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Oct 26, 2014 4:30pm EDT
rise one of china's senior environmental reporters is becoming a buddhist. an investigative journalist, first story about the environment was an expose that made national headlines. his hard-hitting story eventually got him fired so he continued his work add china dialogue, and international online journal. after ten years of reporting, he says he was feeling burned out. >> translator: every day what we do our good deeds, which may give us positive energy, but meanwhile, what we are facing is the darkest side of the world. as an environmentalist every day what we see is polluted air, polluted rivers and the slaughter of wild animals. this kind of negative energy attacks us every day. where do we draw our strength from? >> reporter: liu jiang jiang swun of millions of chinese returning to buddhist daoist temples once condemned by the government. during china's revolution's revolution, many buddhist temples like this one were destroyed or defaced. today these temps are alive with worshippers. by some accounts, one out of every five chinese call themselves buddhists. some scholars say the
Jun 22, 2014 4:30pm EDT
across the border into china where they're offered a choice between marriage and a brothel. but some of the girls escape and once they return there are people trying to help them get back into school and learn job skills. fred de sam lazaro reports from the vietnam/china border. >> the communist party flag still flies high in vietnam. but on the ground, consumers and capitalism are thriving. at least in cities like hoe che ming and the capital, hanoi, which have grown rapidly. >> you see an enormous amount of mobility within the country and the urban migration happening to a large scale. >> however, forster said the strong economic growth is not enough to absorb millions of young entrants to the job market in this nation of 90 million. >> we have currently about 400,000 migrant workers being deployed abroad with 80,000 leaving every year. whenever you have migration, which is a positive driver and a positive force, then you have also the expectation of use coming with it. and that leads to trafficking. >> the heart of both the sex and labor trafficking problem and much of vietnam's pove
Jan 8, 2012 8:30am EST
trying to escape, through china to south korea. >> reporter: this is pyongyang, the capitol of the democratic people's republic of korea, and this is the way the regime wants you to see life in north korea, as a utopian paradise. it's not the way melanie kirkpatrick, a senior fellow at the hudson institute sees north korea. she's about to publish a book about the people who've escaped the north and those who have helped them. >> i'd argue, not only is it the most totalitarian regime in existence today, it's probably the most totalitarian regime in existence in history. it is hard to describe to americans the extent of the repression there. >> reporter: kwang jin kim was a north korean banker who defected eight years ago. he now lives in south korea. >> the life in north korea is like hell, you know, and the life outside is like heaven. >> reporter: this is the so-called "demilitarized zone," the heavily militarized buffer zone between the two koreas, which are still technically at war. south korea has one of the world's most prosperous economies. by all accounts, north korea is one
Jul 15, 2012 8:30am EDT
china. chinese catholics have been rallying in support of shanghai bishop thaddeus ma daqin, who disappeared after his ordination ceremony last saturday. the vatican and china's communist government have long disagreed over who has the authority to ordain chinese bishops. bishop ma had the approval of both. but at the end of his ordination ceremony, he shocked the audience by announcing that he was resigning from the government body that oversees catholics in china. there were conflicting reports about whether his subsequent disappearance was voluntary. >>> the u.s. state department called once again for the immediate release of an iranian pastor currently facing a death sentence for converting from islam to christianity. youcef nadarkhani was arrested in 2009 and charged with apostasy. he has now spent more than 1,000 days in jail. the state department said nadarkhani was facing possible execution, "simply for following his faith." several u.s. religious groups have also advocated for his freedom. >>> a group of prominent european rabbis denounced a recent court decision in germ
Nov 18, 2012 10:00am PST
china and the dalai lama as the number of self-immolations by tibetans grew dramatically. speaking in japan, the dalai lama called for an investigation into the causes behind t immolations and faulted china for seeing buddhism as a threat. china meanwhile once again accused the dalia lama of glorifying the suicides. at least ten tibetans inside china set themselves on fire in the last two weeks to protest china's policy on tibet. >>> we have a special commemoration today of what many say is the world's greatest work of art, michelangelo's ceiling of the sistine chapel in the vatican. it's en 0 years since that masterpiece was first opened to public view. as lucky severson reports, michelangelo's images have shaped the way millions of people think of god. and they still provoke controversy about exactly what michelangelo had in mind about the relationship between man and god. >> reporter: of all the magnificence of the vatican, there is likely nothing of more artistic consequence than the pope's own personal chapel within the vatican -- the sistine chapel, more specifically its ceil
Sep 2, 2012 8:30am EDT
says he's encouraged by signs that china's approach to tibet could improve under new chinese leadership. in a reuters interview, the dalai lama said he's heard from people inside china who say china's new president, set to take over later this year, could be more lenient. the comments came just days after two more young tibetans set themselves on fire to protest china's policy toward tibet and the dali lama. more than 50 people, mainly monks and nuns, have committed self immolation since 2009. most have died. >>> in cleveland the trial began this week of 16 amish men and women. they're charged with hate crimes for forcibly cutting the hair and beards of their fellow amish. the case involves members of a small breakaway amish group who attacked men and women in their former community. the defense say the beard and haircuttings were personal disputes, but prosecutors argue they were religiously motivated, since hair holds religious significance for the amish. if convicted, some of the 16 could serve 20 years or more in prison. >>> in much of the underdeveloped world, microloans
Jan 23, 2011 10:00am PST
front of the white house. >> for china and u.s. to work together as business equals. that's great, we're not against that at all and we don't think it should come at the expense of human rights. >> obama urged china to open up a dialogue with the dalai lama. he called universal rights essential to a universal success any prosperity. president hu said more needs to be done in china with human rights. real action must follow hu's words. >>> the house of representatives voted this week to repeal the health care reform law, although that repeal has no chance of passing the senate which is controlled by democrats. wellicous groups who followed heavily for and against the law. several urged congress to keep the legislation intact. some conservative groups called for its repeal saying the law allows federal funding of abortion. >>> in iraq, shiite pilgrims were targeted in another wave of deadly violence this week. at least 50 people were killed and nearly 200 others wounded when car bombs exploded at security checkpoints around the holy city of karbala. every year hundreds of thousands
Aug 21, 2011 8:30am EDT
good, not just profit. a tibetan monk reportedly set himself on fire this week in china to protest that country's policy toward tibet and the dalai lama, its exiled spiritual leader. at a tibetan monastery in another part of china, security was stepped up as the chinese-recognized panchen lama arrived there to study and meditate. the panchen lama is the second highest leader in tibetan buddhism, but the one recognized by china is not accepted by the dalai lama. >>> more violence in pakistan this week. at least 40 people were killed, more than 80 injured, in a suicide bombing at a sunni mosque in the khyber region. the area has long been a base for islamist militants and it's on the supply route for u.s. forces in afghanistan. to the south, in karachi, more than 50 people were killed this week, apparently victims of a turf war between rival ethnic groups and criminal gangs. unrest in the country's largest city, the commercial capital of pakistan, is chronic. the government hasn't been able to stop the violence, but as fred de sam lazaro reports, one elderly devout muslim-abdul satta
May 21, 2012 7:30am EDT
china's policy on tibet. he replied, "no answer." he said that was a political issue and he was no longer a political leader. >>> if you buy low-cost clothes at almost any u.s. store the chances are good that they were made in south america or asia where labor costs are low and the competition, intense. we have a story by fred de sam lazaro today about garment workers in cambodia at the heart of an old dilemma. can an employer pay his workers a living wage and at the same time keep his costs low enough to stay in business? >> reporter: back in the 1990s, cambodia, impoverished and rebuilding after its genocidal khmer rouge years, took steps to give its new garment industry a competitive leg up. it agreed to a system of fair labor standards with a minimum wage rule, a limit to working hours, unions to represent workers, and freedom of expression. all would be open to international inspection. today, there are perhaps 400,000 garment workers in more than 300 factories in and near the capital, phnom penh. they are subcontractors to brand names and retailers in europe and america. beginning f
Feb 19, 2012 8:30am EST
to press him on china's treatment of tibetan buddhists, uighar muslims and some christians. meanwhile, china said it will allow the u.s. ambassador for international religious freedom, suzanne johnson cook, to visit that country after earlier reports that she had been denied a visa. >>> controversy continued over the administration's policy changes on contraceptive services. a house committee held a hearing thursday on whether the new policy violates religious liberty. last week, president obama announced revisions saying that religion related organizations with moral objections would not have to offer or pay for birth control. instead, insurance companies would have to provide those services to women free of charge. some catholic leaders supported the change, but others, including the us conference of catholic bishops, said it did not adequately address their concerns. the bishops' opposition is being led by new york's archbishop timothy dolan. >>> dolan is in rome this weekend being elevated to cardinal, along with another american, baltimore's archbishop edwin o'brien. d
Oct 22, 2011 10:00am EDT
the number of young tibetans who have set themselves on fire in recent months to protest china's policy towards tibet and spiritual leader, the dalai lama. prayer services were held this week for the who have committed self imilation this year. five have died including one nun. officials from the tibetan government in exile called the deaths tragic and urged china to improve its treatment of tibetans. >>> the indicted roman catholic bishop of kansas city said he has no plans to step down as the head of the diocese. he became the first bishop changed with covering up the actions of an abusive priest. he is the highest ranking official ithe. u.s catholic church to be u indicted in the x abuse scandal. victims groups alleged that many others have committed similar acts. bo an about an agreement they with the port authority to rebuilt st. nicholas church. the only house of worship destroyed on 9/11. they sued the port authority earlier after negotiations for rebuilding near ground zero broke down. the church will be rebuilt at a new location close to its original site. we have a stor
Jul 4, 2010 8:30am EDT
. >>> finally, south africa may have the world cup, but china is boasting about the world's first-ever religious games. the communist nation has long been criticized for repressing faith, but its official news agency says china celebrates religious diversity, hence the religious games. buddhists, daoists and protestant christians battled it out from everything from ping-pong to chinese chess, basketball, cycling and even tug-of-war. the chinese news agency did not report who won. >>> that's our program for now. i'm bob abernethy. there is much more on our website including more from archbishop desmond tutu from south africa and pamela greenberg on the psalms. you can comment on our stories and share them. audio and video podcasts are always available. you can always follow us on our facebook page. join us at >>> as we leave you this fourth of july weekend, the navy band in new orleans performing last sunday at that city's trinity episcopal church. ♪ >>> major funding for "religion & ethics newsweekly" is provided by the lillian endowment, an indianapolis based family, dedica
May 1, 2011 10:30am EDT
violate religious rights. the list once again included china, iran, pakistan, and others. but for the first time, egypt was on the list of the worst violators because of the increased violence there against coptic christians and other religious minorities. meanwhile, a new poll from the pew research center shows that a majority of egyptians, more than 60%, believes that laws should strictly follow the teachings of the koran. nearly three-fourths said they have favorable views of the muslim brotherhood. a similar percentage also expressed favorable views of a progressive and mostly secular group, the april 6th movement. the survey found that less than half of the population, 36%, believes that religious freedom for minority faiths should be a priority. >>> tibetans have elected a new prime minister of their government in exile based in dharmsala, india. the new leader is lobsang sangay, a scholar at harvard law school. he plans to move to dharmsala to assume office in mid-may. earlier this year, the dalai lama announced that he will transfer all of his political duties to the new prime
Dec 26, 2010 10:30am EST
is this sense of who are we in the world now compared especially to china, but to some degree compared to india, and a lot of politicians are speaking more & about american exceptionalism, x ' we are still an exceptional nation, and i think that comes from a desire to hold on to that sense and that it's been threatened by the downturn, by a sense our power has been depleted by the two long wars we've been in.4l and so i think there is this spiritual element to what is a national discussion about our national standing. >> and kim, between the parties did we see a god gap again in this last election? >> and that's what people used to talk about, the god gap-that democrats appeared to be less friendly towards religion than republicans. and president obama and his campaign in the last presidential election and the democratic party had really seemed to make an effort to change that and had really reached out to the religious community. i've been surprised at the difficulty of president obama's relationship with the religious community over this past year. a lot of religious moderat
Dec 12, 2010 8:30am EST
demonstrators gathered in norway to protest china's record on human rights. in beijing, authorities increased security at the country's universities in anticipation of protests there. >>> in california, a federal appeals court heard arguments in the legal challenge to proposition 8, the state's ban on gay marriage. in august, a federal judge ruled the ban was unconstitutional. this week, leaders of several religious groups issued a statement calling for the protection of traditional marriage. they said marriage between a man and woman is fundamental to the well being of all society. signers included prominent catholics, evangelicals and mormons, as well as sikh and orthodox jewish leaders. >>> a new report says the institution of marriage is "in trouble" among so-called middle americans, the 58% of adults with a high school diploma but no four year college degree. divorce rates are up and in what the report calls a "historic reversal," commitment to marriage among the moderately educated is now less strong than it is among the highly educated. among the reasons listed are unemployme
Aug 5, 2012 10:30am EDT
europe and china, also cited for its treatment of tibetan buddhists. an official chinese response blasted the report as quote blatantly interfering in the internal fairs of other countries. the state department list includes the same countries that were included the year before. including saudi arabia, burma and north korea. a coalition of african-american pastors urged african-americans to rethink voting for president obama because of his support for gay marriage. at a washington press cones from on tuesday pastors accused the president of pandorring to the gay community and taking black voters for granted. >> i am shamed that the first black president chose this road, a disgraceful road. >> new figures from the pew forum show a majority, 51% of african-americans remain opposed to gay marriage. 40% are in favor. there's been little change in those numbers since april before president obama voiced his personal support for gay marriage. meanwhile, another pew survey shows that a majority of american catholics shares their bishop's concerns about some obama administration policies t
May 2, 2010 8:30am EDT
, china, iraq, and iran. but this year's report also included some criticism of the u.s. it said the priority the white house and the state department give to religious freedom quote, "seems to shrink year after year." in haiti, a judge has dropped kidnapping charges against the ten americans who had tried to take children out of the country after the earthquake. nine of the ten-- most of them southern baptists-- had already been released from prison. the leader of the group, laura silsby, has remained in jail since january. the judge said she will be charged with a lesser offense of arranging illegal travel. he said she did not have the proper identification for the 33 children for whom the group was planning to arrange adoptions. if convicted, silsby faces up to three years in prison. at the vatican, pope benedict the 16th addressed the spreading sex abuse scandal by telling priests to protect children in their communities from evil, and to work hard to win the trust of their congregations. meanwhile, as some catholics around the world this week continued to show their support for
Jun 29, 2013 5:00am PDT
development opportunities in africa. the president said they will compete against china, brazil, turkey and india. >>> from major in jo hhannesbur we go to debra. debra, what can you tell us? >> it's become a sign of obsession, sifting through government statements for frank information, really, on nelson mandela's condition. he's been in the hospital just over three weeks, the now, that statement was made, as i said, in sawita. she was addressing the media there. the family has been visiting mandela for the past 22 days. nelson's former wife and also his current wife, she's been by his side for much of that time. the official word used to describe nelson mandela's condition remains critical but stable, and exactly what that means medically, however, is unclear. members of the family will take a brief break from visiting mandela today, some of them for that planned meeting with president barack obama, but that will take place away from his hospital. at the hospital outside, members of the public continue to gather with increasing vigor, and the walls outside the hospital pasted with tribute
Oct 3, 2010 8:30am EDT
china scholar, had a happy marriage, with grown children and grandchildren. and then -- calamity. joan kleinman developed a form of alzheimer's disease that brought both dementia and blindness. arthur kleinman became her caregiver. >> it is love. it's about the fact that you are there. there was the deal you made when you got married. the deal was to be there for the person, them for you. i helped her bathe, helped her dress, helped with feeding. and the feeling i had, i would say, was generally one of empowerment, to my, which was remarkable especially at the onset, that i just felt that as i learned to do the things and did them i felt a hell of a lot better. and i felt that i was really contributing. over time, though, i think it drains you emotionally and physically, and you begin to constrict your life, you are constricted as the other person really begins to disintegrate in front of you. and so my wife's dementia led to a delirium in which not only di% she not recognize me and the like but she would be at times incoherent, flailing wildly, very paranoid about me and others
Sep 6, 2009 8:30am EDT
killed in the worst typhoon to hit taiwan in over 50 years. china voiced opposition to the dalai lama's visit, which it said could harm relations between the mainland and taiwan. boston cardinal sean o'malley is defending his participation in senator edward kennedy's funeral mass last week. catholic conservatives from around the nation have been criticizing the cardinal, saying kennedy did not merit a catholic funeral because of his stance on abortion. however, on his blog, o'malley said he considered it appropriate to represent the church at the event out of respect for the senator, his family and those who were praying for the kennedy family at that difficult time. now, a profile of father leo patalinghug, an unusual and entertaining catholic priest who has turned his hobby of cooking into a ministry. father leo has a cooking show online, he's written a cookbook and he's gaining international attention with his popular recipe of food, spirituality and laughter. kim lawton has more. >> reporter: roman catholic priests deal a lot with spiritual food. but father leo patalinghug wo
Apr 25, 2010 7:00pm EDT
china, mourning continued after this month's deadly earthquake. more than 2,000 people were killed and 12,000 injured in the tragedy. tibetan buddhist monks have been helping with rescue efforts, organizing services for the dead and offering prayers for the victims. in this country, many evangelical christians home- school their children, in part to insulate them from a public school culture they say conflicts with their religious values. now, some muslim americans are doing the same thing. we have a story today from bob faw about two muslim home-school families in northern virginia. >> reporter: in the heart of mainstream america, a cub scout derby where each of the home- designed cars is carefully weighed and measured before roaring off at breakneck speed. here, enterprise, ingenuity and patience are justly rewarded. >> my favorite part was when i got in first. >> reporter: it's a mainstream event passionately embraced not only by the jaka brothers but also by nine-year-old bilal khan, whose education and upbringing is anything but mainstream. in his loudoun county, virginia, home, b
Jan 30, 2011 8:30am EST
largest islamic gatherings. >>> and in china and taiwan, prayers for good fortune in the coming year. the chinese new year is on february 3rd. this will be the year of the rabbit, traditionally thought to be a year of calm. >>> that's our program for now. i'm bob abernethy. we have much more on our website, including lots of religious analysis of the president's state of the union address. you can comment on all of our stories and share them. audio and video podcasts are also available. you can follow us on facebook and twitter, find us on youtube, and watch us anytime, anywhere on smartphones and iphones with our mobile web app. join us at as we leave you, scenes from a memorial service held at auschwitz in poland for the united nation's international holocaust remembrance day on thursday. >>> community development, and education. additional funding by mutual of america, dining customized individual and group retirement products. that's why we're your retirement company and the corporation for public broadcasting.
Nov 21, 2010 10:30am EST
china, north korea, iran and saudi arabia. some activists have criticized the administration for not paying enough attention to religious freedom, but secretary clinton said the issue is "a core element of us diplomacy." >>> meanwhile, religious and human rights activists around the world are urging the release of a christian woman in pakistan who has been sentenced to death by hanging for insulting the prophet muhammad. she allegedly denied that muhammad was a prophet. >>> the head of the transportation security administration said airline passengers will still have to undergo full body scans or additional pat downs even if they object because of their religion. the tsa says people who refuse the enhanced searches on any grounds will not be allowed to board their flights. some religious groups have voiced concerns over violations of modesty and privacy. sikh and muslim groups have also said that members of their faiths are often unfairly targeted by airport screeners. >>> roman catholic cardinals from around the world gathered in rome for a special discussion of key issues facing th
Nov 13, 2011 10:00am PST
preserved. 11 tibetans have set themselves on fire this year to protest china's policies towards tibet. prayer services have been held in india for the 11, among them a tibetan nun who died last week. the dalai lama has called their actions "a sign of deep desperation." >>> in other news, this weekend, tlc cable network is presenting its latest reality program, this one about american muslims. it's called "all-american muslim" and it features five different families living in dearborn, michigan. creators say they want to show musms as "eveday folks." the cast includes a high school football coach and a businesswoman hoping to open a nightclub. >>> also, this weekend, the national cathedral reopens for the consecration of the new episcopal bishop of washington, d.c., rev. dr. mariann edgar budde. the cathedral has been closed since august after it sustained significant damage in the earthquake that hit the washington area. the cathedral continues to try to raise funds for its repairs. damage from the quake has been estimated at $15 million. >>> now, judy valente reports on richard rohr
Jan 3, 2010 10:00pm EST
china on christmas day. friends at park's church in arizona have been holding vigils and praying for his safety. the vatican is investigating security after pope benedict the 16th was attacked at a christmas eve mass. a woman jumped a barrier at st. peter's basilica and knocked down the 82-year-old pope before guards dragged her away. the same woman had tried to attack benedict at last year's christmas eve mass. benedict was not injured and kept to his busy holiday schedule, celebrating mass, delivering the traditional christmas day message, and visiting a soup kitchen. benedict delivered presents and shared a meal of lasagna with some of rome's homeless. now, we mark the beginning of 201with our annual look ahead at religion news on the horizon. bob abernethy was joined by a panel of journalists to talk about the coming year. >> abernethy: we take our look ahead now to the stories we expect to cover in the new year with the help of jason byassee of the duke university divinity school where he directs its faith and leadership project; e.j. dionne of the brookings institution, "the wa
Jul 10, 2013 8:30am EDT
$37 a month. in barely two decades, bangladesh has become second only to china in garment manufacturing. but all this has come at huge expense to workers, says nazma enforcement of safety rules and the suppression of labor unions, issues the u.s. government cited last week as it suspended trade privileges for some bangladeshi imports. the move does not directly mpact garments but there's fear it could drive away investors. fazle abed is founder of the bangladesh rural affairs committee, or brac, the world's largest antipoverty organization. >> there is certainly more awareness everywhere that we need to do something very quickly, otherwise bangladesh might lose a lot of business. so that is there among the industry owners. the government is certainly under pressure. >> for its part, the government says it will train 400 new inspectors. it has just 18, over-seeing 5,000 factories, in homes, in rapidly built high-rises like rana plaza. commerce minister ghulam quader says the industry grew much faster than the capacity to regulate it. and he admits, it didn't really want to
Jun 13, 2010 8:30am EDT
even the 60th anniversary of communist china. but the skyscraper's owners turned down a request that the building be lit up for the centennial of mother teresa's fwhirt august. they said, while they do sponsor displays for some religious holidays like christmas and hanukkah, they have a specific policy against honoring religious figures. >>> the virginia supreme court has reversed a lower court's decision in a property dispute between the episcopal diocese of virginia and nine congregations that left the denomination. the churches in question include the falls church, and turo, two of the largest and historic in the state. they left the episcopal church after the 2003 consecration of a gay bishop and affiliated with more conservative anglican jurisdictions in africa. a lower court agreed with their claim that millions of dollars in property belong to the exiting congregation and not thl diocese. but the virginia supreme court said that decision was wrong and sent it back for further review. in a separate case, the california supreme court has agreed to consider a similar dispute betw
Oct 11, 2009 10:00pm EDT
trip to china. also, in washington, the supreme court convened its fall term, with many of the justices attending the annual roman catholic red mass honoring those working in the justice system. a controversy over a cross on public land in the mojave desert was one of the first cases the court took up. it's a closely-watched first amendment debate that could affect the future of all religious symbols on public land. the cross is now covered by a wooden box, pending the court's decision. as congress and the president try to create affordable health care for everyone, one big issue is how treatment at the end of life might become more humane and less expensive. right now, in most states, when a dying patient can no longer communicate, doctors have no choice but to keep care going, even if it is painful for the patient, very expensive and unlikely to do any good. so, as betty rollin reports, many doctors want their patients to write clear, legal instructions in advance about what they do and do not want done when they become terminally ill. >> she's been fighting cancer for five y
Nov 16, 2014 4:30pm EST
ahead, the pope's reforms come to america. china and the u.s. reach a new deal on the environment. and jon stewart makes his debut as a film director. >> your wife will never see you again. your child -- your child will never know you! and your mother will die brokenhearted! and you did this! >> charlie: those stories and more on what happened and what might happen. funding by charlie rose is provided by the following! gllts >> charlie: so you began how? we have a rsi
Dec 18, 2011 8:30am EST
china," she said. one of the few times she hit me was when i replied, "well, let's pack it up and send it to them." [laughter] the other time she hit me was when i lit the couch on fire when i was five years old, but that is a story for another time. i asked sherry to write down the thought, "i should eat everything on my plate." "is that true?" i asked. "of course it isn't true. look at me. it's obvious i've eaten way too much. i'm done letting her voice inside my head control me." carlos knows a lot about ants. his mind was filled with worries and negative thinking when he first came to see us for anger and trouble focusing. carlos weighed 266 pounds. his health habits were terrible, and his brain was in trouble. by using the ten amen solutions, especially learning how to kill the ants, carlos lost 50 pounds and noticed a dramatic improvement in his energy, mood, and his memory. by learning to kill the ants, he no longer overate to medicate his sadness, and by eating brain-healthy foods, he no longer had the energy crashes that made him so vulnerable to stress. on the outside, it is
Aug 24, 2014 4:30pm EDT
american woman's campaign to bring love into the lives of some of china's millions of neglected orphans. >>> welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. >>> amid ongoing tensions in ferguson, missouri, faith leaders continued to pray for peace and call for justice. local clergy have tried to maintain calm after the fatal shooting of an unarmed african-american teenager, michael brown. the shooting sparked two weeks of protests and sometimes violent confrontations with police. interfaith groups have sponsored peaceful marches and prayer vigils in ferguson urging an expedited grand jury hearing as well as long-term changes in police procedures. several churches hosted town hall meetings for community members to air their frustrations. across the nation, many faith groups are holding special services to show their solidarity with ferguson. we'll have more on some of the broader moral issues highlighted by the events there in a few minutes. >>> meanwhile, religious leaders in new york continued to raise concerns about the case of eric garner, a black man, who died las
Feb 17, 2013 10:00am PST
pope resigning, this kind of nixon to china move almost. and it was natural that there was no real plan for what you would do with a pope emeritus. so, for security reasons, and a lot of other reasons, i think it made sense that he should live inside the vatican, at least at first. but i think it is going to become a problem down the road, especially if he continues to write and to publish some of his writings. >> david, one of those that's mentioned from time to time as a possible pope is the archbishop of new york, timothy dolan. is there anything to that, do you think? >> i think it's a great story. don't think it's going to happen. >> okay. our thanks to father tom reese of the woodstock theological center at georgetown university and to david gibson of religion news service. we want to revisit now a story we ran some years ago on the process the cardinals follow when they choose a new pope. you will notice some familiar faces that look a little younger but were just as knowledgeable and helpful then as they are today. again, kim lawton. ♪ >> in the gospel of matthew, jesus s
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