resigning from the government body that oversees catholics in china. there were conflicting reports about whether his subsequent disappearance was voluntary. >>> the u.s. state department called once again for the immediate release of an iranian pastor currently facing a death sentence for converting from islam to christianity. youcef nadarkhani was arrested in 2009 and charged with apostasy. he has now spent more than 1,000 days in jail. the state department said nadarkhani was facing possible execution, "simply for following his faith." several u.s. religious groups have also advocated for his freedom. >>> a group of prominent european rabbis denounced a recent court decision in germ
Sep 2, 2012 10:30am EDT
says he's encouraged by signs that china's approach to tibet could improve under new chinese leadership. in a reuters interview, the dalai lama said he's heard from people inside china who say china's new president, set to take over later this year, could be more lenient. the comments came just days after two more young tibetans set themselves on fire to protest china's policy toward tibet and the dali lama. more than 50 people, mainly monks and nuns, have committed self immolation since 2009. most have died. >>> in cleveland the trial began this week of 16 amish men and women. they're charged with hate crimes for forcibly cutting the hair and beards of their fellow amish. the case involves members of a small breakaway amish group who attacked men and women in their former community. the defense say the beard and haircuttings were personal disputes, but prosecutors argue they were religiously motivated, since hair holds religious significance for the amish. if convicted, some of the 16 could serve 20 years or more in prison. >>> in much of the underdeveloped world, microloans
May 20, 2012 8:30am EDT
china's policy on tibet. he replied, "no answer." he said that was a political issue and he was no longer a political leader. >>> if you buy low-cost clothes at almost any u.s. store the chances are good that they were made in south america or asia where labor costs are low and the competition, intense. we have a story by fred de sam lazaro today about garment workers in cambodia at the heart of an old dilemma. can an employer pay his workers a living wage and at the same time keep his costs low enough to stay in business? >> reporter: back in the 1990s, cambodia, impoverished and rebuilding after its genocidal khmer rouge years, took steps to give its new garment industry a competitive leg up. it agreed to a system of fair labor standards with a minimum wage rule, a limit to working hours, unions to represent workers, and freedom of expression. all would be open to international inspection. today, there are perhaps 400,000 garment workers in more than 300 factories in and near the capital, phnom penh. they are subcontractors to brand names and retailers in europe and america. beginning f
Feb 17, 2013 10:30am EST
orthodox pope resigning, this kind of nixon to china move almost. and it was natural that there was no real plan for what you would do with a pope emeritus. so, for security reasons, and a lot of other reasons, i think it made sense that he should live inside the vatican, at least at first. but i think it is going to become a problem down the road, especially if he continues to write and to publish some of his writings. >> david, one of those that's mentioned from time to time as a possible pope is the archbishop of new york, timothy dolan. is there anything to that, do you think? >> i think it's a great story. don't think it's going to happen. >> okay. our thanks to father tom reese of the woodstock theological center at georgetown university and to david gibson of religion news service. we want to revisit now a story we ran some years ago on the process the cardinals follow when they choose a new pope. you will notice some familiar faces that look a little younger but were just as knowledgeable and helpful then as they are today. again, kim lawton. ♪ >> in the gospel of matthew, je
Sep 22, 2013 8:30am EDT
-mil" residentes en la provincia china de fujian fueron evacuados a zonas seguras ante el inminente azote del tifon "usagi". . >> oye después de todo no estoy tan mal comodices, ahora una niña me sonrio. >> no me extraña yo la primera vez que tevi solte la carcajada. >> cortala. >> me hiciste reir. >> un día más de trabajo y nuestro jefe nos suplico que cuando quisieramos nos fueramos a trabajar. >> pedazo de idiota como es posible que esta hora todavía estas calentando la silla , andale a, animal , muevete. >> aunque mi pareja se encontraa informadose de los últimos hechos le fuí a pedir cariñosamente que fueramos a cumplir con nuestro deber. >> véte. >> con este nuevo equipo cibernético que nos diéron dan gansa de trabajar las 24 horas, el compromiso nuestro con la ciudadanía es ayudar a quienes nos necesiten. >> como en este caso. >> (música). >> (música). >> (música). >> (música). >> nuestra labor policíaca aunque parezca aburrda, nuestros sentidos siempre están alerta para detectar algún acto criminal. >> (música). >> (música). >> (música). >> (música).
Oct 23, 2011 8:30am EDT
tibetans who have set themselves on fire in recent months to protest china's policy towards tibet and spiritual leader, the dalai lama. prayer services were held this week for the who have committed self imilation this year. five have died including one nun. officials from the tibetan government in exile called the deaths tragic and urged china to improve its treatment of tibetans. >>> the indicted roman catholic bishop of kansas city said he has no plans to step down as the head of the diocese. he became the first bishop changed with covering up the actions of an abusive priest. he is the highest ranking officialn th.s ue. catholic church to indicted in the sex abuse scandal. victims groups alleged that many others have committed similar acts. greek orthodox leaders say they are jubilant about an agreement with the port authority to rebuilt st. nicholas church. the only house of worship destroyed on 9/11. they sued the port authority earlier after negotiations for rebuilding near ground zero broke down. the church will be rebuilt at a new location close to its original site. we have
Aug 9, 2009 8:30am EDT
officials. the meetings were designed to strengthen ties between the u.s. and china. the leaders tackled a range of economic and foreign policy issues. but president obama made it clear that supporting human rights and religious freedom were also american priorities. >> we also strongly believe that the religion and culture of all peoples must be respected and protected and that all people should be free to speak their minds. and that includes ethnic and religious minorities in china as surely as it includes minorities within the united states. >> lawton: despite the worsening economy-- or maybe because of it-- volunteerism appears to be on the rise in this country. according to a new report from the government's corporation for national and community service, nearly 62 million americans volunteered last year. that's the largest number in four years. almost 36% of those people volunteered through a religious organization. in boston, the roman catholic archdiocese has raised the retirement age for priests from seventy to seventy-five. the reason: a shortage of clergy. boston is th
Jul 4, 2010 10:30am EDT
. >>> finally, south africa may have the world cup, but china is boasting about the world's first-ever religious games. the communist nation has long been criticized for repressing faith, but its official news agency says china celebrates religious diversity, hence the religious games. buddhists, daoists and protestant christians battled it out from everything from ping-pong to chinese chess, basketball, cycling and even tug-of-war. the chinese news agency did not report who won. >>> that's our program for now. i'm bob abernethy. there is much more on our website including more from archbishop desmond tutu from south africa and pamela greenberg on the psalms. you can comment on our stories and share them. audio and video podcasts are always available. you can always follow us on our facebook page. join us at >>> as we leave you this fourth of july weekend, the navy band in new orleans performing last sunday at that city's trinity episcopal church. ♪ >>> major funding for "religion & ethics newsweekly" is provided by the lillian endowment, an indianapolis based family, dedica
Feb 20, 2012 7:30am EST
to press him on china's treatment of tibetan buddhists, uighar muslims and some christians. meanwhile, china said it will allow the u.s. ambassador for international religious freedom, suzanne johnson cook, to visit that country after earlier reports that she had been denied a visa. >>> controversy continued over the administration's policy changes on contraceptive services. a house committee held a hearing thursday on whether the new policy violates religious liberty. last week, president obama announced revisions saying that religion related organizations with moral objections would not have to offer or pay for birth control. instead, insurance companies would have to provide those services to women free of charge. some catholic leaders supported the change, but others, including the us conference of catholic bishops, said it did not adequately address their concerns. the bishops' opposition is being led by new york's archbishop timothy dolan. >>> dolan is in rome this weekend being elevated to cardinal, along with another american, baltimore's archbishop edwin o'brien. d
Nov 15, 2009 10:30am EST
be visiting china this week. human righ activists are urging him to push for mre religious freedom and oth refms when he meets with that natn's leaders. meanwhile, the chinesare askg obama to reconsider his plans to meet the dalai lama whopposes chinese control of tibe obama is expeed to meet the tibetan spiritual ader after the predent returns to washington. before obama left foasia, he isited fort hood, texas, whe 13 members of the militarwere killed,llegedly by an army psychiaist who is an american- born muslim. >> no faith justies these murderouand craven acts; no just and ving god looks upon th with favor. d for what he has done, we know that the killerill be met with justice in this worldnd the nex >> abernethy:he fort hood killings have raed questions about whher the accused shoer's zeal about islam could have played anyole in the tragy, and about being muslim in the u.s. milita. imam yahya hendis the muslim chaplain at bothhe national navaledical center in bethesda, maryld and at georgetown universit in washingto he had m major hasan.imam, welcome. is there anytng in what y
Jan 30, 2011 10:00am PST
gatherings. >>> and in china and taiwan, prayers for good fortune in the coming year. the chinese new year is on february 3rd. this will be the year of the rabbit, traditionally thought to be a year of calm. >>> that's our program for now. i'm bob abernethy. we have much more on our website, including lots of religious analysis of the president's state of the union address. you can comment on all of our stories and share them. audio and video podcasts are also available. you can follow us on febook and twier, find us on youtube and wat us ytim anyere on smartphones and iphones with our mobile web app. join us at as we leave you, scenes from a memorial service held at auschwitz in poland for the united nation's international holocaust remembrance day on thursday. >>> community development, and education. additional funding by mutual of america, dining customized individual and group retirement products. that's why we're your retirement company and the corporation for public bradcasting.
Jun 13, 2010 10:00pm EDT
even the 60th anniversary of communist china. but the skyscraper's owners turned down a request that the building be lit up for the centennial of mother teresa's fwhirt august. they said, while they do sponsor displays for some religious holidays like christmas and hanukkah, they have a specific policy against honoring religious figures. >>> the virginia supreme court has reversed a lower court's decision in a property dispute between the episcopal diocese of virginia and nine congregations that left the denomination. the churches in question include the falls church, and turo, two of the largest and historic in the state. they left the episcopal church after the 2003 consecration of a gay bishop and affiliated with more conservative anglican jurisdictions in africa. a lower court agreed with their claim that millions of dollars in property belong to the exiting congregation and not thl diocese. but the virginia supreme court said that decision was wrong and sent it back for further review. in a separate case, the california supreme court has agreed to consider a similar dispute betw
Jan 23, 2012 7:30am EST
in a good spirit and the community loves it. >> our next building is the bank of china which was built by an architect from the states who apparently didn't realize that the diamond designed exterior is a negative shape in feng shui, and the diamonds were pointed directly at the governor's house. >> and the governor lost his job, so they built a swimming pool between this and the governor's house so that the water would take away the negative energy. it didn't work. the replacement governor had a heart attack. >> today the bank has a moat around it. >> you notice the fish are mostly different shades of gold, and they represent, of course, gold flowing around your life. so, definitely a prosperity theme at this bank. >> as an example of how seriously hong kong takes feng shui, in recent years, the city has spent more than $8 million compensating people living next to construction sites because all that activity disturbed their feng shui. nury says some people go a little overboard when it comes to feng shui. >> if you move your desk over here a bit, you know, suddenly grandma will
Nov 12, 2011 10:00am EST
fire this year to protest china's policies towards tibet. prayer services have been held in india for the 11, among them a tibetan nun who died last week. the dalai lama has called their actions "a sign of deep desperation." >>> in other news, this weekend, tlc cable network is presenting its latest reality program, this one about american muslims. it's called "all-american muslim" and it features five different families living in dearborn, michigan. creators say they want to show muslims as "everyday folks." the cast includes a high school football coach and a businesswoman hoping to open a nightclub. >>> also, this weekend, the national cathedral reopens for the consecration of the new episcopal bishop of washington, d.c., rev. dr. mariann edgar budde. the cathedral has been closed since august after it sustained significant damage in the earthquake that hit the washington area. the cathedral continues to try to raise funds for its repairs. damage from the quake has been estimated at $15 million. >>> now, judy valente reports on richard rohr -- a franciscan priest who has become
Feb 7, 2010 10:30am EST
his associates have said he will meet with the president then despite objections from china. >> abernethy: also in washington, a major change in attitude among the military's top brass on gays in the military. admiral mike mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, told senators that allowing gays to serve openly is quote "the right thing to do." >> no matter how i look at this issue, i cannot escape being troubled by the fact that we have in place a policy which forces young men and women to lie about who they are in order to defend their fellow citizens. >> abernethy: mullen and defense secretary robert gates said the pentagon is launching a year- long study to change the current "don't ask, don't tell" policy-- a policy that allows gays to serve only if they keep their sexual identity a secret. an international team of scientists has found that some people in vegetative states can, in fact, have some normal brain activity. though researchers cautioned that their work needs further study and does not apply to all such patients, their findings have fueled the debate ove
Aug 5, 2012 10:00am PDT
china, also cited for its treatment of tibetan buddhists. an official chinese response blasted the report as quote blatantly interfering in the internal fairs of other countries. the state department list includes the same countries that were included the year before. including saudi arabia, burma and north korea. a coalition of african-american pastors urged african-americans to rethink ving for president obama because of his support for gay marriage. at a washington press cones from on tuesday pastors accused the president of pandorring to the gay community and taking black voters for granted. >> i am shamed that the first black president chose this road, a disgraceful road. >> new figures from the pew forum show a majority, 51% of african-americans remain opposed to gay marriage. 40% are in favor. there's been little change in those numbers since april before president obama voiced his personal suppo for gay rriage. meanwhile, another pew survey shows that a majority of american catholics shares their bishop's concerns about some obama administration policies that they say infri
Feb 13, 2011 10:00am PST
on china's attitude toward the u.s., on north korea's secret exportation of missile technology, and on arab leaders' views of iran. >> in our coverage, you read about the king of saudi arabia telling the united states to cut off the head of the snake when it came to dealing with iran and its nuclear program. by getting that information out about iran, you've now seen the arab press become more willing to write about the iranian nuclear program, which previously they wouldn't do. >> i think leaks in general, and wikileaks in particular, are a response to a real problem. the problem is that the government keeps too much information secret without a valid reason. >> since 9/11 and even before, they have grossly abused secrecy, first off by making many employees and contractors have clearances when they really don't need it, and second, by stamping anything and everything classified as secret, top secret, whatever. it's very simple for any agency just to stamp something confidential or secret and prevent public disclosure. >> not only is there all that classified information, there are
Feb 6, 2011 8:30am EST
in dharmsala, india, since a dramatic escape from china in 2000. this week, indian authorities entered his monastery and seized more than a million dollars in cash. they also questioned the karmapa and his aides. the monastery says the money came from donations, but police are still investigating its source. the dalai lama has expressed his support for the karmapa. >> the group that represents catholic hospitals in the u.s. affirmed this week that catholic bishops have authority over doctors when it comes to questions of medical morality in hospitals. the statement from the catholic health association comes after the bishop of phoenix stripped a local hospital of its catholic designation because a doctor there had performed an abortion. the association supported the doctor's decision, saying the hospital had followed ethical guidelines by saving the mother's life. but, in a new statement, the group acknowledged that catholic bishops should have the final word on how to interpret those guidelines. >>> we have a story today about a new kind of treatment for prostate cancer that c
Oct 11, 2009 8:30am EDT
the president's trip to china. also, in washington, the supreme court convened its fall term, with many of the justices attending the annual roman catholic red mass honoring those working in the justice system. a controversy over a cross on public land in the mojave desert was one of the first cases the court took up. it's a closely-watched first amendment debate that could affect the future of all religious symbols on public land. the cross is now covered by a wooden box, pending the court's decision. as congress and the president try to create affordable health care for everyone, one big issue is how treatment at the end of life might become more humane and less expensive. right now, in most states, when a dying patient can no longer communicate, doctors have no choice but to keep care going, even if it is painful for the patient, very expensive and unlikely to do any good. so, as betty rollin reports, many doctors want their patients to write clear, legal instructions in advance about what they do and do not want done when they become terminally ill. >> she's been fighting cance
Oct 3, 2010 10:30am EDT
he and his wife joan, a china scholar, had a happy marriage, with grown children and grandchildren. and then -- calamity. joan kleinman developed a form of alzheimer's disease that brought both dementia and blindness. arthur kleinman became her caregiver. >> it is love. it's about the fact that you are there. there was the deal you made when you got married. the deal was to be there for the person, them for you. i helped her bathe, helped her dress, helped with feeding. and the feeling i had, i would say, was generally one of empowerment, to my, which was remarkable especially at the onset, that i just felt that as i learned to do the things and did them i felt a hell of a lot better. and i felt that i was really contributing. over time, though, i think it drains you emotionally and physically, and you begin to constrict your life, you are constricted as the other person really begins to disintegrate in front of you. and so my wife's dementia led to a delirium in which not only di% she not recognize me and the like but she would be at times incoherent, flailing wildly, very paranoi
Sep 6, 2009 6:30am EDT
victims. some 670 people were killed in the worst typhoon to hit taiwan in over 50 years. china voiced opposition to the dalai lama's visit, which it said could harm relations between the mainland and taiwan. boston cardinal sean o'malley is defending his participation in senator edward kennedy's funeral mass last week. catholic conservatives from around the nation have been criticizing the cardinal, saying kennedy did not merit a catholic funeral because of his stance on abortion. however, on his blog, o'malley said he considered it appropriate to represent the church at the event out of respect for the senator, his family and those who were praying for the kennedy family at that difficult time. now, a profile of father leo patalinghug, an unusual and entertaining catholic priest who has turned his hobby of cooking into a ministry. father leo has a cooking show online, he's written a cookbook and he's gaining international attention with his popular recipe of food, spirituality and laughter. kim lawton has more. >> reporter: roman catholic priests deal a lot with spiritual food
May 2, 2010 10:00pm EDT
, china, iraq, and iran. but this year's report also included some criticism of the u.s. it said the priority the white house and the state department give to religious freedom quote, "seems to shrink year after year." in haiti, a judge has dropped kidnapping charges against the ten americans who had tried to take children out of the country after the earthquake. nine of the ten-- most of them southern baptists-- had already been released from prison. the leader of the group, laura silsby, has remained in jail the judge said she will be charged with a lesser offense of arranging illegal travel. he said she did not have the proper identification for the 33 children for whom the group was planning to arrange adoptions. if convicted, silsby faces up to three years in prison. at the vatican, pope benedict the 16th addressed the spreading sex abuse scandal by telling priests to protect children in their communities from evil, and to work hard to win the trust of their congregations. meanwhile, as some catholics around the world this week continued to show their support for the pope, other
Sep 8, 2013 10:00am PDT
to revive the one-time pan-asian partnership. several nations -- japan, china, thailand, and even laos -- have already chipped in with financial support. the first structure to go up will be the new nalanda library, a strong symbol from the ancient campus, funded by the government of singapore. >> they're clearly inspired by the records from old nalanda, which talk about these very tall library structures that were kissing the clouds. and, you know, the myth says that when the library was burned, it burned for many months. so i think in the whole buddhist world, that the story of the nalanda library is a story that evokes a very strong response. >> the new campus will offer studies in comparative religion and history, as well as current issues ranging from agriculture to ecology. it hopes to draw scholars from both east and west for a vigorous exchange of ideas and debate, seeking knowledge and enlightenment in a secular and classically buddhist setting. for "religion and ethics newsweekly," this is fred de sam lazaro in bihar, india. >>> finally, on our calendar this week, monday
Aug 24, 2014 4:30pm EDT
american woman's campaign to bring love into the lives of some of china's millions of neglected orphans. >>> welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. >>> amid ongoing tensions in ferguson, missouri, faith leaders continued to pray for peace and call for justice. local clergy have tried to maintain calm after the fatal shooting of an unarmed african-american teenager, michael brown. the shooting sparked two weeks of protests and sometimes violent confrontations with police. interfaith groups have sponsored peaceful marches and prayer vigils in ferguson urging an expedited grand jury hearing as well as long-term changes in police procedures. several churches hosted town hall meetings for community members to air their frustrations. across the nation, many faith groups are holding special services to show their solidarity with ferguson. we'll have more on some of the broader moral issues highlighted by the events there in a few minutes. >>> meanwhile, religious leaders in new york continued to raise concerns about the case of eric garner, a black man, who died las
Nov 18, 2012 10:30am EST
and new jersey. >>> there were sharp words exchanged between china and the dalai lama as the number of self-immolations by tibetans grew dramatically. speaking in japan, the dalai lama called for an investigation into the causes behind the immolations and faulted china for seeing buddhism as a threat. china meanwhile once again accused the dalia lama of glorifying the suicides. at least ten tibetans inside china set themselves on fire in the last two weeks to protest china's policy on tibet. >>> we have a special commemoration today of what many say is the world's greatest work of art, michelangelo's ceiling of the sistine chapel in the vatican. it's been 500 years since that masterpiece was first opened to public view. as lucky severson reports, michelangelo's images have shaped the way millions of people think of god. and they still provoke controversy about exactly what michelangelo had in mind about the relationship between man and god. >> reporter: of all the magnificence of the vatican, there is likely nothing of more artistic consequence than the pope's own personal chapel wi
Jan 23, 2011 10:30am EST
front of the white house. >> for china and u.s. to work together as business equals. that's great, we're not against that at all and we don't think it should come at the expense of human rights. >> obama urged china to open up a dialogue with the dalai lama. he called universal rights essential to a universal success any prosperity. president hu said more needs to be done in china with human rights. real action must follow hu's words. >>> the house of representatives voted this week to repeal the health care reform law, although that repeal has no chance of passing the senate which is controlled by democrats. wellicous groups who followed heavily for and against the law. several urged congress to keep the legislation intact. some conservative groups called for its repeal saying the law allows federal funding of abortion. >>> in iraq, shiite pilgrims were targeted in another wave of deadly violence this week. at least 50 people were killed and nearly 200 others wounded when car bombs exploded at security checkpoints around the holy city of karbala. every year hundreds of thousands
Feb 6, 2011 10:00am PST
vise versa. you know, german, we think about trade flows, we think about china and asia, but the trans-atntic relationship is about investment flows. you know, there's-- german companies in the united states provide directly for about 700,000 u.s. jobs, and if you look at any range of states around the united states, uh, german companies invest in communities here, creating real jobs, on average paying better jobs than domestically-sourced ones. american companies do the same in germany. >> charles, isn't that enough for a special relationship with germany? >> well the relationship is, is unquestionably strong when it comes to the financial aspects, in particular, as dan was saying, the investment front. i think there are three big issues that we need to keep our eye on when it comes to the, the economic side of the equation. one, is germany going to continue to be europe's lender of last resort? is it going to be comfortable redistributing funds to the e.u.'s poorer members? and in the case of the greek financial crisis, the germans eventually stepped up to the plate, but they d
Oct 4, 2009 10:00pm EDT
60th anniversary of the people's republic of china and 60 years of communist rule. but in other parts of the world, there were protests, as human rights and religious freedom activists criticized ongoing repression in china. in india, buddhist exiles demonstrated against the ongoing chinese occupation of their tibetan homeland. a new survey by the pew research center finds that fewer americans express support for legal abortion than in previous years. in this year's survey, americans were almost evenly divided, with 47% saying they support legal abortion and 45% against. in 2008, 54% of americans said they supported legal abortion and 41% opposed it. this weekend, catholics around the country celebrate their annual red mass, in honor of all those working in the justice system. meanwhile, the supreme court is about to take up a case that could have major consequences for the line separating church and state. at issue is a cross on public land in the mojave desert in california. the first amendment to the constitution forbids the government from establishing any religion, and that has b
Nov 4, 2014 4:30pm EST
," better known as beijing. and it was defended by the great wall of china. arthur: that's istanbul, right? correct, arthur. and finally, the colosseum in rome-- home to massive sporting events almost 2,000 years ago. now, would anyone like to guess why i showed you all these slides of cities? we're going on a class trip? is it rome? china? alas, no. it's inspiration for your next assignment. each of you will team up with a partner and create your own city. arthur: so i was thinking that the buses in our city could be hot air balloons, and they could be powered by windmills placed at each stop. (whistle blows) arthur: the only cars allowed would be ambulances and fire trucks. everyone else would roll everywhere by human power, and there'd be so many bikes and scooters around that no one would have to buy them. and... hey, are you listening? huh? oh yeah, sounds great. but you know what we really need? a stadium. one stadium. but not just any old stadium. it'll be huge and... it can't be too huge. mr. ratburn said we have to build a model of this city, remember? think about it. if the grebe
Jun 2, 2013 10:00am PDT
, sew and then sell. >> reporter: investors from china, take juan, korea and malaysia could demand higher costs, but that would be suicidal. >> as to increase the minimum wage? what happens? the investor just pack up and go home. >> or go to noticianother count. >> we have to compare our price with bangladesh, with pakistan or india, you know, or even china. >> reporter: san francisco-based gap is the largest buyer of garments made in cambodia and buys from other developing nations. bobbi silten who owns gap and banana republic and old navy, has no plans to leave cambodia. >> we have longstanding relationships with vendors. one of the top ten sourcing countries for the last ten years. we're committed to being there, and we think that the labor standards that they have put in place is one of the reasons why we continue to stay. >> ken loo says buyers may talk up the labor standards, but 2008 when the global recession began, many, including gap, cut back in cambodia. at the same time, bangladesh, with lower pay and labor standards, saw no drop in business. >> it just confirms our kno
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