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BBC News
Nov 5, 2017 1:30am GMT
in direction. asia and china in particular are booming markets for exporters. and for the golf, that means oil. china is now the world's largest importer of middle eastern oil. but the booming economy means goods and services as well. and most of those passed the reports like this. so, let's talk about some of those issues raised. with me is the president of the us— uae business council responsible for business links between the two countries. this is the chief executive and head of trade and finance. 0ne this is the chief executive and head of trade and finance. one of the biggest transporters of shipping containers. and the president and chief executive of ge gulf, responsible for strategy here in the gulf. welcome. and forjoining us. perhaps i could start with you. you have a great insight into where trade is coming from and where it is going to. what does the data tell you about how it is changing? global trade has been consistently growing steadily since world war two. the past few decades have seen a real exponential growth. the last 60 yea rs has exponential growth. the last
BBC News
Feb 25, 2017 8:30pm GMT
countries, 65% of the global population, and one third of the world's gdp. one belt one road is china's ambitious infrastructure project built around ancient trading routes. but it is also expensive and controversial. china says it is going to start a new age of inclusive growth for the world. but others are worried that beijing will use these economic investments to tilt the global balance of power in its favour. so, will the new silk road reshape global trade or is this just the beginning of china's great game? welcome to talking business. i'm karishma vaswani. china's new silk road is the brainchild of president xijinping. it builds on ancient eurasian trading routes but the scale of his new vision is nothing short of astounding. so, let's take a look atjust what it is. it is made up of two main trading corridors, one overland called the silk road economic belt, and the other by sea, known as the maritime silk road. the idea to build roads, railways, ports, and create a financial is structure and free trade zones all along these routes. there is also a key parallel project, the china
BBC News
May 31, 2017 3:30am BST
exporting into china and progress into the us next year. in terms of large markets, we have had a very positive response. i am sure there will be a few markets... for example, i used to work in sub—saharan africa. they may not know the diet as much. it may not be familiar to them. exactly, exactly. because i spent ten years of my life in the united nations in food, i feel i have a sense of which markets are right for piccolo. karen, you may go into a market where it's not enough, you may have to bolt something more on to accommodate cultural identity or cultural sensitivities. can you think of cases where that has happened? it's interesting. when brands look at expanding out of their core markets, they roll out on a geographical pattern... a regional basis. i do believe that geography actually isn't the core deciding factor of where to roll out to next. actually, those cultural nuances are really key and really important and it would not necessarily be a country next to each other that would be the same. for example, we work with hoffsted, which is a cultural institution, and we
BBC News
Jun 17, 2017 4:30pm BST
everywhere across the world. i mean in india, it's an issue. in china and everywhere else. the problem is here of course is that there ises a perception that the man who was detained is some sort of a leader of an opposition, which is not really an opposition, which is not really an opposition. it's a tiny gi’oup an opposition, which is not really an opposition. it's a tiny group of people. the reason why he was detained by the way, that was not mentioned here, is that what they did, they were given an official permission to stage a domo in a specific area in moscow. he was detained during a protest in moscow? no, before the protest. practically hours before the demo he announced to his supporters, let's hijack celebration of russia day smack outside the kremlin. what happened these people infiltrated this celebration day party, which was massive in the centre of moscow, you know, children with their parents and grandfathers and grandmothers we re and grandfathers and grandmothers were celebrating this party. suddenly, these people appear in between them and started shouting
BBC News
Jun 18, 2017 2:30pm BST
equipment is from foreign countries, because from germany and china, we cannot buy much of them because of the financial crisis, but foreign inve5tor5 the financial crisis, but foreign investors can bring this equipment. and that is what the a5tana expo is for, the grand show that kazakhstan has put on for foreign investments. but that doesn't mean they find it any easier as i found out from california —ba5ed primu5 power which builds energy storage solutions. the local currency devalued in 2016 more than 65% which gives very negative effect on renewable project because all the equipment, even small bolts, are imported, and when in the investor comes there is too much uncertainty, the government did not 5et uncertainty, the government did not setup proper rules. uncertainty, the government did not set up proper rules. this is where you live? it is notjust inve5tors, many local5 also feel the strategy i5 many local5 also feel the strategy is not well thought out but few dare to speak out. this is when they sentence you to three years of no public speaking and not being able to
BBC News
Jan 28, 2017 8:30pm GMT
economy. we do not have the same global manufacturing opportunity china had in 1978. i do not think that is a good thing. i wish we had the same openness to trade and global chances china had for 30 years. india does not have that, so our trajectory of oui’ not have that, so our trajectory of ourjob market may be more domestic consumption than export and manufacturing. so you do not agree that, you know, there are statistics which show our unemployment rate is going quite slowly compared to the country in general? remark i disagree with that. you have added 200 million people to the labour force in the last 20 years and they have been absorbed somewhere. the jobs problem is notjobs. it is formaljobs, good jobs. i think jobs problem is notjobs. it is formaljobs, good jobs. ithink he makes a point. if you would get the job market, yes, 50% is self—employed and 30% is casual and 20% is formal employment. so i think he makes a point of saying that the biggest problem we have is in this 50 and 30% category where people probably earn less than 10,000 rupees a month, you know. and i think w
BBC News
Feb 4, 2017 8:30pm GMT
what was a significant decline. also, if you looked at the important economies of china and brazil, these economies also went through their own downturn at the same time. all of this came toa at the same time. all of this came to a head and the oil price came from $100 down to as low as $27 at one point and so that lead to that and it also happened at a time in a new government was coming in. all of that put together was what led to the situation we find ourselves in. but oil is 13% of gdp and my sense is that it is important to the extent in that it is 70% of the government's overall revenue but there's enough resilience in the economy that we have start to come out of it and the oil price has picked up. is the economy resilient? 0rdeal being a small proportion of gdp but almost everything in nigeria depends on it. yes, it is to the extent that nigerians are the resilient ones that make nigeria resilient. we survive despite and in despite of government and in spite and despite of the economy. so nigerians will keep going until they can't any more. i think that is what we need to p
BBC News
Feb 19, 2017 4:30pm GMT
will be in singapore discussing china's rising economic imperialism. goodbye. per hello there. good afternoon to you. mild, in a word, tonightand tomorrow, for the majority. we have had 1a celsius today. this sunshine materialise across eastern areas. further west, in contrast, materialise across eastern areas. furtherwest, in contrast, it's rather miss the iain gray in parts of cornwall, and that is because it is here that the cloud is arriving first of the atlantic. the sea is fairly chilly at this time of year, so fairly chilly at this time of year, so you get misty, murky weather arriving. we have a weak weather front to complicate matters, giving patchy rain and drizzle around the coast and on the hills. heavy rain in the northwest later today. through the evening and overnight, that weakens as it heads south. you can imagine, with all that cloud, it a cts can imagine, with all that cloud, it acts like a blanket, stopping the fall in temperature overnight. it is fairly breezy as well, so on monday morning, it will be rather grey, lots of mist and merck around. —— it will be
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)