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Jan 17, 2016 10:00pm CST
the pro-china nationalist party. china is already warning of what it calls "grave challenges"kristie lu stout reports. 3 stella han works in shanghai as a consultant.but she flew back to taiwan just to cast her ballot for change.(stella han, taiwanese voter) " i am already working in shanghai for 60 years but election year is important for taiwan and i still want to feel connected to taiwan."she is one of scores of taiwan citizens who have returned home for the vote.many pinning their hopes on this woman.a landslide victory for tsai ing-wen, of the opposition "democratic progressive 3 party" or d-p-p.she is known as "dr. tsai" after completing a phd at the london school of economics.dr. tsai is staring down an array of challenges:a stagnating economy...and an work with china, while asserting taiwan's own identity.many voters were angered by this viral video... a taiwan pop star forced to bow and apologize after waving the taiwan flag at a recent performance.(hung-wei lee, 26 year old male voter, dpp supporter) "because the election is very important for taiwanese -- we want to come c
Dec 24, 2015 10:00pm CST
some news on threats in *china*... coming up in your terrorism alert desk update at 10- 18. 3 "siouxland news at ten on kmeg 14 with larry wentz, diana castillo, siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell and sports director chris 3 "first alert weather with meteorologist kayla novak." 3 kayla and larry talk about today's weather and the upcoming forecast. 3 christmas eve calls for chilly and mostly cloudy conditions with temperatures in the mid 20s. mostly cloudy skies will persist throroh christmas evening with temperatures in the low to upper 30s. chances for rain/snow mix will move into the area christmas to snow by saturday morning and continue through saturday evening. al the e momont we are expecting g 2" of snow. sunday will have mostly cloudy and blustery conditions with temperatures in the low to mid 20s. we are carefully watching a potential storm system that will impact the area monday and tuesday of next week. stay 3 it's one of the few pre- election promises from his 2008 campaign president obama hasn't yet met... closing guantanamo bay's prison camp. 3 we'll
Feb 14, 2016 10:30pm CST
in n e south china sea. but we noticed one thing that hasn't changed for a half century -- ships go to sea painted battleship grey. so we asked a few questions and met one man who introduced us to some ships of a different color. jim: as a young boy, i had a poster from world war one that hung in my bedroom and it t owed a destroror coming to the rescsc of a merchant shsh and the destroyer was painted orange and blue andll kinds of different colors and i thought, "this is so ridiculous -- they would never paint ships likehat." they did. jim bruns is the director of the national museum of the u.s. navy in washington, d.c. he tells the story of the art of war. in order to evade the german u-boats, the u.s. and british navies took a page out of the sketch pads of picasso and the cubists, hiding their ships in plain sight -- with paint. jim: you canant disguise a ship on theigh seas, it's impossibib to disguise it. you see it on the horizon, it' giving off smoke, they are burning coal. you can't disguise them, you cat literally camolage them, but what you can dis distort cubists, hiding
Dec 28, 2015 10:00pm CST
military cyber networks are vulnerable to attack from countries like china and russia. our national correspondent jeff barnd tells us why. 3 from the white houseto the pentagonto congressall have sounded the warning on the need to sure up the government's cyber networks against terror attack.sotpeter schweizer, " it's a huge vulnerability, and there needs to be a priority placed on the federal government to get people in position to provide the protection to our infrastructure."vothe government's so-called red teams - who test the government networks for vulnerabilities - are supposed to do just that.but according a report from federal lawmakersjust 50 team members stand between attackers and our nation's military cyber systems.the most glaring reason for the lack of experts? sotschweizer, "if you're highly talented and you can go make large sums of money in silicon valley or for a private tech security firm, government, probably at lower pay is not going to be as attractive"voother experts point to often-discussed skills gapsotmichael greenberger, "we are, as a nation, behind in ou
Dec 29, 2015 10:00pm CST
,government accountability institute"if you live in a country like china or india where it's politically unstable, the economics are kind of shakey, the united states is a great sort of second place to have."calls for reform turned down - the program extended once washington i'm kristine frazao 3 the e- b- 5 program was just extended with the passage of the spending bill. it will remain intact at least until september 30th of next year. 3 3 iowa hosts number one michigan state in men's basketball. see if the hawkeyes could hold a big lead in this one. 3 and the briar cliff ladies meet host jamestown in a battle of top ten teams. see if they could hold off a jimmies rally late.chris neyenhouse is next with sports. 3 3 as the holiday classic rolls along at briar cliff we get a rankededmatchup o otwo teams who haveveig time postseason aspirations. number ten jamestown came to sioux city having won 8 in a row.forget christmas the jimmies last loss was before thanksgiving! 1) briar cliff overerl cord though. thanks to plays like this from morgan hansen! morganzaa! that's h twitter ha
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5