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including notably the first successful prosecution of a countervailing duty case against china in 2007. mr. kaplan has extensive expert serving in senior u.s. includingal positions his deputy assistant secretary and acting assistant secretary for import administration at the department of commerce. he received both his undergraduate and law degrees from harvard university. next will be mr. matthew bassett. fortunately, for mr. bassett, mike telik sen. boozman: will provide his introduction. thank you forn, attending today we will have you proceed with your statement at this point. senator bozeman: thank you for the opportunity to do this. just to take a second to talk a little bit about a good friend, matt bassett and we certainly appreciate is willing to serve along with his family. i think all of the members understand have difficulties jobs are and the time commitment. so we do appreciate again their willingness to go forward with such an important decision and that is the health care policy expert with a career spanning over 20 years in both the public and private sectors. i first met
other priority is as well. in september i plan to hold a hearing on the reauthorization china was a biwhich i know is ay from the members on both sides of the aisle. i think i speak for all the members of the committee when i say that we wouldn't have it any other way. so with that i am grateful to have on the committee senator wyden. >> thank you mr. chairman. thank you for our work together and the constructive statement back you made this morning. i'm going to talk about health care first and then go to texas in the nominee if i might. this committee works best on a bipartisan basis and there are certainly going to be some very good opportunities in the months ahead. i'm particularly pleased that the chairman with respect to health focused on the children's health program because that is a program that has a timestamp that expires on september 30. these are kids that have fallen between the cracks. in the office he always says stick with me. chip is a bipartisan effort. it's not just possible, it's the right thing to do so let me mention one other matter as you touched on in addi
we could do afterto those violations of 301 the using in the negotiating particularlyb with china is such a large issue we really have to ramp up that willingness to enforce those trading losseske s -- what to make sure this is solvedd. >> this is a b this makes a hard for those beneficiaries is that the administration of the appeals processes extensive. as it continues to grow what steps could the address that backlogg?. >> in the backlog is far too long and i know it is a priority for the secretary that also strongly encourages us are mandates decrease the of backlog of afford to working with you in your staff coming up with innovative ways. >> how does hhs encouragete states to move innovate. with that 1332 wafer under the affordable care act can it hold states appropriately accountable?. >> i do believe if thee department will. >> good morning to a the panel. so benefiting from the resurgence of for investment. export goods and services but trade support with the small companies and theke. michelin biggest most of those in then is alive and well the auto manufacturers
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)