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Aug 22, 2014 12:27pm EDT
compete very well globally and they seem to apply in places like china where they are sweating a little bit into the u.s. flexes its muscles of it isn't a dropkick but this has been a positive thing. but it was also something that we couldn't avoid and now we are having to manage that. >> host: if the viewers want information about the impact of the trade agreements on the u.s. economy, what specific data points would you point them to? >> guest: it's hard in terms of the data that we try to track down that we do have the direct investment statistics and we can look at the economic performance in particular like the manufacturing sector. one of the things we have seen in the statistics is it took a while but the manufacturing sector is back where it was before the great recession. so we are seeing a recovery out there but in terms of having a smoking gun and being able to point to exactly what's causing it, that is difficult to do. >> host: everything is available at ded .gov. >> caller: if it's okay that i make this comment i learned earlier that the dollar general got the bid on famil
teammates and i captured the hearts of america beating china in the shootout lies in front of 90,000 screaming fans at the rose bowl. i was the one that made the single save during the penalty kick before brandy took off her shirt. [laughter] now i bet many of you recall exactly where you were at that moment. it was the kind of event that transforms lives forever for the better. my passion and my mission, the ultimate reward was living my dreams and inspiring the dreams of countless others. today i'm here before you to share my new mission with you. my new mission is to provide a new face and voice to those that have and may suffer the long and difficult recovery of a devastating dramatic brain injury. my life reads like a script from oprah winfrey where are they now. like many of the guests i have been locked in deep dark places with my face in the dirt and have only recently begun to claw my way back to my life. on april 25, 2010, my life changed forever. during this day i played a women's professional game against the philadelphia independent and philadelphia and in a game i suffe
game that you played and winning that championship over china, we all, at least i remember that one event. >> thank you. >> it was a great game. now, to mr. miller and nfl has seriously under taken an effort to get the so called return to play guidelines adopted at allstate levels. can you tell us more about what the guidelines the model law that was passed out in washington state contained three primary elements. the first of which would be that parents and their kids would have to sign off on an education sheet, a notification about the risks, sign, and symptoms related to concussion before they were allowed to participate. the second was that a child who appeared to have suffered a head injury must be removed from play immediately. in other words, the coaches were asked to act conservatively. and finally, that a licensed medical provider who has training in the management and evaluation of concussions had to return every child to play. and that part was done in large part to eliminate the danger that was -- that zachary faced when he returned to play in the same game too soon. an
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)