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and bringing it to china and russia, but otherwise they were very protective of american rights. part of this worries me. i want us to be secure, but i also want -- we could be very secure if we put a tail on every single american and search every single american's computer and phone. none of us are suggesting that. i worry if we do parts of that. so let me ask, why do you agree with the review group that congress should require a court order based on probable cause? >> thank you. i think to understand what's so disturbing about backdoor searches, you have to look at what comes before them. in order to fit its way into the foreign intelligence exception as it's called to the fourth amendment and in order to avoid getting a warrant or getting an individual fisa order, the government has to certify to the fisa court not only that it's targeting a foreigner, not an american, not only that it has a foreign intelligence purpose, but also that it's not doing any reverse targeting, which means it has no intent to target any particular known americans. then having made that certificatio
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)