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Oct 26, 2015 4:00am EDT
haven't changed their view on the chinese economy despite slowdown fears. take a look. >> china, it was tough in the third quarter. looking for an improved fourth quarter. my long-term faith, i remain an unabashed bull on china as i do for the other great markets. >> quick look at the share price of standard charter, too. there we go, wpp is back on. down by 1.5%. so i mentioned standard chartered. standard chartered plans to exit the convertible bonds business. the move comes a year after they unveiled their international cash equities division. in an effort to use capital, quote, more efficiently. the strategy effects will be used in hong kong according to a statement released by standard charter. the stock is down 0.4%. want to see how credit suisse is doing. 24.02. off by 0.8%. the company has announced the purchase price for the private placement. they raise fresh capitol. they will issue 58 million shares at 22.75 swiss franks each. this means it will raise just over $1.3 billion. remember, that's really just one part of the capital raising exercise, the bigger chucnk, 4., tha
Oct 30, 2014 4:00am EDT
china, talk to the wealthy, if you ask them where the best opportunity for success is, many of them are not going to say it's in china any more. >> yes, they're looking at europe and the united states and have for many years. now there's going to be ease of trade between these key areas. >> in terms of creating an environment for trading in particular, that's a big different. the hong kong shanghai connection is critical. the planning it takes is critical. we're still waiting for details and information. so it's quite a bit of pressure on the organizers of connect so this can be a successful launch. but it's a great opportunity. it opens the markets to new investors. that may create volatility, but it probably will create some funds. >> when you're investing in u.s. zero percent growth and now you've got u.s. 3.2% expected in china coming in at 7.3 i think is the greatest figure, as well, the differential is not quite there, is it? >> the differential isn't as big. that is why you've seen this flow towards individual markets. we've seen some interesting european small caps. i think what
Oct 27, 2015 4:00am EDT
one we're watching this morning. they're off by 4.3%. weakness in emerging markets such as china and brazil weighed on the world's largest chemical's firm. the german company lowered it's full year earnings guidance after sales came in below analyst expectations. they warned that the economic environment for 2015 has been a lot more challenging than previously expected and that exchange rate volatility would also pose a risk. should we really be surprised about these numbers given that a month ago they warned that things were going to be difficult. >> 4.6% lower given what they said. miss on the profits and the revenues and the outlook is grim as well. the stock is trading at a discount 14 times before today as opposed to the broader sector 17 times. but -- >> given all challenges though it's every excuse in the book. it's got the oil sector problems and currency in there as well. if you look at how the share prices traded it's similar to the rest of the chemical sector. >> what's happening now is the sales and earnings front is going to decrease. it blames the oil prices and also ha
Oct 31, 2016 4:00am EDT
business around that. >> what about asia? that's one we talk quite a lot about. china was a lot better this time around. great to china and india, et cetera. >> as we mentioned, the cyclicality of advertising, where is the word cyclical? in emerging markets. but in the development markets we are not probably that cyclical with growth. so on one hand, we're not just turn things off heading into recession, but we are in a world where costs are so revenue restrained and they focus on the cost. so the part of the debate is, do they treat advertising as some sort of earnings growth as they struggle to hit the earnings numbers. the difference is, in one sense, the markets are highly valued because of the bond prices. but for equities to be reasonably valued on that basis, it requires stability of earning. from at least that measure, wpp seems to be delivering. so as long as they can continue to deliver on that basis, then logically you would say there should be gradual reevaluation to save the bond yields as well. >> again, i would think about the digital side of things. i think the longer p
Nov 1, 2013 4:00am EDT
. we had china coming out this pmi. this shows the fastest pace in the pmi. 51.4 up from 51.1 in september. from the stateside data front we're waiting for the latest manufacturing numbers there. if this is stronger than expected, this could cause a kwib around expectations, around marketing. but so far, a cautious start to the european session. we're nudging higher by 0.1% on the benchmark. some individual sectors, this is the early picture for the friday session is autos. we're seeing the pressure. it's the only sector in negative territory. the likes of renault, the worst performer, shedding 3.3%. so an early march lower for the basic resources. not getting that pop on the china data front. we've got some of the major ones moving along as i take a look at it. media stocks are weaker. retail, we are sealing selling in carrefour. if i can just move along to industrials, which are hitting north banks hsbc, the top performer in the basket. but rbs is the one we're looking at this morning and it is starting out very weak. 3.3%. a move to the down side and a reaction to its earnings
Oct 29, 2013 4:00am EDT
popularity in china showing no signs of abating. are the other u.s. sports jumping on the bandwagon? eunice yoon has more for us. >> the l.a. lakers and the golden state warriors battle not in america, but in china. preseason games like this one in beijing are one way the nba dominates u.s. sports. so many potential fans here, the nfl has brought in glamour. >> i can say -- my name is. i can say what i'm -- >> but the game itself has yet to catch on. >> unfortunately we're not an olympic sport. therefore, we don't have the luxury of having an association that exists purely to promote the game of football. so we take this on ourselves. >> unlike basketball which has a trend among young chinese, a love for group activities where they can show off individual styles. retiring commissioner david stern has helped turn intien what na into the nba's biggest market outside the u.s. he sees revenues here rising in the double digits every year, thanks to tv telecasts and social media. the nba became widely popular here thanks to home grown heros like yao ming. there was concern that the sports
Oct 30, 2017 4:00am EDT
very, very strong across multiple sectors and given the two big engines of world growth, china and the u.s. are growing, i think the equity outlook is very positive. >> you talk about the thought that it should come on the back of a catalonia type of event this would be a metaphor for the market having a bit of a downtick maybe losing 3/4 of a percent. maybe having a decent size correction like we saw at the start of the last year not been a two day pause for thought in the market. i mean, certainly this year possibly since the end of that huge down tick that we saw that ended on february 11th as well would you feel comfortable in the market -- you should feel that way even if we were recharged, we're not seeing that. that is very abnormal. >> it is abnormal. i think the stories would say we're overdue a correction, a technical. the technical offense we'll be saying, yes, we can't keep, you know, making new highs consistently the u.s., we said earlier this morning, the number of highs we've been making. i'm not sure i just think that the recession that started in 2008, 2009 was pro
Oct 28, 2015 4:00am EDT
company continues to be quite confident on china and before the diesel issue came to the forefront it was all about china and concerns the china market would be showing down. we heard the volkswagen brand ceo saying we don't expect this market to bottom out. so that's also a bit of a relief given that you don't have two factors that can promote a slow down in sales. more information could be needed and we could see the stock shift once we get the investor call. >> the sales tax cut helping the small car market for volkswagen and that's been a shield for the company. let's just push on because we have got more coming up from the broader sectors. heineken in particular. >> it looks like heineken has brewed up a winning strategy as the company posted an 8% growth in consolidated quarterly revenue. heineken cited an increase in booze sales across europe and shares up by 3.7% this morning. a little bit of fizz behind the numbers. meantime, the u.k.'s competition watchdog approved the take over of mobile operator ee. it welcomes the cma decision on the 12.5 billion pound deal. shares in
Oct 28, 2013 4:00am EDT
you look at the pmi numbers in europe, look at china data and the reforms there, all of that suggests the moderation of growth and to an extent the u.s. has also shown a little bit of lacking momentum. not to say this is anything too significant to push out fed policy. that's my concern. to an extent markets run on momentum, they run on qe. but the economy is perhaps not strong enough to sustain those gains. if there is a little bit of a doubt on policy that could cause us a little bit of a worry. >> to me, my thing is being realistic about expectations. when you have the s&p 500 at 1750, it's not that cheap anymore. over the next five years i think you can make in u.s. dollar terms 5 to 6% a year out of the u.s. equity market. that's really about it. if interest rates are back up, fair value, you made 6% per year in equities, i think you end at fair market value. that's a far cry of what we've been able to see over the past few years. it's getting to be more expensive. enough money will ruin any asset class. >> we'll be back to the conversation in a minute. steve? >> let's run throug
Nov 3, 2017 4:00am EDT
carriers will do next, whether it's the china inspired trade or the middle east inspired trade, that will take us to the next level. many of us have our skeptical head on when we think is there profit enough for all these players who are chasing the same luxury market. >> some are state owned. some have big backers. they're not all playing on the same playing field the name of the game is consolidation. if these companies need to consolidate, because the fixed class is so high, they need to be big entities. they need a home base. if you have competitors out there who have a big, deep pocket, it's much more difficult to compete against them. >> let's get back to joumanna bercetche. we reestablished the line with her. i'm interested what the cfo of airfrance-klm has to say about this >> it's a question i thought was worth asking their legacy carrier is only now getting involved in the low cost airline industry they're launching a new airline called june, targeted at millenniums, foraying into that space. coming at an interesting time given the number of high profile administrations we'
Oct 27, 2014 4:00am EDT
beneficiary of it. because it's going to allow 15 million retail investors in china to trade in the hong kong stock exchange. so it's not really -- it doesn't go the other way. so our international investors, and we are a network of 750 of the largest investors, are not able to invest in mainland china through this link yet. >> what are the advantages, first of all, we talk about why your investors are in china, but what is the advantage of the china investors focusing on local shares. what is the advice of them trading on the hong kong market when they have access to this domestically? >> you are not allowed to day trade on the mainland. what this link allows them to do -- >> do you know how tough it is today trade? are they losing money doing this? >> i don't want believe in day trading but it opens up day trading for them and allows them to do it, not on the mainland, but in hong kong. so i think it's a fantastic test of the capital flows that will arise from enabling. 50 million -- >> i think day trade is going to open up the chinese to more economic and financial market volatility,
Nov 2, 2016 4:00am EDT
market conditions remain tough especially in markets of europe. china was a bright spot but lacked sales increasing and breaking negative trend. the stock is down 21% year-to-date, enough so management is looking at a strategy to hone in on men's wear specifically and to do away with this very wide luxury model you see across the sector where companies sell everything in every category. so honing of the strategy is what you'll see from hugo boss. we have to wait for another 12 months to two years. security company g4s posted double digit earnings growth for the first nine months of 2016 on top of a 5.7% rise in revenue. their new contract value stood at 2 billion pounds. it remains on track to reduce its debt. the stock is up about 3.5% year-to-date. and next an early glimpse, it's bouncing 2%. the uk retailer has reported sales of marked down goods are outstripping for price offerings. revenues fell over the quarter. but next maintained its outlook. the mark downs concern me. >> i agree. i'm with you. i don't think you and i will have a dispute. we have tossed around on this story
Oct 30, 2013 4:00am EDT
after seeing a slowdown in sales in emerging markets especially in china. some traders were saying we could see these shares getting hit to the tune of 3%. but it is only down by 0.3% and that's why the impact on the french market is limited, as well. keep in mind sanofi has the second is highest market cap on that specific market. moving on to the norwegian markets where -- oh, it's over here, the obx is up 0.5%. the third quarter adjusted operating profit came in higher than analyst forecast rising 1% to 40.4 billion norwegian krona. it will spend more in 2013 than previously expected. shares up marginally by a third, 0.1%. >>> let's continue with dutch markets. tom tom is one of the companies that came out westernings this morning. third quarter profit beat expectations and the company listed its full year outlook. it now expects revenue for the year to come in towards the top of its 900 to 950 million euro forecast. shares in the company are seeing a nice jump to the upside, buying more than 5%. >>> all right. we've been focusing on the data this morning that's been crossing th
Oct 31, 2017 4:00am EDT
to hear, that china would strive to have a fair and more transparent environment for overseas investment the state press reported that the executives praised china for economic achievements and said they were willing to contribute to the country's development currently facebook is blocked in china. apple has seen sales decline here in the face of greater local competition. in addition to cook and zuckerberg, the event attracted hank paulson and blackstone's steve schwarzman eunice yoon, cnbc business news. >>> s&p global ratings opened a business in saudi arabia as they hope to push on capital markets. the agency said there is significant opportunity as saudi arabia's leaders overhaul the oil economy. the cfo from s&p global joins us good to see you. let's talk about the development of the business and where we go next as well everyone wants a bit of saudi arabia at the moment every investment bank, every media organization, every ratings agency, everyone really wants to get a bit of it but they feel there's a lot going on and development of the market still to come. why is it
Oct 30, 2015 4:00am EDT
october around the global growth story derived from china in particular. the market saw a reason to buy back into stocks. the ecb standing ready to do more. we still didn't get the rate hike from the fed. as we look to close out the month we're starting out in a positive tone. on the stoxx europe 600. a bunch of you have been reporting more out this morning. let's just chase a little bit of reaction to boj in the mix as well with the admission that they're not going to get to that 2% target any time soon kicking that out further down the path. the basic resources trade, we're down .4% now. the biggest glencore in the bunch. health care also down .2%. that's pretty much it. the rest of the trade just as i say that we're warming up more into the session and a couple more sectors turning negative. travel asia. also this morning, down just a fraction. dow chemicals positive so far. construction up about .3%. obviously food and drink, ab inbev up. but the stronger ones, total, top of the basket for oil and gas trading up about .5%. a lot out from the sector this week. autos building. up
Oct 28, 2014 4:00am EDT
the headwinds are abating in china, u.s. equity looking stronger. so not so worried that there's an ominous signal in interest rates and corporate bonds that we need to be concerned about. >> terrific question. i always think the first three quarters of the cyclical bull market, corporate bond spreads tighten and basically, high yields in particular, and then what happens is in the last yea should get rid of the high yield of your portfolio, and you should enjoy equities for the last eight months. we've had the lows and we've had the equity lows. they will trend up in the next 18 months. corporate bond spreads correlate very h highly with that. they both measure risk in the corporate sector. slow rising as george characterizes. what is interesting is we've had six years of corporate interest rates and a lot of money creation. i think that tells you it maybe shows, but there probably haent been much to at this point over. >> what do you make about the comments from carl icahn about the high yields being a total bubble at the moment? >> bubble is a strong word and it's often invoked t
Oct 31, 2014 4:00am EDT
550 million dollar deal is expected to help danone to delve further into china's formula as markets -- that's a deposit. >>> stefan, thank you very much indeed for that. gentlemen, both of your piece of commentary referenced volatility. the vix in your case, guy, and volatility in your case, nick, as well. sheena patel yesterday was talking about the volatility rather than being something that scares the market. actually having given empowerment to investors, as well. do you think investors revitalize, energize, empowered by the most recent moves? >> i don't think it was their first -- in volatility. that's what markets are about. >> there have been a lot of policymakers. behind the publicly announced comments, we see policymakers were more xwernd low levels of volatility. but whether there is no volatility, there's not a great deal you can do about it. once you have markets starting to investigate, it gives opportunity to investors. you can be tactical. you can trade. obviously, that's good for the capital markets business the likes of goldman sachs. but foremost, any investor, vol
Nov 2, 2017 4:00am EDT
. hugo boss has slashed prices in china in a bid to appeal to younger customers. we were puzzled around the americas which showed a slowdown in sales by 9% its own retail stores fared nicely, but whole sale was weak. so this is telling you another story about retail, which is that department store sales are challenged not really delivered for a number of big luxury companies the best gains are seen in stand-alone stores danske bank raised its 2017 guidance after they beat forecasts for the third quarter pretax profit, danske credited this to higher customer activity, which is unusual we have not heard that from a lot of banks pretax profits, 6.42 danish crowns danske also lifted its profit guidance to 19 billion to 21 billion crowns >>> carlsberg, 0.4 higher as numbers hit. they posted weaker than expected third quarter sales. the danish brewer reported volumes and revenues below forecasts. carlsberg cited bad weather in western europe as weighing on the quarter but also a change in the 1.5 liter bottles in russia. new regulation that's been impacting volumes there. we'll break down tho
Nov 1, 2016 4:00am EDT
chasing that sector in particular and some data to digest out of china. better numbers coming through on the manufacturing sector expanding at a faster pace than expected in the month of october. the overall index is up .4 of a percent here in europe as stocks start to open up for trade. let's delve into the sectors. we saw on wall street the hand over has been where the markets closed a little bit weaker on the dow over what we've had. but in term of the sectors it's about rotation. that's what's been happening in the underlying trade on trade. not buying index but rotating on sectors which is why this picture is so important. oil and gas right at the top. health care at the bottom. but all stocks are moving higher this morning. health care, the sector a tenth of a percent north. "travel and leisure" getting a bit of a bump up. there are some decent percentage increases this morning but banks .4, most stocks in the basket trading. retail .4 higher. pandora the pop of the basket on the back of its numbers. stocks are racing ahead. three top performers, media stocks, bp and gas is .9 h
Nov 1, 2017 4:00am EDT
markup so far is almost double the official price apple has run into challenges in china including fierce local competition. but for now the iphone x is a big talker here. chinese fans say their favorite features are the emojis people are wondering if the face recognition will recognize them if they wear heavy makeup or in china, a mask for pollution. >>> bitcoin is more likely to encourage more investors to enter cryptocurrency trading >> we're well aware of what people have talked about on the dark web and what it's being used for you can't ignore the fact that this is becoming more and more of a story that won't go away. >>> microsoft is set to release the latest x-box the x-box 1x on november 7th microsoft warned that demand could out rank supply. >> why is not 1x to the ten? >> 1x is nine. >> technically >> xx. >> they call it x because it sounds cool and hip. >> the iphone has gone x >> confusing i think apple lost that battle they really have it's gone. the amount of people who have said iphone x -- >> now they write ten for me >> all the articles i read say ten. what do you
Nov 3, 2016 4:00am EDT
european union, the united states, and china, have ratified the deal. there's huge commitment going forward on this, 87 out of 197. and although it may not sound like we're getting close to 197, in fact, in terms of international agreements, we're way ahead to have the game. when it comes to the rome statute or nonproliferation agreements, those usually take years and years and years to come into force. whereas the momentum behind the climate agreement is actually very strong. >> reporter: yet it does remain politically sensitive. and we've heard from one of the contenders for the white house, donald trump has spoken out against the climate deal. in fact, in some ways threatened to cancel it. is that unhelpful? >> no, it's not helpful at all, and it's very disturbing, not only with regard to climate but with regard to trade. these are hallmarks of where we are in the 21st century. these are our insurance policies going forward. so to bash these internationally agreed upon accords is very counterproductive. to extricate ourselves from the paris agreement would take four years. it's not an ea
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21