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asia tour china and manchuria and so forth and people began to fear that there may be some outbreak of war or hostility with the japanese -- but the interesting thing is, after japanese bombed pearl harbor in december of 1941, for more than a month, there was no organized called to deport or intern or roundup japanese-americans. the newspapers were saying, they are loyal americans. we don't need to give an to the hearstbut then, the press on the west coast and politicians started saying, we have to -- and the farmer growers association california said that this is white man's country. they actually said that. this began to build up, and exerted pressure on president roosevelt, who finally capitulated. he issued the order which i'm sure we will talk about in a minute. that gave the military the power personin, exclude, any of any ancestry, but only japanese-americans were singled out. host: he just touched on really the back story that needs to be emphasized, especially with the agriculture. the japanese were doing so well up and down the west coast, that a lot of people were very jealo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)