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Nov 12, 2011 8:00pm EST
( applause ) >> garrett: governor perry, i would like to change the subject to china. according to u.s. officials, china is using cyberattacks to steal billions of dollars of intellectual property that is critical to this nation's economic success. are we, sir, engaged in financial warfare with china? >> listen, there are some people who made the statement that the 21st century is going to be the century of china and that, you know, we've had our time in the sunshine. i don't believe that. i don't believe that at all. as a matter of fact, you think back to the 1980s, and we faced a similar type of a situation with russia. and ronald reagan said that russia would end up on the ash heap of history, and he was right. i happen to think that the communist chinese government will end up on the ash heap of history if they do not change their virtues. it is important for a country to have virtues, virtues of honesty. and this whole issue of allowing cybersecurity to go on, we need to use all of our resources. the private sector working along with our government to really-- standing up to cyber
Jan 7, 2012 6:00pm PST
we have in the world, the united states embassy in china. i think i understand better than anyone on this stage the complex national security implications that we will face going forward. which what is, we all know, the most complex and challenging relationship of the 21st century, that of china. >> governor romney? >> you have a question or should i just -- >> my question is the governor just said he thinks he can speak better than anyone else to these -- >> they can do a lot better than barack obama, let's put it that way. we have a president who has no experience in leadership. he never led a business. he never led a city. he never led a state. and as a result he learned on the job, being president of the united states, and he has made one error after another related to foreign policy. the most serious of which relates to iran. we have a nation intent on becoming nuclear. iran has pursued their ambition without having crippling sanctions against them. the president was silent when over 1 million voices took to the streets in iran. voices he should have stood up for. he's failed to
Dec 10, 2011 9:00pm EST
china, who has been cheating, has to be cracked down on. number four, have energy policies that take advantage our extraordinary energy resources. number five, the rule of law and the effort on the part of the nlrb violated that. number six, great institutions to create human capital. number seven, finally, a government that doesn't spend more money that it takes in. >> congressman paul, a number and a time frame and an idea. >> my approach is slightly different. i think we're all for less taxes and less regulations. we recognize this. i emphasize the fact you have to know why we have a recession and why we have unemployment before you can solve the problem. the financial bubbles are created by excessive credit and stimulation by the federal reserve. and then you have bubbles and you have to have a correction. this stimulus creates excessive debt and malinvestment. as long as you don't correct that and you maintain the debt and the malinvestment, you can't get back to economic growth again. unfortunately, so far, what we have done is we have not liquidated the debt. we have dump
Sep 16, 2015 10:03pm PDT
getting along with. we don't get along with china, the heads of mexico. we can't get along with anybody and yet, at the same time, they rip us left and right. they take advantage of us economically and every other way. we get along with nobody. i will get along, i think, with putin, and i will get along with others and we will have a much more stable, stable world. >> so just to clarify, the only answer i heard to the question i asked is that you would reach out to vladimir putin and you would do what? >> i believe that i will get along, we will do between that, ukraine, all of the other problems, we won't have the kind of problems that our country has right now with russia and many other nations. >> senator rubio, you've take an very different approach to the question of russia. you've called vladimir putin a quote gangster. why would president rubio's approach be more effective than president trump? >> i have an understanding what putin is dog. he want reposition russia as a geopolitical force. and now he's trying to reverse that. he's trying to destroy nato and this is what it's part
Feb 13, 2016 9:00pm EST
where both north korea and china pose threats to the national security of the united states. number two is what are we with the combination of the sunni-shi'a conflict driven by the shi'a arc that iran is now trying to establish in the middle east and the growing threat of isis. and the third is rebuilding and ryan vigerating nato in the european theater, particularly in central europe and eastern europe where vladimir putin is threatening the territory of multiple countries, controls 20% of georgia and a significant percentage of ukraine. >> moderator: let me ask you a follow-up, a full, proper question. ( applause ) violent extremists are operating or active in 40 countries, some 80 countries are in different degrees of instability. so that's just the crisess overseas. barack obama walked into an economic collapse when he came into office. we face international health crises, from ebola to zika. there is a lot of opportunity for crisis, as you have talked about. what would you point to in your past to show voters that you've been in a crisis and that you've been tested when that inevi
Feb 13, 2016 9:00pm EST
. i'm going to bring jobs back from china. i'm going to bring jobs back from mexico and japan, where every country throughout the world-- now vietnam, that's the new one-- they are taking our jobs. they're taking our wealth. they are taking our base. and you and i have had this discussion. we're going to make our economy strong again. we have $2.5 trillion offshore that i think is 5 trillion because the government has no idea what they say 2.5, they have no idea what they're doing or saying. we're going to bring that money back. you take a look at what happened just this week, china bought the chicago stock exchange, china, a chinese company. a carrier is moving to mexico, an air conditioning company. nabisco and ford-- they're all moving out. we have an economy that last quarter g.d.p., didn't grow. it was flat. ( bell ) we have to make our economy grow again. we're dying. this country is dying. and our workers are losing their jobs, and you're going-- i'm the only one who is going to save social security, believe me. >> moderator: another but how would you actually do that? i can a
Sep 16, 2015 3:00pm PDT
getting higher to make things in america so we don't have to worry about china. lower the tax burden on manufacturing and improve the work skills of americans. get rid of job-killing regulations. >> thank you. >> we're going to change america. >> you're going to be involved in the next question. senator graham -- >> he talked about that he would be better in manufacturing. the fact is, we have a zero percent rate that phases to 20. we have a 7% invested in plant equipment here and create more jobs. >> thank you, sir. senator graham, i want to turn to the -- >> if you want to see manufacturing, come to south carolina. >> let's talk about south carolina, sir. let's turn to minimum wage. senator santorum is the only person on this stage that has p proposed increasing the federal minimum wage. do you agree with senator santorum that the minimum wage should be increased? >> when my mom and dad owned the restaurant, the bar, the poolroom, if you had increased minimum wage, it would have been hard to hire more people. hillary clinton has a list a mile long to help the middle class. we're talki
Sep 12, 2011 5:00pm PDT
. the president wanted to borrow money from countries like china to pay it back for a stimulus. we've got $1.2 trillion already that's been earned by american countries overseas. if we have a 0% tax rate, wolf, we can bring that 1.2 trillion -- it's called repatriation -- bring that in. you'd have 1.2 trillion flooded into the system, then pass the free trade agreement so that we can move the economy. permanently lower the tax code. i'm a federal tax lawyer. i know how to do that. repeal dodd/frank, repeal obama care. it is easy to turn around this economy. just have the backbone to do it. >> mr. cain? >> yes. this economy is on life support. we need a bold solution, not one that tinkers around the edges, not one that allows politicians to continue to pick winners and losers. i believe we throw out the entire tax code and put in my nine nine nine plan. nine nine nine. a 9% business flat tax, a 9% personal income tax and a 9% national sales tax. i've been told by some people, you can't get that done. i say why? well, because you don't know how washington works. yes, i do. it doesn't. t
. >> we have -- tremendous has country by china. china says they don't have that korea. they have tremendous control. i deal with the chinese all of the time. i do -- largest bank in the world is in one of my buildings in manhattan. they tell me. they have total, absolute control, practically, of north korea. they have sucking trillions of dollars out of our country. they are rebuilding china with the money they take out of our country. i would get on with china, let china solve that problem, they can do it quickly and surgically. that's what we should do with north korea. >> senator rubio? you were mentioned. >> here's the broader point, as well, and i think it touches on what donald just mentioned. this is a president that views this country as a country that's been too powerful in the world and we create problems around for example, it is one of the reasons why he has betrayed israel. because he believes if we create separation from israel, it will help our relations in the islamic world. the same is happening in the asia pacific region, with accommodations to north korea. nort
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 62 (some duplicates have been removed)