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2017 6
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cliche now but at the end of the day, north korea is all about china. the only way it's going to be dealt with in a proper way. as you sit down and talk to rex tillerson and others, i think there's an understanding of that, certainly president-elect trump knows that. so the whole issue of north korea in the beginning has to be dealt with in conjunction with the overall approach we take to china. >> next. >> do you agree with the g.o.p. leadership must move to repeal obamacare but delay replacing it or do you think they should have a replacement before they repeal the law? senator corker: that's a great question. i think the president-elect's position was the right position. if you look at some of his quotes recently, he continues to offer caution as it relates to this. that in fact, during the campaign , he said repeal and replacement should take place simultaneously. that to me is the prudent course of action. as senators, we have a vote, you know, a lot of times things have a life of their own. there are two complicating factors on doing it simultaneously. i hope they can be overcome. o
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)