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2017 7
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problem that we've had with many countries, but probably among the foremost china for many years. you have cyber for the purposes of the gathering of foreign intelligence, which all nations that have a cyber capability engage in. you have what we saw very recently in our own elections cyber for the purposes of affecting political outcomes, of meddling in the internal affairs of another country. we have seen this from russia and europe in the past, this was the first, the most brazen example of cyber being utilized in those means here in the united states. and cyber tragically i think for the united states is a wonderfully asymmetric weapon. it is easy and cheap to go on offense. it is phenomenonly and expensive to be on defense. they just need to find an opening, one of the illustrations i love to give is target when target was hacked. apparently the hackers got apparently got into target throughout the air conditioning system because in an internet of things, you are only as secure as your least vulnerable port of entry and in that case it was apparently the air conditioning. so
response on the attribution side but it was china. it's very easy to use in the ip address that is not your own and not in your country as a way to get in to somebody's information. if that's the kind of knee-jerk reaction you get out of the first to cyber incident, that's going to lead us down the same kind of grab hold unless there's careful thought and going forward about how to deal with and think about crisis management. >> we talked about a broad range of threats and congressman cummings said congress needs to investigate and the committee on intelligence is going to investigate and will conduct a thorough investigation but obviously that would be mostly classified setting. there is both inclusively and about outside of the day-to-day are affecting every debate we have right now and is able to go wherever the evidence leads. would you or other panelists generally agree with that ax. >> we are in discussion with the majority to make sure the scope of the investigation doesn't wall off any area that is out of bounds because we have to follow the evidence wherever it leads but i thi
>>> live to capitol hill now. the senate office building is where a meeting of the u.s./china economic and security review commission is being convened this morning. congress created the commission 17 years ago to monitor national security and trade issues between the u.s. and china. [ banging gavel ] . good morning. >>> welcome to the first hearing of the u.s./china economic ask security review commissions. 2017 annual report cycle. i want to thank all of you for joining us today, and one of our witnesses will be here
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)