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Jul 12, 2014 4:00pm PDT
language of china. >> [ speaking mandarin ] >> i've been studying mandarin for about six years. >> we started studying mandarin every day starting in seventh grade. >> [ speaking mandarin ] >> we're very proud of our mandarin program. it started back in the late '80s with about 30 kids, and at its high point, recently, we had over 300 kids involved in the mandarin program. >> being able to speak a foreign language in class is one thing. the true test is seeing if you can communicate with native speakers in their own country. and that's exactly what some of these students did. as part of their foreign-exchange program, they got to try out their language skills in china. >> you're forced to think in chinese when you're in china. >> i can understand most people well, but at times, i had to definitely ask people to slow down or repeat what they said. >> like, go to stores and have shopkeepers, like, understand my chinese -- i think that was, like, really one of the funnest parts. >> today was a lot of fun -- messing with the chinese people. >> so what do you want students to learn
Mar 29, 2014 2:30pm PDT
inventions to come from china. here's another one -- mandarin. in a country that's said to have more than 2,000 dialects, mandarin is china's official language. >> [ speaking chinese ] >> [ speaking chinese ] >> when rong rong lee started teaching mandarin to american students back in the 1980s, scenes like this were rare. but as china has become a major economic power, interest in its language has grown dramatically. >> i think their ability to converse fluently in mandarin will serve them incredibly well, in a variety of ways going forward. >> i knew that when i grew up, like, chinese would be, like, a good thing to just have in my tool belt, i guess, for when applying for jobs and stuff like that. >> learning mandarin not only prepares you for the future, it proves you can take on a big challenge. all languages require you to pronounce words correctly. but mandarin goes further. you also need to pronounce them with the correct tone. >> there's first tone, second tone, third tone, and fourth tone, and those are all unique ways to pronounce a word. so, you can put together a sentenc
Sep 25, 2010 9:00am EDT
structures are large enough to be seen from outer space -- the great wall of china and the fresh kills landfill on new york's staten island. don't let the landscaping fool you. it's really the world's biggest garbage dump. in just one year, the average american creates up to 56 tons of trash. that's about the weight of 12 full-grown elephants. enter terracycle. a young company that's come up with a creative way to process billions of pieces of garbage. ceo tom zacki had just begun college when he came up with the idea. >> it was my friends and i, we were trying to grow these plants, and we couldn't make them work until we started feeding worm poop to them. so the first product terracycle created was liquid worm poop in a soda bottle, and then from there it grew. today we have 1,000 different products or more made entirely from waste. >> you've heard of recycling, but terracycle does something different. they call it upcycling. take a potato chip bag. there's three things you can do with a potato chip bag. you can throw it out, so that's putting it in the trash. there's no value b
Jun 11, 2011 2:30pm PDT
proper cadence is more important than strength. >> the sport traces its roots back to ancient china. according to legend, some fishermen raced to save a famous poet from drowning festivals are still held in his memory. in competition, the boats are all decked out like dragons. traditionally the symbol of water, the dragon represents power and prosperity. originally, only men competed. >> like i would hear like stories from my uncle and he would be like "back in china we like dragon boats all strong guys. you're girls, like how do you have the strength?" and i was like -- "ugh, we can do it too." >> in fact, there are now teams that are all-girls. nor are teams limited to only those of chinese heritage. >> it's very important because for us it's not just trying to recruit the asian girls you know. we try to open this up to all girls of different backgrounds. >> male or female, it takes three things to be good at dragon boat racing. >> well teamwork definitely, because we all have to paddle at the same time. toughness, because you have to hang on there so you have to have really good
Oct 3, 2015 1:30pm PDT
nations on this asian peninsula that projects into the south china sea. what is that peninsula the mekong? no. ... formerly covered by formerly covered by french colonies? indochina for 25: a 1964 congressional resolution that escalated the vietnam war is named for which arm of the south china sea? gulf of tonkin for 50: to the southwest of indochina is which other gulf named for the country bordering malaysia and burma? gulf of thailand these devices work by supplying energy to a gain medium, such as a combination of helium and neon. what are these sources of very coherent light? lasers for 25: what form of information communication transmits data as laser pulses through long thin media? fiber optics for 50: what devices that produce coherent microwave beams rather than visible light were first built in 1954, a few years before the first laser? masers this king sent his wife edith to a nunnery during a dispute with edith's father godwin. who was this king known as the confessor? (saint) edward the confessor for 25: this first norman king of england claimed that edward promised him
Dec 14, 2013 4:00pm PST
organization that helps wounded soldiers in a unique way. >> china launches a mission to the moon. it's the first time it will land on the surface using a rover named yutu, which will have a telescope set up to survey the moon's geological structure and the cold plasma which surrounds the earth. this is an unmanned mission. china sent an astronaut into space for the first time in 2003. nations from around the world make a global effort on world aids day. [ up-tempo music plays ] the mission -- to create awareness about the h.i.v./aids pandemic. the obama administration took part by draping a large ribbon in front of the white house. it's a way for family and friends to remember loved ones who lost their lives to the disease. more than 25 million people have died from h.i.v./aids since 1987. today at least 1 million americans are living with the disease. a record number of shoppers head out for the first shopping weekend of the holiday season. 141 million americans hit the stores and the web to start their holiday shopping. that's up from 134 million in 2012. the amount of money spent --
Feb 23, 2013 4:00pm PST
, making it the longest and most significant holiday in china. the new year also marking a shift in the chinese zodiac, making it the year of the snake. the chinese zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle and is represented by 12 different animals. music's finest celebrating the best of their industry at the 55th annual grammy awards in los angeles. the awards show presenting a mixture of newcomers and veterans. after years of criticism for celebrating music by older performers, long past their prime, the recording academy nominating large numbers of young musicians and singers in key categories. british folk band mumford & sons taking top honors with a win for album of the year, and indie trio fun winning best new artist and song of the year. for "teen kids news," i'm heather childers, "fox news channel in the classroom." >> ever since the end of world war ii, the iron curtain of communism darkened the lives of millions living in eastern europe. lauren reports on how a wall covered with graffiti came to become a symbol of freedom for those "back in the u.s.s.r." >> the heart of the czech re
Nov 7, 2010 11:30am EST
. we don't know though. >> we also see india and china ruling the world could where is america? we are bogged down in wars across the world. at the same time, we are failing to build new schools here in baltimore. people want the very basics, meat and potatoes. jobs, and they want to be able to give their kids a decent, solid education progress 60 of the new republicans coming in arty-backed. 60 of the 83 new republicans were tea party-backed. compromise comes when you actually sit down and talk about spending. if you listened to president obama yesterday, he talked about spending issues. >> i mean, come on. that debt is huge. who wants to touch the third rail? what about the entitlement programs? what is going to happen? >> the minority leader at the time two months ago talking about raising social security to 70 as opposed to 65 it. so the discussion started in an unprecedented way during an election year. >> i talked about the analysis of the folks that voted. i read this week that the biggest chunk of voters on tuesday or older, blue-collar, white men who are if not already hea
Jan 16, 2016 5:30am EST
take on fighting malaria in tanzania?s a funny story. i was on a plane ride home from china, and next to me was a canadian businessman. i struck up a conversation with this man, and he told me all about malaria. with the disease, but he told me all about it -- who it killed, how it worked, and regions where it was most prevalent. a few days later, i went downth my family. on this day, there was a breeze coming off the bay, which caused mosquito nets to get riled up, and my ankles were attacked by mosquito bites.s only like a couple of days away, and i knew i had to do something with this newfound information. everything kind of just clicked. i talked to my parents, talkedto the administrators, and tackles4tanzania was born. it was a really simple idea, and i got to work. tackles4tanzania work? >> well, actually, it's a really simple process. individuals pledge a certain amount of money -- it can be as low as a penny;ollar -- for every solo tackle the football team makes during the season. tackles are counted, and notifications are sent to participants. once all the money is collected,
Apr 26, 2014 4:00pm PDT
three massive gorges in eastern central china. - the cliffs here are about 3,000 feet tall. - and we're out to discover all the culture and history in this storied heart of china-- discover life along the river, both ancient... - the guys are pulling the boat--our boat with a rope with us in it. - and modern. - we are on the higher side of the dam, so to get to the lower side, they empty water while we're in it. our boat lowers down. - and learn some chinese. - how do you say this in chinese? [speaking native language] - water? [both repeating same word] - plus, find out what the kids are counting up to...
Oct 20, 2012 4:00pm PDT
detail, 'cause there's just so many different things and sometimes you can miss some things. >> china has the great wall. jerusalem has the wailing wall. prague has the lennon wall. for "teen kids news," i'm lauren. >> there's an entire history lesson in a state flag. you just need to know what to look for. >> when the american colonies declared their independence from england, one led the way with a rousing motto. >> the year was 1774, two years before the declaration of independence, and new hampshire declared their own independence from great britain. the motto at the time was "live free or die," and it's still the state motto today. >> another revolutionary first for new hampshire is pictured here on the state flag. in 1776, the warship raleigh was the first to fly the new american flag. new hampshire is home to many other firsts. the first potato was grown here. america's first astronaut in space, alan shepard, was born here, as was the first free public library. >> new hampshire is known as "the granite state," and it's because their number-one natural resource is granite. this
Sep 26, 2009 1:00pm EDT
mission to china. her job was to spend time with patients and their families and give them comfort before and after the operations. >> that was really, really interesting seeing such courage in such little kids. >> reporter: so what is the most enjoyable or rewarding thing about being an operation smile youth volunteer? >> well, the children wake up from their surgery and they are usually really disoriented and are really scared because they don't know anyone around them, and then we bring their parents in, and they see their kid for the first time, and they start to cry and it's really, really sad but it's an amazing experience because everyone's just so happy. >> reporter: operation smile was started by bill and kathy magee. they decided to get teens involved after their own daughter joined them on a mission. >> we said from now on there will always be high school students on our teams, we will always have university students. they are our future. these children around the world are our future. let's bring them together. >> reporter: operation smile has been helping people smile
Nov 21, 2015 4:00am CST
to me, the universoul circus certainly has all that. >> we bring different people from china. we bring them from brazil. we bring them from france. jean claude -- he's out of france.. we go to africa. we go all over the world. [ hip-hop music plays ] >> what makes this circus different from other circuses? >> what makekeit different to me is that it's more interactive. you're not just sitting out there looking at the show. you actually become a part of the show. we get kids the audience dancing. that's one of my t tills. >> as one of the co-hosts, zeke interacts with the audience throughout the show. he even plays simon says, but with a bit of a twist. >> simon says open your legs like this, bend down. simon says arms out to the side. simon says wiggle your fingers like this. simon says swim like this. d we going, bump, dadaump, da-dun, da-dun, da-dun, da-dun, dun, and that's a swag surf. you got it. simon says swag surf! bow! alexa, you got it. boo-ya! >> ever wonder why circuses have rings? it's because the ring is the best way for riders to do tricks on cantering horses. why d
Feb 1, 2014 2:30pm PST
hear about cruelty to animals, then you'll be happy to hear this story. six bears in china were rescued by an animal-rights group. they were being kept on an illegal bear-bile farm. bear bile is a fluid stored in the bear's gallbladder. those who practice traditional chinese medicine claim that bear bile has many health benefits, but other experts point out that there are plant and manmade substitutes that can be used instead. bears often die after being held on these farms, but for these six bears, help came just in time. >> when teen scientists win awards, it's a victory for all of us. i'll have a report. tell you w medical website designed especially for older folks. website you say! i can't work on computers, they're not senior-friendly. blah, blah, blah. but the national institutes of health fixed all that. now you can make the type bigger, increase contrast, even make it talk to you. just go to and get the best medical information available anywhere. nih built with you in mind. of the united states of america... and to the republic for
Jun 4, 2011 4:00pm PDT
power around the world from denmark to china. but audra parker says the fact that they work somewhere else is beside the point. >> the key thing is there are better locations than nantucket sound for this particular project. and there's no reason to destroy what's been deemed a historically significant body of water for the sake of a private developer. >> reporter: but mark says this is the right project in the right place. >> nantucket sound is the perfect location. we have the sea breeze, which means just a few miles offshore, we have strong winds that are consistent and blow at the times that the electric system needs it the most. >> reporter: would it work as well on land? >> many times what we see is land-based wind projects aren't producing when the electric system needs it the most, on those hot summer afternoons. and they produce more at night when there's less need for the power. >> reporter: after a decade of fierce debate, in april 2010, the federal government approved the project, but opponents vow to continue their fight in court. wind power has long been a fact of life o
Sep 22, 2012 9:00am EDT
of the world's highest steel towers. he climbed this 1200-foot tower in china. it took him nearly two hours to reach the last platform. two giant suction cups helped him along the way. >>> if you are headed to kings dominion this weekend a popular ride is shut down for inspection. amusement park owner cedar fair says it is temporarily shutting down all six of its wind seeker rides at parks in the u.s. and canada. the move comes after the ride left 20 people stranded 300 feet in the air for more than three hours wednesday at knoxberry farm in california. officials say a safety system activated and halted the ride. employees had to follow safety procedures before bringing the ride back down. fortunately no one was hurt. >>> this morning the director of the bronx zoo says the tiger that mauled a man in the exhibit did nothing wrong. police say a 25-year-old man jumped from a monorail train and cleared a 16-foot high fence yesterday afternoon to get inside the tiger's exhibit. an 11-year-old 400-pound siberian tiger bit the man on his arms, legs, and back but the tiger did not kill hi
Oct 11, 2015 2:00pm PDT
south china sea. we'll meet some colorful characters. monkeys. >> i saw one right there. >> look at him. >> and get grossed out in a bat cave. >> golly days. >> and cockroaches. >> it's a far
Dec 31, 2011 1:30pm EST
image for foreign countries like china? 's an international image, 'cause good taste is international. >> oprah also asked about his strong support for causes, like fighting cancer. >> we're all people that have done well and have had success and done the things we want to do, but there's a strong part of our life about giving back. >> and giving back is always in fashion. i'm carina for "teen kids news." revlon just bitten. it's a two-in-one lipstain and balm. the lipstain gives me a light flush of color while the moisturizing balm softens my lips. have you ever been bitten? revlon just bitten lipstain and balm. >> in this week's "college & u," nicole takes us to a school that prides itself on giving back. >> washington, d.c., is the political center of our nation. it's home to monuments, memorials, the u.s. capitol, and the white house. it's also home to one of our oldest schools -- georgetown university. shortly after the american revolution, the founding fathers saw the need for an educated and virtuous class of citizens to lead the young nation. the ink had barely dried on the co
Aug 22, 2015 2:30pm PDT
-- let's say china. back in the '60s, it was their cultural revolution -- chairman mao -- they didn't listen to the beatles. and yet now, it's really one of the ways in which chinese youth learn the english language, and the english language is learned all over the world through songs like "yellow submarine" and "norwegian wood." >> martin took me for a tour, pointing out some of the exhibits he's most proud of. >> i do have in there george harrison's very first guitar, which you could probably buy for something like $600,000 if you wanted to buy it from me. originally, it cost the princely sum of about £7. >> £7 english is about $11. talk about a "steal." >> we also have john lennon's glasses, we have original clothing from the beatles. we have probably the biggest single collection of merchandise, because part of the phenomenon of the beatles and the beatles' invasion in 1964 of america was lunch pails and t-shirts and little dolls of the beatles. so we've got a great collection of those. but we also create environments, environments that differ from the cartoon-like space of "the
Feb 8, 2014 4:00pm PST
hear about cruelty to animals, then you'll be happy to hear this story. six bears in china were rescued by an animal-rights group. they were being kept on an illegal bear-bile farm. bear bile is a fluid stored in the bear's gallbladder. those who practice traditional chinese medicine claim that bear bile has many health benefits, but other experts point out that there are plant and manmade substitutes that can be used instead. bears often die after being held on these farms, but for these six bears, help came just in time. >> when teen scientists win awards, it's a victory for all of us. i'll have a report. >> when you think of teens in the spotlight, do you think of performers? and when you think of cheering crowds, do you think of sports? as kristina tells us, maybe you should be thinking about science. >> the second-place winner... >> you can almost feel the tension as the contestants wait to hear the winning names announced. >> from ambler, pennsylvania, and germantown academy, jonah kallenbach. [ applause ] >> this might seem like the oscars, but these winners are scientist
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 141 (some duplicates have been removed)